Monday, 17 December 2007

Thirsty Traveller

I went to Thailand few weeks ago..(3rd - 7th Dec). I didn't go there with my friend though as we had planned earlier this year to go either Philippines or Thailand but I ended up alone in Thailand. No worries as it was an amazing trip and holiday. It would be more fun if we all can make it.

3rd December, departed from Penang International Airport about 10:30 am and arrived in Suvarbhumi Airport Thailand, the newly opened airport which is larger than KLIA although you have to ride on a bus to get to the plane. Once arrived, I took a bus to Pattaya straight away (Counter is on Level 1 at Gate 8). To cut the story short, I stayed in Sawasdee Pattaya Hotel for 3 nights then back to Bangkok on the 6th.

Talking about Pattaya, it is a very nice place to visit. I was and still interested with their night life. Not that I love to mingle nor I'm a pervert but it suits people who loves to have women around them...again not me..I'm not saying that you can get any women you wanted there but I'm sure that most of us knew that poverty is a huge problem in Thailand excluding their currency rate compared to others (basically, RM10.00 is equal to TBH100.00) Since the night life is very interesting and very open, one thing you may have to bear in mind is a genuinenity. It is because that at several known places in Pattaya's night clubs are flooded by pretty ladies called 'Lady Boy'. I can assure you that it is not a very easy task to differentiate between genuine woman and lady boy though. So please be very careful unless you wanted to try that kind..hehe..if you really do, there is a street called as "Walking Street" where most of the clubs are providing lady boy's services. It would be much easier if you can get somebody to give you some advise at the exact moment. I'd encouraged that you befriend with uniformed waiter/waitress, bartender or directly to their supervisor because most of these lady boys are bounded to the clubs. Having said that, you would have to pay a "leave charge" upon leaving with them either lady boys or genuine ladies and again excluding the charges you're going to pay them later on. Where your money goes - drinks for you and your partner, "leave charge" and service charge. Based on my short holiday experience, it is best to have fun or spend your night out at a normal and decent club. I was thankful that one of the hotel staff from where I stayed was very friendly towards me..perhaps... and able to speak a decent English. I spent my 1st night out with him at his favourite club, about 2oo meters from the hotel. The place is more likely as a bistro restaurant with live band music every night. He explained these kinda things to me and offered me a genuine woman as my companion... Because of him also, I was able to have a chat with some of the is not easy to have a chat with them because not much of them can really understand and speak a decent English..the most common words they would usually use and familiar are "from", "where", "yes", "no", "come", "go", "call", "married", "single", "age", "work" and several other but less than 30 words on my observation. Some of them of course can speak decent English and logically it works just right for them to communicate with their clients....

There are so much to talk about Thailand but it is best if you go there yourself to enjoy their culture and night life. Whilst I was in Pattaya, I rented a bike for THB150.00 per day which was rm15 per day for 3 days. It was easier for me to move around because the town is not really that big but if you you spend the whole day walking, I wouldn't mind as long as you don't complaint. I went to Water World Theme Park and tried the Rollercoaster which I almost cried for my life. It was awesome and damn scary..haha..if you love sun tanning, I'd recommend you to go to Jomtien Beach which is just a walking distance from the Water Theme Park I mentioned. I was planning to try the Bungee Jumping but after I went up-down the Adrenalin Rush tower..I've lost my daredevil spirit. I will next time!

Bangkok? Nothing much to talk about this place because I've only spent 1 night day and most of the time I was in a shopping complexes. Bangkok is the place to shop only. I'd prefer to spend more time in Pattaya compared to Bangkok. The people in Pattaya is a lot more nicer than in Bangkok. Maybe it is a big city similar to KL where most people only think about trip..would probably Philippines. Confirmed trip would be Singapore for the F1 Grand Prix (Night Race)....

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Will I ......again?

Horny is defined as desirous of sexual activity;sexually aroused or marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest. What about flirt(y) then? Flirt(y) is defined as making playfully romantic or sexual overtures. These words have other meanings but they're used mostly and likely in these kinda contexts.

Well..few days ago I'd received a text from an old friend..She has been asking me load of questions through SMS. Actually, I have never expected she would though..there was a subtle incident few years back when I was still 'young'..haha..Sorry the exact time has to be made secret..a'ight..back to the story..we had a crush but I/we thought time was not meant to be..we both agreed and we did best not to know when you watch bollywood movies..without the dancing and singing scenes..there is always a problem to be with your 'love' one..hehe..

