Saturday, 28 February 2009


A saying....

"..When you can't help the tears to flow out, then open your eyes widely but don't blink your eyes, and let the tears flow naturally from both of your cheeks. Yes, the tears make you see the world clearly instead of blurring your mind. Tears generally paralyze the sad moments rapidly.."

Why people are crying then?
- One cries due to its deep love towards life.
- One cries because of the joy in life.
- One cries to get a comfort.
- One cries on behalf of the sad moment.
- One cries because of the helpless in life.
- One cries in order to show her anger
- One cries on behalf of the condolences to the dead person
- One cries because of parting
- One cries in order to show her deep love towards her beloved person
- One cries because of the hardships of life
- One cries because of the deep emotion towards his intimate bonds
- One cries to show his love towards his career
- One cries because of the sudden disaster that struck his life
- One cries because of the deep sibling relationship
- One cries because of her loneliness
- One cries because of an unbelievable success
- One cries because his deep dignity and sacrifice for the country
- One cries because.................(you'll be missed...)

I'm going home.....

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Experiencing and appreciating life....

......Happiness is not really a matter of events, be it grand or just a simple moment in time. It actually depends on the tides of the minds. But generally, there are little precious things in our lives that matter the most which guarantee our true happiness.....

...Happiness is a state of mind, but it's the little things that matters. You don't have to reach for the moon, just appreciate the things that you have that are within your reach...

Even husky knows the meaning of experiencing and appreciating...

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

News from home...

I’ve just had a conversation with my mum on the phone minutes ago…she called me to inform me about her sis, Aunt Tina has been admitted to a hospital in KK since Monday…the most recent that I met her was when I went back to Sabah in Dec 2008...and to my surprise...she does not look healthy to me as to what I’ve used to 4 years before…I asked Aunt Utuk (my mum’s youngest sis after Aunt Tina)…she told me Aunt Tina is sick…macam-macam la sakit dia that makes her look 10 years older than her actual age….she even looked aged than my mum (the 2nd eldest of 6 siblings)

According to my mum…doctor found out that she's having virus/bacterial infection in her lung…first thing came to my mind was Dr. House….yes, I’ve had another House Series Marathon last week (watched Season 1- Season 4…look forward to buy the Season 5 next week perhaps) there have couple of reason a lung to be infected by virus/bacteria (according to House)….I couldn’t really response to the news...I was shocked but at the same time don’t know what to say….you know when you received a call like this kan…I told my mum to keep me inform of anything….and she said, she just wanted to ensure I’m aware…5 years ago, I was pissed because she didn’t tell me (she did when I called her a week after) about my grandfather’s (mum’s father) of whom I really fond with until ‘he’ (perhaps) visited me…that answered the mystery of ‘human shaped object’ sitting at the corner of my room almost every night watching me sleeping for quite a period….

mum at the age of...I don't know..early 20's perhaps (pic taken using mobile)
I can only pray that Aunt Tina will be alright and hopefully she will get well soon….also I took a chance to wish my mum...a happy birthday…it was her birthday yesterday..I had actually drafted a post but decided not to publish it…Happy belated birthday mum…God bless you, Aunt Tina and families…..Amen!

