Monday, 30 June 2008

Dr. House

Yeah..I've finished watching the House TV series...alas...I finally managed to catch up with the one that being aired in Astro (currently season 4)..ha..ha..I watched and finished all 4 seasons collection of House series this basically, I bought a season (6 DVDs) at each week..inda buli tahan ba...tepaksa la p beli..malas mau tunggu..he.he..

Maybe there's plenty of you doesn't really know what's this TV series all about...the title is House as for the main lead actor is named as Gregory House..he is a maverick medical genius who heads a team of young diagnosticians at the 'fictional' Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. House's nationally renowned department typically only sees patients who have failed to receive a correct diagnosis at other hospitals..or by other the cases tend to be exceptionally complex and subtle..furthermore, House tends to resists accepting cases that he doesn't find interesting....he likes quizzes..and he rocks...

Often the ailment cannot be easily deduced because the patient has lied about symptoms and circumstances. House frequently mutters "Everybody lies" or proclaims during team's deliberations.."the patient is lying" or "the symptoms never lies" even when not stated explicitly, this assumption guides House's decisions and diagnoses. Another large portion of the plot centres on House's abuse of Vicodin..and other drugs to manage pain stemming from an infarction in his leg's muscle some years ago..which causes him to walk with a cane..

Now..I have to wait for its latest the meantime..I'm going to collect other TV series as well..the likes of One Tree Hills, Prison Break and Ghost Whisperer..might be filling up my DVDs holder soon later..I was actually planning to share some pictures taken during the recent France Fete De La Music concert at the New World Park, Penang but my friend who took those pictures using his Digicam has not uploaded tergendala la ni..atau terpaksa kana reschedule..hehe

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Lihing - Sabah Rice Wine

Last night..we had a little and moderate aramaitee session...and we drank lihing or its commercial name called as Sabah Rice's one of the traditional drink in the Land Below The Wind of tastes sweet as if you're drinking a coconut..well there's another traditional drink made of coconut....just for your info, there are plenty of grades of lihing and am sure you'd love to have a good grade...that's where Panther Trading comes..Mr. Jew's family actually own a company producing Lihing in Kinorotuan, Ranau. According to Mr. Jew, his family's lihing is made available only for resorts like Hotel Pertama in Kundasang any many more..they also accept any orders for the likes of engagement and wedding ceremony and others..I'm not really sure how much they cost but his family's lihing comes in 300 ml, 500ml and a sealed bottle as shown in the picture below...I was once lost my mind and totally forgotten what had happened at Mr. Jew's house after drinking their lihing....I think I drank less than 5 glasses that time (suda minum berapa crate beer sebelum tu ba)..I'm not an expert but I do know their lihing is one of the best I've tasted in Sabah..excluding my aunty's 3 year-old lihing (Tambunan) back in the late 90s...if any of you would like to know more about ordering or tasting...please find below is the company's address with a contact number..Mr. Jew told me that they offer a free delivery services within agreed mileage..Mr.Jew also told me that Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan himself has tasted Panther Trading's lihing and regarded as one of the best he had tasted..there's one in Tambunan Village Recreational Centre (TVRC) a factory producing lihing which I've tasted as well...these two have 1 thing in common..they produce good grade and kick as* lihing..

Bottle's cap is sealed
Panther Trading
Kg. Kinorotuan,
P.O. Box 274,
89308 Ranau

Friday, 27 June 2008

Save the the world

Officially, today is my first day off in the year 2008..2 weeks ago, for the first time since 1st Jan 2008, I applied a day off on 27th June 2008..Last month I'd mentioned about my day leave/holiday in 22 Days 22 Nights which I had never ever yet I did.. Actually I wasn't planning to apply any but I received a call from my sister saying she's coming to Penang with my other half-brother (he's being taken care of by my mom's sister since he was born..due to medical incompetency to have a baby)..he had just received an offer for a course at UiTM Arau, Perlis and due to register tomorrow 28th June 2008..however..on Monday, my sister again sent a text message saying they may not come this Friday..What!!!! She explained why...then I called my half-brother asking more details of the story I've just heard from my sister.. he is waiting for the result of his application for a 5 years course to be a teacher expected to be released on 1st July..the course is complete with a degree course.....compared to the offer he has received in UiTM, this is far more assuring and promising....the course in UiTM is a diploma course...well he had just finished his SPM....therefore, I have an extra day for my weekend!

When I was doing the merging and compiling my Radio.Blog earlier, it came to my mind to count how much coins do I have..again, I have nothing to do or planned to do other than the why not doing it? a'ight.... then when I started counting..grouping..partitioning etc...I became lazy to continue because at the same time I was doing the Radio.Blog as well.....I decided to just send them to a bank..Anyway, I'd always send them to a bank after about 3 months..either as permanent saving or temporary saving..temporary saving maksud dia kasi masuk terus p ATM then cucuk kad..ha..ha..this had became my habit since 1 year ago...keep as many coins then save them in my saving account....there was once I saved 4 months coins and the amount was surprisingly was over RM350....perhaps because most of the coins I kept that time was a 50 cent coin...another way of saving juga the coins save the world..LoL..this time I managed to go over RM250..aha..mostly 10 cent..not bad juga la..Later tonight..we're going to have aramai tie session...Mr. Jew has just came from Sabah (last Sunday) so he brought with him couple of bottles of his Family business in Ranau, Sabah..that is Lihing (Sabah Rice Wine)..I'll update you guys later on his Lihing..Enjoy your evening and weekend!!

Radio.Blog - Part 2

Finally, after almost 2 hours......I've removed the 2nd radio blog and re-compiled all the songs in the 1st radio blog to have all my favourite songs.. These are the songs I would usually listen in my PC...and good news...I've also added a song I recently love to listen to...that is "Music & Lyrics OST - Way Back Into Love"..firstly..Cora is pretty and cute..secondly the wording is so simple and sweet with a good melody Indonesian songs la simple melody and lyrics but nicely done....In case you'd like to listen as well as read or sing along..all you have to do is watch the video clip below...

