Thursday, 15 May 2008

What? Service What?

Earlier today I received a F***king annoying call from an Indian Lady (Telemarketer) saying about a service provided by..ntah apa punya company..but it sounded like some May/MalayanBanking...It was still 9:xx in the morning when I was still enjoying my sleep..At first it was OK because I was not really paying an attention to whatever she said then came out some very disturbing story of being blacklisted la...CTOS la..I started paying more attention..F**k...what is blacklisted or CTOS have to do with buying a membership privilege..then she said, with this membership card..I can get as high as 60% discount at any selected restaurants, boutiques, 4 star hotels etc..I was like..what the f**k!!!! I told her that am not interested at all..or what so ever and wanted to end the conversation..but again..she mentioned about the blacklisted/CTOS things..she started to raise her voice..telling me she needs to confirm my credit card numbers etc..she actually has my credit cards number as well as my address and IC No and asked me to confirm if they were correct..I started to lose my patient...she then asked the CCV number of my CitiBank card but she didn't really said it as in "CCV Number"..instead she called it "Issued Number"..I felt like..I just woke up from my wet dream and...believed that there's something wrong with this F**king lady!!!!

I told her I don't have issued number on my card..she then guided me on how to check...I just followed what she instructed me to do..."behind of the card can sign the card dekat you punya signature ada number......" this step..I said.."No issued number la....CCV number ada la..." again..she instructed me to check the sure she knows what that number stands for..but she doesn't want to mention it...I kept on saying with a higher tone..atleast tidak mengambur la pitching.."My card no issued CCV want CCV number or issued number?..."..again..and again..I think we went that process for about 5 times..then I gave her a 3 digits number... she then passed the phone to her manager which was also an Indian lady..she explained and thanked me for accepting the membership......"Ah..accepting..I tak setuju lagi la..." she explained with a loud voice (stressing out) that I don't have the right to decide..they will check with my bank (CitiBank) if they would allow the transaction..I then asked how much...F**k you lady! she didn't mention the price but just a one time transaction to cover all the admin fees..I said OK then she thanked me again and passed the phone to the previous lady...Now is the real thing..the Indian lady told me that they will check with my bank and will charge RM548 from my credit card..quickly I said..I don't want and have not agreed on anything..she said..this is good for avoid me being blacklisted or CTOS by Bank Negara....angrily I said to her that I don't have any problem with my credit card and asked if they have approval from Bank Negara to do this and gave me this kind of excuse..she replied none..and explaining all credit card users now should have had this then continued with the memberships' benefits...she then said..they will check with bank..if bank didn't agree, my application status will be considered as "On hold" I said.."What? On hold?..I am the credit card owner and I don't want your membership service.."she again explained the same the end..I agreed and asked her to check with my bank...I was so angry that I couldn't sleep anymore.....the CCV number I gave earlier was a wrong number that I just picked up randomly....after about 40 minutes..she called again..I didn't answer and from that onwards..she kept on calling my..I think on every hour for several times then the last call was at 8pm...

Hopefully she would not call me again tomorrow..if not I have to ask more details and make a complaint to any relevant organisation. So..guys beware with this's not a land line...the number is DiGi 016-3364-581.

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