Monday, 23 February 2009

Leaving on the “correct” jet plane

Fifth Day (16th Feb 2009)
On the way back home from Terminal 3, Jerry called me…the bastard already drunk!!! Haha….went to my bro’s and packed my stuff as we would not want to waste time to go back and collect my bags later that morning (my flight back to Penang was 7am)….me and my bro went to Jerry’s house…thanks for the Dewar’s and side dishes a.k.a pusas…Jerry introduced us to his beloved punk dog and another couple more doggies at the backyard…macam kambing biri-biri saya nampak anjing kau yang putih Jerry…haha…I don’t even know what time we left Jerry’s house and headed straight to the airport….at the airport, as usually I checked in and looked for something...something as in a place to wait la…I heard someone calling my sexy name wel…I saw a groupie that I think I recognize...there were Lumis, Pinny, Bopp and this mind was beginning to black out…I couldn’t remember how I notice that my mobile was missing….thankfully, I have my bro’s card in my wallet, I borrowed Lumis’s mobile to call him and checked with him….I left my mobile in my bro’s car…an empty cigarette box was in my jeans’ pocket though…bengong!! The next thing I remember, I was walking through the scanner (first gate to the departure hall)…I lost my mind there…I could remember ,I walked towards the immigration counter and did another check there…then I lost again...whenI realized, I was talking to the Airasia attendant at the exit door…I could barely remember that I asked him which flight was heading to Penang…he told me something like left-Penang and right-Sandakan..I saw 2 planes ready for boarding…then bang! I almost lost my way….the moment I got back to the reality, I was walking towards the plane to Sandakan…I think I was few meters away from the stair…I made a turn then walked towards the correct plane to Penang…the plane was kind of there was no rush to look for seat…I got one nice seat next to the wing (I always tried to sit next to the wing where I can see the wing’s movement) I kept my bags in the luggage cabinet and sat…that was then the last moment of my memory…leaving KK that morning…..then..I think I fell asleep…opened my eyes, I noted I was already in Penang…the plane had just landed and there were less than 15 people on the plane making their way down….calmly I took my bags and went down the plane…I remember walking towards the main building then lost my mind again…the moment I got back to my mind, I was already at the arrival hall walking towards the exit and there I saw a familiar face… was Claire, thanks to her company for giving her a day off on every Monday so that she has a free time to fetch me at the airport….went to buy nasi ayam then headed home….resting..

So many people to thank pula kan….most importantly, Kuai for her hard work for making this impossible trip to happen…if she didn’t, I don’t think we would have met new friends and we would not have a fun trip, a big laugh and long stories to chat….to my newly acquaintance friends, thanks for your outstanding Jerry, thanks for inviting me to your house and introduced me to your army or darkness…to my bro, thanks for the all night long trip back and forth (he had to stay awake and still needs to go to work)…to Claire, thanks for fetching me and urut kecil-kecilan kau...haha...and above all, I thanked God for the whole experience, opportunity and journey…in case, please forgive me for any wrong doing or words that might hurt your heart or feeling..I didn’t mean it…Cheers!!

What I’ve got from this short-packed trip….I lost 3 kg during the up-down Mount Kinabalu, muscle strained on both legs, sun burn on the face and neck…I lost my red coloured BBKK shirt (just bought from Defoo)….left my mobile (got it on 19th Feb, Thursday)

The End

Hot Spring Poring: Ultimate Relaxation

Third Day (14th Feb 2009)
….Yeah baby! Haha….I haven’t been to Poring for almost 5 years...that’s a quite a long period especially for someone who lives in Ranau…as the previous story goes….me, Mamai and Tom arrived at Hot Spring Poring couple of minutes before 6pm…first thing we did, house survey…and chose a room (a fully furnish 3 rooms house) then marinated the chicken wings along with sausages.....we bought 3 packets of chicken wing and 5 packets of sausage; 2-3 were prepped for BBQ respectively and the rest were kept for tomorrow…

Done preparing for BBQ and rearranged several items in the kitchen, we then went to have our early relaxation (Hot Spring)….it was past 6pm and people was already heading to their vehicles…couple of people were still there enjoying their relaxation though...we spent couple of minutes looking for available pond and finally found one spot..too bad the management doesn’t take care the hot spring ponds well enough….I had to use a piece of plastic cover (junk food’s) to avoid the water from going out through the drainage hole on the bottom surface….I couldn’t sit still and after a walk surveying around couple of ponds..I found 2 rubber pads meant to close the drainage hole…I took both of them..hehe…by that time, Mamai already enjoying his hot spring relaxation…swimming in the small pond? haha…kind of la sebab baring and tiarap….Tom however, enjoying a cold relaxation…haha…he opened the cold water tap instead of the hot water…well, he was enjoying his own kind of relaxation juga…what happened to mine? I had to wait almost half an hour to catch up with their enjoyment…haha…susah susah dulu ba….