I was looking for songs entitled "Have you ever seen the rain" made popular by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR).."Fear of the dark" made popular by Iron Maiden but they're not working well or loadable....there are plenty more songs that I have not added but this will do at this moment..enjoy guys!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008


In near time soon, I will merge both of my radio blog into a single radio blog. Actually the top (1st) radio blog was purposely created for this blog then came the second one which was created for another blog of my friends in Penang.......also owned by me..but I gave the post permission to them to write any interesting or update news...having said that, many of the songs from the 2nd radio blog will also be made available in the 1st radio blog...especially my favourite song "Tenacious D - Fuck Her Hently"...and of course I'll need to clean up some of those songs that does not worked anymore...

I don't know if any of you who visits this blog would actually listen to these songs..and the sole purpose of adding them to this blog instead of other application was to avoiding "lag" or delay in page viewing/loading..most application is an auto-start once page is viewed and it actually affects the time spent on loading the discrimination here though...I just love that the Radio.Blog offers lot of songs collection of any genre and years...more over..I like its skin...perfectly match with my blog's layout... I knew that these application can be tampered as I did to mine..but I just don't have time to experiment them at this time around...I might next time...of course there's always a new amazing application released....

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

My life at work....

I was so busy today...requirement gathering for 4 works orders...QA'ing 3 custom reports...testing a new Candidate Release Version (CRV).....replying e-mails as well as answering calls from customers...

Requirement Gathering is required for any new requested work either custom report or custom plug-in module which will be recorded as Works Orders (WO). Doing this, I need to speak directly to either customer or my Sales Department..this shall be dealt by our sales department though and the next thing you're flooded with so many requirements until you have to take 10 minutes break for couple of manager (who is currently in UK) had gathered all possible requirements required from our Sales Department and then discussed them over the part of my job..I am required to evaluate and translate them onto a possible and draft output..once agreed..I'll then allocate the WO to the developers..give them a due date..and let them know all customers' requirements as well as agreed output..

QA'ing reports is a stage when developers have completed their work then re-allocate the WO to me which is now being marked as "In QA" this stage..I'll need to perform unit/smoke test which is the basic test required to ensure all requirements on custom report work as requested...this unit/smoke test shall and must already be performed by developers...just a double-check at my end..Once this is done..I'll then need to perform scenario test..this would requires me to dig deeper into my brain and think of any possible scenarios that could possibly happen..experience makes a different..If all tests are pass then I'll forward to UK team for another QA at their end....if to developers..

Testing a Candidate Release Version (CRV) is almost similar to User Accepting Testing and tests that are performed at this stage would also have unit testing as well as scenario testing..the only different is all tests that need doing will be performed at each section, each functionality and each feature...basically, unit and scenario would cover at each of those would not finish in a day but I'd usually concentrate on doing for section/functionality/features that others would have problem understanding or lack in knowledge..again experience makes a different..

Today..I spoke with an IT guy who called in from Liverpool at one of our customer's site..thankfully his accent was not that strong as an Irish or a first the conversation was only about our software but whilst waiting for him to reboot the server as well as other workstations (7 workstations)..he asked where am I said..Malaysia..he was a little shocked and thought I were in UK..he then continued asking a boring question about weather..yeah..a common question when you have nothing to talk about..then Euro 2008 came out..I responded to him and shared my disappointment on regards to the fallen of the Flying Dutch also Portugal teams..he then asked me if I watch English Premier League..I do but (tried to tell him that I'll watch if I want to not because I need/must)...he interrupted asking if I like Liverpool team.. "Sorry mate, am not" that was my line..ha..ha.....he is a fan of Liverpool..I then told him that I like Man U but am not really a fan..then he agreed that Man U is a great club....all crappy talk was stopped when the server was ready..then I continued helping him on setting several stuffs regards to our software... I had several bad experiences answering calls from Scot and Irish people...until today, I am still struggling to really understand their accent..some of them can't really do anything about their accent so I'll have to forward the call to my colleague in UK if I think I can't do any further..let's just take this simple example.."Carer" become "Ceerer"

Today..I have discussed with my manager that I'll need to assign over the training task to my other colleague as she has plenty of time doing that..we decided the new colleague will need to work with her in a month period until further notice..regardless of what shift she's in...hope it will help her because I was so worried last week when I figured she's (the new colleague) still way behind schedule..not to mention her knowledge in our product...I know that it has just been 3 weeks but if she really works sure 2 weeks would be more than enough....when I joined the company..I had no experienced seniors to share their knowledge or to teach me other than my manager himself which was 6 months senior..I had to work my ass in-out the software to reach my current knowledge status..I even dreamt of my works when I was so worry sometimes..ha.ha....8 hours working hour is not even enough to me anymore to do another training task at this time compared to 3 years ago joining this company..sometimes I had to skip my lunch/dinner due to lot of work loads..since my colleague will do the task I'll have plenty more time to work with the developers..but still I was requested to evaluate her performance by weekly basis by asking/giving her task....

Sunday, 22 June 2008


Enough with health issue is a great news and also a sad news.. Am not sure if this is OK to him to be published but I feel it is something I'd love to share with..

Earlier this month,I've posted in No Problem at all that my house mate, Mr. Jabian went to KL for an interview which was his 1st interview..He went to KL again on Friday for his 2nd interview which ended up great for him...he is to be hired for the job he's applying in KK, Sabah..

Having said that, he will start commencing his new post as a Factory Engineer in that company on 1st September 2008 onwards..he looks so happy...well, he should be..he had been talking several times that he wanted to go back to Sabah for his family... as well as relationship commitment actually although he didn't really say it clearly....the fact that to get a good salary in Sabah is not really easy but he managed to get what he asked for..although he had actually reduced his actual demand...but the company offered him an extra allowance and of course another increment once he is confirmed...within 3 months..with his current seems likely..he is going to enjoy working there as well as ignore the financial issue we had worried about for quite long period if we to work in Sabah....he is going to be the pioneer in that he is to be the first engineer in that factory as well as the second influential man after his GM...I'm sure with his 3 years experience working in Penang..sometimes Malacca..leading the production and process departments..he is capable of handling such pressure...

