Friday, 22 December 2006

Lets Play Games

Hopefully you all enjoy the games below..isn't this nice when you're feeling boring inside office working from morning 'till evening, tense, stress and what so could just surf this blog and listen to my music juxebox OR playing some entertaining games..I told you ait'..

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Didn't I....

..said that this is going to be one of the coolest blog? ha ha...after about over a month..there are 90 visitors from 40 cities excluding all the visitors when the counter wasn't active. YES! Maybe some of you may's nothing and you could do better..I bet you could but can you do the maintenance or updating regularly? That what makes people so different..some might say something nice just to ease themselve and some might act/do it rather than say also compared to me..I've said it and I'm doing it..haha..isn't it a bit funny..yeah..I know I'm crazy..that's why they call me crazyfinger/beiolman...haha..anyway..I am amazed of the progress so far though. I've never expected this, so I would try my best if not then better to keep on posting and updating this blog from time to time..I'm away about over a week on Saturday onwards so probably there will be no updates then..but I will get something interesting for you later (not promise)..yes's free and not refundable unless I have this power to erase your memory when you have finished reading this like this guy in the HEROES TV series....he he.. ait'..I'm going...need to do something..yeah 3 days to Xmas and 10 days to New Year 2007!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2007!

PAKU Rocks

Yes!..The previous band I mentioned now has finished recording they debut songs. Last night they just started doing their Video Clips..if any of you have ever visited Penang, you may recognise the location..ha ha..yeah! it's actually the Komtar Building..I've heard their recorded songs (there are only 2 songs) and it's I said before. Last week they gave the CD to this DJ in one of the Night Club in town called Shamerock to be played and it all went well..not sure what others said but it sure making the house a bit harder to have a chat (Music Distortions)..he he..their main song is called Imsomnia and that was why they did the shooting at midnight last night. Thankfully it was not raining though.. ;-) I've never mentioned that they play every Saturday night at this House Pub named Odees...last time we had 3 barrels of beer there to celebrate Izwan's (the singer) birthday...of 'coz it was all on him..we were about 14 people and most of us went down..haha..including me la..not too bad though... I puked most of the foods I ate that night..the party was well planned..we had a designated driver so all the "stupid and stupidest" can get drunk and yes we did..haha..what a crazy party..the House Pub became like our house that night. Moreover we are kinda 'friend' with the staffs there...may consider regular customer for some..for it's not it was one of the greatest party of 2006...minum free!!

Thursday, 14 December 2006

New Band In Town

This is a new band called PAKU that had just signed their contract/agreement with recording company and now working on their songs also video clips.. The band members actually my friends - my housemate and some my U-mate..

From left is Rizal as Lead Guitarist (long hair) - he had so much experience playing along side the KickStand band in US few years before he came back to Malaysia last year. Alex as Drummer (white t-shirt), Jewin my housemate as Bassist (Spectacle) - who I think has a natural gift/talent in music, Lina as second Gutarist - Rizal's sister and she too had been playing around in US and the front man/vocalist is Izwan or known as Born coz he acted as James Bond when we were in U - Engineer in Intel Penang (Master holder).

Without a doubt this band going to be a new bread of Malaysian band due to their musics genre. I've seen they play quite lots and the musics are awesome, catchy and energertic. Their music more to US standard that is not like current Malaysian bands doing. Probably early next year they will have this press conference with media and will be playing in some club around Kuala Lumpur. I heard that their album will be release by end of this month then published to UK, Aus and Malaysia of course. Rumours that the video clip will be recorded around my house is going to be a very cool scene among neighbours...ha thier album early this year!

Saturday, 9 December 2006

A very long day..

Today I went to workshop to repair my bike.. nothing serious except I don't like the sound of... "bling..bling.." from the engine..I'd asked some mech and their thoughts were something related with the piston. I totally agreed with that but when checked, it was actually the "lot"..does any of you know about "lot".. I'm not actually but that what they called it.. it actually more to "aci engkol" if BM maybe some of engineer students knew about this part that moves the piston up and recap..I waited from 11:++ am 'til 4:50 pm it hasn't yet fixed.. understandable think easy ka to dismantle all the parts.. they removed the whole engine actually..duh.. opened any parts they could possibly open...