Whilst waiting, care to have couple of cigarettes? must be great to have a couple cans of beer, couple of cigarettes whilst you’re in a hot water pond…huhu…finally, three of us enjoying our own kind of mind+body relaxation…spent almost an hour in that state…me, alternately having couple of cigarettes then called it a day when it was already dark…we were worried the others might be looking for us as we thought they might have probably arrived and wanted to get their stuffs in Mamai’s car….reached at the house, they were already there…the ladies were preparing foods for dinner, Sumpitz+Dogoes+Bopp were trying to lit up the fire for a BBQ and couple more were watching Astro…..I changed my clothes and went down to help the BBQ squad...haha…after couple of attempts...finally, we managed to make the fire up burning the charcoals….the others had their pre-dinner…whilst me make do as what necessary to the fire (making it bigger)…me, Tom and Mamai didn’t join because we already had our evening-slash-dinner couple of hours ago and….I was waiting for the BBQ…hehe….joining me in the BBQ squad were Dogoes, Sumpitz and Defoo…hehe..Dogoes as the QA assistant and Defoo as the passionate observer from the house…haha…slowly, Pinny, Bopp, Gurangak, Zi, Mamai, Nokurugia, Lumis and Defoo joined us…the others? Kuai was enjoying her Korean movie....Tom and Gidong had already entered their dreamland…I just wish we had a beer that night and more chilies….it could have been better but what would you expect ba kan if the entire members were tired…some had to walk “katam-katam” style to go-up the stair…as for me, my left leg was badly injured compared to the right one…although there were no beers that night…we had a hot Coffee+Kacip Fatimah that night…then orange syrup later that night…me, Mamai, Defoo, Lumis, Zi, Nokurogia, Bopp, Pinny and later joined by Dogoes spent couple more hours under millions of bright stars playing “lap-lap” using the K-box coins provided by Zi as tokens….

Fourth Day (15th Feb 2009)
I woke up at around 7am and noted several of us already busy making a breakfast...some were busy watching cartoon (Si Defoo) and I think others in the room were still enjoying their early morning climax…haha…Kuai and Zi went to ‘pasar’ earlier membeli belah.….Lumis with her squad were busy in the kitchen preparing a fried rice and fried chicken wings….I helped by making a hot black coffee (Nescafe) although tidak sedap tapi habis juga kena minum…hehe…our breakfast was really nice…nothing more you could ask for when you have fried rice+fried chicken+chilies on your plate accompanied by hot black coffee then later a cigarettes…haha…thanks to Lumis and her squad….after resting of stuffed tummy, we then walked slowly heading to….kehaaa!!….mandi la….thing that had changed since the last time I as there is, there have an entrance fee for the new ponds compound….it doesn’t make sense to me when there have a rate per age range and there also have a an hour duration for each entry…does that makes sense to you? Do you think if you exceed the 1 hour duration, the life-guard will drag you out of the compound? That’s just ridiculous…siapa punya idea yang brilliant la ni????? Entrance fee was RM3…we were supposed to let the ticket attendant knows that “we’re with Kuai (bukan la kuai tapi nama sebenar la)” something like that la kenen so we can get into the compound without paying RM3 each…but no worries, the moneys can be used for the development of Poring juga….we spent almost 3 hours there…took several pictures, swimming and some main “hantu-hantu”…Kuai and Defoo had to give up their fight from being thrown over to the water…another great moment was when Kuai managed to get a private hot tubs in a small cottage…..Thanks Kuai... there have 2 tubs with toilet each…well, the tub is not quite big but enough to accommodate at least 6 people..well, macam sardine juga la but that’s the fun of it….sharing a bath tub with fellow friends…even mungkin ada yang kencing we wouldn’t know…haha…

Spent hours in the cottage then walked back to the Medang Rest House….I took another shower (I was sweating walking back to the rest house)…we packed our stuffs and had our lunch….again, a decent lunch but very tasty…chicken ketchup and sardine….less is best ba tu…hehe…meleleh air liur ingat tu makanan…haha…last final thing before leaving was giving out the certificates…I was truly honored to be invited (along with Gurangak and Lumis..macam tua suda pula..) to present several certificates to others…the man of the hours was Mamai…he was first to reach Laban Rata and Lows Peak…Congratulation!!