We've been friend since together since 2004...bitter and sweet..sweet and sour..spicy and original..we've shared almost everything...we drink..we drank..and we fall...all we've been sad huh..I'm going to lose another friend..Mr Jabian..who's going to pay the room?Master bedroom tu tau..ha..ha..I will work something out with Mr. Jew...looking for a room in Penang?...please do not hesitate to contact me...

1. Preferable Sabahan/Sarawakian (male or female)
2. Drink any kind of alcohol type drinks
3. Active or Passive smoker
4. Able to clean the house/room without supervision
5. Civilize person

I know that we're going to have a big farewell party before his departure later in August..whether we (in Penang) will always be remembered is not my I always believe that a true friend does not need an excuse to ask how are send you a text meet up with ask any latest matter how far you are..and no matter if we have lost contact for over 10 years or 20 years...we'll always be friend...what ever happened between still my friend...that's my definition of a true friend...for some people they would prefer to think that a true friend will always be there for you.......listen to your whining and complaint..listen to your problem..entertain you when you sad...laugh when you're happy..and ignore your friend when you're busy....and if a friend cheat or betrays more friend la... it does not work like that actually but it happens all the friend become best enemy..and enemy become friend....I've seen a lot of these trends...for me, once a friend will always be a friend...simple as that...

Is it a coincidence?

It has been a week since I fell sick..there's still flame left in my throat though...I have drank 2 bottles of ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak last week and this week respectively..still I couldn't let it slips away...

Regards to my previous Addiction and Satisfaction post...I wonder if this relates to my current health issue..which I gain just after I'd recovered from those flu..sore throat and fever... I've mentioned about it in my reply in the comment box but it's worth to re-mention it here as well..

Well.. I don't know what's wrong and I keep on wondering myself...this is the first time I have this ears are being shut you know what it means? It's not entirely off but the frequency coming through to my ears has became less and doesn't happened quite often but it just happened suddenly without know when you were in a high altitude..your ears are like..a little I right?...when you were traveling on a'll have an almost-deaf ears as well..several yawns might help but mine it couldn't do much help.....thankfully I still can hear pretty clear not to be called as deaf....I'd read some article years ago says that fever can cause a brain damage...I wonder if that is we knew that fever causes high temperature to our body..temperature changes in our body can affect our brain system....and the brain is our main Central Processing Unit to control and balance our entire body it your feeling..your thinking..your nerve system..your lung or even your do the logic..and I have not mentioned about the headache I have...the right hand side of my head is in pain....right on top of my right eye and forehead..I know that migraine is at the back of our head..usually within the medulla area..this is nothing similar to that..I'd usually had this whilst on a plane when a plane to land..I guess its because the pressure and altitude changes....but now I'm getting the same headache even when I am not doing anything..It feels like the nerve in your head is expanding and going to explode...

Am I getting tension headache, cluster headache or is it really a migraine? I think I may have cluster headache....

Last night I almost got sick again..I started to sneeze continuesly..several minutes after..I got a serious runny nose problem....darned it!! again..another flu!! I was so tense so I went out buying uncle Carls' favourite drink...It did well and the flu was gone!! Amazing!!!

I wonder why.. is this another medical mystery that I have to endure and resolve with my panel doctor instead of waiting and keep on watching House to look for the this another big coincidence in regards to my previous health issue as Dr. Gregory House would teach his subordinate to do brainstorming..and come up with "we try to eliminate as many possibility as we could" when a patient asks lots of question...or perhaps I'm getting old...which means terminal illness?

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Addiction or Satisfaction

Whilst I was responding to Ms.Kuai question and advice, I thought I should share this.... sometimes I wonder if this would eventually affect my body or would it be any benefit..what say you..

Kuai wah.. kalo telampau 100plus pun inda ngam 2.. mau ada plain water juga.. utk buah pinggang.. normal advice ja bha wel..

I've been drinking drinks that have at least some flavour or taste in the flavour of.. sweet and sour..ha.ha...bitter sweet..(macam tapai pula tau yg ni)..sour and spicy....what so ever...I'd go for it.. it all started since 3 years ago..back in 2005..It doesn't mean that I can't drink "air boning"(ni istilah urang ranau ni kan)..or sky-juice..its just that I can't enjoy these tasteless drink anymore.... How it all started... in 2005, there was a time Penang was badly hit by the drought season..drought mean really kering la..the main water damn in Penang..located in Balik Pulau..was almost sunny day almost all day long and limited rain drops to refill the damn...since the water level was going lower and lower...the cleanliness and purity of water supplied to my house became smells so bad and know when you tap a water from a dried well kan..all you can get is muddy water..not to mention its smell..I've lived hard enough when I was a child...I knew all the pain in the ars etc..I've never complaint though..I did probably but that's inevitable sometimes..that was how my beloved mother taught me about life..."what can you get if you complaint..cry or...sad..." she taught us to be brave..fear no evil..and I've lived with the same philosophy since then..

Due to the water problem we had..I opted to buy drinks from of the hardship I had to endure to go buy a drink at nearby coffee shop....I started buying..cordial drink..syrups..or more accurately any savoury drink....yang dalam butul mau campur air ba...since then I've tasted and drank many kind of flavour as well as brand ..if you ask, I perhaps able to recommend some good cordial drink..Ribenna tastes good..(publisity pula..) To cut the story short...we're now in 2008...I can count how much water I've drank in a month..not the exact amount but of course roughly less than 2 liters of plain many glasses can you get from that amount..I don't know..I do know that I can drink mineral water without hesitation and without bad face our office we have a purified water..9 liters a gallon..and sometimes I do actually buy mineral water if I need to but very little..10 bottle a year? Sounds overrated to you but that's a fact..

