Monday, 15 June 2009

You're so cute...

After 3 weeks of trying….finally I gave up……I’ve lost to you….

Every week on Saturday and Sunday at 4-5pm on TV8…..

I tried to make it as an excuse for not going out and stay back at home…I tried to make myself free during that time….I watched another episode last Saturday and I couldn’t wait any longer to see what’s going to happen….well, I was curious to know what’s going to happen next…Yes! I must admit, I’ve been possessed...who wouldn’t want to see a cute, pretty, sweet with her big black eyes woman…I really adore baby-face woman…even if she gets angry or swear at me everyday...I don’t mind…because she still looks cute…hehe…I don’t mind if I have to be her ‘kadam’ as long as my heart feels at ease seeing her cuteness…hehe…

Witch Yoo Hee

1. The storyline is pretty simple but very entertaining
2. Genre - Romantic comedy
3. She’s evil yet adorable

I’ve lost to Han Ga In…huhuu…after another episode on last Saturday, I then decided to go out to look for its DVD…yes I did find the DVD (2 DVDs)…The whole Sunday afternoon and evening, I spent my time enjoying DVD marathon as early as 11am Sunday until 2am Monday: House Season 5 Part 2 – sad ending but interesting and Witch Yoo Hee Ep1 – Ep11…I haven’t finished watching Yoo Hee but I will today….who will she picks???? The love doctor who taught her how to win men hearts and groom her from evil to angel OR her senior at school of whom she felt in love with since high school????

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Middle of Year 2009..Party Time!!

Hi chaps!

It’s been quite a while huh….

Workplace is pretty much ‘calm’ at the moment when there are only me and manager working….rotating shift although sometimes I kind of felt that I’m the victim to his role by swapping couple of shifts when he fells like doing it…thankfully I’m not much of a fussy person at this kind of responsibility…at least I knew I’ll get paid at the end of the month with ‘extra’…hehe..

My colleague who was supposed to get 3 weeks unpaid leave ended up with 6 weeks unpaid leave (will be back on 29th June)….I couldn’t blame her though after knowing the story behind all the problem she has to endure…at least at this moment, me and the manager are able to ‘neutralize’ couple of bad impressions towards Penang office…

My part time so called business is not good since last month….well, I’ve been busy swapping/rotating work shift without proper pattern of work to accommodate unattended shifts….I’m currently looking for a ‘runner’ and believe me when I say that I have problem with trust…I had couple of candidates but they were not quite right for the job….

Friends…couple of weeks ago, a shocking news hits me….I wasn’t surprised yet it wasn’t expected to be this soon when all seemed to work out pretty good for them…they were one of the known name in Penang music scene since years ago but hey…even world class musicians could have their own agenda…no more “I’m with the band”..ha.ha…

I might be a little too late to share this great news…close friends have finally making their way to the aisle in near time soon…they have been together for couple of years and had just brought their relationship to another level (engagement) on 24th May 2009...look forward to their wedding day next year!! Congratulation!!

Another great news…I’ve just bought flight tickets back to Sabah for this coming Christmas…I had not planned to buy this soon but a day before, I was thinking of another close friend who’s having her wedding ceremony at KDCA at the end 2009 and I don’t prefer to miss this one at all…. Having said that I decided to apply leave and got it approved on the same day!!! So…I’ll be around from 19th Dec 2009 – 3rd Jan 2010….

I’ve been looking and planning at a possibility of another holiday this year…Me, Mr. Jew and Mr. Brandon are planning to go ‘out’ for a short holiday in Italy but so many things have came up without notice...Italy?? You guys really believe that??? I wish I can afford to go there…haha….the truth is, we are planning somewhere around SEA…since Mr Jew has a new pangakosayo colleague…we might go Philippines kan Jew?? Ha.ha…options: Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore…harap-harap Mr Jew sponsor la (FYI: Mr Jew’s wedding budget is RM10 million as he wants to beat the big spender, Tom-Kate’s wedding of USD2.7 million)

Mr. Brandon is coming over to Penang today…Mr. Jew is coming home as well and he has arrived….I have not met Mr. Brandon since Christmas 2008 and Mr. Jew since middle of last month…we are going to have a very small Kaamatan-Gawai belated celebration this Saturday…the event is scheduled to kick off as early as 5:00pm and expected to finish the next morning…we’ll be having BBQ and of course an event organizer, hope there will be enough supply of beer (depending on how much we manage to collect for ‘dana kehausan’).....Have fun!