For the record, we were not even a couple back then..duh... just a very close friend indeed and in need even though we were actually far to each other..these few days..we're texting a lot..nothing special but the feeling (Crush) has started to grow again..and sometimes..because of the age as well as experience (i believe)..making silly jokes (flirting) is inevitable..this has brought to more details questions and desire..darn! This issssssssss making me horny...haha...It is fun and enjoying to have such friend again especially when it comes from the opposite sex, chatting and sharing about your personal life or thoughts with no boundary at know sometimes (most of the time la actually) when a group of guy hang out chatting, most of their facts are one sided facts..not all but some happens to female as well (don't think I don't know what you ladies talk about ah..) is common though that male and female have problem to understand each other..I had the same situation before where I though I found someone very special to me but it was not meant to was not her or anybody fault..I'd prefer to think it was my fault rather than blaming others for what you can't get and lost..those were great moments and would it be cherished forever?..Yes I will

OK..although at this point, I've not thought about any relationship but of course when the time has come..and if God's will..not even me able to avoid what He has planned..I'm grateful that we started to keep in touch again after several years gone missing....and thought it is best to let the time decides everything..we're still good 'distance' friend..

I'm happy with the current situation and hoping the friendship will last as long as it takes...hoping for the greater good?..we all need hope and we will always hoping for the greater things in our life..

Sunday, 11 November 2007

New Blog Created

I've just created a new public blog meant for our group so called "Boring-Bwoing". We're not a group of boring person though..we just came up with this name because....sometimes you do feel boring inside your office of doing nothing for several hours or probably the whole day..sometimes not every times ..hehe...some other reason is, we are trying to unite all Sabahan & Sarawakian students (post+under) in "perantauan" work together to make sure our own states are able to compete with other especially when we know that we're 10 years behind them either development or knowledge itself..that is not the main objective actually kan..haha..we just love each others and still being a friend is the most important.

It is still under construction and am still working on several enhancements..hopefully to get some ideas from the group I've made sure they have the permission to post anything that useful and suitable ("U" discretion)..

At this point..there are several items I have re-used from Designated Hermitage blog itself... it is time consuming to start all over again..

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Play 2 Win

This is an online gamers zone, organized by a local company. It is a gamers zone but it has lots to offer...

Play any games offered topping the score board, you get the chance to win cash money or Play Station game console or hand phones. I won a hand phone (Motorola ws22) few months ago but I have to wait for about 3 months to get the hand phone - read FAQ. The phone now sold to my friend for RM200 (Retail price at RM399)..refer to Mr. Joel..

At first I didn't believe it too but based on several testimonials from their past winners as well as their pictures taken..they got me and they've proved to me that they're honest. So...what you need to do is, click the link below (or the banner on the right panel) then register yourself. To play any games, you must first have credit in your account. You can top-up your account credit either via online banking, your mobiles credit or a credit card. Isn't it easy?


Once you have top-up your account credit, then you can start to play any games you would like to play.

You all can see my comment (Winners' comment) on the left panel of the web page.

Good Luck!

Tribute to Queen (Freddie Mercury)

Last night, I went to this tribute gig purposely for Queen..

Started from last night onwards for about 1 month, several bands will be playing at Church Street Pub on every Saturday night..according to my informant si jewin... to commemorate the rock band QUEEN especially the best vocalist on the planet, Freddie Mercury as it was started way back in 2000 as a Tribute Concert to Freddie to fight the No. 1 deadly disease AIDS.

Two of my friends' band; PAKU and Sober In Dicember were playing last night. PAKU played some numbers from their coming 2nd album alternated with Queen's songs. They were awesome! Although, wan (Paku's front man) couldn't sing as high as Freddie but he has the showmanship of an entertainer. I was very skeptical at first when they told me they were gonna play Stone Cold Crazy as the song is fast, energetic, and has a high pitch vocal also they had been practicing for only 2 times for the gig..also according to my informant...Well,I would say, the best performance that night was the Stone Cold Crazy!!!!It was ROCK! Riz their lead guitarist was cool. He showed me...what he's got for playing more than 10 years in the States with the band KickStand in which had produced 5 albums with them.

Sober In December (pic on left)....I was a little bit disappointed on their performance last night. I don't know why but probably it was due to lack of stage experience. They played good music, their own and numbers of Queen. Most of us ..if not all probably me sitting down there watching them, wondered why can't they just 'relax' and 'be cool' especially once they're into the next song. I'm not saying they're not good though but this is where people can really see or judge a band or an entertainer either they're a good entertainer or just wasting time and money. I knew that SiD had been playing at Church Street Pub for quite several times. They had been practicing more than a month for this gig (for the record). Having said that, I really hope they can improve they stage performance on their next gig. Their song? It was ROCK and they do rock...word of advise...Please avoid tuning a guitar in between songs..especially when it takes more than 5 mins! Moreover, the vocalist was the one who tuned the guitar - sounded like the guitarist himself doesn't know how to tune a guitar isn't it?