Wallaa….we were finally at the end of the journey…me and Tom in Mamai’s car back to KK…Sumpitz, Defoo and Kuai with Zi in Zi’s car then the others were in a rented bus….we reach KK after almost 2 hours journey and Mamai sent to my bro’s house in Kelombong…minutes after that my bro arrived from “jalan-jalan” in KK town….rested couple of hours at my bro’s…I had already made a plan that night with Mesh and Jerry for a short meet-up…but due to complication (injured which disallowed me to drive and tiredness), I had to cancel the meet-up…earlier I had asked my bro if he’s free and planned to bring him along…he was fine with that…but after hours of resting my body became weak…eyes were so tired and contact lenses began to dry…I even fell asleep couple of minutes whilst laying down on a hard rock semen in my bro’s living room..huhu…at about 8:20pm I sent a text to Mesh that I had to pass the meet-up this time….me and my bro went out to the HSBC bank for me to withdraw some cash then straight to dinner…Once we reached home…I received couple of text messages….I was flattered…still, I tried to ignore godaan iman yang sangat kuat…..4 persons sent texts to me asking me to come….finally, my iman fell apart….I decided to come and I did with my bro….Gurangak, Mesh, Junior, Gidong, Kuai, Zi, Dogoes, Lumis, Bobby, Sumpitz and Olsen (if not mistaken) were there….I was served a jug of beer as promised by Angak…thanks bro…well I wasn’t thinking of drinking that much that night so I guess having a jug of beer should be more than enough….I was wrong!! A problem with me though…I can’t stop drinking once it comes to me…haha….I was kind of dizzy that night…it might surprised others that I was a bit hyper when or after being charged with alcohol (pemalu jadi tidak pandai malu pula kan)….haha…thankfully though, if there were 4 more jugs afterwards…I’m afraid I’ll pick a song and sing without hesitation…haha….we were the last groupie that left the place named Terminal 3 that night; a really nice place to hang out…I might go there again…hopefully the place would not be tainted by unlawful and uncivilized acts….it’s a karaoke pub club…there have extended pouch outside, sofas as well as a pool table…I had a great time with you guys …there’s always next time and when that time comes, it’ll be my treat….haha….

To be continued...

Friday, 20 February 2009

Scaling down Mount Kinabalu

Third Day (14th Feb 2009)

……That morning.....after enjoying the sunrise and took several individual as well as group pictures…we slowly walked down the Low’s Peak…why la we penat-penat climb up then in the end kita turun juga..haha…I think it was almost 8am and the heat coming from the sun’s beginning to burn my skin…I had an experience during my 2nd trip when I got burnt…totally black…darker than black??..haha…charcoal la suda tu… there have this one particular person (a Japanese/Korean tourist I think)…he really appreciated his moment up there…I’ve forgotten the whole sentence…but it sounds something like this I guess..”… leave nothing but memories..” and that was exactly what he’s doing…he left his ultimate treasure up there…he wasn’t even cared about us around him…dengan selamba dia membuka dan menghembus meninggalkan kenangan “I was here..”...haha…I was leading the pack that morning as I knew how much it hurts to put too much strain to my leg/knees walking down the hilly mountain…I walked as fast as I could to and after 20 minutes I couldn’t even see the group behind….well, they were having another photo shot up there, weren’t they? Arrived at the Laban Rata stop after almost an hour and I began to feel the pain…hell with it…first thing I did once I’d arrived was, hang my clothes to keep them dry then cleaned the rest house…Pinny was there playing with her make-up..haha..and thanks Pinny, she helped me to clean the rest house…sweeping, washing the dishes/cups and re-arrange the beds to their original location….some of you might already knew that I’m no fan to messy place…yet I’m flexible…I was so hungry; good time to have a hot Maggie Mee and Coffee…I tell you, the feeling whilst eating the Maggie Mee up there isn’t something you can have everyday…haha…I went out several times to check up my clothes (if suda kering)….I didn’t wear any clothes (only jeans la..basah kena pelug) and it isn’t a good idea to open your clothes up there although you think the sun will keep you warm…once you’ve realized, you’re not a Dusun/Kadazan anymore…people might thinks you’re a pilak..hahaha…I was left no choice ba...there have this one uncle, a staff himself and I believe he has nothing to do other than waiting for his fellow guides to return to office and report their journey…I spent some of my time chatting with him about Mount Kinabalu and the new track called Via Verata…then there were several stories about missing climbers on Mount Kinabalu, unpredicted weather as well as numbers of climber throughout the years…I even asked him how one needs to do to become a guide and how does it feel to live there (10 days holiday per month)

