Thursday, 30 October 2008

Long weekend....

It is now officially over 26 hours without sleep...Mr Jew asked me..."Apa lagi masalah ko ni belum mau p tidur..?"..I replied "Kenapa la...cuti juga ba bisuk..ha.ha.." Yesterday, when I woke up, it was already nearing 11pm after a short nap from 8pm something earlier that expected, I couldn't sleep (not sleepy) anymore and decided to stay up then went to work that morning at around 5:25am from home...well, pekerja buruh kasar mimang masuk kerja awal ba...I was on Australian shift which starts at 6am (9am for Oz) the office..I was busy managing another session of interview later that evening..also, I trained my colleague in some areas of our software that she couldn't understand or familiar with...

I'm on 2 days annual leave (Thu and Fri)...still I have a balance of 6 days holiday..I'm left with November to fully utilize my holiday and I can't think of any days or dates at the moment..I will have another 2 days leave at the end of November and once December comes..I don't think I will have anymore option in December as I will be on leave again from 22nd onwards...I heard that my annual leave will be increased to 28 days later next year...that's next year story pula...uhu..

So..this Friday (evening), I will have a long journey to Key Hell with my housemate/s..Mr Jew and most probably Mr Joel as well (if he managed to complete his unsettling works) We are going to have a small bash party (venue has not been clarified)..then a small reunion BBQ party the day after at one of my friend's house (Mr Brandon)...planned to go home on Sunday and according to Mr Jew, we will have to go to Lumut, Perak before heading home to Penang Island...PAKU has been invited to perform in an event meant for TLDM..betul kah tu Mr Jew...that will be a long drive from Key Hell to Lumut then Penang...additional passengers on Friday would be 2 crates of beer...I don't know what to expect at this party but as usual...any party is always fun if there's the end of the journey, it's predictable that I will be tired and resting...huhu..I will have to kumpul enough energy these 2 days la ni....haha..

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Musics and Lyrics

It happened so sudden that I started to look for video clips of my favourite songs..or perhaps I should call this a music fest month...there have 2 previous posts so far talking about music and this is just another shit that's going to make you boring..especially to those who is not into rock/slow rock kinda genre..hehe..sorry ah but that could be due to the era you're born...I was born and grew up in this era so it is no surprise for me to love these kind of musics...belum kasi masuk lagu-lagu melayu lagi..hehe...sometimes music represents your feeling....huhu..also, you don't have to understand the lyrics or language to love and enjoy musics...

Enough with the crap..these are 2 of my favourite songs (I remember you and Patience)..2 of my favourite bands (Skid Row and Gn'R)...2 of my favourite vocalists (Sebastian Bach and Axl Rose)..Enjoy! Well, you can actually view more of these at

Adding to the crappy feeling, this is another song that's meant a lot to me..hehe.....I don't really care who sang it (someone did though), as long as it sounds nice to ejek la la mungkin sebab sia buli mimpi spice girl kan..haha..

* I'm thinking of removing the "Designated Songs Collection" in near time soon and probably other designated fields as well...

Monday, 27 October 2008

Chinese Democracy - US$15 million album

Finally, after decade of waiting…we are now given the official release date of Nov 23rd, 2008 to the most (x100) anticipated album!!!!

The album itself is the most expensive album…longest album ever made in the world!!!!

Oct 22, 2008…when the song “Chinese Democracy” was released on the satellite radio, within a made a huge smash to listeners! It was said to be played double the amount of the current #1 song on the Billboard..

The break-up of the greatest rock band in the world is not something easy for a die-hard fan like me to swallow…it began when W. Axl Rose unilaterally rejected several songs composed by Slash…then to find, Axl Rose had hired a replacement guitarist without informing the rest of band..not to mention about Axl Rose unpredictable day-to-day whims...

Many believe that…Axl Rose was the man to blame especially he was the man who have demanded to have more of the rightful ownership of Gn'R label...according to him..Gn'R is his creation…I would not care who created Gn'R but I do believe in one thing…Gn'R will never be big if it wasn’t Axl Rose...he is the sole attraction of the band..while slash is just a co-attraction...there’s nothing special to slash other than his guitar gimmicks and skills…if he’s that great he should be able to make and accomplish his own project..let’s take his single project of Slash Snake-pit…how the hell it went?

After the big break-up…Gn'R is still receiving lots of invitation and has been tearing every stadium and night club with their new line up….that’s how great this band is…seriously speaking, Axl Rose is one hell of a vocalist…I couldn’t find any better rock singer that could outclass him on stage…up to these days..I’m still looking for any VCD/DVD of GnR’s concert at Coliseum L.A 1989…the one I really wanted to see is the footage where he ran 400m around the stadium track whilst singing…according to fans and management, he wasn’t losing any of his stamina..that was when Gn'R made it big…no other vocalist that could run and sing at once…not 20m run but 400m around the track and got back to the stage still running during the whole far, I’ve seen the footage of him fell off the stage and continued singing as if nothing had happened…watched several footage of him swearing his own fans and cancelled many road show due some mother-fuckers…that was how outrageous he was in those days....

As to why he had decided to call the album Chinese Democracy, the one constant fact about the project throughout all the chaos, Rose was quoted: “Well, there’s a lot of Chinese democracy movements, and it’s something that there’s a lot of talk about, and it’s something that will be nice to see. It could also just be like an ironic statement. I don’t know, I just like the sound of it.”

I’m just excited as I am when I first watched their concert on a VCD..I think it was 14 years back in 1994 at one of my friend's house...since then I have been a fan to this band..well it was all due to Axl Rose..looking forward to *tut* the album...hehe..unless some one buys the original copy as a belated birthday present..hehe..

If you're a fan, copy and paste this into the comment box..cheers!

¨°º¤ø„¸Guns n' Roses „ø¤º°¨
¸„ø¤º°¨ ROCK!! ``°º¤ø„¸

A is one of my earliest-favourite song from Gn'R earliest-album "Lies" was a controversial song written by Axl Rose..there were actually 3 versions of this song though...if you never heard or knew, Don't Cry has 2 versions....