Overall, the night was quite OK. Not sure yet who is going to play next week. Last night also, I have the chance to drive a Toyota City...Izwan's new car. Damn! the car is really well designed and engineered. I love the car..but it would not be my 1st choice. Wan's brother came last night and in fact he is a die hard fan of Queen..he had been to Queen's concert in UK twice when he was there during 80's.

Most of our topics that night were about Queen, bands that had been influenced by Queen and of course we did chat about how amazing was Freddie Mercury! He was a great vocalist and for me, he is still considered the best vocalist for a rock band to exist...*sighs*..mati baru famous mau mati..haha..sama juga my idol uncle Cobain..

Saturday, 20 October 2007

What a life...

It has been quite some time i didn't post anything..well..i was busy though...nothing to post was another reason..

So..few weeks colleague has resigned..although this is good for me in terms of career but I do felt sad losing another friend..he was nice to me...we've been together..I mean not together..we worked together for over 14 months...the company I worked for is just a small company therefore, losing your colleague has a tremendous can sentimental..haha

This is life....come and go..currently I am doing most of the job as I am the senior..sometimes I was stressed and on the edge of meletup...when I really gave it a thought..those unfair moments were actually another way for me to learn and improve..there was no other way than facing it as a man....this was the part where my true strength as a grown up man was challenged...thankfully I made it and it actually opened another new amazing page in my career..not only I became more matured but also I've gained more credits from my employer....

Last week, the company has hired another 3 new colleagues which they're currently under-training. Nothing much to expect from them at this point coz' I do understand how they would feel being given so many tasks..I've been there..I was more stupid than they are...

Since the company is dealing with foreigners (UK and Aus), having a little..not really little to be exact..some of these new colleagues are unable to speak in proper English....not even Manglish...I know and this is another weakness that our fresh graduates have...first of all, it is or was they is if they are not trying to learn..I know you are working with foreign company and English is the only language allowed as long as you're within the office compound or around your colleagues..if they know that they can not communicate properly even Manglish they should have started from there..lunch time..dinner time..break time or what so ever..I know I'm not a good and excellent in English language and I've been in their condition few years back when I started joining the company...because of the job requirement needs me to be well verse, writing and speaking..learning is part of the deal....why can't they...

It was their mistake if they didn't learn in U..some of them have experienced but with government wonder...why to get a job you must have a degree but your capability is not even a par with your academic standard? this is a very interesting question.. When I was in U..I saw lots of student..doing this kind of "being clever" thing..done they assignment based on others..I did that to..I is ok though but how about cheating in test or exam..why a student who is trying to learn and understand what they have learned can not score in test or exam..some of them of course but some students are unable to do so..however, some students who are only enjoying they life in U..sleep most of the time..every evening go to play night enjoy partying or hang out with other..then during exam or test..what these bunch of students did was amazingly blessed..they cheated..from one student to another student..sharing they answers....took out a note from they pocket or calculator cover...even worse..they have this technique to cheat while they were in a toilet..well that's student..being clever..but too much clever I the end..they pass the test and exam..others who struggled to get even pass can only feel disappointed...worse..some of these being honest students have to extend their period..these too clever students though passed their degree cert on the time that fair?

quality or quantity?we are going for the quantity...don't you think so? this is what I thought about when I was in U..and it comes to my mind when getting to know this people who have degree but can not perform based on their level of is better to have a SPM student who is good in communication and performing well in their work..

It is good to have so many colleges and the concept of open is a very brilliant move done by some organisations...I always like to think this way.."to be a successful person is not about being clever but hard working and guts will make the best of you"

enough said..haha...I'm bored...I wanted to go out but..but..but I'm on diet..haha...need to reduce the amount of alcohol though..hehe..

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The 21 Quest

Its new! Its still fresh! Just started on 12 March 2007!
Believe it or not I made over RM300 within5 days. See attached picture below.

See Proof! (3 days)
See Proof! (5 days)

How to start?
Just register yourself through my link below and follow all the steps needed i.e make payment to the Organiser's Maybank account then promote your link as well as the web to your relatives, friends and maybe your colleagues.

Register here My Quest Team

I managed to earn the above just simply asking my friends to register then made a payment as follow. There are actually two types of what they call it team. The 1st one is Quest 21 that you have to pay RM21 only then the other one is Quest 84 , RM84 to join.

