Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Another day another experience..

In relation to my previous post "I'm having a bad day!!"...I'm quite grateful that I can always rely on my DVDs collection..whenever I feel sad or down..I'd watch any of my DVDs collection...last night I was so serious+pissed..why so serious?...It was due to 'letupan gunung berapi'..which occurred once or twice a year...maybe la...I didn't really count expected, I came in to the office today...logged in and checked my emails...I received several emails from my manager..advising and thanking me...well last night I called him (the developer), explained to him about his current leave application and the manager's situation then advised him to send an email to my manager explaining in details his situation..which I he did I know? well, one of the email from my manager, he was thanking me of this quick move....he was speechless and didn't know how to help his staff as well as saving his as* in front of the Tech Director....I was just trying to help him and that was... least I could do at that situation...his advise apply leave 2 weeks earlier than actual dates..well that's the T&C for us actually but..for some reason this guy thought he could just apply 3 hours-became-half day leave the next day on the day before...due to that, I applied 12 days leave in total..I'm still looking any specific dates in Nov and Oct as I still have 9 days...the longest leave I applied today was during Christmas was 2 weeks commencing on 22nd Dec up until 2nd Jan 2009...well it was almost the same period I applied last year...the only different was...last year I only worked for a week in Dec 2007 and the rest was honey moon... I randomly selected these 12 dates from the calendar thinking that something might happen or come up on these lucky I really hope they do.....and I haven't got any plan for these 12 days...still thinking and looking...perhaps I'll be in Sabah during the Christmas season..

I'm feeling good today..I watched the Korean Drama Series of Full House again last night up until 1am..then when I woke up at 5:45 am later...I felt OK and not moody at all....from the moment she (the married developer) came and ready to start her work..I worked with her trying to figure out another alternative solution to resolve an issue we were having with one of her customised report..I came up with a good suggestion..well it wasn't that great actually but it was more likely a logic kind of thing... I asked her to explain to me how the report works from the moment it reads, transfers then outputs data on report onto the white board.....if anybody who's familiar with Crystal Report software you may already knew what is this all about....the problem was, she created 7 sub-reports with conditional formulas to each recurrence pattern of data and she made the sub-reports to read, transfers and outputs data onto the main design report...that's OK but the process within the sub-reports was causing the report to load longer than it was supposed I suggested to her to change flow of the simple actually....remove all that sub-reports then create a global conditional formula onto the report page footer.....suppress the formula (hide) and that was it...each fields on the main design report then collect their respective formulated data using that hidden formula...and amazingly it worked great...load more performance issue..when it comes to massive data..loading a report wouldn't be as fast as you might think..although 1 or more filters were applied..sometimes it would take couple of minutes...depending on machine spec's and how massive the data is...

At around 1:45pm...he came in and he looked OK to me..I then advised to avoid and not to forget about their responsibility then shared with them the current impression I received (through my manager) relating to their performance....told them to be more sensible and focus..I then re-assigned the customised invoice report that was given to him yesterday (not 100% OK)..gave and explained him all the faults I found...his sql script needing amendment as it causes an error whilst producing invoices....I told him this can be done within less than an hour and thankfully he did great...fixed the report in 20 minutes..unfortunately not the I had already made the amendment on the script and QA'd OK earlier in the morning....I then released my QA'd script as well as the newly fixed report for another QA in UK without letting him know that I've released them.....sorry but I'd usually do this and it is another way to know how far and how brilliant some people are with their work.....

That was basically what I did today in the office...almost routine but not exactly routine huh...well, yesterday incident already been put behind..and today is another new chapter in my life..why would I want to torture my head and life for something that had already happened?...we need to keep on growing, keep on learning, keep on moving, keep on rolling in order to find that something in life that really makes you happy and worth to remember when you were 50 years old, watching your snobbish grandchildrens..who doesn't really care about you because you're no fun no more.....well I wouldn't hope for that though...I might not have the energy but I still got the blues..still have the 'beiolman' mind..he..he...bawa main lastik...kesian oh tu kan..budak-budak sekarang pun inda tahu suda apa tu lastik...and lastly..thanks to my dear bloggers and my friends who have been wonderful to me....all your supportive comments, your based-on-true-experience stories...cheers! untuk mereka yang bergelar ahli kelab tin/botol hijau kegemaran ramai...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I'm having a bad day!!

I was trying not to burst out of my dissatisfaction and unhappiness today due to the news I've received from my manager who's currently in UK and my other developer who applied a half day off tomorrow...I just couldn't when suddenly it all went unexpectedly wrong...

It all started when...he (the developer) was given 2 tasks today...which were easy enough for him and he took the whole day to fix them?? one was a customised report meant for invoicing..and one required 'cosmetic' touch-up...I helped him doing the 'cosmetic' touch-up when he went out saying he needs to meet someone regarding his home loan application..this was after lunch break and he just got 10 minutes from lunch break......I was not supposed to help him as that was his task but I just couldn't stand there waiting for him to release then re-check the amended report..I was going to leave the office in less than 2 hours at that time...and he hasn't finished any of these 2 tasks.....then suddenly when he came back from his meeting, he said to me that he needs to apply a 3 hours off! I then asked..why? he replied saying he needs to meet up someone who's organizing his wedding ceremony..would I say NO? I replied..why not weekend or during lunch break? He responded..that guys only free during this time...I'm trying to avoid thinking about this but I really can't..why didn't he plans all this since months ago or on any appropriate time...this is something that I would usually label as a typical moron kinda people..let me tell you my story..when I was still using public transportation 5-6 years ago...I always had a bad impression towards any passengers.....before you take on a bus ride, obviously you need to get your money ready..coins especially..but stupidity can never be more perfect than...6 out of 10 people who were standing patiently waiting for that specific bus hadn't done any of that...when that bus came..guess what? these 6 people that were operated by Pentium 1 processor queued at the bus's stair looking and counting their money to pay...what?!this is another factor that causes massive jam at the staircase to heavenly that a valid sentence?..I know that there's a song..staircase to heaven by led zeppelin..nice song..

Since I can't say no..I told him to fill-up the form as well as send an email to me, cc in the manager...reminded him to pass over the form to one of my colleague who is coming to work on UK shift later...she will then fax over the form if requested. Before I manager then called using his mobile...told me a shocking news...the report that was re-allocated to the new developer in UK is now ready for QA..he then expressed and shared his disappointment towards him (the developer) to me.....the shocking news was...the new guy was just been trained on our software last week...just a week!..and he was able to fix it when he got the report from us yesterday...more shocking news..he doesn't have any qualification at diploma or no degree what so ever compared to our developers who have degree and been working with this company for over a year...I was ashamed of my own team when I heard that....then when I told my team..the married lady asked me what that guy would usually old is he...married or not..she suspected that guys is a computer that an excuse?..the manager then suggested to him to apply a half day off tomorrow instead of 3 hours..the maximum hours off allowed is 2 hours...he then applied (verbally) on the phone with the manager for a half day off....

20 minutes ago I received a call from the manager, investigating the reason for that leave...he forgot to ask when he called earlier...I then told him as what I had been told...he were saying that our Technical Director is not really happy with that leave application....he wanted a valid reason that...something inevitable...again stupidity prevails? I then received another message from my colleague saying the manager called her asking for the form...but she didn't received any form from him (the developer)....I gave them my trust and belief hoping they would act as an adult who knows their own responsibility...I was so pissed to hear this news..I helped him to cover his a**!!!..does he needs me to guide him how to pronounce A, B and C....I kinda knew what's going to happen tomorrow....load of frustration emails from my manager...emails from Technical Director probably..and worse, I heard the Technical Director has advised our manager to not to approve his leave....what's going to happen tomorrow? meeting sad and serious face in the office once he comes in....damn it! grow up're going to get married in 2 weeks time...I asked you to fill up the form then pass over to that girl! I've helped you with 1 one of your task today!.....I don't know what happened to the other one..(my colleague sent a text saying the report is still producing incorrect output..) when I was leaving the office..he was still struggling fixing the script...I already gave you a good lesson last week and was that not enough?!!!...FYI..he's only entitled to 1 week leave for his wedding ceremony but he applied another 1 week unpaid leave...the Technical Director wasn't feeling good about that so he asked me to decide..I approved his extra 1 week leave..and now he's still thinking of applying leave when he's on the edge of being punished for his failure last week???? again stupidity never been perfect than this huh...he knows how to get married but doesn't know how to work things around between job and personal stuff...period!!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Tagged for "The age that I wish to go back to.."