Sunday, 26 October 2008

You are (Kimi Ga Iru)

Whilst watching my favourite anime Initial D, I remembered that I ripped this part of the anime years ago from the VCD..well, you can actually search it through YouTube.Com if you'd like to...I just love the song since I first heard has a very good melody...melodrama..haha..I actually watched all the 4 Stages of Initial D I have....wowo...lain kali jangan kasi mula..haha...

In case you'd like to have the whole version of the song, here is the link to >>Download<< (single right click and select "Save Link As" on the link to download)

In case you'd like to try to have a go with the song's lyric with English can view through YouTube.Com >>Here<<

Saturday, 25 October 2008

A gloommy day...

Sometimes, feeling empty is so disturbing...we tend to ignore or deny that we have a missing slot in our life that needing fulfillment…however, ignorance is still becoming the common practice and that eventually help to heal the emptiness…how exactly we define emptiness in our life…does that means we lack of or missing something in our life? Would you feel empty due to money…how about happiness…and what say you about love…or being loved…perhaps it‘s just a game of life that we have to endure in our daily life…or it’s just a cycle of life we would need to go through from time to time...I could say…this is that feeling that I’m going through at the some of my fellow bloggers were saying...I need a girlfriend...I need to get married...well, to be honest (wow…I’m actually telling you this..huhu) I could be missing the feeling to love and be loved…I felt the love from my dearest friends…could it be that I need more than that…am I actually being demanding to have something that I have missed for quite sometimes? There’s truth from what they were saying…I may need to start to have the feeling to love again and be loved in return..sigh..the more I try not to think about it the more I think about it and frustrated I am by not knowing..huhu..

Yesterday, I was reading this interesting entry from my fellow blogger XigorX...and I was really interested to one of his remarks as quoted below…

Why does your heart physically hurt and you feel like you can’t breathe after Love is lost? I believe it is because of this build-up and over accumulation of Love that has nowhere to go anymore…no direction or purpose…left to bounce around aimlessly in the hole left in your soul...

I would say...he had it nicely written and well explained….we human can have many ways of understanding the subjectively love in our daily life…be it your wife/husband and your child if you’re married…your girl/boy-friend if you’re in a relationship…your pets (whatever your pets are…) and not to forget the love towards our friends no matter what colour, races and religions they are….also towards your family (whatever relationships…parents, siblings and etc..) each of these may have differences accordingly per individual and I’m sure we knew that they have priorities tagged with them, which should go first and which should come after…don’t get me wrong here and I’m sure we already knew how it works…you wouldn’t put your love towards your pet over your family, would you?

Having to go through this feeling today…I’m as fragile as any other normal human being...tried to ignore and managed to get rid of it for couple of hours…I woke up quite early (around 8am) although I slept at around 5:30am after watching my favourite anime of all time (Initial D) since my arrival from work at past 1am…waking up early in the morning is common to me but to wake up with the feeling or needing someone besides you is something I would try to avoid for many times…I hadn’t dreamt of anything interesting but letting my mind to begin wondering and wandering the memory lane about that something is quite distracting…I then decided to clean my room…yet my mind was thinking of that something and I couldn’t get it off…I felt the revival when I started to sweat (I hadn’t sweat for quite sometimes when cleaning my room..I actually cleaned almost anything that I can in my room including washing the curtains) once I had my shower…there it was again...I continued watching my anime until I fell asleep (evening at around 4pm)…I had a very weird dream...I dreamt of Mr Jew, Mr Joel, Spice Girl, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Axl Rose with the original Guns’ members, my Product Delivery Manager (I've never met him or a glance of his picture), that something a.k.a someone and some others that I can’t really remember their names….it was a very weird dream…they were all in my house as if we were going to have a party…the funny thing was I even dreamt of Arnorld flirting with the Spice Girls in the swimming pool with a white underwear…well I don’t have to describe the ladies, do I? The story began when each of these casts came into my house (in the dream I’m actually living with that someone..) introducing themselves...the next thing I remember, I was chatting and singing with the GnR band whilst looking at Slash’s guitar…Arnold with the ladies in the swimming pool.. I had a romantic candle light dinner with that someone accompanied by numbers of slow rock songs from GnR...Wahaha…I can’t recall where were Mr Jew, Mr Joel and the Manager after their arrival…teda beer tapi di mana kamu ah...haha..

Well, that was just a dream yet very interesting one to remember…especially the existence of my Product Delivery Manager…haha..I've just came back from a quick hang out (watched the MU match) with my buddy from KL...he told me that he’s planning to get engaged later next year…we chatted about his 1 week training trip to Paris earlier this month and enjoying the match which ended with a draw..huhu...I’m quite happy (or relief) to get some sort of rescue info from that something...I was actually hoping for that kind of info since earlier this morning but I was the one who advised not to do so….for some reason that’s the right thing to do…I'm going to continue with my anime..really hard to stop once started..I'm planning not to consume beer this weekend..hehe

May you guys had a great long weekend (Happy Diwali)…holiday and rest…Cheers!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

The insider..

Well peeps..I really don't know how to start this one..I'm really not OK with what had happened if I'm nothing to the team? or he doesn't know the procedure as well as the purpose of me being a Team Leader here in Malaysia? I think you may have predicted the story here....aren't you?

Yesterday..I came in to work thinking of no works orders that were assigned to developers..but to my surprise, the newly appointed Product Delivery Manager (in my previous post, he was mentioned as Development Manager but..that's not the real post he's holding..still he's the person I would be dealing with in works orders allocation and delivery this time..) had allocated 1 work order to the female developer the day before..the problem was he didn't mention it at all to me....

How did I know she had a new works orders? Whilst checking my email..I saw one email from her, asking further requirements for the works orders that I have never heard of or never been informed...I then said to her that I will look into that and get back to my first 40 minutes in the office was spent for reviewing that works orders and shared my thought with her...she was in the process of writing a TDD documentation for customer approval....