Ini la kejadian apabila tersangat awal sampai di puncak... (me, Defoo, Dogoes and Mamai)

It was around noon, when the others arrived….some have gone straight to Laban Rata Café to have their lunch and some heading straight to bed…Mamai arrived and took his time to rest then began packing his stuffs into his beg….half an hour later, me and Mamai decided to walk down back to Timpohon Gate…Tom joined us and there were 3 of us…again, walking down the path we took the day before…susah-susah mahu naik, last-last turun juga…. All there of us were together until…I think it was after the 5th hut from Timpohon Gate when Mamai left me and Tom behind…me and Tom tried to catch Mamai but we just as strong as him…hehe…by the time we reached the 3rd hut from the Timpohon Gate, me and Tom had already lost all our absorber and spring ability in our legs….we slowly walked our way down and finally reach the Timpohon Gate…we were an hour behind Mamai (Tidur-tidur suda si Mamai boring..haha..) I was totally wet by my own sweat…changed my clothes then walked into the bus…resting and slept the whole journey back to Kinabalu Park main office…it is around 20 min driving but due to tiredness, I felt like I’ve slept more than an hours…so peaceful...haha….apparently, three of us slept the whole journey…huhu..

We had a mission to buy some groceries for a one night stay in Medang Rest House, Hot Spring Poring that night….without wasting any more time, which was already past 4pm…me, Mamai and Tom in Mamai’s kelisa heading straight to Ranau….stopped at Kundasang to buy some roses…haha…betul ka ni??haha...we were trying to find chilies, lemon and vegy….then melencong mencari “International” as what Tom calls it….I really didn’t get it at first….and still I am until now why he calls some restaurants as “international”...Tom, cuba kenen kau jelaskan???I think what he really meant was, he was looking for something universal…which also means a restaurant that serves ‘halal’ food? betul ka ni atau yang sebaliknya.…haha…So we ended up at this one wooden restaurant (on the right hand side of the road if you’re coming from KK)…Mamai and Tom ordered Mee Tuaran and I ordered a Mee Konomin….the last time I had Mee Konomin was 10 years ago I think when I was still in Sandakan….we were satisfied with the foods+chilies+100Plus…superb!!! And thanks to Tom for his kind heart to pay the food…

We continued our mission in Ranau…I told Mamai to stop at the night market place where we could find chilies and lemon and he did…I took the chance to buy several packs of “lada putih” to be brought back to Penang and he found our chilies and lemon there…then we made another stop at the Sabindo Mini Market to buy more groceries for a decent BBQ, dinner as well as breakfast…unfortunately, Sabindo run out of Ajinomoto….we had to look for any retail shop and we managed to buy it on our way to Poring (a retail shop after the bridge to Lohan)…yes! Finally we arrived at Hot Spring Poring, Mamai collected the Medang Rest House key and we went straight to Medang Rest House……

To be continued...

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Conquering Mount Kinabalu

It has been 2 days after the tiring but fun trip to Mount Kinabalu and Poring Hot Spring

I’d say…the trip with newly-acquaintance-friends was fun and adventurous…I had a great time getting to know new faces and new jokes…bunyi macam singa si Kuai consider joke terbaru’re one hell of a girl Kuai…I don’t know how long one can survive if you were to join a hunting trip at night…haha….unique yet special..