With the facility I have around me..the Tesco hyper market..I'd usually go there and buy a big bottle of cordial drink (1 liter) I keep on sampling and testing other brand or flavour whenever I go buy for another supply..(am not going to buy the same as I had previously)...this is just another way of me changing the mood..If I don't like will be made as public properties.....anybody can enjoy and have it freely...recently I've just bought a liter of orange cordial..

Back to my main issue I an addict? would I be healthy after 10 years of doing so? Frankly speaking, I do worry if this habit would affects my kidney (kencing manis) but I've been maintaining the sweetness of drink I'd drink day and day as I began to realise this has no end..and I can't seem to find a solution to this habit... so far I've had no health major illnesses or operation made in history..I might have one but I can't find any that so obvious..I watch the TV series of House..everytime Dr. Gregory House debates his theory of patient and sickness, it helps me to evaluate my own health ...So..what say you? Is this an addiction or just a satisfaction issue?

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Breaking the code - Part 2

Yesterday, I posted a combination of numbers which contains a hidden message asking viewers to crack and share their answer..I don't know and am not sure how many of you tried and got the hidden message cracked... I found one though..

"Blogger Adora said...


June 17, 2008 10:10:00 AM MYT"

Adora or mostly known as Madpie in the blogging world has successfully cracked the message as above.. during the Winner's Prize Presentation Ceremony..I tried to get few comments from her but she went on greeting her fans then disappeared with her VVIP voucher presented by our main sponsor....Thanks to Reno ..on the VVIP voucher, Madpie has been allowed to borrow one of Reno's most amazing toilet seat of his collection..duration has been kept as secret..

Congratulation Madpie!!!!

*1 is universal so in the context given...obviously it is an 'i'

For others who might still trying to understand as well as finding the logic behind the combinations..I kindly present to you the theory that was applied and managed to get this relevant info..

Why is the alphabet on the telephone key-pad/dial?

The alphabet was introduced after a study in the 1920s concluded that “no human being should be asked to remember more than a four digit number” says Charles Galley, a founding member of the New England Museum of Telephony. But large cities required six digits to serve their thousands of clients. To accommodate this apparent dichotomy, phone companies devised phone numbers consisting of a combination of two letters and four digits. So, instead of having to remember a number like 52-6978, for example, customers asked for “Lancaster 6978”. In the phone book, the letters to be dialed were capitalized: LAncaster 6978.

The numbers 1 and 0 have no letters associated with them because dialing 0 connected the caller to the operator and 1 proved problematic for early equipment and made universal

*More easier application is mobile phone...texting..

Updated on 18th June
I managed to get a hold of Madpie later at the end of the ceremony..below were her comments to my questions.

Wel: Where did you get the idea cracking the message?
Madpie: I first saw origami with code, I bet that guy must be a huge fan of PB too...(mcm dia inda jawab soalan sja ni..hehe..)

Wel: Did you receive any help from others? If you do, who and what has she/he contributed?
Madpie: I did it my own..

Wel: Have you ever received the same message in your life? If you have,when?
Madpie: em... so far blum pernah dpt lg..

Wel: What would be your reaction if you were to receive the origami?
Madpie: Kalu sa dpt tu origami, first thing comes across in my mind is, wahhhh kiuttt... that sender must be vry creative.

Wel: Would you share the prize you've won today? With whom?
Madpie: I wont share... haha karit bah...(kana kasi pinjam sja tau tu madpie..haha..)

Wel: Any message for couples or bride-groom to be?
Madpie: different pipol different tot kan.. so i leave it blank...

Thanks to Madpie for being such openminded and willing to spend her few minutes answering my questions...see her own Forbidden Love

Monday, 16 June 2008

Breaking the code

Happy Monday!!! Thank God and thanks to all for your "kesian..kesian.." tapi indada juga mee sup atau bubur sampai p bilik sia...hehe.. I am feeling better and going 100% well.. How's your Monday? I was so free today in the office..all tasks were done except don't know what and why..did she trying to take an advantage when the Manager is away? I am trying to be positive but she has to know that by the end of this month she will be tested and evaluated by colleagues in's not going to be easy.. she called my new mobile (my Manager's mobile's sub so he left it for me to use as well as dealing with people looking for I have to carry 3 mobile phones!!) earlier today and said she can't come to work today..she has a gastric pain..last Friday she actually told us she's going"balik kampung"...Taiping.. I replied just make sure she has the MC form signed by her panel Doctor when she comes to the office tomorrow..

Alright...last week on Tuesday..I was given a set of numbers combination by my colleague..she said it was given by her ex which she wasn't allowed to get married with..I didn't actually had time to fully concentrate on cracking the combination so I just left it in my I have nothing to do...I figured out why not doing apa lagi....after 30 minutes..Yeah! I successfully cracked the hidden message..too sad colleague..newly married lady (earlier last year) with newly born daughter (Oct last year) said..they were in love whilst in U but her parents didn't like the guy also against their plan to get she had to end the relationship then married with his current husband..boyfriend when she has started last..she finally got the message after over a year when she received the bird's message trying to figure it out..sorry the pics are not very clear..well they were taken using a mobile cam..what would you expect??

If any of you would like to try..why you go..good luck guys!


It's quite sad when you've figured the hidden message..'s in Malay..

What would you do if you love someone but your parent does not allow you to be with that person? Will you move on and look for another cupid luck? Would you run and get married out of your parents approval?

Since I'm so kind..please find below is another clue to the hidden treasure..LoL

". ... .. . - . .. . .. . ... .. . .. - .. .. .. . .. - .. .. . . .. .. . .. - . . . .. -
.... . ... . -
... .. . .. . - . . . 1 - . ... .. . - .... .. .. . ... ... .. .. ... ."