Quest 84 has lot more benefits because it actually has the World Pool where you may earn without downline in your network but it will be quite slow. The bonuses given by organiser are small but once your network growth bigger then it will shows how power is this things. What would you expect with that amount of membership fees.

Anyway, the main purpose of it is to sell their e-book. Currently there are 3 e-books available and once you become a member its all yours free! The e-books are hell of a book. Why? It teaches you to understand the Internet Market where lots of people have earn so much money through it. So..why waiting? Eventhough you're not going to earn but you will have some knowledge what does people say about internet. Yoy may understand why some people become rich because of internet.

I just took the opportunity and hoping with the knowledge I get from these e-books will help me to understand better than never.

Friday, 9 March 2007

Universal Tranxac (UT2U)'s been quite some time I have not posted any..anyway..please check this out..

Universal Tranxac

The system is similar to EM-PAY but bonus scheme a bit difference. There are only 3 plans but earning is bigger than can read from the above link though..

So if any of you interested you can register your name etc at this site


Note: If you're outside of Malaysia..then maybe we can work something out because UT2U is using banks like Maybank, RHB and Hong Leong...not really sure about HL but I will update anything later..

See the big plan and plan your future passive income...I've joined this thing for 3 weeks and earned above RM150. Not much but it is a starting point.

You have families, you have it is not that difficult to find somebody to become your next prospect in business.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Updates EM-PAY

IPC Discount Card
Every member will get one. Just present this card upon payment from our participating merchants to get discounts. Simple as that. Among our participating merchamts are Guardian, Air Asia, MAS Airline, GSC Cinemas just to name a few. And again if we are able to get cooperation from these 'giant' companies, this stand to prove that we are real and not scam if you are still worrying.

IPC Debit Card
This is a debit card in which you can use anywhere where it is accepted. The difference between a debit card and a credit card is that a debit card is sort of a prepaid card. You top up the value in your card and you can only spend up to that amount. But you don't have to carry too much cash around anymore.

Now this will revolutionise the way we pay our bills. Instead of queeing up at the payment centres or post offices, all you have to do is make sure you top up enough money in your i-Wallet and pay through your phone. No more queeing, no more traffic jams, no more fighting for parking. Expect services to be available for Astro, Tenaga, water bills, hand phones and more.All your earnings with IPC would initially be credited into your online account. You may manage your account by going to or by clicking on the link below this page. From there you may choose to withdraw your earnings in any of the following methods.

Maybank Account: You may transfer all your earnings into your Maybank Account. We currently only accept Maybank.

IPC VISA Debit Card: You may transfer all your earnings into your debit card and subsequently use it anywhere which accepts VISA Electron or withdraw money through any ATM which accepts VISA transactions.

You can use your earnings to pay your bills through our i-wallet service using your handphone.

Or... use your earnings to buy more units for yourself. You can also use the money in your account to buy activation pin from to register new members under you.

SMALL Capital but BIG Opportunity

Hi! How are you all doing? Last month I'd joined this new Multi Level Marketing (MLM) but apparently it's nothing like MLM as I know before/always. Usually MLM will urges you to sell their products and look for new members. This new thing called "EM-PAY" bit more likely selling the system itself. Let's start the story.........

In order to become a member, you have to pay RM168 (used to be RM138). This value is equals to 1 lot, which means each lot will costs you RM168 for whole life long as the company still running its business. This is the basic.

Quantity of lots available for grab are not limited but I would not tell more about over 10 lots as I just trying to give clear picture here on this system

1 lot (Silver Member) = RM168 (Earning may reach RM65, 000)
3 lots (Gold Member) = RM 504 (Earning may reach RM195, 000)
7 lots (Platinum Member) = RM1176 (Earning may reach RM445, 000

This is the starting point. Based on these schemes (quantity of lot), will decide how much you will earn for the next 6 or 12 month from your joining date. There are 4 plans offered by this so called EM-PAY

PLAN A - 1 lot
Passive Income:
No sponsoring at all, so depends on PLAN B

Active Income:

For each sponsoring you made, you will earn RM15 from it and for each Pairing you have in your family tree will gives you another RM10

Sponsor - RM15/lot (1 level has 2 downline = RM30/lot)

Pairing -RM10/pair (means you have 2 downline under you in a level)

1. If you have not sponsored anyone into your family tree - eligible for 50% of total earning RM65, 000 (This is what so interesting about EM-PAY)
2. If you have sponsored 1 member into your family tree - eligible for 75% of total earning RM65, 000
3. If you have sponsored 2 members into your family tree - eligible for 100% of total earning RM65, 000

Every month EM-PAY's system will automatically place a new registered member from other countries probably into your family tree. This is where 50% of RM65, 000 earning you will get. No downline and no sponsoring ever you're still entitle for 50% earning from this plan. 5% will be deducted from your earning for this service every month.