This tag came from UrangRanau couple of days ago..sorry that I can't make it on time Joy..and below is the copied-pasted from Joy's earlier post...continue reading and you'll get to mine at the bottom..

-----Start copy-----
InstructionsTitle: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?

Tag Mode: 5 bloggers
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid’s life.
L’abeille wish to go back to any year but never return to age 28.
Sweetpea wish to go back to, actually, just thinking about 17.
Jean Chia wish to go back to 14 years old.
eastcoastlife wishes to go back to age 24 when she’s in demand.
Emila wish to go back to the age of 7 to live that precious moments again
Rizal wish to go back to the age of 7 - 7 super wonders of my world.
Mangosteenskin wish to back to age 7 to chase back Macik Piut’s geese and dogs!
Mariuca wish to go back to age 14 to forget her current sorrows.
LadyJava wish to go back to age 23 to say goodbye to her father and tell him, ” I love you”
Shirley a.k.a Beautiza wish to go back to age i was 21 years old just to hold my sweet memories and undo mistakes i have made back then.
Ornest wish to go back to age 13 to develope my football skill
urangranau wish to go back to age 1, I wan't to start all over again with my life and undo all the mistakes I've made..

-----End copy------

"The age that I wish to go back to.." I wish I could start over from the beginning at the age of 7.....I wish I can go back to age 14 when I first met the girl that I could possibly marry (cinta monyet la ba ni..but I really like her..if that what it was called in during that age..)..I wish I can go back to age 15 when I was on top of my football career (girls everywhere shouting my name when I played football...I was playing for my school and for 2 local clubs if I were free..all expenses paid)....I wish I can go back to the age 17 when I was given the offer to be in the Cub-Prix Shell Racing Team (Dark Knight in Sandakan..)...I wish I can go back to age 23 when we were so in love.....

How many wishes do I get to make really? each year I made some mistakes and sometimes I wish they've never happened or they should not have happened in the first place.......this is no fairy tale or no time travel...If I were to go back to those ages...what would happen to the life I'm living at?? If I were given to change something in my life..honestly I'd have to decline..I'm not playing a kind or a wise man here nor being hypocrite...the reason is..if I were able to change them..I may probably lose some of my memories with hers..with my friends...all the hard and good times I've been through...I may have another set of life that could outclass my current life but I would not want to lose all these memories in my head...all the things I have worked for..all the people around me..all the love and caring I get from my friends......perhaps I may end up alone or hospitalized if I were able to change one of them..I'm grateful for what I have and for what I am now..I just wish I have billions or ringgit in my saving...

I've always been true to myself and disciplining myself to not ever regret anythings that happened in my life..they happened for reasons and nature taught us to live our life to the one taught us to live to the fullest but it's just nature to us to know what's need to be done and what's need not to be done....most importantly we 're the one who makes the decision in our life...we should stand firm to our own decision..we made some great and some bad decision in our life. Bad decision..we learned from it and make better decision in future.....

Since I'm so kind today..I'm not going to tag any bloggers..semua penat baru habis ber-weekend..he..he...with all due respect and the power invested on me, I now cease the tag called as "The age that I wish to go back to" here at mine....

2 of us

Yesterday evening, as I've already 6:00 and Mr. Jew went to collect the beer (1 crate) then went to Giant Hyper Market to buy 10 chicken wings, I bought some "kerang" myself, Mr. Jew suggested we buy some brinjal for his new recipe..I kinda knew what he was planning to cook actually..once we reached home, we knew what we have to do...well, we don't need nobody to organise the work when it comes to BBQ...we've probably done it over 100 times...when I was going to light up the fire...I just found out that we run out of fire starter! with all the life-surviving skills that I've obtained all my a a a village was not really a problem and I successfully lit up the fire..

Whilst waiting for the charcoal, I then marinade those 10 chicken wings..Mr. Jew was preparing his brinjal recipe..what exactly Mr. Jew was trying to cook? I love this recipe and considered one of my favourite type of let me talk you through the process..firstly, you'll need to cook the brinjal on top of a if you're going to BBQ the brinjal and leave it half cooked...then we need a sauce..I was hoping for a spicy sauce but this time Mr. Jew wanted to use sardin mixed with couple slices of apple...Once the sauce is cooked you'll then need to cook the brinjal into the pan with the sauce..cook and stir them together and that's it...simple huh and I can assure you it's quite delicious...what happened to my "kerang"..he.he..this is one of my favourite as well...boiled them and that's it..just ensure you have the "pengeras"..he.he..pengeras dia sambal lada la...he.he..punya sedap tu..sya menaip pasal ni pun telan air liur ingat rasa session was great...I sang couple of dusun and english songs...I'm not a good singer myself but I really can't perform up to the pace I used to....roughly we sang 30 songs last night..2 CDs only!!! compared to last time..we were able to sing all night long..ha.ha..until some of the neighbours complained then called Police to check on us...some of them even shouted at us.."hoi orang sebelah tak nak tidoq ka?!"...would you complain if your neighbour having a karaoke session from 6pm in the evening until 5am on the next day? around 10pm I called Mr. Joel and told him to come to the and Mr. Jew were on the verge of giving up to drink more beer...1 crate for 2 of us? well..we are now older than 4 years ago..when 1 crate of beer was considered good enough for 1 person boost his devil...he.he..NOW 10 cans of beer pun belum tahu lagi dapat kasi habis...Mr. Joel came at around 11pm straight from his jamming practice..we drank but still couldn't finish the other 2 I kept the 2 cans for my sleep-enhancer tonight...

2 guys at home having BBQ and dinner, drinking beer and was kinda sad when I think more of it..4 years ago, we were 4 in that house..1 year ago, we were 3...then in 1 more month, there only 2 left....yesterday plan was purposely planned..I was wondering how would it be if me and Mr. Jew were having a small BBQ session during weekend...the feeling to have BBQ is great but the feeling to know that there only me and Mr. Jew is unbearable....of course we can invite some other friends but still...sometimes you'd prefer to have a moment with your house mate only and it would be a lot more easier to handle especially when it comes to collect fund for the party as well as punctuality........really sad that we are getting older and we have to go separate ways to find our own objective in life...we have to depart to our own courses in life......and I could be the last of all to stay in sad is that?

Saturday, 26 July 2008

For the good cause...

Thursday I was rescheduled to work for a half day shift…I left the office at around 9:30 pm where I was supposed to leave at 8:00 pm….due to some request I then stayed in for another 1 hours plus…well I wouldn’t leave the office if there’s still unsolved task...

Friday morning…8:26 am, I received a text from one of our developer who is married saying that she’s sorry that she has to bring her daughter to the office today….obviously I can’t reply “No, you can’t” to her after she mentioned that something happened early in the morning...I wondered what had happened but rather than troubling her...I ignored the text message and continued my sleep… then at around 9am something I received another text was from my mum saying my dad was sick last night and she had to send him to a hospital right away…he’s 63 to be exact and he has high blood pressure and a lung problem….he complained a chest pain last night and my mum then sent him to a nearby hospital (Ranau)…he was given some medicine...thank god he is OK...his annual health review is on 29th July then another one is on 27th August….nothing could I do other than sending some money to pay the expenses….pokai lagi but this is our responsibility as a child…I don’t mind to fork out some of my pocket money or my saving if it would do good to some people especially my parents…I love them…but my mum said, she would hope that I could contribute some for his second review as he is going to be reviewed in one of the private hospital in Kota Kinabalu….replied to her that I will and I will reserve some fund for that…

Today, in-conjunction of a conference call between UK-Malaysia-Oz at 3:00 pm local time (5pm in Oz and 8am in UK)….I was rescheduled to work half day Oz and half day UK…in case there were things needing clarification/guidance from me...there was one actually…a customer said there’s a glitch in our software...I then accessed to their server and found out it was due to human error…the software works great it just that someone had setting up things wrongly…took all details and forwarded to my Technical Director…I came in to work at 12:00 noon and left the office at 9:30 pm...again it should have been 8pm..