First Day (12th Feb 2009)
First day…everyone was nervous…or was it only me? because I’m a very shy person ba...I kind of arrived earlier than expected and had to wait over 2 hours…no worries though…I wasn’t mad and nor saddened by that…not a biggie…understandable ba Kuai, Zi and Defoo yang ‘main tapuk-tapuk’ di atas bukit…haha…then ada lagi rakaman video durang di dalam kereta...haha..Earlier I had already collected the rooms’ keys (Liwagu Rest House) but I wasn’t feeling good about entering the room without the others….so I waited la kenen dengan tabah until the blue coloured Viva arrived…that early evening about 7pm, I think…we had our dinner at the nearby restaurant, opposite the junction to Kinabalu Park…if I wasn’t mistaken, it’s called Pinarata…and had a nice small ice-breaking chat…I was with Kuai, Zi, Lumis, Pinny, Bopp, Defoo and Gidong at the same table whilst the others…Mamai, Sumpitz, Gurangak, Dogoes, Tom, Nokurogia and Kupi at another table next to us (click their names to get more updates and pictures)….right after dinner, the entire members went up to the Liwagu Rest House and had a nice warm shower in the darkness…another ice breaking afterwards where each of us had to introduce ourselves to the members...then the climax of the night was a bottle of Chivas courtesy of Gurangak along with fun game of cards…

Second Day (13th Feb 2009)
As early as 6am..I woke up and washed my face...went down to the Raflesia Restaurant to have my breakfast...I was so hungry and I couldn’t bare any longer to throw some shit out of my ass….terkimut-kimut terkena air sejuk...haha…the bathroom door in our room can not be locked even closed ba..hehe..nanti terbangun orang dengar hembusan nafas dari belakang…haha…I had a decent breakfast buffet…fried rice+egg+waffle+bread+orange juice…then another cup of hot coffee with the others at the Liwagu Rest House before we spent another an hour waiting for the bus to transport us to the Timpohon Gate as well as an arrangement for porters to carry some others stuffs to our next stop at the mid-top of Mount Kinabalu….several group pictures were taken and at around 9:20am we off to the Timpohon Gate then began our journey up to Laban Rata stop…we left the Tompohon Gate at around 9:40am that morning…I was with Mamai, Tom, Sumpitz leading the way up but later after the 4th hut…there were only me and Sumpitz struggling to reach Laban Rata stop..Mamai and Tom arrived and had their lunch at Laban Rata Café about 20 minutes earlier than me and Sumpitz…if I wasn’t mistaken it was already 30 minutes past 2pm…four of us then went to the rest house where we were planned to stay/rest….had our rest/sleep whilst waiting the others to arrive…and finally at about 6pm, everyone was there resting and some chatting about about their journey up from Timpohon Gate…spent the whole night inside the rest house to get enough rest before another challenge to the Low’s Peak of Mount Kinabalu at 2:30am….Kuai Love introduced us with her friend ‘L’ and she was kind enough to prepare a decent breakfast for us (Me, Mamai, Defoo, Kuai, Zi, Tom and Nokurogia)..Thanks kio L…hehe..ada apple and orange lagi..haha…

Third Day (14th Feb 2009)
We walked from Laban Rata at about 2:30am slowly making our way up to the peak….climbing up the rocky mountain using ready made rope and several staircase to heaven was difficult enough…it was to me…and I’m pretty sure most of the members felt the same tiredness as me…except for Mamai who always looked strong..maintaininng his step towards the peak…there were me, Mamai and Dogoes when we reached the Sayat-Sayat Gate and when it was already 1km from the Low’s Peak….Dogoes was already way behind us, leaving me trying to keep up with Mamai’s pace…I failed and he left me when it was about 500m way up to the Low’s Peak…Mamai was the first to reach the Low’s Peak at about 5:20am that morning, followed by me and Dogoes couple of minutes later…then came Defoo, Sumpitz and Gurangak….Kuai was the first woman in the group to reach the Low’s Peak though…. too bad Pinny, Zi and Kopi didn’t make it to the top…at least you ladies tried kan…there’s always next time…Thanked God for the good weather we had during the whole trip up Mount Kinabalu…we were given a clear sky…bright moon and stars…calm night without any strong wind at all…..

To be continued….

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I'm taking a break..

