Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Time for 100Plus

REALLY?? That was the impression when I looked at the recent electricity bill. Let’s just say it is as expected but not as much as that!!! Si jew kali ni..haha…no worries, I should have known better when I bought and installed the air conditioner…is there an air conditioner that uses coins to be activated just like to pay to wash washing machine? That’ll be an awesome ‘tabung’..haha…

I finally fell sick last amazed everyone in the office and of course it did make my Manager a bit worried…I’ve never really got sick that bad since the beginning of 2010 so that must be timely for me after 7 months…thanks to cold beer, I managed to get it controlled!!! I had a mild flu when I woke up on Thursday and it got worse when I came to work that day…the next day, it was the same plus sore throat and really give me hard time to work…gladly I had an invitation to a belated birthday party cum opening ceremony of a friend’s newly renovated restaurant somewhere in Batu Ferringgi on Friday…at midnight after work, I drove straight to the place and had couple of beers to clean up the ‘dirt’ ..haha…it did work ba…the next day, although I still had sore throat, the sneezing was off…went to meet new friend at Hard Rock Hotel Penang and ended up couple more beers at my colleague’s Rum Jungle Café (a decent place to drink beer with very reasonable price – RM38/bucket; I was given a discount as a token of appreciation though) just before Hard Rock Hotel…I had been planning to come to her place but the place is too far to reach and it’s not rational to drink and drive that far especially now, police road blocks are everywhere in Penang...later that night we went out for another outing…jajal budak-budak sekarang ni tau..kuat betul jalan..haha…we went to one of Jew’s regular karaoke pub (co-regular as the waiter is quite familiar with me already) and it was a great night hanging out with friends coming all the way from KL…lucky I was still in recovering state hence amount of beers was reduced...

Fairly good news…I’ve just registered for 6km Merdeka Run on 8th August 2010 at will be me and Jew with few hundred runners…it’s going to be a fun run so I have nothing to accomplish but I do plan to review my fitness level before I can confidently register for the Penang Bridge Marathon which is in November 2010..I have not been in training mode for more than 1 month but our recent camping trip to Pantai Kerachut looks promising that I can still endure such tiredness and pain…speaking of Pantai Kerachut, we walked for an hour on each journey go and return…it was a fun trip and no alcohol at that time (ada juga lihing tapi anggap saja minum sirap oren)

I might be a little tied up the next couple of weeks (approx 3 weeks) due to lack of manpower…one of the senior staff in Customer Service Dept (UK Office) has had to apply sick leave with unknown duration but most likely it may last for 3-4 weeks…after discussion we decided to work full 5 days a week instead of 4 days a week as we would normally do…not a problem though because there’s always an extra allowance if more days are covered *wink* The last time we had 5 days a week was in the middle of last year…sounds like plans may have to be postponed..huhu…FYI, we’ve got 2 seniors in UK and me in MY thus either me or the other senior (1 in UK at the moment) are not be allowed to have leave during this period until the other one returns…every shift has to have a senior to monitor and’d understand why…

We’re 5 months shy of 2011 and few more month the number is increased (+1) I was watching The Vampire Diaries with Claire recently and I thought isn’t it interesting to be a new-school vampire…we were chatting the differences between old-school and new-school vampires…one that stands out is how this new-school vampire can go out during day with no hesitant at all…you’ll enjoy life more than anyone in the world and you’ll get a chance to redeem or repent yourself after 100 years of doing ‘very-bad’ thing to human despite the fact that vampire sucks human blood…if you have human pet that’ll be just fine…hehe…just a thought but it sounds very intriguing…this is a good timing to make a wish list for the ‘+1’ so people can plan cepat-cepat (saving and surveying) still looking for an ‘original’ DVD of Good Will Hunting, God Father Trilogy and few more…*wink*

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Catching Up..

Ba ok la….semenjak kebelakangan ini jumlah bilangan cicak yang menginap di rumah pun sudah semakin meningkat..mungkin begitu juga la blog saya ni kan…ada sudah sarang labah-labah..haha…

These past few weeks tiada juga yang interesting bah although I’ve just made one of my biggest decision in my life…sikit lagi tu duit dalam bank boleh sudah mahu masuk meminang ni..hahaha..mengkali la…bagus lagi enjoy kalau ada duit dalam bank..haha…

Recently we had a party here at the was nice to meet kawan-kawan lama dan baru…it was great sampai polis datang singgah mahu join..haha..padahal sikit lagi kana bawah naik pick-up polis gara-gara telampau bising…nasihat dia...jangan kamu teriak-teriak kalau malam…kesian jiran mimpi yang bukan-bukan…haha..

I’m so happy that my room is becoming a better place to rest on these days regardless of day or night…the current electricity bill isn’t bad at all..I was a little surprised myself…the different was just well above RM3!!! If this thing going to stay that way…I’m more than happy to enjoy the air conditioning all the far I’d say about 8-12 hours a day so…fingers crossed saja lah..

Damon, Elena a.k.a Katherine and Stefan
New recommendation…download The Vampire Diaries or buy the original DVD…worth watching…although the actor/actresses aren’t as hot as the Twilight’s but the story line kinda nice….the Salvatore brothers (Stefan and Damon) have lived over 140 years (1864) as vampire and they’ve got so many past stories that slowly come to them…the lady who turned them into vampire named Katherine is apparently survived the 1864 massacre although the brothers thought she had been buried alive or locked underground 140 years ago…another lady named Elena (Katherine’s resemblance – mimang lah bah perempuan yang sama) has gain some impression from the brothers because both of them have had an affair with Katherine in past (Elena is Stefan’s girlfriend in current year)…so begitu lah cerita serba sedikit latar belakang cerita dia, macam sejarah lepas berulang…also most probably Katherine and Elena are blood related… the series was first released in October 2009 and the most recent episode (Ep 22) was released in mid-May 2010…can’t wait the 2nd season…Katherine is back for vengeance…what would happen to Elena, the Salvatore brothers and the villagers...Could there be a love triangle…after watching The Vampire Diaries I felt bored watching True Blood..hehe

* Best juga kalau buli jadi vampire moden..buli keluar bersantai di siang hari..kesian vampire dulu-dulu...

Friday, 2 July 2010

Sad to be in love?

A very touching video clip of a very beautiful song

Would you?