Half an hour before i left the office last night..that was somewhere around 11:30pm....I then sent an email to this Product Delivery Manager again if there were any works orders or tasks that I can allocate to developers here...again, to my surprise..he had allocated 3 works orders to the female developer earlier today..without letting me know!!!!!!....I asked him the works orders ID also asked if any works orders for the male developer...he gave me the IDs and replied none WO for the male developer..he then asked me to take any of that 3 and allocate to the male developer...I was like..blur?? NO!!...this is abs-fucking-wrong!!!!! I ended up working extra 1 hour to further my investigation on these 3 works orders...and earlier today..I received a call from my colleague..the support staff..she's having problem with one the same time, the male developer asked me if I could check my email..checked my email..he's having problem to understand the sample handouts given to him...I just replied..I don't have enough info at this moment but write your TDD documentation using your best assumption..we will discuss further when I come in....that's how messy thing is when I'm left behind in the process...I should be able to collect as many information when I work during the UK shift as I can give a call directly to customer and gather as many requirements I needed...

The issues....
1. What am I as a Team Leader if I don't know anything about any works orders or tasks that been assigned to our developers here in Malaysia?
2. Where is the procedure that every works orders or tasks should go through me even if the works are coming from the Tech Director?
3. How can I help or guide or best to manage my team here if I'm not being informed of their allocated works orders or tasks?
4. Is he trying to make me stupid or sabotage my responsibility?

If this keeps happening I will have to escalate the misconduct procedure to our Tech Director...because if I don't..I know I will be the one to blame in any delay or poor performance...darn it!
On Monday, I received a birthday card from the UK colleagues that have 28 signs on it....missing 6 more..well they were on holiday..huhu..I actually receive a birthday card every year..I had thanked them for their wishes and to one particular colleague who has been very nice to me since the beginning...she was the one who came up with the card and signs..cheers mate!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


What's more to do when most of your works require an internet connection but your internet connection is down?

That was what happened last night in the office...for some reason, I don't know what was the reason la....perhaps due to the heavy rain in Penang or flood somewhere in Penang....the internet was down since my return from my dinner....I didn't actually have my dinner...I just had a glass of hot milk and couple of cigarettes....I tried once restarting the modem and router but it didn't help at all....I was thinking of restarting the server but I will be risky as the server had just been repaired due to memory crash last thinking of not taking any risk at all..I sent a fax message to the UK team telling them the situation...there were 2 attempts from the UK to reply me but both faxes didn't get through to I was left with nothing...I decided to check our Developers Time Sheet report for last week...F.Y.I - developers are required to fill up the spreadsheet listing down all their works and hours spent for the whole week, weekly recurrence...they also need to send a Daily Work Summary to me to update what they've done and the it is part of my responsibility as the Team Leader..I need to ensure the Daily Work Summary and Developer Time Sheet report are telly....the hours in the spreadsheet then must telly with the hours they entered into the Works Orders Database...once these are done..then I'll forward the spreadsheet to our Tech Director for evaluation at his end...he will then send an email of hours performance review for that commencing week...due to the fact that I can't access the Works Orders Database..the work is left outstanding until my shift was finished...I was doing nothing for almost 2 hours!!!!!

Today, my manager is on his way to UK..his flight to KLIA was 7am....he left the company's mobile phone again to me...this morning alone, I received 3 calls wanted to speak to him...again, explained that he's not in M'sia...and will be available later in January 2009...apart from that 3 calls, I received a call from my colleague as was regards to one of a query from Oz's was an email and my colleague does not know how to response and I think she's not very sure of her knowledge on that particular area in our she called me and ask me to check my email and advice..yes I did..I woke up and accessed to the company web the email and gave her a call back explaining what she needs to do...but at the end..I was the one who replied the's OK and I don't mind doing it as long as it would not cause any problem later if she were to reply that query..whilst I was on the phone I then asked if the internet was OK when she came in to the office earlier...she told me it was down for 3 hours and when she spoke to the Tm.Net support...suddenly it worked as if nothing had happened....

So..I really hope that I can resume most of my work more internet issue please...I have plenty of things to catch up now due to the internet..darn it!!!

p/s - Tm.Net...why you never improve the service huh..I read a lot about your services being improved and revenue is up couple of percents...still, there seems to be no changes with the services...please provide a better 24 hours technical support? What? Is that how you call a good service?

Friday, 17 October 2008

A brighter day...


This whole week was a bit slower than usual for me (lots of chatting though with the manager)..perhaps because I had only couple of things to do in the office..(not quite right)..I was actually quite busy but I managed to complete them within the 8 hours of my paid working least less than 9 hours..I'm actually trying to manage my time more's not that I don't know how to manage them..but after the recent one-to-one discussion with my Tech Director..I told him that I'm having problem managing my time when the Development Team as well as the Support Team are forcing me to expand my working hours in order to ensure quality and delivery are met....I wasn't complaining the whole idea of more was more likely of seeking some brilliant advices...perhaps it was my mistake and am trying to make a better ride this time...I'm not going to let myself to be sucked away into things that are not my responsibility..especially guiding and advising the 5W1H thingy to developers which they should have already knew 6 months ago.....I was usually disturbed by the fact that they keep on asking almost the same question over and over again which they already had been explained..anyway, things are getting better this week and we have a new Product Delivery Manager in the UK taking over the work load from the Tech Director....

I'm quite happy today..well, it's Friday and why shouldn't I be happy kan..hehe...I spent 2 hours of my time today chatting with my manager..he's flying to UK on 21st Oct so he gave me a brief update what would going to happen in couple of weeks time....the CEO/Founder is visiting as well as conducting another round of interview later on 28th Oct (He's currently in Sydney..I had a chat with him earlier today, in relation to the departure of the new staff on Wed as well as updating me on several crucial plans for the Penang office within 6 - 12 months time....just a brief one) case, if he can't make it to the Penang office..the newly appointed Product Delivery Manager will pay us a visit on 3rd Nov..conducting the delayed manager's mood seemed OK today..we renamed most of our PCs to have the country's state names i.e. mine is Sabah..the other are Penang, Johor, Kedah, Kuala Lumpur etc..if we have another 5 PCs then we're a complete country..huhu..