Hi chaps....I think I haven't visited my blog as often as I should these past few days...frankly speaking I was tied up with works and I wasn't feeling like penning down anything yet...Chinese New Year...Chap Goh Mei...I had them celebrated with dear friends...hung out,chatting and drinking...not much though as I was trying to reduce the amount of alcohol consumption for a rare trip to Mount Kinabalu...yes, most of you might have heard it from other fellow bloggers, especially from Lumis's blog where she introduces most of the coming-to-be-newly-acquintance-friends....I'm about to have another trip back to Sabah today at around 10:15 am from Penang International Airport...I was in Sabah a month ago and again..I'm going back to Sabah for a short+packed schedule....I wouldn't dare to say that I've prepped myself for this trip as I had just finished packing my stuff into my bag..I have not had any special gears (glove, ski-mask, torch light and etc) ready or anything....I was supposed to get them ready last weekend but I wasn't feeling like doing becomes habit to me now and then...sometimes, I might change my mind about any trip at the very last happened once although I had bought the flight ticket for that particular it scary or wasting...I just don't care if I don't feel like doing it...

Still, this trip to Mount Kinabalu..I really don't know if it was my heart who agreed to join or was it just a desire to once again to feel/live the beauty of nature...I know it's going to be a fun trip and I'm hoping a good weather during the whole trip...last year, I told myself that I'm going to use this particular moment at a particular location above the sea-level to re-evalute my things that had happened...things that I should be looking at or needing more attention in my present life...I just don't know how would it be but I do know that I truly need a break from workplace...I have not had any of my-moment at workplace since my return in early January...I was continuesly busy and pressured....good thing was, I wasn't even once felt stressed like most people would have, my mind is just sounds to me that I'm complaining huh...that's this crap that I've been trying to tell to myself over and over again to not ever fall off the track and just keep it up to my best...

It's now 6:25am..I'm not planning to sleep until I boarded the plane back to Sabah..there, I'll have over 2 hours of rest if I may....will be arriving in KK around noon and heading back to Ranau...spending time with my parents before the actual trip on the 12th Feb...I might try to look for all the 'missing' gears later in Ranau...well, this is not my first trip to Mount Kinabalu and there was once (2nd trip) I went up to the highest peak in SEA without any proper gears (not even a torch light..I kind of used my friend as a torch to light our way up as he had his torch light and we ended up as the first two human to arrive at the peak at dawn that day..still, arriving early was not a very good idea as we had to wait for others before we could walk our way down...silap sikit mati kesejukan menunggu..haha)....have the management installed any lights along the track? How would that be like?Would it still be adventerous?

I believe most Sabahan have not climbed the Mount Kinabalu..understandable la if you have a health complication but for those who haven't done it and you don't have any health issue...I would highly recommend to not to miss the chance to conquer the highest peak in SEA...I told my Tech Director about this trip and he's interested to know more about Mount Kinabalu...he's an out-door type of guy...cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, jungle tracking and conquering mountains around Europe...and he was kind of shocked to know the height of Mount Kinabalu (he has never climbed as high as Mount Kinabalu..)

A'ight peeps..I'm going to take a bath now and get ready before Jew wakes up....later guys!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

I'm just trying to be a low profile..

There are so many excuses given for not getting yourself in front of a camera....being a low profile among others will do but that does not guaranty your secret is safe...just a little more careful with flash might help...a dilemma for our heroes flashmen/women out there..please understand....huhu..

Have a great day and 'our heroes' are out there among us....

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Another pain-in-the-ass "Roll-Out"

This project has been ongoing for the past 2 years...last year I had sacrificed much of my own time staying late (as late as 16 hours working straight with the help of cigarettes) and now it all started again...I was the one who wrote the entire test plans and now I'm using them against the "roll-out" release version that we had planned for this particular customer....still, we've not been given a full contract agreement although we had worked and fulfilled their requirements and this could worth possibly AUS$1.3 million to the company for at least 2 years of contract...

Today,I came in the office....bear in mind my manager is on 2 weeks leave and for that reason our Tech Director become so hyper tracing and reviewing all works performed by me, my manager and one particular senior developer in the my surprise, mistakes that were not meant to be mine become mine...."missed update" issue...I was pissed off but looking further at the issues, I realized there was no point to be mad at and as the only resident expert in Malaysia that they can rely on at this stage, I responded to the blame by making a phone call and explained the details professionally to the Tech Director...I'm left alone to deal and response to these issues to our Business Dev Manager in Aus, Tech Director and of course our CEO in the loop.....