I was a little rude today to one of my developer…he was given a task to develop a customized report 2 weeks ago and the due date is on 25th July…that was yesterday…it is my job to ensure our developers to complete they task in the time scale given…but it is not my job to teach them how to do this and that….he had received all the requirements as requested by customer and all the explanation had been given straight away when I allocated the task to him…I was pissed last week whilst I was working for day shift (Oz shift) and he wasted 2 days due to injury….his ankle was swollen after a football match…what am I supposed to do?! He went to see a doctor and was given 2 days medical leave…if that didn’t occur he might have extra 2 days to ask for my guidance or any vague requirements…most of the requirements have been fulfilled except one…this whole week alone he tried...I don’t know hard or what…but he failed to deliver…before he left the office at 6pm today...I asked him to write a formal email to me to explain his reason of failure…told him that this is needed as I would forward the email to my manager as well as our Technical Director in UK...he did what I asked for but not really as what I would expected…he only explained the fault on the report and nothing more.....well to be honest with a team leader I should have covered up our weaknesses, I’ve spent around RM300 since last month providing them 2 books which were ordered via internet…I went to couple of the book shops around major shopping complexes for these books but to no avail…I was hoping that they can benefit from these books and there would be no more excuses for failure in future time…again, I was a little disappointed with his attitude these couple of days...probably he has some personal problem that I didn’t know of…he is due to get married this coming 10th August and obviously that is bugging his mind all this time...making sure the ceremony would go as planned…I can’t really get involve into that and the best thing I could only do is giving him a lesson that any task given must be completed as requested…books and guidance have been provided (he has problem in communication...he’s the typical type of Malay that doesn’t really know how to communicate in English (sorry for any Malay readers)...and I wonder how he got this job where English is a major requirement….)I’ve been trying to compromise with him….but this must be done…hopefully he wouldn’t take this too personal…if he does then he’s not mature enough to get married…..not enough with that...I was really pissed due to the baby presence in the office….I can’t concentrate on my job due the baby’s noisy screaming…crying and shouting…I wanted to warn the mum (the developer) but I just couldn’t…she told me that early in the morning...the baby fell down….although the baby didn’t cry but it was weird that the baby was so quiet and weak...she was worried then decided not to send to a kindergarten where she would usually do…unfortunately due to that…she and I can’t function well…she had to take care of the baby….accompanied the baby...played with the baby when the baby was crying……since my job still requires me to consult our customers via phone….I had to ignore several calls…. Unfortunately (wrong timing la ni..), my manager (in UK) was monitoring the calls that went to our office and found out couple of calls were not answered…he then called me and asked why I didn’t answer the phone….I told him that I was with the other developer trying to help him…and at some of the time...I can’t really answer the phone when the baby was crying in her mum’s arm…the ending of the conversation was not really good….I tell you…I knew this guy for almost 3 years...and he is a jerk when it comes to this matter…I think she (the developer) understood my situation and said sorry to me….she’s mature enough to stay in the office until 9pm to finish her task….he husband came in to the office to fetch the baby and said sorry to me at around 5pm that evening…..couple of hours manager sent an email expressing his compliment after he overheard several of the staffs in the UK office gave out their compliment towards me that they received some good feedback from our customer saying my consultation to their problems were good and friendly….well, I’m currently the resident expert in Malaysia…I shall perform up to my standard…before leaving the office...I spoke to my Technical Director and we decided to allocate the task to our new developer in UK as a test hoping that he could crack the report and provide the final fixed report…

At home…I had a drink session with my housemate...Mr. Jew and Mr. Jab...just a couple of bottles and a small chat….we just finished 1 hour ago and now I want to get a rest….mentioned to Mr. Jew that I’m planning to have a small drink and karaoke session tomorrow...I missed singing….I can’t remember when was the last time I sang a song….if things go as planned then we might have a crate of beer...some chicken wings for a small BBQ as well as karaoke…..where’s all my karaoke CDs??!!!! May you all have a good weekend and do not drink in drive…..

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Musical tag by Mesh

OK mesh..I'm now doing your tag..I suppose this would not be easy..since there are 10 questions given so I will have to make sure that my MP3 player has at least 20 of my favourite songs...well in that case I will use my own radio blog here then..huh?? This seems a lot more easier than I think of if you guys want to get the right tune when checking out my responses to each questions...feel free to play the randomly selected songs from my radio blog......I've made the radio blog to play in shuffle mode..

1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player,MP3 player, your playlist, ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Put this on your journal.
6. You may continue on tagging others if you wish, and if you don' will not
commit any sin or, be happy..This is just a game..

Question 1..
If someone says, “Is this okay?” You say?
Simple Plan - Untitled (..sorry lagu first saya kasi play....tapi macam ngam juga la..sedang tunggu habis lagu ni..ha..ha)

Question 2..
How would you describe yourself?
Queen - The Show Must Go On (Wow! Amazing! macam ada telepathy la ni radio blog..the song does describe myself a little....never give up la kunun ni...I live to learn new things and failure brings more success or perhaps open another chapter in my life...)

Question 3
What do you like in a girl/guy?
Gavin DeGraw - I Don't Wanna Be (Betul kali ke 2 suda ni..ngam betul ni lagu..I don't need somebody who asks me to be someone I'm not.....and I don't like someone who she's not..just be what you're suppose to be....)

Question 4
4.How do you feel today?
Tenacious D - Fuck Her Gently ( I horny at this moment???I would if Song Hye Kyo were here and she's my girl...he.he..)

Question 5
What's your life's purpose?
INXS - Pretty Vegas (Is that mean that my life full of fun and adventure?? It ain't that pretty as far as I can tell you...)

Question 6
What do your friends think about you?
Mr Big - Wild World (Cool huh..and thanks guys for all your concern..all your love and caring towards me.....)

Question 7
What do you think about your parents?
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Great song! some point I'd wish they were near so that I can take care of my responsibility more often...but for some other reason I need my own space/time as well..)

Question 8
What do you think about very often?
Skid Row - I Remember You (Hey! how many times has it been the radio blog on my side..I'll always remember you....she who used to be at my side when I needed the most...cerita dulu-dulu la ba ni..)

Question 9
What do you think about your best friend?
Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah (I love you guys and may God bless you all...I was hoping this song to be my last for that specific question..)

Question 10
What song would you want them to play at your funeral?
Mr. Big - To Be With You (wahahaha...buli-buli juga la..Saya tunggu di seberang sana la kalau mau ikut k..)

Again..sorry Mesh, I'm not going to check out my blog rolls list for possible candidates.....I've completed 2 tags today and my mind is already tired..especially listening to those songs then try to kasi kait sama the questions pula..haha...I have to tarik balik la my early statement yang cakap macam'ight guys..I'm off now to see my Song Hye Kyo..ha.ha..dalam mimpi la ba...Good Night or Morning and have good day!

Tagged by Ornest

Again, I was tagged..not once but twice today by Mesh and Ornest..this one came from Ornest ...I really don't have any idea what title would suit this tag...So I will just go ahead with the questions given..

1. When you buy a greetings card, are the words or the picture more important to you?
Rarely buy greetings card...but priority is words than picture..

2. What's your favorite kind of cake?
Cake? None actually but I fancy fruit cake..

3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?
Never make gifts..always buy...bikin susah saja ba tapi susa juga mau mencari..he.he.

4. What's your favorite holiday?

5. Are you going on holiday this year?
Looking forward to go to Singapore for the F1 Race (*sigh..........* hopefully)....and perhaps either Bali or Philippine

6. What was the best party you've ever been to?
Can't remember..but all parties were fun..just ensure the party would not run out of drink..aha..ha..sampai kalapik ba tu baru best...

7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?
Not yet.single *wink*...ideal wedding? Wah..honestly I'd prefer a simple my own house compound....only people that you know and have been great in your life are invited...habis duit saja mau jemput satu kampung..bagus kalau kenal juga semua..