It was boring though but the workshop is quite famous for all the "remp-it" boys.. numbers of them came..the topic was "remp-it" plans for the night and some about previous nights activities... the stories were really entertaining... one of the mech there is a racer himself... from his scars, everbody can tell he had been racing quite a lot.. his right eye got this big scar and his eye ball is shadowed by "heaven's cloud".. looks white and blocking his eye ball...not taie mata la.. he is so famous..most the boys came to ask stuff regarding motorbike.... listening to their stories made me alive..of course la..I've waited for how long ma.. they were nice actually..then came this one couple..their clan la juga..the girl was actually not too bad coz' she looks brighter than other normal malay girl and quite cute with her small size body..she was quiet but still looked pretty..he he...sorry..forgot to mention her boyfriend..emm..he was savvy... cool la juga...why must I tell you all about the boyfriend? all in all they quite a lovely couple.... the girl looked like chinese but she's not..anyway.. before 5:00 pm I decided to go back..there was no point waiting there as the "lot" has to be fixed in Tanjung..Will come tomorrow to collect my bike and for sure with money..Damn! The amount is troublesome..not as I expected..well, what to do...I can pay Neo's 1 monthl installment for all the parts including manpower....

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

TV Series Lovers

Maybe some of you have heard about the series titled HEROES. This is another big thing for TV series lovers all over the world currently excluding my number one fav PRISON BREAK. The "something" about PB that makes it very popular are; unpredictable and brilliant story line. If you have never watched PB, please watch it either donwloading using any downloader you had or buy the original DVD because it worth to spend some money on it. Trust me on this!

Well.. the interesting part is the tatoo Michael Schofield has on his body. Not partly but almost all over his body and it is actually a hidden map including some embed plans he had planned before the mission. It won't be a great series if it hasn't won any awards but eventually it had won some awards around this year since it was released. The main actor had won himself best TV series actor as well as some of the casts too. Go get it! Watch it then post your comment, share with others....

HEROES? Its kinda superman thing or SMALLVILLE but this series is a lot different from those two. Why? There are more than 6 people had genetic evolution in their genes and that made them a superhuman differ to each others. They are not friends or relatives but they will become a group of superhumans to save the world. Some of them of course affected by the superhuman power and have mistakenly used the power for personal purpose. When there are good persons must have bad persons as well. More likely, there this guy named Syllo who keep on killing his kind in order to..not yet revealed anyway..ha ha..but as far as I'm concern, he did it because he has this kind of power to hear and trace any damages either in your life or body. Therefore, by cutting the skull will make the damage disappears but.... See it then you will know..

Sunday, 3 December 2006


I've been trying to edit some of the blog contents since yesterday but to no avail. It seems that google is having some problem with their blog or maybe it's only me alone. I'm planning to add some more extra features/infor into this blog as I think it is very good for knowledge. So, thanks for them who had visited this blog and hopefully the second visit, this blog has emerged and evolved into some kind of useful and attractive blog that you may consider adding into your favourite/bookmark list. For the time being..nothing can be done and I'm still looking for the "Theme" of this blog....

Thursday, 30 November 2006

Are You A God Like Driver?

Are you a God like driver???
No worries because you're not going to drive a real car, so if you crash etc you don't have to worry about insurance claim or repairment. Those who have a driving license, re-test your skills, your ability and you "ketiruan".

I bet some of you out there will fail this test.. Please drive slowly and don't drink in drive!

Does Your License Worth?