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sick Weekend

Tomorrow is already Monday....I'll be working on Oz's shift..or we call it a day shift..hoping no issue raised by customers as am not sure if am able to speak to them when I'm still in my recovery not 100% well still producing weird sound when I speak..ya la..soar throat kan..but it's now healed yet leaving its mark...robotic sound...except this f**king flu and sneezing..On Friday before I went to work..I bought a can of 100plus and 4 pills of activefast as advised by KadusMama earlier..I ate 2 pills and drank the whole first it worked then when I came to the office..we had a small party..KFC, Cake for my colleague belated birthday and came back and continued for a couple of hours...again I ate the other 2 pills..the amount of sneezing was reduced and was able to help me out the whole night in the office..Once I came back from work..I hang up and watched a football match between Holland and France with my old ex-classmate in secondary school..he came from KL with his new Saga which he had received just 2 days ago..he's going to leave the new car here for his Car Rental business in Seberang Jaya....which his friend had just started 2 months friend has a Car Rental business in KL for almost 3 years already..where his company have..if not mistaken around 16 cars..of various type city...unser...etc..I returned home around 5 am then I woke up at 7:55 am earlier in the morning to send Mr. Jew to airport...He's flying to Sabah for a week holiday...his departure flight from Penang International Airport was at we went for breakfast then to airport..I was sneezing..running nose..eyes were red as blood..and still..couple of cigarettes in my and out through my throat to the was good though, it stopped the sneezing..I wonder..

Returned home at around 9 something and I took a shower then continued sleep...Again, woke up at around 1 pm..I surfed several blogs and other stuffs..checked my email..nothing interesting..still with my sneezing and flu..since I can't do anything..I went to bathroom..took another shower and went to BJ Complex to check out some new DVDs.. nothing new since last I bought the 2nd Season of House..and 10,000 BC..yeah..the 10,000 BC was 3 or 4 months ago..I've just watched it..I don't really prefer to watch movie at cinema...unless I really like the movie..and thought it worth to be watched in a cinema..which is very rare...less than 10 times a year..

The whole Saturday..I spent my day on a bed..lay down and watched DVDs on my desktop..(I was lazy to watch these DVDs in the living room) a sick people but still I had some coke..some fermented food..manggo...papaya...and of course I drank a bottle of cough medicine..ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak..I had flame stuck in my throat ba..warna hijau sudah...malu la starring batuk kering..haha...I watched 10,000 BC and 10 episodes of House..right..before I watched DVDs..I spent couple of hours watching my cool uncle...Mr Gene Simmons Family Jewel Marathon...if not mistaken I sat on the sofa for like 3 hours laughing and enjoying the reality TV show..I ended my Saturday night at 3 am...still at that time I was in the living room watching the reality TV show but I couldn't stand it eyes were so red and so tired...

Sunday..what did I do today? still not well enough...until this moment actually...I woke up quite early.then do my house chores...and because I was so lazy I didn't take my lunch except a cup of hot normal people would do...mandi etc..then I continued on the House series...until around 4pm I went out to Tesco and bought some ingredients..I wanted to cook a porridge but it may not taste good at this I cooked a simple bujang dishes...ikan goreng..peria with beef masak kicap..and another one..sweet corn soup..yeah..I missed sweet corn soup I took the chance la..hehe..and also..a sambal belacan for the ikan goreng..he.he..

I thought I can get better yesterday but I didn't..perhaps I bought a pack of 6 cans of 100Plus drink..thought that might help..actually I was prefer to buy the coke as I'd usually do..I don't usually pamper myself whenever I felt sick..perhaps I am worry that I have to work tomorrow morning and need to make sure my Oz' shift is not being wasted as I have to allocate as well as guiding some Work Orders from UK to our developers here then continue training the new colleague....the Manager's flight leaving Malaysia is at 8:30 am tomorrow..bon voyage!!!!

What a weekend ah....I haven't took out my clothes in the washing machine since noon today...I might later before I sleep..and hopefully I'll get even better tomorrow...if not I may need to see a doctor..which I hate! So guys...hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, 13 June 2008

I hate you!

I hate you bastard! heard me! I'm telling you now la..since I knew about've never been nice to me..F**k you!!!! I'm so mad at you..why you keep on bothering me...can't you just leave me alone? huh!!!

Every time you visited me..I wish I could kill and crush you to the other world! I wish I can just tear it and replace with a new know how disheartening is that because I couldn't do any of know how hard is it for me to accept you in my life?huh!!!

Am so tired of all a-hole!!!!

Quoted few hours ago whilst I was in know I have lots of things to do..but they came to me and still with me..yesterday it was alright but today..huh!..hopefully I'll get better all started from a soar throat then a flu..then soar throat invited its friend pula..fever..darned it! now I've got soar throat, flu and fever!!! what's more to complaint? the most sickening sickness in my entire life so far..these three la..especially soar throat! once it visits me..that's it la....then know la I have a very sensitive nose..even a small changes..especially temperature and smells can cause havoc to my nose..that's the main reason I don't really prefer to use perfume and stay inside an air-condition room....I really hate it when some people use a perfume like taking a shower of perfume...the smell is so damn makes my lung to stop pump-in oxygen then I have to stop breathing for a while...I can't breath la....come on sensible!! once keluar dari tu bilik sja...mula la adjusting my nose and take a long deep breath..most common symptom is sneezing....if continuesly sneezing..standby for backup already...then flu la..running nose la...feel like want to cabut saja my nose...if these 2 attack me..and getting worst..yeah..jackpot!!!!! Fever is around the corner waiting these 2 fellas to call its big boss to take control...darn you little pawns!!! Again..really hope tomorrow getting better 'coz we've got a small farewell party for my manager who is leaving to UK next Monday...yeah!!! and I've got so many things to catch up after several hours sneezing in the office today.. although I hate these fellas am still grateful that am still able to blog...

