Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Will I ......again?

Horny is defined as desirous of sexual activity;sexually aroused or marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest. What about flirt(y) then? Flirt(y) is defined as making playfully romantic or sexual overtures. These words have other meanings but they're used mostly and likely in these kinda contexts.

Well..few days ago I'd received a text from an old friend..She has been asking me load of questions through SMS. Actually, I have never expected she would though..there was a subtle incident few years back when I was still 'young'..haha..Sorry the exact time has to be made secret..a'ight..back to the story..we had a crush but I/we thought time was not meant to be..we both agreed and we did best not to know when you watch bollywood movies..without the dancing and singing scenes..there is always a problem to be with your 'love' one..hehe..

For the record, we were not even a couple back then..duh... just a very close friend indeed and in need even though we were actually far to each other..these few days..we're texting a lot..nothing special but the feeling (Crush) has started to grow again..and sometimes..because of the age as well as experience (i believe)..making silly jokes (flirting) is inevitable..this has brought to more details questions and desire..darn! This issssssssss making me horny...haha...It is fun and enjoying to have such friend again especially when it comes from the opposite sex, chatting and sharing about your personal life or thoughts with no boundary at know sometimes (most of the time la actually) when a group of guy hang out chatting, most of their facts are one sided facts..not all but some happens to female as well (don't think I don't know what you ladies talk about ah..) is common though that male and female have problem to understand each other..I had the same situation before where I though I found someone very special to me but it was not meant to was not her or anybody fault..I'd prefer to think it was my fault rather than blaming others for what you can't get and lost..those were great moments and would it be cherished forever?..Yes I will

OK..although at this point, I've not thought about any relationship but of course when the time has come..and if God's will..not even me able to avoid what He has planned..I'm grateful that we started to keep in touch again after several years gone missing....and thought it is best to let the time decides everything..we're still good 'distance' friend..

I'm happy with the current situation and hoping the friendship will last as long as it takes...hoping for the greater good?..we all need hope and we will always hoping for the greater things in our life..

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