Last night when I log into my friendster account...whilst checking the message received, I was smiling when looking at one of the sender...although it was a short message but it was so me la not to you..hehe...Oh yes..starting next week..we will be allowed to wear a casual attire only on Friday...the last time I tried to get this done was 2 years ago..especially working at night...Finally huh...actually the manager was trying to implement a similar practice as in the UK office....that's great news! I can wear jeans on Friday!..ya la...maybe you're not excited as me...sebab kamu buli pakai jeans hari-hari....haha...want another great news? I discussed with him if I could implement the idea of developers supporting the Oz's customers....perhaps in an emergency case if the support staff were having some problem and he/she were left with no choice other than taking an emergency leave....he advised me to ask my team..I then asked the team if they think they're able to..they gave us couple of excuses..I then explained (supported and agreed by the manager) that developers in the UK are supporting the customers from time to time especially junior developers in order to enhance their knowledge about the software....left with no choice, they agreed and said they would try...the manager will then assured me that he will escalate the issue to the management later in the next meeting...earlier in the morning, when there were only me and the manager in the office, we had a quick review on their works and characteristic....and I shared with him my concern/worries when we spoke about their knowledge on the software...after a year they had not been that far than the junior developers in UK.......I then came up with that idea (developers should be able to support customers if required) which I think will eventually build up their skills including their communication skill as well..cross finger!!!..if my proposal is being approved...then I may not felt guilt nor worry anymore to apply and enjoy my 25 days of annual leave....

Many thanks to those who have contributed on the making of 50 comments in my previous words and advices will be remembered as well as appreciated..Cheers! Happy Weekend!

Thursday, 16 October 2008


At around 5:30 pm yesterday evening.....I was so so sleepy and a little moody myself..It just came so sudden that I felt sad and left out...I wonder why..I don't have girlfriend nor wife or even mistress to fell that....I was sad for no reason?Well probably I knew what was the reason....

Meanwhile...I was thinking of my dinner...I decided to give it a go at a random I did...went to nearby restaurant and saw this Chicken Rice...saw the chicken calling me.."Wel...I'm sexy..I'm hot...I'm tasty..I'm me and feel me....." was not the chicken actually..that could be my beiol mind trying to persuade my appetite of destruction...yes! it was a success and I bought it and felt the chicken in my mouth to my stomach...

Around 6:00pm..I was still with that moody feeling of mine...trying to ignore the feeling...I then watched the Heroes Ep 5...done with that..I had nothing more to do....went to visits some of my fellow blogger...and didn't help at all...usually, at this condition of me..I would rewatch my favourite anime or movies.....the likes of Initial D...Slum Dunk...romantic humor movies will be the top in my consideration....however, because of the sleepy feeling...I then decided to watch this movie called "20 years after"..I don't really know what this movie is all was downloaded last weekend...tried to watch it 3 times already but I seemed to fail and it helped me to sleep..the movie must be really darn fucking boring huh..I haven't even watched more than 30 minutes..already my eyes were shutting down...woke up, it was already past 1 hour or more...the time was almost 8:30..the movie has already finished...surfed the internet and at 9:00pm I decided I better go to sleep..and I really did....9:40pm I was already in my dream....I dreamt of something serious today and it has something to do with my moody feeling earlier...It is so wonderful sometimes that we can dream about the things that matter the most in our mind huh...although the dream was not happy but it shows me that how that feeling would effect and affect my emotion in the near future...should I believe what I had dreamt about or should I just enjoy it...this time, I will try not to think about it more than I is not ignoring nor denial to just that I would not want thing get messy in my head and it is not a priority in my life...maybe it is only me that thinks the feeling were real and perhaps it is only me that thinks that way....feeling huh..sometimes very deceiving...haha..

Now at 3am in the morning (I woke up at 2:14am)...writing this down is just a way of letting it go...telling the world that I'm just a human that can have feelings as well as dreams...I don't know what am I going to do now....this is one of the reason I don't prefer to sleep early..If I continue my sleep then perhaps I can have another nice dream or perhaps I will be more moody during the day due to oversleep..haha...I will think of something la..I wish that someone were here and friend me masak magi or have a decent chat...haha..What?! I'm also human that can ada 'manja' juga ba..hahaha...darn it! 1 more hour to go I will get ready for not let your emotion spoil your day!!!! Motivation ba tu...

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

She was not meant to be...

Early I had expected yesterday..well not that I was hoping for that to just that I sensed something from her...I tried to think it was just a rubbish chat from her but what happened earlier today was the reality that we have to accept and endure...

It was her first time yesterday..I know I should have been more more soft towards her...yeah..she's a lady who loves to be pampered...who wouldn't? Although everything went well yesterday...she has to do what she had to..I know I'm not her type nor her taste...least I could do was..just let her go and enjoy the freedom she could probably have....I I really hope that she will find the right one she's been looking for......I'll have to move on and try to look at the brighter side out of this event...I'm happy enough to get the chance to know her.....I guess, we were just not meant to be.....we'll keep on looking then...fuhhh....

Great thing was, it cost us only a day..wasting our time trying to make her fells more comfortable around us.....she came in yesterday 1 hour earlier before the actual hours then spent around another hour discussing the terms and regulations of employment with the manager....another 10 mins then I started training her on our software..she was our 'new-one-day-support-specialist'...she's a mum of 2 with a 5 years experience in Customer Service field....not really sure how old she is but her 1st child is already 20 year-old..she seemed nice and very be honest..due to her age and status..I had to re-consider the method I was going to use in order to train I began with a short introduction about the software...then bit by bit I brought her into the real thing..the actual software itself....started with the most basic or default knowledge on how to load the software...then logged into the software.... took a break for couple of minutes and I continued by doing some revision...asked several basic questions based on whatever I had trained her earlier..Good! she was slow but I wasn't expecting she could remember them in one go...around 30 mins before the time for me to leave the office....we had gone through less than 10% of the software..still with basic knowledge i.e. Add, Remove and Modify process....I then heard a whisper that came from her side of the table asking me if in case she thinks, she couldn't do this within 2 she free to leave? without trying to persuade her, I then said something stupid...haha..well I don't like to hold her if she has already thought about that herself..she has actually given up....explained to her how the procedure works.....then what happened today...she came in and headed straight to the manager office...for about 20 minutes in the room...they then came out and the manager then told us she's leaving...salam-salam la ba..atleast she didn't waste much more of our time training her then in the end..she quits juga..hahaha..

We now have another new staff that is schduled to come in later next's a guy with 3 years experience in support..what's going to happen then? I would not know and I don't really care at this time....I discussed with my manager if he has any other backup plan because he's going to fly to UK again later this weekend and will only be back in January 2009.....he told me that yes he had but worried if the candidate is easily affected by emotion as he is still young...ya la orang muda senang kena pengaruh...he hasn't decided mostly today, I was the one pula been given a training on our co-software by the manager..he had recently been trained on how to use the software so we were like...try and error method...of course he's good with his knowledge but not to some other features....we were experimenting the features and shared our personal understanding....wahahaha..