I couldn't give better answer to the late update of the current "roll-out" version status although I had one particular reason where it was already been planned that another 'hot fix' will be deployed later on Monday (UK time which I was not in the office to confirm the fix) I explained what I've found and what I personally think needing further investigation..thankfully, the Tech Director was alright with my action...well, I'm doing what had been told and I didn't expect this would I've spent almost an hour documenting my findings and passed it over to them...then opened several more HITS issues as record of faults...the Tech Director has reviewed them and allocated me to work with the senior developer for another 'hot fix' ASAP...

Few minutes ago, I checked my web mail and read the emails received from the Tech Director...I'm a little relieved reading his response to my documented findings...still, there seems to have several HITS issues left not being updated and they are now becoming my next task, tomorrow to investigate then update them accordingly....noting down these tasks and time I might need to spend on investigation, I would not dare to say I would be able to complete them within 8 working hours.....I'm talking about a massive data as big as 9 G byte (SQL) needing investigation to why and where it went wrong to show wrong output..from where those extra outputs coming and to why they're not being output correctly...I provide the inputs and the senior developer would use these inputs for his this another re-play of last year? Challenge comes with prize and hopefully I can get that prize again if I could pull this off well although I now had 4 not-so-good-working-weeks......Thanked God though....

I think I've been complaining since my return.....forgive me....

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Jan-Feb transition dinner...

How was your weekend?

Today's the first day of the month of February..On satuday, me and Jew worked together replacing the 'dawai rambat' at the gate to a new set 'dawai rambat' (dawai rambat ba tu kan nama dia kalau di sabah...yang kadang-kadang kena guna untuk BBQ tu..)The previous one was badly damaged by dogs (From the mother; Tankerina until her son; Biggy) Husky (the Siberian Husky - now named Husky sebab kurang bengong sudah) is getting bigger and soon, he will need to start doing his job guarding the front yard and Biggy at backyard...I don't know what would happen if he sees any female dog...he's already a horny dog..making the 'anjakan' move to other people's leg...

The gate is looking good now...earlier that day when me and Jew went out looking for hardware shop to buy the 'dawai rambat'..Jew proposed to do a BBQ or BBQ-steamboat...So, we decided to do a BBQ-Steamboat..the last time we had BBQ-Steamboat was back in 2007 during Jew's birthday celebration...around 7pm, me and Jew went out again to the near by Tesco Hypermarket buying all the food as well as a pack of 16 cans beer....with 2 amateur cooks doing the didn't take longer than 30 minutes for us to start enjoying the food...well I was the first because I prepared a boiled cockle....too bad that there was no 'sambal' because Tesco run out of chilies..huhu..Jew prepared Tom Yam soup and another frying pan was used for BBQ'ing.....hehe...we began enjoying the food and I tell you...It was a nice decent dinner and it causes us to forget that we have beers.....the first beer can we had was so delicious....haha...this was after several non-stop eating...perhaps due to the combination of hot-spicy Tom Yam soup and hot-crispy BBQ....the food we had were; chicken wings (fried), slice chicken, meat and chicken ball, sausage, cherry tomato, mushroom, mee-hoon and of course my cockle (Jew does not eat cockle..)

Looking at the foods on the table, we were thinking...the food we had were actually enough for atleast 5 there only me and Jew....earlier at the Tesco, I was like....looking at the items inside the basket, I thought macam inda cukup kenen...thankfully several of the foods we were looking for already finished...Jew phoned his cousin and invited him to come to the house (We thought his cousin were in KL) he came and joined us...chatting, cooking and drinking....several hours then, me and Jew went out again buying another 9 bottles of beer....then Joel returned home as he had just finished his jamming session with his band....even with 4 persons, still there have several more foods being kept in the refrigerator...and today Jew cooked a fried mee-hoon+slice chicken+sausage+meet & chicken ball+vegetable....the only food that we managed to finish last night were the Tom Yam soup and my cockle..apparently, I'm the only person who eats cockle..not even Joel nor Jew's cousin, John...John is actually looking after his cholesterol level and cockle has a high level of cholesterol indeed....

Woke up today..nothing to do other than cleaning the space we had BBQ-Steamboat last night...and now resting...tomorrow is Monday already..hope you guys had a great weekend..the CNY mood is still on the air I believe....