8. What's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you?
Paling romantik?Wahaha..inda dapat ingat oh..or maybe it is very hard to impress me..he.he...

9. What's your favorite girls' name?
Winona.....I really adore this name...sebab we share the first letter and it's not an easy name to come up with.....perhaps I could name my future child W juga...

10. What's your favorite boys' name?
My own nick..Wel...simple and sexy kan.....ha.ha...

11. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?
Malaysian atau world ni...It would be great to be with my lovely and cute Song Hye Kyo...

12. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful? Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?
If I were given these 2 options then I'd go for Angelina....but I'd still prefer Song Hye Kyo....

13. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?
Yang ini betul-betul saya inda mampu jawah la......ada sesiapa mau mencalonkan diri?ha.ha..

14. What is your best character trait?
I'm a read my zodiac...

15. What is your worst habit?
Everything...I'm just a human ba...terima la saya seadanya..ha..ha.. last..habis juga menjawab soalan..he..he..I'm not going to tag anyone this time selamat la mereka yang selalu bertuah masuk dalam tag list saya tu..he.he..

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

5+5 Tag

Earlier today..JerryInc informed me that I've been chosen in his latest tag a matter of fact..I'd read about this tag prior to JerryInc in KadusMama's blog as I go..

Copied from JerryInc..

“The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.Each player answers the questions about themselves.At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged.Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.”

I'm able to answers all the questions given but I may not decide to tag another 5 people at the end of this tag..tinguk la kalu ada atau endada di penghujung cerita k..I may be able to create another great tag but not at this moment in time..probably in near future..

Question 1:
What were you doing 5 years ago?
I was a student and I was "mangas" or poor at that time around....what a memory..

Question 2:
What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1. Memungkus or menyigup
2. Tea Break before going to office
3. QA'ing works order from developers
4. Consulting customers on their issues
5. Follow ups - further requirement gathering and chasing progress

Question 3:
What are the 5 snacks that you enjoy?
Sorry la..I'm not really into snacks.....but these are my favourite so called snacks..
1. Hot Dog 1901
2. Fermented fruits/food
3. Manga + Lada padi + kicap + belacan
4. Coke
5. Sigup

Question 4:
What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Pay off all of my family's debts and mine (boring stuff out of the way first...)---> this is a must...sia pun sama la macam ko la bikin kasi susa hidup..hehe..
2. I'd prefer to build my own dream crib..
3. all my favourite cars/transportation..WRC car...4WD car..Bike (either easy ride or fast performance model) ..Family car..Joy-Ride car (convertable)....
4. Travel around the world..especially Japan (to learn drifting)
5. Open my own garage and race track....
5.1 Help my people as much as I can..suda kaya mau luki lagi ka..teda berkat betul la..

Question 5: What are 5 jobs you've had?
1. Factory operator (Jadi human robot doing boxing for DELL's end product - PC)
2. Online business (ni masa egold and autosurf and MLM...kerja juga ni tau...sebab income masuk..he.he.)
3. Sales Representative (based in Hyper Market Makro - now Tesco...kadang2 outstation juga p check other stores in Seberang Perai)
4. Software Support Specialist - Senior (still doing it..but the job scope has been reduced a little bit...I'm more to guiding my successors)
5. Team Leader for the Malaysia Development Team (my current post including the Software Specialist..)

As I've mentioned earlier..I may not decide or going to transfer this tag to others...really ka ni wel?!!! Ha.ha...I've decided and it is my pleasure to choose these 5 bloggers to receive and accept this honour to continue the 5+5 tag...

1. Kuai
2. Reno
3. Mell
4. Vera
5. Milai

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Diari hujung minggu..

Pos pada kali ini adalah dalam versi Bahasa Malaysia dan ini merupakan pos pertama saya dalam bahasa ibunda kita semenjak terbentuknya "Perlantikan Pusat Pertapaan" ini...sebagai menghormati tatasusila dan martabat bahasa ibunda kita..saya akan berusaha menulis mengikut tatabahasa dan struktur ayat dengan sebaiknya..sorry la kalau lintang pukang..bukan selalu menulis dalam BM ba..

Selepas dari sesi keramaian pada malam Jumaat yang lepas, badan saya agak keletihan dan lemah atau lebih tepat disebut 'kogutan' dalam bahasa ibunda Sabah...hari Sabtu banyak di habiskan berehat dan menonton beberapa disk filem (digital video disk)...dari 11 disk filem yang baru sahaja di beli pada petang Jumaat lepas, saya telah habis menonton 4 daripadanya bermula pada pukul 5 p.m pada hari tersebut..antara disk filem yang saya tonton termasuk Raja Perang (The Warlords), Patologi (Pathology), Cita-Cita Wanita Berambut Perang (Blonde Ambition) dan Persembahan (Rendition)..daripada keempat-empat filem ini, saya mengesyorkan filem Patologi (Pathology) untuk anda sekalian.Mengapa? Pertama, barisan pelakon yang agak menarik terdiri daripada Milo Ventimiglia (berlakon dalam siri cerita Heroes) dan Alyssa Milano (berlakon dalam siri cerita Charmed)..kedua, konsep cerita yang menarik berdasarkan ilmu kaji hayat..Milo merupakan pelajar terbaik lepasan Universiti Harvard tetapi perwatakan dirinya yang agak dingin terhadap beberapa rakan sejawat barunya menyebabkan rakan sejawatnya tidak mengemari beliau..kerana kebijaksanaan Milo dalam ilmu kaji hayat..beliau mampu menjelaskan beberapa perkara yang tidak mampu di jelaskan rakan sejawatnya dan ini mengundang niat dari rakan sejawatnya untuk mencabar kebijaksanaan beliau melalui kegiataan tambahan selepas waktu bekerja yang berupa permainan... setiap mereka di kehendaki menyediakan spesimen (mayat yang di bunuh mereka) untuk di jadikan bahan kajian..membongkar punca kematian spesimen..Milo terus dengan kebijaksanaannya berjaya membongkar setiap satu misteri yang di sediakan..malangnya permainan mereka ini membawa kepada dendam..perhubungan sulit antara Milo dengan salah seorang rakan sejawat wanitanya..tidak cukup dengan itu, perbalahan antara Milo menyebabkan tunangnya sendiri menjadi mangsa spesimen...ketiga, penyampaian cerita yang menarik melalui suasana tempat bekerja yang melibatkan mayat manusia dalam pelbagai keadaan mengerikan dan menjijikkan..

Pada hari Ahad, saya sekali lagi meneruskan hobi utama saya menonton filem sambil berehat dan menikmati kedinginan hujan di sepanjang hari..saya terjaga dari tidur agak awal dan terus sahaja memulakan hujung minggu dengan sesi menonton filem...sehingga ke saat ini, saya telah menonton 3 disk filem..filem-filem tersebut adalah Peperangan Milik Charlie Wilson (Charlie Wilson's War), Raja Terakhir Scotland (The Last King of Scotland), Tukang Pencacah Tatu (The Tattoist)..dari ketiga-tiga filem yang di tonton..saya agak tertarik dengan Peperangan Milik Charlie Wilson kerana filem ini berdasarkan kisah benar konflik kekejaman tentera Soviet Union terhadap rakyat Afghasnitan..selain filem ini, saya juga amat senang hati mengesyorkan filem Tukang Pencacah Tatu untuk tontonan anda...seperti tajuk filemnya, filem ini mengisahkan seorang tukang pencacah tatu yang mahir dan kematian akibat kecuaiannya..beliau dengan tidak sengaja telah mengundang kuasa ghaib melalui tatu yang di cacahnya..ekoran dari itu, mereka yang mendapat khidmatnya akan diserang oleh kuasa ghaib tersebut dan akhirnya menjadi korban...lebih kurang pada pukul 3 p.m Mr. Joel datang ke rumah dan mengajak untuk pergi menonton Lelaki Kelawar (Batman: The Dark Knight)...kami kemudian pergi ke Gurney Plaza dan berjaya menonton tanyangan pukul 6:30 p.m....habis sahaja menonton wayang, kami kemudian pergi ke Northam Food Court (berhadapan dengan Northam Tower di mana saya bekerja) untuk menikmati makan malam..saya gemar ke tempat ini kerana saya dapat menikmati makanan dari salah satu gerai makanan yang telah saya minati semenjak dari tahun 2002 lagi..gerai tersebut bergelar Little Philipines BBQ...saya amat tertarik dengan menu masakan mereka kerana mereka menyediakan kombinasi asia dan barat..sebagai contoh "BBQ Chicken Set" terdiri daripada nasi, ayam panggang bersos, sup dan salad..pendek masakan mereka agak sihat dan seimbang dengan harga yang berpatutan..sekitar RM8.00 hingga RM13.00 setiap set..kenyang dengan makan malam, kami kembali ke pangkuan katil masing-masing...