Monday, 13 October 2008

My deepest appreciation..

This is going to be a very short entry....commemorating the sacred date of 13th October..sometimes it falls on Friday 13th..sound scarry huh...I would like to express my appreciation towards all the people who have wished me a Happy Birthday..Selamat Ulang Tahun..dan Selamat Pengantin Baru..haha..I would also like to thank you for congratulating me on my recent career appraisal...all your wishes and congratulations mean a lot to me....well, without you all I may only be just a plain stupid beiolman who walks the world with no obligation in my housemates and dear friends...sorry that we can't have the party at this moment due to some complication in my career..not to mention sponsorship lagi...hehe....if God's will, then we may have it later this month...and for those who have known me...I'm sure you guys have knew what to expect on that prestigious day..wahaha...berenang kuak kupu-kupu di kolam mereka yang suka berenang kuak lentang atau gaya bebas...terpaksa belajar kuak kupu-kupu juga itu masa excuses and I will not hesitate to ask Mr Joel to sodomise or make out with you..haha...kesian la si Mr Joel ni selalu jadi mangsa permainan duniawi..hahaha..but that's something about Mr Joel..he's the version of Jack Black in our're one hell of a species ba Mr Joel....

Before the actual day ends..once again..I love you guys..I'm really thankful to have such friends like well to my fellow bloggers..hehe..I'm not a perfect person but I'm much better than I used to be...hehe..

Good Night peeps and God bless you all....Cheers!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Appetite for distruction

I woke up at around 11am today and already I felt hungry...I was trying to decide and figure what I would like to have for lunch....whilst waiting for the final decision from the food usual saya melompat ke sana dan ke hopping looking for any new posting from my fellow blogger...yeah found some and commented some....I then wrote a new post for mine as well..yeah yang di bawah tu la...yang banyak komen tajaan bernas dari si Claire...hehe...thanks Claire..

In the meantime, I then chatted with my friend on YM....kasi stop sikijap mau p mandi and jemur kain...done with that..I still haven't received anything from the food department...I then sent another message that I missed something..missed some particular taste but I couldn't remember how it tastes or how to describe it....then continued chatting 5:10pm..the department has failed to rectify that particular taste I was looking for...I'm left with empty stomach...suda la isi perut hantar masuk dalam bank the only option for me is to wait the 'pasar malam' to be might be ready by 6pm and hopefuly I can find something tasty to fill up my empty stomach...rapal eh...susah betul mahu kasi puas hati ni perut sama ni mulut kalau pasal makan tau..huhu..thanks to Kuai, Mell and Beck who reminded me not to forget my lunch..but sorry to disappoint you...saya bukan lupa ah..saya inda tahu apa mahu makan...makan magi pun boring.....cross finger ah supaya later when I go to the pasar malam ada buka tu nasi padang...entah la apa nama dia tu...local indonesian delicacy ba...mungkin buli membuka selera..or I missed home-style-cooking....

Earlier this week, my mum sent a text to me asking how am I doing here..replied to her that I'm good but I began to lose my appetite..she then asked why..I replied to her that I don't really know plus..I let her know that I missed her cooking..missed home-style-cooking..missed tuhau..missed local sabah delicacy..she then sent another text that says "ba balik la kau xmas nanti..buat tuhau bawa pigi sana" I then let her know that I do have a plan for that but see how things going la......she then told me to cook at home.....she was the one who taught me to cook (inlcuding her siblings - aunts) and being fussy about food presentation especially mau potong-potong sayur or anything actually inherited from her..I got her point to ensure people who eats the foods would have less effort in order to enjoy eating them...she always wanted us to be independent and she really did well....actually that was the first time I told her that I missed her cooking...macam sedih pula tau menulis ni post..huhuhu....I think my appetite had gone somewhere where it should not be la...continuesly suda ni tau...thanks to Claire yang rajin mau masak last week....that was a bit of a "pungubat rindu" for me...what la if beer also ada selera ah...I may able to control the amount of beer being consumed into my blood..huhu...what an appetite for distruction I'm having now......

Hope you had a great weekend!

Hunters, make the first move....

Who would you want to be….an attractive man with lots of chick checking out on you or a decent man with lots of female friend around...I come upon to this question when chatting with Mr Joel at Church Street Pub….it was so sudden actually that earlier he came home after a jam session with his band Gazzo….got out of his car and shouting my name from the main gate..signaling me to go out for a drink…darn it man…can you just chill at home..huhu..Well, I’m free enough to go out with him…but it just that I wanted to stay at home and relax..went down and had a short chat with him…I’m not really that kind of people who likes to spoil the mood and am not feeling happy to let him died because of boredom or sadness in his room…so I agreed with a term..ko bawa jalan ko belanja ah..there was no yes from him but a smile was good enough to tell me that it’s going to be his treat..haha...but at the end we shared the drink - we ordered 2 buckets…well it was fair and square.. and there were the stories…who is handsome and who is attractive..who is a natural charmer and etc…I don’t recall how we got to this topic but if I wasn’t was ignited when he started chatting about clubbing..chicks....haha….I’m not attractive nor expert in courting process but I despise the idea of reading a book in order to get laid..or to pick up a lady…same goes to women as well….why one needs to read this kind of shit then to make courting process more stressful…you should be enjoying doing this not pressuring yourself thinking on how should you perform on picking up your mate….