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Find me "Hellena A. Hairy" please

Ini semua kerja si Bobby la ni..sabotaj principal starring betul..ha.ha..OK ba Bobby..copy-paste pun untuk niat baik dan mulia apa salahnya..wahaha..tapi sia cuba la kalu buli..

the missing BOBBY's sister
The story goes like this..Helena is said had been missing since a year ago...and was last seen leaving her aunt's house..where she used to stay when she was in Form 4..and never returned home since then..her parents Hairy Lojimin, 53 and Rosnie Majamin, 49 were wondered where could she been and explained they have never had any argument with their beloved daughter..they'd like to say sorry if they did though..who knows kan tempias mau tanya si Bobby ni..police report has been made on her disappearance..this story has recently been published on the New Sabah Times newspaper

Name: Helena A. Hairy
Age: 17 year-old
Height: Appx. 5-feet
Last Seen: July 2007 (1 year)
Eye: Black
Skin: Mild-dark

Please anybody and whoever have ever come across seeing her..anybody that looks like her ka...somewhere or elsewhere...please contact Hairy (013-8720697) or Rosnie (012-8306510) or her elder sister Rozita (016-5853566)

Note: No rewards been offered..more details please contact Bobby

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Our money wasted on the "Curved Bridge"

Yes! I was waiting this issue to be published by Uncle Mahathir since it happened few years ago! At last and thanks to Uncle Mahathir for his personal revelation. Before I start, I wonder why bloggers like to copy-paste article/post???? Can anybody explain this to me??? Huh! marah not sure what were the purposes of blogging if one blogger only copy-paste then at the end or earlier at the beginning mentioning where were the article/post is copied...we know what is the sole purpose (objective) of blogging and why is blogging become so popular these days..darned it!!!!

A'ight, back to my uncle's we all know..although it may not sound good but we really really and really need a new bridge...why? Ask you father why la..not me..Well, the facts that the traffic between these 2 straits has increased tremendously can not be taken lightly..why increased? Ask your grandfather why la..not grandfather used to say..if nothing is changed means nothing really Facts again! we all knew that most Singaporeans love to come to JB..especially for shopping..(S$1.00 equals to RM2.40) means that Singaporeans can spend double the amount in Malaysia!! When a better bridge is built..traffic congestion will be improved..more opportunity for both sides..economy will increase..This is why Penang Bridge is also undergoing expansion..excluding the fact that it's already almost 3 decades old..what happened if it suddenly collapse is timely!!!!

Am not a Johor people but let me tell you the history behind the Tambak Johor..It was built by the late Sultan Ibrahim, the son of the "Bapa Johor Moden" the late Sultan Abu Bakar..when it was built, it actually contributed a lot the economy in Johor and Malaysia as well..during that time, the main transportation was via water ONLY which were "sampan" and "tongkang" cut the story short on this historical events..firstly, the main objective was to join the Singapore's Train service with Johor's Train order to link between these services they had to create a railway which also mean a solid land to support the railway..When the project was proposed to the Sultan, he thought..why not they create road as there you the end, both sides worked together..funds and labours shared together both had agreed that the project would contribute more into both sides economy..

OK..sorry I was a little excited there talking about history..I love history when I was in secondary school.. So..according to my Uncle in his blog..the decision made by our handsome and charming Pak Lah was to punish the Johor people..Singapore had earlier agreed to build the straight bridge at their side..but was protested by the Johor people..Why they protest? building the bridge means dredging sand from the seabed..then it would cause erosion and destructive of fish breeding..apparently this would also deprive Johor fishermen of their livelihood....aduh kesiannya...who would ignore that? As you've already knew the consequences..Pak Lah cancelled the project and wasted around RM1 billion of Malaysian's money..(sia pun ada tu sikit..)..or RM1000 million-million (buli pakai ka ni istilah..ha..ha)..

Now, what have gone wrong here...are we dare to put the blame on Pak Lah or to Johor people who believe they did the right thing..yeah..they did, by canceling the project after almost 40% of the construction had taken place was not really a very very cleaver or brilliant decision...what happened to those buildings..the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) facilities..railways, piling and many to list.. do the government have any counter-project in accordance to that cancellation? We have a "Scenic Bridge" guys..why Pak Lah dare to waste RM1000 million-million but does not dare to spend another RM100 million or more to create the first world class entertainment centre on the sea? This was actually my draft idea when I heard the bridge was cancelled back there..I think the government can actually attract some Foreign Investors to work around this project..first of a kind in the will boost our economy especially tourism...the project can be privatised once completed but Government would still get its shares..either monthly or's the same concept actually when a casino is opened..we would not need another casino but I think we need a 6 star hotels..or.."Malaysia Babylon City"..6 star hotels..5 star restaurants..mesmerizing greenish garden and of course entertainment outlets...think about that..then what can be re-used afterwards..all that CIQ facilities can be made useful to control the in-out to this so called "Malaysia Babylon City"

Am greateful that Uncle Mahathir is still well..and still fighting what's best and what's right if he were the PM...we knew that he has made so much and many contribution to the country for the past 22 years....I may surprise to know if any other Malaysian who was born in his era does not know how sharp and brave he was during his tenure..yeah..some poeple may say that he was cruel and what so ever..but can you tell me what you've got to be better than him..

Now...the main question...Who is the best and most competent Prime Minister after this? Who will make a better Malaysia after this...even greater than Uncle Mahathir himself..or Tunku Abdul sure whoever it is...he's not able to compete with these leaders we had...each of them had their own obstacles and greatness...who know the next would probably decided to build my "Malaysia Babylon City"...Pak Lah listen la to me....nanti sya belanja Mee Sup Sabah...apa tu.."mui chap" ka..correct me if am wrong...

I'd appreciate if people from our neighbour can share any of their thoughts..