Menarik juga menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia..hehe..macam lain pula bila baca balik tau..aha..sekarang saya mahu meneruskan beberapa lagi disk filem yang belum di tonton..semoga anda sekalian mempunyai hujung minggu yang menarik..

Saturday, 19 July 2008

So f**king tired and drunk..

I have been drinking since..around 9pm after I had my bakuteh and continued chatting with my friend..then continued with a bottle of carls.....couple of minutes later...around 20 minutes after the dinner was adjourned..she message me..would like to have a bottle of tequila?she asked...damn!! don't you know me at all girl?..I was hopping for more round after the 1 bottle of carl...he.he..prior to the long drink-chat session with tequila, I went to Cafe Dusun to meet with my house mate Mr. Jew to discus the matter of our house expenses because Mr.Jab is going to move to Sabah in next couple of months..he.he....I then called them to meet up at Cafe Dusun along with the after hours of chatting and drinking...I am still awake and sober(not quite right) is already 7:35am...I can't sleep buggers! I need more beer..mata mau jadi cepet suda..I need more alcohol! ha.ha..well honestly am not quite right(drunk but still..looking for more..) at the moment but it just that I am so excited..for some reason which I can't think of..I am so energetic....its not that I can always enjoy this kinda moment...I turn on my WinAmp loudly (early morning) all my favourite songs..he.he......Mr. Don, Ms. Mar and Mr. Guns are downstairs enjoying their dream..Mr. Jab and Mr.Jew already in their dream land as well..he.he..I really don't know what to do...damn u carl..ha.ha..I may have to go for breakfast and try to get a sleep..well I just bought 11 DVDs yesterday evening..and I was hoping I can watch them last seems that I may have to watch them today...what we had last night? 19 bottles of carls and a bottle of tequila..damn you're killing me girl...I wish I can f*** you I'm thinking of what I'm going to have for my breakfast....hope you all had a great weekend...happy weekend my dear friends..he.he..sorry to disturb you my baby..

*Updated enjoying my DVDs

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Infernal Affair..

In respect and favour of my dear friend Mr. San..I’m going to respond to his post and share my own opinion regards to the issue as follow..

teda yg salah di atas…semua pun manusia.ada perasaan dan kemahuan “ was my earlier response to his post of Sabahan Youth Trapped

1stly..don’t get the wrong impression here and I’m hoping we can share our thoughtful mind to elaborate and come up with better solution or better method to deal this issue..

“Kami diberitahu gajinya ialah RM900 sebulan…”
“We were told that the salary would be S$900 per month…”

I’m not looking for fault here..but this must be made CLEAR..S$1.00 is equal to (range between) RM2.36 –’s obvious that S$900 is not RM900 and the correct amount could be (range between) RM2124 - RM2160….now what if this guy receives the said amount if he were to work in Sabah? Isn’t the amount is quite high in Sabah, is it? Would he complaints? He mentioned that they work from 8:00 am to midnight with only 8:00 pm meal in a day…so basically they work over 12 hours per day (16 hours to be exact)..Sorry but I really need to know… How many days they work in a week? Monday to Friday…or perhaps 3 days per week basis…if it’s 16/7 then he better make complaint…perhaps most people doesn’t know that most factory workers would work 12 hours a day of 4 days a week basis (this has been amended from the previous 5-6 days a week 4 years ago), with low BASIC salary…I had my own experience working as a factory operator/worker…it was during the semester break in 2000…we (with my U-mates) worked 5 days a week basis..12 hours a day, a 2 weeks salary scheme. Some of us (including me sometimes) even went to work during the weekend…Question why? If you’d like to earn big bucks, you need to work your a-out!! So how much we earned working for 2 weeks..during that days, it was depends on the shift you were in..working night shift would have extra allowance compared to day roughly 2 weeks salary was above RM900…1 month salary would be (range between) RM1800 – RM2500 or more..It’s not fixed though because of double or triple pay on selected occasions (Public Holiday)..Sometimes you CAN NOT complaint when it comes to earn money for living....that's reality and if you can't proceed..quit or stop whining..

“Dengan itu kami bersetuju dengan apa yang diminta ejen itu iaitu membayar RM1,000 sebagai yuran pemprosesan dan terpaksa membeli tiket penerbangan kami sendiri ke Singapura dan juga kos pasport antarabangsa,”

Why is that, this statement couldn't be found in the English version…atau yang ini kana tambah ni…Presumably, this guy had spent over RM1300; RM1000 for admin fee…Flight ticket from KK to JB airport that could range between RM150 – RM300 (Airasia kan murah)..Malaysia International Passport would cost another RM300…He 'willingly' spent that amount of money just to go to Singapore for a work that is not yet guarantied? This guy actually have lots of money huh.....I really can’t afford that amount of money in 2 days…if I do I wouldn’t dare to spend them for something that is not fun or interesting at all (“Dalam masa dua hari beliau dan tiga remaja lain dari pekan yang sama menaiki pesawat ke Lapangan Terbang Senai di Johor Baharu”)

Enough la…mau juga cari mencari isu yang inda patut di timbulkan pula….I don’t really fancy this kind of story because we knew that…it is avoidable, isn’t it? Unless it’s His will..I actually love to think this incident as a matter of responsibility…each of these players or characters have their own responsibility and role…and blaming the agent is not entirely correct..the same goes to the victims..but really..this is avoidable...

Act 1 – Boss (modus operandi organizer)
Act 2 – Middle man (local agent)
Act 3 – Victims
Act 3.1 – Victims’ family and friends

Act 1 would definitely have all the benefits from Act 1 as well as Act 3…So how exactly this incident took place. Let’s re-wind and re-play the incident here.. kira macam time travel la ni...
Act 2 went to rural area to lure rural people to work in Singapore…along with promises offering better pay and better life in Singapore. Act 3 then met with Act 2…unknown location…either Act 2 confronted Act 3 or Act 3 confronted Act 2 was unknown… Act 3 was already thinking about big bucks….at this stage I am wondering….did Act 3.1 play its role correctly? I mean, if you were my friend and I ask you if it is OK to spend RM1300 to look for job in Singapore…would you agree and be happy by encouraging me to follow Act 2 then risking my safety in Singapore as well as my money...Act 3.1 has failed in its responsibility...encouraging people especially someone who’s close and dear to you is well appreciated but when we fail to rectify and determine any possible defects. We are actually failing them. So would you jeopardize your own friend? I don’t really get it. As far as I know most rural people that I’ve met were really stubborn…they would not easily be fooled by this trick…. how could someone believe that RM1000 is required to start in a new does make sense to spend RM1000 for you to come to Singapore to work because you’ll need to buy flight ticket, passport and accommodation BUT does it really make sense for admin fee alone!!!??Are they joining a membership club in Singapore??!! Is it really true that Sabahan is that stupid to think RM1000 is acceptable for admin fee??!!! They might but they (elderly people) have always taken extra precautions….my parents would usually call or text me asking my opinion…especially new business opportunity…people from the urban area come in-out our village to offer something for their own benefit...please be careful!!! The same thing goes to selling land & properties...