I’m kind of an observer myself..well, he kind of agreed that I would usually keep myself content and quiet at every moment until I got that enough adrenalin rush in my veins….thinking how beer can make some unattractive man like me to be a decent hunter is amazing huh…thankfully it didn’t turn me to be Mr Tom Cruise or Mr Brad Pitt…I would not want to imagine how the night ends..hahaha…I was trying to tell him that…why putting yourself into a stress zone with all these pressure from that book..why don’t you just be yourself and not trying to be someone who is not you at all…..if you want to ensure you have the 1st impression locked up..then you have to work it out…not by reading that book although it does helps to motivate your physiology…if you think you need to go clubbing to get laid with the knowledge coming from the book alone….it might work…wouldn’t it? It is a place for courting, flirting, swinging and etc….but I haven't seen any impressive 1st impression coming from that book in sounds strong huh but that's what I'm seeing and have observed after he kept on telling me the book is really good and good and good and the end of the story.......I suggested to him to show me the book….see what the book has done to him..and to some of his fellow friends…I'm not saying reading the book is no good but letting your guts and mind controlled by this book ingoring the rules of attraction or nature would only make your life complicated....Mr Jew..ada compliment untuk kita dari hati suci si agukster..hahaha…never thought that I’m a good looking man pula…wahahaha..

Dear blogger, can you share or suggest on this case….
When you spot an attractive lady/man…what’s the best strategy of stealing her/her attention?

Saturday, 11 October 2008

DH - Nominated for Coolest Blog?

Well well well well....let's see what we have here...I never thought someone would nominate or consider that my blog is cool...moreover the coolest ever known?wahaha....I have tried since the early time when I first created this Designated Hermitage but I seem to fail that particular task...DH has gone through so many phases in its development and I'm grateful enough for it to survive up to this date....Beck tagged me for "the coolest blog she ever known" kinda thing....I have to thank her for her kind heart to categorized DH as one of the coolest blog to her....She own a cool as well as creative blog herself...Rark On \m/ eh...

I may have a clear understanding of the main criteria for this tag or award has to be the coolest not cool..I have plenty of coolest blog in my list but being the coolest blog does not mean attractive so I will need to combine these 2 criteria of coolest and attractive when listing down my nomination..let's see who are the lucky blogs in random order...

1. TDM
2. Beck
3. Kuai
4. Fie the Elf
5. Simplicity
6. Mie
7. XigorX
8. Impedius
9. BudakHutan
10. Film Asia

As I have mentioned earlier..I wish I have more don't have to have the coolest blog to be in the list above..I would consider all my visitors and blog fellows are the coolest..yes! you're the coolest not because the looks nor the comment and chat messages...but because you willingly to spend your time to be part of the "beiol" community in the Designated Hermitage..I salute you!!....let the world be beioled huh..haha...

Have a great weekends!!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Thank You Boss!

At last...all went well so far...interview was good as well as the appraisal....I was the last person being interrogated and interviewed...and it went smooth for almost 2 hours...I couldn't complaint as we had lot of stuffs to team..development team..strengths and weaknesses...I'm happy enough to get what I have expected for my contribution and hard work..thanks to myself for the hard works that I have put into my career....of course there still plenty of rooms for improvement and looking forward for another appraisal somewhere in March 2009....I seemed to be motivated after being told that the Management has a very high expectation from me...especially after the huge contribution I made during the User Acceptance Test somewhere in March - May 2008 meant for the Oz's customers..I was the Project Manager in setting up the Test Instruction Plan System (TIPS) for the whole Oz's customers....although I was not the one who really setting up the entire database..still I was the one who wrote all the Test Instruction Plan of our software for users in may sounds easy but writing almost hundreds of test plans about our software features and functionality... from A to Z might gives you a definite headache....thanks to my colleagues who contributed in testing and validate those hundreds of test plans....I'm a workaholic, to be honest..during this period, I stayed in the office up to 5am just to catch up trying to get things done as quickly as possible although I came in for UK shift at 3pm.....went home at 6pm although I came in at 7am for Oz shift...I was told today that the whole system was charged for ASD$27, 000!!!! I was shocked and the Tech Director was thinking of applying the same service to our UK's customers......we had it running internally since years ago but it never been updated up to the most recent product we have recently deployed...he already informed me that my skill would be in demand during that time....I was happy enough to hear that I am so valuable to the company but thinking of the experience I had with the Oz's...this could be another big project for me..where we have more than 400 companies around UK and most of them are using the software 200% different or over than the Oz which consist of 8 companies.....

I could still remember..during setting up the whole TIPS database..I was the only (in Malaysia) that has the privilege rights to access and modify including the TD himself and another senior developer in the UK....none of my colleagues in Malaysia (including the Manager) had the access rights to access nor modify....until the project was 100% completed then they were given the rights....

The Management hasn't decided yet who will be the lucky candidates for the post of Software Application Developer (2x) and Software Support Specialist (2x)..whoever that persons would be...welcome abroad and wish you a good future in this small company...

Last night..we had a company dinner at our neighbour, Hotel was decent but still..lucky enough to taste an expensive and exclusive foods that you can't taste everyday..I'm a poor guy bah not for some people who can afford to eat in a luxury restaurant almost everyday...the dinner was meant to be informal so most of the stories we had were totally not related to works....more into knowing each others..not me la sebab I already senior....I and the Manager are the current survivor of the Penang branch since it was opened 3 years ago...we're still young kan and we're already began to expand....for the record, the company is about to enter its 14 years in business....

The Penang Manager informed me that he might be flying back to UK later at the end of this month..that was the plan made by the Management and once again..I will be the one to train our new colleagues (Developers and Support)..if that happens then I will be re-scheduled to work in Oz shift until the whole training process is completed....2-4 weeks perhaps...Deep inside me saying..please no..I don't want to take that responsibility but another me were saying..come on Wel...with your charm and good looking can do it! Wahaha...silap sudah ni be honest..I really wish the Manager himself to train them and I will be the one who will help to sharpen their knowledge...the Manager is the most suitable person to train them because he has lots of experience dealing with customers first handed, he was also a trainer in the UK and he has plenty of knowledge of how most customers would apply our software in their works requirements...Of course if I were required to train them..I have the obligation to just go ahead with the order.."Yeah..sure, I'd be happy to train them..[smiling]" That was my quick response to a quick question given by the Manager if it is OK to me to train them...

I'm quite happy that this year (again) I managed to get the expected salary I had expected and targeted since entering year 2008....I had it coming last year as well...Thank God and may more great things to happen in future time...

*Extra budget to buy DVDs and beers???

Monday, 6 October 2008

Abandoned ship?

Alright guys….I seemed to have abandoned my blog this couple of days..but trust me..I didn’t mean it….and I was actually monitoring it in a quick and short period..I really appreciate them who still visit my blog although there’s no new entry being published…..let me tell you my story…this might be too long to read..

