Sunday, 30 January 2011

Thoughtful Decision Making

Friday, 28 January 2011

Are You Qualified To Be A Cool Roommate?

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Good Start

Let's start the year with a big YE YE..

We had our 1st 2011 company meeting (Penang) yesterday and timely when the CEO was here visiting the branch...

As usual, he updated us with the company's target and plans for 2011..apart from updates, there were also announcements being made publicly and privately....guess the private part is very obviously la kan..salary increment!!!

We were craving for salary increment which we would usually be informed in Sep 2010 (junior staffs were asking and as usual there were always a rumour or speculation to entertain your trust and confidence with the company) I knew there was going to be a very good news but I did not expect to be this good for me personally....I've been with the company for 5 years so I'm being rewarded with a one off bonus as well as an additional 1 day off per annum commencing this year (this gives me additional 2 days off per annum) This year I've been granted additional 5 days off thus making my Manager a little worry? I guess he is...he did mention this after the meeting that I have too many day off this year excluding the fact that I only work 4 days a week...moreover, I had been granted days off (twice) since the beginning of 2011 by the Management without my is not that we have more man power at this moment though...coincidentally these 2 days off were given when the pay was triple!!! The Manager jokingly said, I have too much money (The truth is, the Management tries to be fair to each employees in order to have a balanced triple pay a year..or else some body may request to work during triple pay just to get ahead of others) Well I wish I have too much money but thanks to God am quite happy I'm surviving the wild world with my current financial status...How's the salary increment? let's put it this way...encouraging!

Can't wait for the Bonus! I'm thinking of installing additional strut bar to my sport car or perhaps I will save it for something much more relevant - Holiday & Traveling!

I thank God, my parents' prayer and of course I thank myself for continuing to work hard in life!!

*Now thinking of winning Jackpot this year! If this were to happen, 2011 will be the greatest year to date then

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Designated Hermitage - 3 years ago

The old Designated Hermitage - I miss the 'wel' in this picture..tagap eh tangan..six packs lagi..haha..

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Let's Get Fit

I've made a plan since last year that I will try to get better fitness and health in 2011..I've been surveying few available run events far I've just registed the 11Km Energyzer Run but if God's will..I will try to join each of these or more...

Energizer Night Race 2011: 11 Km - 16 April 2011 (Registered)

MALAKOFF Penang Run: 26 Km - 22 May 2011

Borneo International Maraton: Half Marathon - 1 May 2011

Standard Chartered KL Marathon: 21 Km - 26 June 2011

Kwong Wah Yip Poh (KWYP) Penang Hill Climb 2011 - 3 July 2011

Tanjung 10 Km Run - 2 October 2011

Kwong Wah Yip Poh (KWYP) Penang City Run - 16 October 2011

Guang Ming Bukit Jambul Hikathon - 23 October 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011: Half Marathon - 20 Nov 2011

Penang Starwalk 2011 - Date to be announced

Recently I had my first running training for 2011...I'm planning to buy a multipurpose watch so I can monitor my distance and time whilst running...temporarily I've got to live with my BlackBerry mobile application "Great Trainer" works fine and its first record was..I ran 1.45 Miles and a lost of 143 Calories within 21 minutes with average speed 5.4 mph...nice!

*Mau start intensif training suda ni tau..