I'm currently inside office and the time now is 6:09 am. It is dark and very quiet. So how is the Blog so far? Anyway..I was pissed yesterday and probably today as well if things not yet fixed. My internet connection was down again! I don't know what have happened with the service now but this thing had happened before. I called the service provide but they said there was nothing wrong then asked me to call the telephone line provider. This what they said..."Nothing wrong but we can send a tech. to check......." Late that evening, it fixed before the tech comes. Actually the guy came but I was, no body was there at the moment so the guy left piece of paper saying that he actually came. This stuff really pissed me. Currently there this another service provider offering better speed by using fibre optic with lower prize and it is local - Penang State only. I'm thinking about swapping the internet connection in short time - maybe of thing goes well. This is one of the known problem involving services in Malaysia. They would always monopolise the market when there are no competitors around. They would offer services with unreasonable prize and most of it are below par. Eventhough the government kept on pushing them but nothing effective have been done yet except giving excuses saying their service is one of the best in the region. When compared to neighbours with the speed 2MByte at min and going for 10MByte later this year, we are totaly outclassed.....

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Good News?

Last night, I reached home likely at 1:40 am. As usual I would spend around 1 hour checking any new mails and updating my online game DarkThrone. The game is about creating an army that you may need to attack or defend your base from others. The purpose for that is to steal some gold needed for your army to grow and become better in matters of defensive and offensive. Yeah! sound great right but I can assure you that if you don't have enough citizen to be trained as soldiers and gold as in to finance your armies...then it will not be an easy task especially to survive when you have attacked some other players. Try it then you will know.

Actually the real story here was, my internet connection was down and I can't surf to the internet either to veiw my mails or playing the above game I mentioned. Well... What I did? I took my HP's enhancement cable to plug-in my HP to the PC via USB connection, disable the default internet connection then surfed the internet using my HP. How? I had a software installed in my PC called Nokia PC Suite to support my 6680 Nokia. Using that software I can use the DiGi GPRS to dial-up an internet connection like a normal dial-up connection as well as surfing internet through mobile. Anyway, it was not free though. It does cost me a lot. Surfing the internet for about 1 hour cost me RM7.++ with the speed of 436.76 Kbyte for uploading/downloading data. Not too bad right! The worst part, I only realised the actuall cost this afternoon when I woke up and tried to send a message but failed. Ha..Ha.. Yes it does cost me that amount but it will only be deducted later. It was amazing that I can surf internet (duh..what a stupid person are you) using my HP and it was stupid because I don't have credits anymore in my prepaid account. I wouldn't know if I didn't try and now I know that I can get connected to internet easily anywhere anytime as long as I have "enough" credits, the cable and of course a PC.

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Earn Cash Through Internet

I' ve just woke up..damn hot today! In about 1 hour I will have to get ready to work. Really hard to earn money and it is painful to let your body to do something that you are not passionate with. In my case, thankfully I like my job but not the job itself that I like. Since it is related with IT/Comp so I guess, it is not too bad at all. With the job considered simple and less pressure I wouldn't mind to stay even for 2 - 3 years as long as the salary is good - yeah! It is absolutely great!. While I was reading some of my mails today, there was a mail from a friend telling me something about referrel/affliate. It is not new to me because I'd been doing stuff like this before. You all may heard about the Autosurf programme, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Forex. I'd played all these and earned quite good income through Autosurf for few months back.Anyway, nothing is easy and nothing is really free - bear in mind. Below are some of the link/site that I've join recently so if you may think or want to try your luck on this kind of passive income generator please browse for more details.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, 26 November 2006


After 3 days of publishing it starts to show the results. It is not yet good but it is something that I need to look after in the next few days. Currently I'm still looking on what I believe as "sentimental value" that I need to post inside and share with all. Wandered and wondered all day but things are not easy as you all thought. So, having said that...much more interesting stuffs and features will be added by the time you visit this blog in future especially chat space etc. If any of you have any idea/s please send your opinion/s to me through mail or the chat space (I'm working on it)

Have a nice evening!

Saturday, 25 November 2006

This is Cool

When I was surfing to the internet early this morning, I found this short clip from This is one of the funniest clip I've seen so far....