First of all..I’d like to thank Ms Claire..she came to visit us on Thursday (evening) was planned that she came to make me drunk..haha..betul kah tu Claire?haha...10 butul kan tu kalau mahu korek my secret kenen...haha..we went to a nearby coffee shop to have an evening tea but we ended up having couple of beers…well I was the one to blame..I encouraged her to have a couple of beers….senang juga ko kena goda kan claire..hehe..and the session continued till further time up to the hours for us to realize it was time to go home...we need to wake up tomorrow morning and go to work..not like some people who has been enjoying their week off….so that night, I was drunk enough till I can’t stand any further of my sleepiness and tiredness..well, honestly..I was not as busy as usual this whole week…..developers were on holiday…I was alone in the office doing my own stuff in developments and consulting customers..I was merely busy due to some Oz’s stuff...couple of our customers there were having some queries in regard to our software…our Business Development Manager in Oz himself was not that familiar with some other plug-in software we have..having said that, most of these queries were forwarded to me for further follow up….I was not used to this kind of made my mind and day slower than they should be…

The next day on Friday….I spent my first 2 hours in the office enjoying my “tidur-tidur ayam”…I was really tired and of course hangover…the day before I hadn’t ate anything….neither lunch nor dinner..I was having a kampung delicacy syndrome….this is the time when I don’t really have any appetite for most common foods…worst I wasn’t feeling hungry at all..scary huh but that’s me….that could be the reason I was easily got drunk the night before whilst having a drink with..Ms Claire since 5pm….then came Mr Chan with his girlfriend few hours later, followed by Mr Joel, Mr Jew and Mr Ashton couple of minutes after.…later that evening (arrived at home)..I realized my body was in I would if I play football the whole could be the impact of the empty stomach la kan..Thankfully I’m still a good looking guy..hahaha..sempat lagi mau perasan..haha..kidding alright….later that night again….me, Mr Jew, Ms Claire went for a kinda supper..again? why not? there a rule saying you can’t have a bear continuously? was already 11pm..and Ms Claire had another date with her friends later that we ended our short drinking session at around 12:30am and headed home..

Saturday…..went out to a new place called as “LAB Café”..situated right on the beach shore…due to its location, I really love it (I might come again) as if you were on holiday enjoying the sand..I might go to its neighbour, “Sunset Bistro” again later this coming weekend…I might go and might not....I was invited by my you guys might wondering why so sudden I ended up at a new place kan…well, it was an event to celebrate the 1 year anniversary and PAKU was invited to perform…not only PAKU..there were couple of bands…interesting enough to attract me to place or new environment always bring something in our life...we experience more and learn more…we were kind of late that night but hey..drinks never too late to be in my sexy tummy eh….I saw the place is quite attractive..once arrived, I called someone dear to me..hehe..whilst chatting with that someone dear to me..I saw someone who looks very was my old buddy of whom I met in Farlim…the Alleycats friend….he was sitting there alone enjoying his cup of coffee..guessing based on the sachets on the table and a coffee cup…I haven’t seen him for almost a year!..I’ve told you guys that I have not been to Farlim for quite sometime already kan (the place where I met Mr Shun the Alleycat family)...I then approached and greeted him..thank god he still remembers could you forget someone who is very good looking as me…haha..again a self proclaimer good looking man to make myself happy…haha….so I hangout with him for almost the rest of the night because he was sitting at the back of the gallery…the sound was not too loud and it suited for us to have a clear and decent chat of any news…..he was kind enough to treat me a drinks…F.Y.I..he had spent almost 10 years in Sweeden as a musician before his return to Malaysia couple of years back…some of the band members playing that night are his friends…so we chatted and after few hours with him..I then returned to my actual group…Mr Jew and Ms Claire…but my mood was almost spoiled by that fucking bastard…..well never mind..he was drunk and I don’t really care much of such “cool” act he was trying to pull…you should be ashamed of yourself, waiter a.k.a Manager…don’t talk shit to customer although you were the greatest waiter a.k.a Manager in the world….you should know better than that…stupid kaling….wahaha…we had couple more drinks then went to Subaidah Nasi Kandar restaurant for a late supper…Nasi Lemak..then straight back home…I took some pictures but they were not clear enough for me to publish...the whole night..crowds were also entertained by the "bapuk" show, beer drinking competition and also mimicking to any songs being played and arm wrestling...participants were mostly guesses and the prizes that were given out include a free 4 Night 5 Days stay in Holiday Inn Hotel in any part in Malaysia..

Sunday….woke up quite early…I felt hungry…tried to get Mr Jew to wake up for a lunch but failed..he always put his sleep as the main priority to other although he already had 10 hours of sleep…I then remembered that Ms Claire offered to cook for us on then came to my mind to suggest to her to cook..she agreed and we went out to buy all the required ingredients at the nearby hypermarket..again thanks to Ms Claire although I was a little blur when we went out buying them..I wondered what she was going to cook as I can’t seem to find what could be the combination of what we had in our basket….she seemed to have something very interesting for lunch…cross finger ah..haha..and yes she did..congratulation Ms Claire…and thanks for the delicious cooking plus my lada..although I have to wait for almost 2 hours…understandable la ba kan kalo saturang mahu masak untuk 2 good looking men in the house (me and Mr Jew..haha..too much pressure bah tu..and Mr Jew bangun terus makan…) she cooked some home-cooking style (colourful and “tricky’ sebab macam sama rupa ba....) but they tasted really good..kenyang gila…haha..kalau ada beer ngam suda tu ada pusas..

Sunday night….well, Mr Jew already informed us that PAKU was invited to perform in G Spot…not that G Spot just so coincident that the hotel is named as G Hotel and everything is always “G”..there’s a pub on the 1st floor and it is called as G Spot…the event was meant for a jamming session for jazz musics….PAKU is not a jazz band but they do rock..kind of a hot band in Penang (they should not missed)… I accompanied Mr Jew to this G Spot..watched them play with couple of free beers…Thanks to Mr Jew and “I’m with the band” terms…haha..done with that..we headed to a Café Dusun…for a dinner and another bottle of beers for the night…..complimentary of Mr Jew towars my support...cheers to that!