What then happened to Act 1 and Act 2….they actually enjoying these new much money they spent? Obviously it was less than RM1300...the money they collected of RM1000 per each candidate was shared between Act 1 and Act 2…imagine if they’ve had 100 candidates lured to this syndicate..RM100, 000.00 in business man!!!! Now who should we blame here? Is it Act 1? Is it Act 2? Is it Act 3 or Act 3.1? They are all human…and human tends to act stupid...human tends to manipulate others…human tends to terrorizing the end… human is the best creatures AND ALSO the worst of all…Act 1 and Act 2 have played their role perfectly… especially Act 2 who was the one that doing almost all the talking and luring…We can’t totally say that Act 3 and Act 3.1 were easily fooled due to their lack of education or knowledge…education and knowledge are something that we can gain as well as lose… but logic is the ultimate guidance in our life…we tend to do thing based on logic…we think we should control the fire when cooking is based on and knowledge explain the logic of fire needing control…

What can we, Sabahan do to resolve this issue? We should think why most Sabahan opt to work in Peninsular...would you mind helping me listing them down? This is one of the issue and there are plenty I think.…

Low salary/earning
Middle income class society mostly U-grads..they studied 3-5 years or more perhaps to get a ticket called as Diploma, Degree and some might have Master…decades ago, these tickets would mean better life-style…better financial…better in almost everything…it has changed although not entirely but we need something better than tickets to hold a good position with a good earning...Fresh grads who studied in Peninsular would mostly spend another 1 – 3 years (or more..) in Peninsular to work..gaining lots of experiences...earn decent money every month to help family in Sabah as well as enjoying what life can offers….how much is considered suite for fresh grads these days..5 years was RM1600 – RM1800…then increased to RM2000 or more…depending on their respective fields..I don’t have to mention people who works in O&G field…RM2500 is still seems low in O&G for fresh grads...NOW the big question is how many companies and fields in Sabah would offer these discreet amounts for our local fresh grads? How about Sabahan that have worked for long period in Peninsular or overseas…how much our local (Sabahan) could offer them considering their experiences and knowledge? Are you telling me that we should think about Sabah first before ourselves? A saying...”love yourself before you can love someone else”...or… “Help yourself before you help other”...How can someone to help Sabah if he/she is the one that eventually contributed to the amount of low income number in Sabah…..for what purpose you studied 3-5 years and yet still walking the hard road?

I’m not saying that there’s no future working in just that our Government is not making effective approach to increase our lifestyle, sociology as well as economy...Well I heard of several on-going Mega Projects in Sabah but I still doubt if they would actually work… we know that Sabah is still labeled as the poorest state in Malaysia..with high number of low income family… Let's just say..there are 3 income classes in our society...High, Middle and Low…Middle-income society could be considered as the sole users or buyers in our society…they are the one doing shopping…spending money everyday trying to look like high income society…basically they are the group that contribute in money flowing everyday...what about low income society? they are normally coming from rural areas...mostly in agricultures...they do have their own life style but would enjoy their own life in another different ways….but there are NO shopping… NO cinema treat...NO KFC…NO Pizza or dinner in restaurants…basicaly not directly contributing to our money-flow in daily basis but perhaps monthly or couple of months when they go out for supplies...High-income society? Why we need to worry about them..they all kaya la….they are the group that control the power of money..damn you guys!!! nanti kamu...If we really want our people to improve and get better...the Government shall introduce a resolution that able to tackle these 2 income classes (Middle and Low)…what can the government do for the low-income people? Lots been done for the middle income society..we have new (and existing) shopping malls..1Borneo..KK Time Square..Warisan Plaza etc..all these would only contribute to middle as well as high income societies....even 'Pelipin' yang di kategorikan low income for some of them..still managed to treat themselves into cinema once in a while...

Do we need Batman or Superman to do the work? Do we prefer vampires to eliminate all the Pelipin? What say you Sabahan!!!

Monday, 14 July 2008


How many of us wish to be a vampire..a modern vampire it is..who does not afraid of sunlight...garlic....or anything that we used to believe and watch in any vampire kind movies...or during child...isn't it cool to be a vampire if you're able to live your life like almost a normal human? these may cause BBQ..only blood...fresh blood to live on..

Last friend from KL came and whilst we were chatting and having 'teh tarik' at the nearby Nasi Kandar Subaidah (around 4-5 in the morning)..he told me about his new favourite TV series called MoonLight..honestly I've never heard of the title either..he then share bit by bit of the and the best part just finished its 1st masih baru la ni..not sure juga la....since I was so excited to know more about this new vampire kinda series..I did some google..found it and the next few hours later..Saturday evening..I went to buy its 1st Season collection (4 DVDs)..watched them since Sunday and finished it couple of minutes ago..

Mick and Josef
So...what are so interesting about this still new and has received good rating in the US...has been voted most outstanding new series in 2008...2nd..I've been always curious how normal vampire would live in these modern era....wondered what would have happened if real vampire exists and how would they survive into the human world...3rd..casts are great...Mick St John is quite OK considering him as the main attraction..well..vampire would always have a charming look..I still remember my first and old-time favourite vampire movie..Interview with the 1996..I watched the movie at one of the KTV in Sandakan...dulu-dulu mana ada VCD...VHS saja ba ada di bila tinguk di KTV..Laser Disc punya kualiti..mimang puas hati la..

Coraline (Mick's ex-wife..who turned him)
I don't know if you'd like this series but its worth to watch...oh ya..sambung my list pula..4th..Mick feels that it is his responsibility to look after the child he saved 25 years ago...he eventually found his reason to continue on living..and apparently he fell in love with that lady.....his associates are Josef Kostan..a 400 year-old vampire also the richest vampire in LA...his blood-supplier who works in the morgue..a computer hacker...a cleaner (well they actually do the cleaning for any incident caused by vampire or any that involves their kind)..what to expect when watching...simple but effective humour...there's love...there are ups and downs being a vampire...there's the dilemma in vampire life..threat of the series than you'll get what I meant..

MoonLight Season 1 (Part 1 and Part 2)

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Dare to be different

This came into my mind yesterday when I opened one of my friend's email..forwarded email..I'm so interested with these pictures..if only I receive them without the Subject: LadyBoy..I would probably fell in love with these beautiful ladies..well..they surely look beautiful and pretty..don't you agree? It's not a new thing for us that in Thailand this has become their main attraction....since decades ago..I'm not saying that Thailand is bad or what so actually helped the country's economy for decades..boosting their tourism industry..It's even became legal practice in that country..I've been there once..(trip to Pattaya and Bangkok) and I saw lots of them...not to mention how attractive they are to your eyes..he.he..even in these pictures, you can't really tell how genuine they are, aren't they? I just wonder why and what has contributed to this practice in Thailand..we knew that prostitution is legal in that country as well..and am sure to be a successful man is not an easy task for any man in the world..well it's just a common and conservative thought that being a woman is far more easier than being a man..isn't it? What's what with this thought? Perhaps it's not entirely correct but it may sheds some light in our mind...why men become women..and why women become is how our world evolved these days...women doing men's job...and vice-versa..let's take an example of the most re-known chefs in the world..most of them are men...women also..they managed to get their hand in the highest spot of administrating their respective country..but still many especially do not prefer to be administered by women..I wouldn't mind as long as she's capable..women is easily affected by emotion driven cause..yet who's not kan?..I'd prefer to think men and women are equal in all aspects of life..we may have differences could be responsibility but I still believe they're comprehensible
Let's get back to these can you tell that they are not a genuine women? How confident are you with your assumption? Don't they look damn sizzling hot..gorgeous and pretty? By the time we lay our eyes on them..the first thing comes to our mind is.."wow!she's so membunuh jiwa"..and who wouldn't feel grateful or happy to be in that position..if cantik or something nice la..lain la kalu kana tinguk sebab bida..ha.ha..would you actually make this enhancement to yourself? It happens to women as well...once they saw any handsome men a the same office a business meeting trip..etc..they would actually.."he's so handsome!(giggling)" that's a common reaction to everyone..also how stupid we are when it comes to hide our 'secret' impression..some would actually feel nervous..some might change their attitude (which is for me stupid and I totally against such act) and can't stop looking at them..aha..yang ini ada bagus juga're making your intention known..which is great but if too much..then they might think you're pervert or sick bastard...they would be better run away from you..ha..ha...
Looking at these pictures..I actually kind of admired them..again, it's not a decision that you can reverse anytime you'd wish to like planting a silicon implant into your much they've spent is not my's how courages they're enduring the pain..the swearing..the risks..the hardship to relish and achieve their dream/goal..they dare to be different and be better..I wouldn't know to be exact if this would mean a better life for them but..perhaps I'm not wrong if I say this would open a new path in their life..being someone new...enjoy and cherish their life in a new has plenty more to's either we dare or we dare not...

