Monday, 17 December 2007

Thirsty Traveller

I went to Thailand few weeks ago..(3rd - 7th Dec). I didn't go there with my friend though as we had planned earlier this year to go either Philippines or Thailand but I ended up alone in Thailand. No worries as it was an amazing trip and holiday. It would be more fun if we all can make it.

3rd December, departed from Penang International Airport about 10:30 am and arrived in Suvarbhumi Airport Thailand, the newly opened airport which is larger than KLIA although you have to ride on a bus to get to the plane. Once arrived, I took a bus to Pattaya straight away (Counter is on Level 1 at Gate 8). To cut the story short, I stayed in Sawasdee Pattaya Hotel for 3 nights then back to Bangkok on the 6th.

Talking about Pattaya, it is a very nice place to visit. I was and still interested with their night life. Not that I love to mingle nor I'm a pervert but it suits people who loves to have women around them...again not me..I'm not saying that you can get any women you wanted there but I'm sure that most of us knew that poverty is a huge problem in Thailand excluding their currency rate compared to others (basically, RM10.00 is equal to TBH100.00) Since the night life is very interesting and very open, one thing you may have to bear in mind is a genuinenity. It is because that at several known places in Pattaya's night clubs are flooded by pretty ladies called 'Lady Boy'. I can assure you that it is not a very easy task to differentiate between genuine woman and lady boy though. So please be very careful unless you wanted to try that kind..hehe..if you really do, there is a street called as "Walking Street" where most of the clubs are providing lady boy's services. It would be much easier if you can get somebody to give you some advise at the exact moment. I'd encouraged that you befriend with uniformed waiter/waitress, bartender or directly to their supervisor because most of these lady boys are bounded to the clubs. Having said that, you would have to pay a "leave charge" upon leaving with them either lady boys or genuine ladies and again excluding the charges you're going to pay them later on. Where your money goes - drinks for you and your partner, "leave charge" and service charge. Based on my short holiday experience, it is best to have fun or spend your night out at a normal and decent club. I was thankful that one of the hotel staff from where I stayed was very friendly towards me..perhaps... and able to speak a decent English. I spent my 1st night out with him at his favourite club, about 2oo meters from the hotel. The place is more likely as a bistro restaurant with live band music every night. He explained these kinda things to me and offered me a genuine woman as my companion... Because of him also, I was able to have a chat with some of the is not easy to have a chat with them because not much of them can really understand and speak a decent English..the most common words they would usually use and familiar are "from", "where", "yes", "no", "come", "go", "call", "married", "single", "age", "work" and several other but less than 30 words on my observation. Some of them of course can speak decent English and logically it works just right for them to communicate with their clients....

There are so much to talk about Thailand but it is best if you go there yourself to enjoy their culture and night life. Whilst I was in Pattaya, I rented a bike for THB150.00 per day which was rm15 per day for 3 days. It was easier for me to move around because the town is not really that big but if you you spend the whole day walking, I wouldn't mind as long as you don't complaint. I went to Water World Theme Park and tried the Rollercoaster which I almost cried for my life. It was awesome and damn scary..haha..if you love sun tanning, I'd recommend you to go to Jomtien Beach which is just a walking distance from the Water Theme Park I mentioned. I was planning to try the Bungee Jumping but after I went up-down the Adrenalin Rush tower..I've lost my daredevil spirit. I will next time!

Bangkok? Nothing much to talk about this place because I've only spent 1 night day and most of the time I was in a shopping complexes. Bangkok is the place to shop only. I'd prefer to spend more time in Pattaya compared to Bangkok. The people in Pattaya is a lot more nicer than in Bangkok. Maybe it is a big city similar to KL where most people only think about trip..would probably Philippines. Confirmed trip would be Singapore for the F1 Grand Prix (Night Race)....

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