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Mr. No Name

As expected, we had a BBQ last night! I missed BBQ and it was great that we did it last night..again I was filled and bloated with chicken wings, some hot dog..and beers! I was totally weak last night..the fact that we started BBQ at 7 pm didn't really able to help my mood..I wanted to eat more and drink but my body didn't respond well to that...So once I finished BBQ'ing few chicken wings (2 to 4 batches of BBQ'ing..solely for QA'ing the taste and heat)..I then started enjoying those chicken wings I've just BBQ' and eat..I think I ate around 5 pieces then stop...couple of minutes later...start your engine! Nuh....we started was around 10 minutes before 8 pm... so from that time, Mr. Jew, Mr. Jabian and girlfriend were sitting under the house's porch chatting, BBQ'ing and drinking..after few cans of beers and finished BBQ'ing those foods..we moved and drink..I was a little bit quiet and passive last I mentioned body didn't respond well enough to my request....I just sat there, ate another few wings alternately and drank my beer... because I sat opposite the main door..which was opened...I saw a dog sniffing and wandering..I thought a stray dog..but his ears caught my I went out la...just to check out..Nice and cute dog!!..his ears caught me again and I was so tempted to touch him..I'm an animal lover ba..he.he..the dog's fur and skin were clean and his ears were big..but where was his tag???I called him and he approached me without I touched and checked..perhaps he has any injuries..none..I saw a tag's mark on his know la kan..ada bekas ba di leher anjing kalu yang pakai atau ada tag (license)..presumably, the dog was lost..but again he may be left behind by his own owner ka....because it is not easy for the tag to be opened by himself..or to be broken..because he was quite clean..I took him inside..and gave him food..wings and hot dogs..played with him..he was kind enough though..he saw me eating but he didn't try to reach for my food..instead he sat there and waited for because of his well behaviour..I granted him few more of hot and Mr.Jew thought of taking him into our care....and we decided to let him make his decision by letting the gate's door if he comes again and stay in..we might have a reason to assume he needs we left him wandering around the house..played with Biggy..(this was hilarious..both of them trying to rape each other...male and male?..waahaha...)..after couple of hours..he was still wandering outside...inside the house then after that we didn't see his presence for me..I pity the dog..because it looked like he cried earlier..his eyes were red..there was a wet spot just under his eyes...he seemed lost..and am really hope he managed to go home..or somebody else can take him into their care..before real owner (if exist) looking for him...sorry dog..we have to let you were taken using my mobile...

...Parental guidance is required for this picture...

Saturday, 7 June 2008

No problem at all..

"I drink, I get drunk, I fall down...No Problem"...thats the quote for today to start...on Thursday, I had a drink session with my housemate..Mr. Jabian (not a real name but that's what we've been calling him) was around 10:xx pm and I've had earlier thought of having a couple of bottles that night to boon my "Sleepless in Penang"....he actually just came back from KL...went there for an interview (post in KK), I was supposed to fetch him but I missed his text message... when I know he is already home... I returned his text message earlier to say sorry..ya kesian la ba..terpaksa naik teksi balik rumah...forgive me Mr. the same time, I was playing with his mood either he wants to have a couple of drinks..he then replied.."OK ba kalo ko"..I don't really know since when I first heard this's now a famous reply to any kind of I went to meet up with him...and had 2 bottles..then 4 2 am we had 8 bottles already on the table..we chatted about his interview..he has a very high possibility to be hired...Good for you Mr. Jabian..we were 3 actually that night..his girlfriend is currently in Penang and she also had a couple of glasses as well..I was supposed to be in my sleep already at this time..instead of having a really nice dream..I was storing loads of fluid into my the end result was, we contributed another 10 bottles for the beer manufacturer to fill another batch of Carls...when I reached home, it was already past 3 am..I need to depart at 6:30 am (latest time) to go to work later that shift starts at 7 am...I called someone and chatted for an hour then went to sleep..time was...4am!!!!!!! What a night....
Last night (Friday) housemate Mr. Jew and his band PAKU was invited to perform in a charity show meant for the China's earthquake victims..So, I joined to watch them and other invited bands...he said there would be around 10 was a wasted event!! was held at the exterior parking space of Queensbay Mall..this was OK to me..but the standard was so low and even lower than a fun fair kinda stage show..the crowd was less than 100 people... charity? no booth was been setup...they have a donation box but it does not look like a donation box..they left the box on the stage and hoping others would come forward to put some money in it...what the hell!! Heard that the event was sponsored by 100 Plus and Coca-Cola...100 Plus can drinks were provided free to bands' members...PAKU played 4 of their latest malay songs that are currently in recording process for their 1st offical album with 17 songs..(they had released they debut album with 3 songs and a video clip a year ago then went to UK..played at several night spots there)...the event was so disappointing..afterwards, we went to Club Dusun... another drinking session, only this time I was with Mr. Jew(Bassist) and Mr. Alex (Drummer)....we had Tiger mixed with Stout and a fried fries as a side dish..We adjourned at around 3 am as Mr. Alex needs to go to work today...I watched another DVD (Jumper) then went to sleep..

Today I woke up at 11:xx am, my body is a little bit fatigue and restless..but that's big deal...although it will affect my body but it never occurred to me to think this can be used as an excuse to not to drink continuesly...thankfully I have no problem with "boroi" issue although I drank loads of that I have drinking problem? I an addict?...Totally Not!!..I like to hang out with friends and have a couple of drinks..that' all....last night Mr. Jew said that my "drunk meter" is already dead (mulfunction) He said...once I've hit that certain amount or mood..there will always be another round and round afterwards..(inda mau stop la ba ni mata jadi sepet suda)..I had so many experience..either bad or good...due to drunk..the worst I think was back in December 2006....they all are now my I personally believe that the more experience you have..the more you know about there going to be another tonight..we might have one...Mr. Jabian's girlfriend said on Thursday, she wanted to treat us a drink and some BBQ on Saturday (today)..I love BBQ!Looking forward to I want to watch another DVD..Have a great weekend guys!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Fuel price go up? So....what should we do..?

Early in the morning, whilst I was having my break first at some Nasi Kandar restaurant..I had roti canai telur and a cup of teh tarik..I heard people around me talking about fuel price going up..expected to start in August la..still rumors say it will start today at midnight..