Friday, 11 July 2008

Would it helps in a real conversation?

Just woke you guys doing? Happy Friday!!! As mentioned in my previous post...I still have KadusMama's tag that I haven't done yet...what was it again KadusMama? One word answer for each question? Wow! that's not going to be easy be honest with you, am not really sure if I can really follow its rule...

These were the questions...

1. Where is your cellphone? - TuuuuNaaa
2. Your significant other? - DVDs
3. Your hair? - Black
4. Your Mother? - Tambunan (origin ba ni kan)
5. Your Father? - Ranau (origin ba ni kan)
6. Your favourite thing? - DVDs
7. Your dream last night? - XOXO
8. Your favourite drink? - Beer
9. Your dream goal? - Billionaire
10. The room you're in? - Bedroom
11. Your hobby? - DVDs (Have no more permanent stuff these days other day rest at DVDs whole day....I can live with that..or went out for beers..)
12. Your fear? - Human (Human is just a kind who manipulating and terrorizing others for their benefit)
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? - wherever (I want to be everywhere my heart brings me...)
14. What you're not? - Superheroes (I'm not even any of the superheroes out there...they all live in a complicated life....I don't wanna be them..but I'd love to have their powers..wahaha..)
15. Muffins? - Thanks (I don't really eat muffins...)
16. One of your wish list items? - Money (I want my closet full of money..ha.ha)
17. Where you grew up? - Sandakan, Sabah
18. The last thing you did? - Sleep
19. What are you wearing? - Underwear
20. Favourite gadget? - Computer
21. Your pets? - Myself
22. Your computer? - Unbranded (I assemble my own pc ba..hardware parts semua lain)
23. Your mood? - Tired
24. Missing someone? - Always
25. Your car? - Swift (Ha.ha..I wish la..not yet own a car...I'm a poor person..can I have a donation to buy my precious Suzuki Swift..he.he....I own a bike..I better buy 5 kereta everyday can pilih which one I want to use kan...ha.ha..)
26. Something you're not wearing? - Wig (ha.ha..I've never really wear a wig..never want.)
27. Favourite store? - None (I don't shop everyday...I don't go wandering to any store..)
28. Like Someone? - Maybe (not really can lead to is so painful yet fun and happy..still love hurts youself...)
29. Your favourite colour? - Blue (or black)
30. When is the last time you laugh? - Always (most recent was last night..the last? cannot accept this question..)
31. Last time you cried? - 2006 (.............................memory)

There you go..I managed to answer each of them in one word...yet I still wrote something as comments...I wonder what would it be if acquittance asks you these questions..then you responded as what have I answered...without the comments la...would it be helpful in a real conversation?

Again..the chain cannot be broken.....I chose these 5 bloggers to continue this tag game..Looking forward to your answers...
1. Kuai Kuai
2. CharleneDiane
3. Andrik
4. Reno
5. Jerry

Me and my celebrities..

Aha..I've been tagged twice today! When I came back from a message in the chat box from KadusMama that says "hi wel..ada tag for u to do in my blog..hehe rajin2 lah tingu.." then when I was doing blog hopping through my Blog Rolls Recent Posts' list..I saw a new post on Charlenediane's blog.....viewed her blog and scroll down her pictures, I saw my name placed at number 10th in her tag list "10 favourite pictures"..WAHAHAHA!!!! I felt like a celebrity la...ha.ha... So to Charlenediane baby..and others ..these were several of my memorable pictures taken months ago...years ago.....I have lots of favs picture (no..correction..videos including triple X..he.he.) but most of them remind me of my experience not my happiness..The other tag will follow suit later today..or my next post..

This was the last picture taken with my classmate in Sandakan, Sabah on the final day of SPM exam 199*..I was cute la ni time.. ..(wahaha..perasan eh..)
And this was taken..duh..ada date ba tu..hehe..we just returned from Christmas Eve's Mass and straight to..Cafe, Uncle Carls and Mr. Jew (sorry I can't recognise whose hand is that....)This was during our night out in KL..Mr. Jew, me, Elsa and Brandon..why I love this picture? I can't really sure myself..I don't need reason to like something..perhaps it reminds me of my ownself back Ms.Flo would say..ladder of life..itu ka tu flo..hehe..putih pula saya kalau di gelap-gelapan kan..he..he..
On the same night and at the same venue...Mr.Brandon looks horny and frustrated in the picture..he must have seen something that turned him on ka atau something yang bikin gerigitan ni..ha..ha..This was taken by Mr. Jabian when we stopped at one of the resting place along the North South Highway..we were on the way to Mr. Brandon's house in Puchong KL...reason to was taken unintentionally...candid la..hint..I'm not really a fan of pictures..but I'd prefer candid..what a long journey that day..Mr. Jew drove from Penang to KL..and I drove back to was raining from KL to Penang when it came to my turn pula..cis!
We've just arrived at Mr.Brandon's house..was exhausted but actually can't wait to drink beer..menunggu beer sejuk dalam the and Mr.Jabian..behind..Ms.Flo..sorry flo..gelap ba..
This was at Mr.Brandon's house in Puchong, KL this because I was the only person who totally drunk that night..all because of a stupid game suruh mengira in a circle....who yang cannot continue she/he has to drink a glass full of Tuak..sponsored by Ms.Flo..the drinks were not even finished that night..starring tertewas awal ba..hehe..this was our reunion..Again..on the same night and at the same venue..Mr. Brandon's house..Love this because Mr. Brandon said..cute o ko wel..ha.ha..actually I can't even remember why he was looking at me..does he loves me? mesti la..he's my best buddy...
I just love this picture..again..this was a candid picture taken by Mr.Jabian..I was thinking of something..ya la..New Year's Eve ba ni..31/12/2007..I was looking back of what have I achieved and what have happened in my life in the year 2007..wonder what would 2008 be.. And last but not least la....this is kind of a closure to my 10 favs pictures....whose nipple is this?do you realise that there's a hole on that sexy nipple?ha.ha..according to's an own made nipple ring and the person who owns the nipple almost died doing such was back in 2000..
I think by now..most of you have realised and knew that I'm just a simple guy..loves to hang out with friends..who is not really into fashion and style....but still very sensitive with cleanliness..a quiet person who loves to observe...orang cakap pemalu la ba..he.he...but sometimes I can be really crazy (beiol)

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The cronicles of Mr. Bruce

Sunday, 6 July 2008

The farewell and the policemen

I've just came back from having bah kut teh for dinner with a new friend..he's the cousin of my old school-mate...we were classmate from Form 1 until Form 5 in SMK Elopura, Sandakan...he ac tually came to Penang to visit his sister who works as a pharmacist at the Klinik Kesihatan P. ex-classmate seek a favour from me if he could stay in my house for 2 weeks...not a problem though as long as he's able to survive and work things out when everyone is out to work...ya la...his sister's house is fully occupied by ladies..obviously its not good to have a man staying with them especially some of these ladies are Muslim..

He arrived in Penang last night..and at the same time we threw a small farewell party at Church Street Pub for my friend's colleague (Hendry) who is currently doing an internship program in the same company..Hendry is going home to Germany next Thursday..on Saturday evening, me and my friend fetched him at the Sunway Carnival Complex (Seberang Perai) and brought him to the island..I then brought them to Red Garden Food Court for a dinner..I was shocked when Hendry ordered 5 dishes and he actually finished them all..not entirely finish la..mesti la ada sikit tinggal...and my friend, Joel ate 3 dishes..I just had a simple bean sprout chicken rice..I'd always come there for dinner if I work in evening shift (UK)..finish with dinner..we headed home..then went out again at around 9pm..we three had 3 bottles at Cafe Dusun before we decided to move to our planned destination for the planned we all meet up at Church Street Pub that night....there were around 7 people that night (me, Jew, Joel, Hendry, Finella, Jimbo;gazzo's guitarist and Zeo; the guy that came to visit his sister and co...)..we drank 9 buckets of beer and stayed there until the owner, Mr. Yap ready to close the pub..we were the last to leave the pub..ha.ha.went for a quick supper then headed home..once arrived at home..I then called my friend in Sabah..we chatted for 2 hours....when I ended the conversation it was already 8am in the morning ..I was so damn sleepy!!!!