1. If you have not sponsored anyone into your family tree - earn RM2 (50%) for each new auto-placement member
2. If you have sponsored 1 member into your family tree - earn RM3 (75%) for each new auto-placement member
3. If you have sponsored 2 members into your family tree - earn RM4 (100%) for each new auto-placement member

Trend of Plan B - If you're registered during 1st-15th of the month then you auto-placement will be entered during that period too. Same goes to who registered during 16th-31st of the month.

This plan is only made for member who registered with 3 lots at minimum - only for Gold and Platinum. Therefore, any members who have below 3 lots are not included in this bonus plan.

Wworld Pool

Every 3 lots you bought you will get 1 point. Every month you have 1 point of yours and if you have 3 members who bought 3 lots at once, so you have 4 points into world pool reserved fund. Let say, the lot sales for that month (world sales) is 2, 000, 000:

2,000,000 x 4MP = 8,000,000 is reserved for all members who had bought 3 lots at once (all over the world)

Therefore, if there are 10,000 Gold Members

8,000,000 / 10,000 x 3 lots = RM 2,400

Note: If you have only bought 1 lot and your downline bought 3 lots at once, you are not entitled for the World Pool bonus.

Plan D

This is for Gold and Platinum members only called e-merchant. Every sales made by your downlines, you will get about 0.1%. It's so small isn't it? What if you have 10 level downlines; 2046 estimated members are yours. Each of them spent about RM300

2046 x 300 / 0.1% = RM613.80

Isn't that good enough to pay your utility bills every month? I bet you like that. There is no big hope for this though. Not saying this thing not good enough but this is more like a bonus for member.


Another interesting plan is called Auto Re-entry. Every end of the month, EM-PAY will cut off 5% from your total net earning into their reserved fund. Don't worry because once the amount has reached RM168, another free 1 lot will be given to your current account. I personally think it is quite brilliant idea where they do not want some members stay at 1 lot forever. If you're an active member working around the streets and houses looking for a new members into your family tree (Network), I'm sure within 3 to 6 months you are able to get another free lots of your own.

Not yet finish, the company will also deduct 10% from your earning for iWallet iMal2u. This means once you have enough point called "ep" inside your wallet, you easily can use it like your bonus link card or other membership card by buying anything from iMal2u like normal shopping. This is the use of e-Wallet other than paying your telephone bills. More details on how to use e-wallet can be read from the main web.

OR Malaysians > My Em-Pay (follow the instructions)

You may register you own by assigning my details below:

Referrer ID: (MY)WEL5217

Placement ID: (MY)WEL5217-01 (right or left)

Note: please ignore MY infront at first. When system ask then enter with MY infront.

If any of you would like more details, please mail to or leave your messages on the chat log box.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Another Step By Paku

The Paku has came out with MySpace account... you may visit their site and do vote for them as necessary..

Paku on MySpace

There you may see all their planned events and if in any cases you were there at the vanue, please come and support local band.. another bunch of friends of mine are currently working hard on their new band unnamed just yet. I've joined their jam and their musics were awesome too...looking forward to hear from them.

I'm Back

Yes..I'm back from a long holiday.Not really long actually..he he..anyway..I had a great time..there were happy and sad moments..the sad moments should not be discussed and it has passed..there is nothing I could do about it anymore kan..ait' this great moments first it was great then turned out to be the worst nightmare..what a stupid guy I am..influenced by alcohol I must say..I was blackout three times in a week..that is a new record that I would not let to happen again..that would be my new resolution..ha ha..Blackout? what does it means? was not the electricity but it was the neourons and spinal nerves in my head as well in my body that caused me to acts like stupid also memory loss...yeah..I can't really remember what had happened.. so be careful..people out there..who are drinker and appreciate your body and soul..I'd almost lose my soul and thank God I came back safe with all parts of my body were still attached except some scars inside me that for sure can't be healed easily...

Enough with the great and sad memories..this is new year..year 2007! Looking back to 2006 nothing much to be proud always be the same..hoping this new year will have some changes..will work on it though new year starts with a very sad moments in my what ever happened in the past is passed..bear in mind that life is cruel and life never be fair for some reasons.. Does anybody believe that? ha ha... OK.. let start a new page life and a new mission..he he..wishing you all a great year with all the happiness, lucks and success ..god bless you all...