How was your weekend guys? Were you having fun and enjoying the life that has plenty of interesting stuffs to be enjoyed and cherished? Hope you had a great one as well...

Mr Joel is now our housemate..he moved along with his “secret girlfriend” today…may this be a new starting point in your life Mr Joel…

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

October - Part 2

Another 2nd part of the October post? Nothing special nor making it just a coincidence that Mr San tagged me yesterday bah..and I think he's kinda creative to come up with this one...ko cipta sendiri kah ni San? Things happen for a reason huh...but I couldn't figure out what may seems to be that reason in relation to, the tag...there was no particular title given for this tag but it asks you to post about your own horoscope and answer 4 simple without further a due...let me present you the horoscope of most unique zodiac among all...the one and only..the Libra!

Libra characteristic and profile

Provided by

Libra is the only zodiac symbol that's neither animal nor human (unique kan saya bilang) -- but surely that doesn't make you any less human. In fact, Libra is among the most sociable of the signs. As scales of old were really "balances," so to do you seek balance in all that Libra does. You respond to situations with grace as Libra attempts to put others at ease. Artistically, Libra tries to balance form, content, colors and elements, and for this reason can be drawn toward creative endeavors.

The greatest balancing act is between self and others, and it is here that many Libras focus their energy. Here, in the realm of interpersonal relationships, you are a champion. Libra know how to be the charming host or hostess. Libra can sense what others want before they ask for it. And you can make the needs of others a higher priority than your own. In fact, Libra is the shuttle diplomats of the zodiac, going back and forth between the extremes until a solution is negotiated.

The Libra motto might be "To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction." It is your innate sense of cause and effect that makes you so effective as a strategist. Whether it's playing chess, relationship counseling or civic planning, you know how to be effective while staying in the middle of the road. Your easygoing attitude can serve you and others well, but don't forget that your needs cannot go totally unfulfilled or you won't have anything to give to others.

Element: Air
Key Planet: Venus
Libra Greatest Strength: Your grace and charm when helping others
Libra Possible Weakness: Forgetting to take care of your own needs

More on Libra
* I'd say..the horoscope is mostly true...
Soalan 1. Apakah kaitan horoscope dengan diri anda?
Wel: Emm..mimang saya pun tidak berapa pasti juga kaitan kami sampai sekarang tapi sedikit sebanyak kewujudan horoscope membuatkan manusia semakin bertamadun...

Soalan 2. Apakah perasaan anda kalau tiba-tiba horoscope itu katakan yang anda tidak baik pada tahun hadapan dan apakah tindakan yang mungkin anda lakukan?
Wel: Ini sudah serius....saya pasti terus membaca hingga ke ayat terakhir...dan berkata "oh...". Tindakan selanjutnya...baca benda lain....seperti Libra Eats dan sebagainya...dan kembali berkata "oh..." dan ulang lagi.."oh.." dan selanjutnya...dan ulang lagi.."oh...." dan selanjutnya sampai habis atau saya puas membaca...

Soalan 3. Adakah anda bergantung kepada ramalan?
Wel: Berapa banyak bergantung dalam soalan dia ini? Emm..apakah saya bersalah sekiranya bergantung kepada ramalan semata-mata? Pastinya tidak..dan mengapa perlu saya bergantung kepada ramalan sedangkan bukan ramalan itu yang menentukan hala tuju hidup seharian saya....barang siapa yang bergantung kepada ramalan..pasti tuan punya barang sahaja yang tahu kesudahannya...membaca ramalan ibarat menimbah pengetahuan..

Soalan 4. ?
Wel: Tidak dinyatakan soalan......saya tertanya-tanya dan tercari-cari..mungkin kalau mengikut pemahaman, soalan 4 berbunyi "Siapakah 7 orang yang anda ingin kongsikan bersama permainan ramalan ini?". Sempena di hari mulia Hari Raya Aidilfitri ini, moga-moga Mr San sudi menerima ampun maaf ikhlas dari saya sebab kegagalan menjawab soalan 4 beliau....haha...moga-moga Mr San mendapat berkat yang lebih..amen....

Bah san..saya suda buat kio...thanks and it helps me to know more about my own zodiac..


    On this wonderful day (sh*t! 3 hari sudah non-stop hujan di penang ni tau…) I’d like to wish a wonderful Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all the Muslims in the whole wide world…and to whom it may concerns, wherever you are….

    Today is the beginning of the month of October and for most people including me...there have plenty of things to be remembered within this whole months…in my calendar there have 1st, 2nd, 10th, 13th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd and 29th as days that I’m always aware of...I’m not going to go through details of each of them…sorry la kio...heeeeee…

    Last, Mr Jew and Mr Joel went out for a short drink season at Café Dusun…I don’t really know what was the occasion though…perhaps for the Hari Raya Eve?hahaha…that will do then…years ago, what so ever celebration, we would not missed any of them…not me ah ketua...Mr Jew la kali..betul ka tu Mr Jew?hahaha….may it be Diwali or Thaipusam…there always a reason to have a moderate but happening celebration in the house….at some point, perhaps our neighbours were wondering of our real identity pula kan (heran sebab semua pun celebrate..)……anyway, Mr Joel was worried about his “hiccup” thing (his car) it seems that it’s getting worse than before….so I showed him what he needs to look at and what had I discussed with the mechanic last week….

    I might remember today for something that is very sad in my life….it could be one of the mistake that I ever done but moving on and living my life for 2 years ever since…still, I can’t figure out what it was…I’m certainly enjoying my life but at the same time….having a quite strong memory of my life does give its toll…everything comes as a flash back uninvited…well, that’s the beauty of human’s mind…I may felt down at some point and I might smile happily when they were meant to be something funny….either by doing something or going to certain places….they seem to have never gone anywhere far from my reach…life huh…

    A’ight…how about the October Fest at the end of this month? We (me, Mr Jew and Mr Joel…Mr J&J ba durang ni kan..haha..) have never had the chance for this yet…every year, there always something that clashed…so, perhaps we should work harder this year and try to win the crown…October Fest is a Beer Festival...or internationally known as a German Fest…there have a movie “Beer Festival” meant for this…it’s a real movie where a US team competes with a German team…it is quite hilarious I tell you…haha..go find it and enjoy!

    October…I welcome you with great hope and pleasure…Cheers!