I woke up 3+ hours later...then sent a text message to Joel..he then came at around 12:30 pm to bring Hendry for a lunch and send him home (he stayed in my house for the night) At around 4 pm, Joel came in and we went out for lunch (me and Zeo) I wasn't planning to go out today but I was worried that Zoe would felt hungry..he's a very quiet person....Joel suggested that we should go for a movie treat afterwards...I then drove straight to Queens Bay Complex hoping that we could watch Zohan but it's not even been released yet....when we checked for Kungfu Panda..seats were full..only the 1st and 2nd rows in front of the screen were available..would you dare to sit there? we then went to Prangin Mall.. whilst we were at the traffic light.there was a police car (2 policemen inside) on our left side..I ignored them and when the light was green, I didn't even bother about the police car next to us and drove away as usual..but when I looked at the rear mirror..the police car was right behind me...they were so close...still I drove as normal as a good driver would drive....once we reached the 3 lanes road...the police car overtake us..still I tried to ignore them..because I knew we did nothing wrong at all..except that my driving license has already expired since Friday....I just realised ba on Saturday...suddenly I heard a siren right next to was the police car and I saw a sign asking me to stop at the road side..I wondered what I've done I stopped as requested la...both of them got out from the car and walked towards us..a young policeman came to me asking for my ID card and license...alamak!mati la ni..license suda mati..aha..another policeman walked to the other side of the car asking for ID cards from Joel and Zeo...the second sentence came out from their mouth was "oh..orang sabah.."..the guy who talked to me then asked me to open the rear bonnet and wanted to check if there were anything inside was empty...they then said to wait and walked to their car...I saw them on the rear mirror talking on their radio transmitter..the other policeman was checking our ID cards..kasi pusing pusing macam mau check palsu or not...we waited for over 10 minutes and wondered why...the only logic explanation was Zeo's face is like an Indonesian (dark skin and bugis/indon look)....or perhaps they thought we are gangsters who possess illegal items such as DVDs..drugs didn't really scare me but it only made me thinking..what was it all about....the great thing was..they didn't even say anything about my expired license..thank RM300 is save..once everything was OK...we then continued as planned...went to Prangin Mall and watched the movie "Get Smart"....and headed I want to take a shower and sleep....Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Initial D and Me

Well..How many of you really watch anime these days? 6 years was very hard to get a comic book or even a VCD/DVD collection any of your favourite anime..but not these days huh.. I first read the Initial D translated comic book was in 1997.. .at one of my friend's house in Sandakan..I felt in love to this so called "Drifting" technique instantly… it took me a year to read its story of my friend during Matriculation (Lester) bought its comic book...and I then began to have a desire to look for its cartoon (that was what it was called back there)..In 1999, I found its VCD...Probably I wasn't aware of it but it does not matter anymore… it was only an episode from its First Stage series...I didn't stop there though…just for the record…I love motor favourite programmes back there were Motor Grand Prix (Mick Doohan), Formula 1 (Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakinen) and other motor sports programmes as well… I’m still with F1 until today...since I was still a student back then, I didn't have PC or Laptop or enough budget to have my own collection...I think it was in 2002 when I first found the Initial D First Stage collection VCD in a yellow box (probably earlier than that) Finally, I managed to get it my own in the same year and have been continuesly watching them..over and over..I can't remember how many times I've watched it and I couldn't help my self wishing that I wish to have such nice car like Fujiwara Takumi in Initial D (Toyota Trueno or mostly known as AE86).. even most "drifter" would opt for that car..including our own Drift more..

4 years have I have all its collection..from the First Stage to the Fourth Stage of Project D..I have the Initial D Movie as well although I was a little disappointed by the fact that they changed the stories and characters in that movie...I'm still hoping that they would continue its story to another length..perhaps a Fifth Stage? What exactly I love about this anime? not a mechanic to know most of the technical stuff in a car..but since watching this anime..slowly I get the idea on how to do the "drift" driving. If we look at the "drift" history, it was first developed back in 80s and founded by Japanese... Today, it has became one of the must see sport in US where they have a World Drift tournament…Not only the US. we, Malaysia has its own D1 Grand Prix every sure those who love the "drift" technique would knew that we have our own "Drift King", Tengku Djan Ley Tengku Mahaleel which was placed 5th in the D1 Grand Prix’s 2006 then 4th place in D1 Grand Prix’s 2007 of “World-All Star” tournament at Irwin dale Speedway....for the record Keiichi Tsuchiya is the world re-known Drift King... When drifting was still unknown in the motor sport world… it was called as skidding… The Japanese came up with this method to control their car as a counter attack when tackling a conner…Normal driver would slow down when tackling a corner but to some "drift" drivers.…They would maintain the car's pace and speed…at the same time take full control when entering as well as exiting every corner...

Tenku Djan showing off

Tsuchiya in the making of Tokyo Drift

I've had my own personal attempts and sometimes they worked but sometimes they didn’t… am not even an amateur "drifter”... I’m only a beginner...I wish I have lots of money to invest for this skill… I even have my own dream that someday I'd go to Japan to master this "cool" driving skill...I might conquer the Ranau/Tambunan - KK road at night...he.he..I wouldn't do that…I did once actually… I was pissed due to a personal matter and I drove crazily at dawn to reach KK asap....detail of story is kept secret… to tell how great "drifting" is, I need to tell my story first… the incident happened in June around 3:++am I drove a car through the mountain pass of Ranau - KK without thinking of my own safety...When I first got into the car…I checked its fuel was already 1/3 but nothing can be done at that time… fuel stations already closed by then… No 24 hours in Ranau!!!!!! I don't think that amount of fuel would get me to the nearest fuel station in Tamparuli... perhaps "the power of love" took control of my mind and body… I drove uphill until I reached Kundasang...and I began pushing the car capability on down-hill. You all knew kan from Ranau - Kundasang is up hill...then Kundasang - KK is mostly mixed with up-down hill… I started pushing the car's capability… with its heavy body and fitted with rotary engine (carburetor)… I managed to maintain its pace over 90 kph..with the help of Initial D, I even used the gutter several times...and if I didn't the car would skid… thanks to the car’s suspension though... if it wasn't good, the car must have turned up side down... Un-intentionally I made the car "drift" along the corner then I just controlled the steering and speed by playing with the clutch and rev pedal…then suddenly I felt the car lost its traction when I reached Ranau-KK border...shit happens huh...yeah!!...the right rear tire was punctured…damn it!!...amazingly when I checked the time on my mobile... It was just over 30 minutes since I left!! That fast?? I changed the tire and began to worry that I may not able to reach Tamparuli with the spare tire so I headed back to Ranau...the next day, I bought a new tubeless tire replacing the punctured one…Damn it!! That was something and still… one of the craziest incident I have ever done due to "the power of love"

Initial D is really fun to watch… you’ll gain lot of knowledge which you'd be able to get a proper explanation of several sports car advantage and disadvantage. Logically how can an AE86 beats the EVO...that’s how interesting the anime is... and it actually changed my view on car… years ago I thought that new model car is better than old model. well at some point they're but if we think in a way of avoiding accident… old car is better as it uses our own judgment and ability to control the car progression… new model car is well equipped with modern technology that causes carelessness or weakness in driving skill. Wouldn’t you agree more?

You'll be awed by Fujiwara Takumi and his father, Fujiwara Bunta the shitty old man..I watched the First Stage again yesterday evening when I suddenly felt asleep due to tiredness...Initial D would be my best and favourite anime of all time..especially their 3D graphic..

Bunta doing a test spin