Lunch break..again..the same story.. this time 8 out of 10 people around me talked about it..however, it was a little different is going up for sure at midnight when I returned to office, I had a small chat about it with my colleagues..the main question is what can we do about?

At around 3:40pm I left the office and straight went home..surfed online news then found out it is now been confirmed?!! I was mad but at the same time...I asked myself..what can I do about it...stop using fuel and buy a bicycle?....stop buying fuel and just leave my precious Ferari parked at home?....stop at fuel station to buy cigarettes instead of fuel?..migrate to another country that does not increase the fuel price?...stop working and stay at home until the fuel price go down? is the verdict here?..which should I go for? Any other options?..please help I can't think of any reason why people so mad but at the same time knew that they can not do anything about're only making your life miserable thinking about it and still couldn't do nothing...When I was surfing some of the blogs I had in my bookmark list, I was hoping for at least some positive view of this incident.. none of us are happy with the decision made..I can assure you that..I also got mad what..but getting mad without thinking of tackling this issue would not help..low income workers (like me la..) know that this would brings another burden into their monthly financial we should think more on tackling this matter from within rather than complaining and whining.....I don't care if you guys would agree with me but it has never occurred to me....I am bad..(not quite effective to be exact due to satisfaction matter) money management sometimes...but it is the only way and the one solution I shall start doing from now on.....I have to be more strict on how I spend my money..more or less.. I have to sacrifice my DVD's budget as well..I don't have a budget for buying DVDs actually but sometimes I went far beyond imagination...sometimes it can go over RM150 in a month for DVDs? How many DVDs I have currently with that amount spent on? you do the calculation if the price of a single DVD is around RM5 - RM7....and I've started spending that kinda amount since 2 years ago..also I still need to enjoy but in a moderate way probably after this..kurang la uncle Carls lepas ni...

So back to the fuel thingy..."Malaysia is a net oil exporter and gains from high oil prices, reaping 250 million ringgit, or $77.6 million, a year in revenue for every $1 increase in crude prices" quoted from Herald Tribune ...a question also an issue could be raised from this statement....which had been debated by the opposition during the recent general election..

Can this affects our economy and sociology? Although the rise in fuel prices (petrol and diesel) will reduce the government's subsidies and help the government manage its budget deficit, the government should also be prudent in managing rising inflation expectations..we are likely to save more and this will slow down spending and may lead to a double whammy in the I said earlier..lot of people are angry but they feel helpless so I think in near time soon, some of this angry group would ask or seek other..opposition la apa demonstrate to show their unhappiness to the government..then may lead to..chaos!!! Will a man from the future..say like 2020..travels through time to save Malaysia from being destroyed by its own government like the Terminator.....

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

New Colleague

Today was her 2nd day training..she joined yesterday (2nd June) as a support specialist..well..what can you expect on the 2nd day..of course it will be tough to digest everything especially when you're not into software or computer at all..I totally understood but nothing I can do about I saw a disappointment kinda face was my Manager..nuh..I understood but sometimes he demands too much at an early stage..he questioned her but she can't answer him although she had wrote a note about it yesterday...

Who is she? She's an Indian colour? you decide...age..I think I heard 22 or somewhere below 25..height? perhaps around 5-foot-7.. almost taller than me..or perhaps it's her shoes..we had our first lunch together yesterday...we were 4..together with 2 usual..we chatted about her past job..where she from..that kind of typical questions la ba....actually I was expecting one Chinese lady who came for the interview when I was there...I just like her know..rugged kinda person..she came as if it was a friendly meeting..wearing jeans and a t-shirt..of course it was not a good example..sorry..this may sound a little offensive to other...her hair was not properly combed....and presumably she had not took a bath/ Manager told me that she was doing great and thought about hiring her..unfortunately, she left a bad remarks at her previous job..(my manager spoke to her ex-manager and that was one of the reason she ended up being interviewed..)

Having a new colleague is great and of course I am looking forward to work with her.. I was supposed to train her but with my extra responsibility to guide and work with my anak-anak buah in the development would not be a good decision to carry another burden while you have other (Manager) that can handle long she will last? who knows kan..I had lost 3 of my buddies since I first joined.. of course you'll get scold and stressed out after being scolded..that is inevitable..the best you could do is be more bold, assertive and work it out..prove that you're worthy not just working your ass out to earn a salary at the end of each month... Good luck to you..

Monday, 2 June 2008

Catch me if you can...

Does anyone can tell me exactly how fast can a human runs? I was in total shocked when I read the news of the 100 meters record has been broken AGAIN..I made some research afterwards just to clarify my curious thought of how..roughly..estimation...any kind of the actual capability of a man can have to run in a 100 meters sprint no avail..I found none can really to tell I was left with making my own comparison between us and our sibling.. man vs wild?..sounded like a national geography documentary it self..

Last week, the world of sports was stumped by a new world 100 meter record (9.72 second) set by another fellow many steps he made in a second?..I think..Jamaica is now been recognised as a factory of a world class sprinter record making to over throne the mighty USA.. Usain Bolt, a Jamaican who is using 100 meters race as his personal enhancing method to better his achievement in his favourite races, the 200 and 400 meters unexpectedly ran the 2nd best time in 100 meters history then broke the record in his 2nd race..which was not attempted.. with the height of 6-foot-4..I think it does contributed to the pace he's got currently.. it was 0.2 second better than his countryman, Powell's record of 9.74s..the big question now fast these men can run?9.50 second? or lower than 9 second?

So! Who would be competing for the wild?....I bet most people knew that's the might cheetah..bukan thunder cat yg katun k.. according to several studies made..cheetah can reach speeds up to 70 mph..over 100 kph? (1 miles = 1609.34 meters)..well cheetah is the fastest on what or who is the fastest on the air? is it Superman?!.. it's the Peregrine Falcon..sound familiar ah..when flying this bird can reach speeds..varying 110 - 440 kph..I think it can catch up with one or more of those F1 cars..

See how fast a man can run compared to cheetah below....