Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sharpen The Saw

A man stands in the forest with his wood saw and begins to saw at a large tree with the hopes of conquering it and bringing it down quickly. He saws and saws and saws and saws… and saws. Soon the man begins to tire and his blade becomes blunt.

A woman is walking through the forest and approaches the man sawing down the tree.

 “Your saw is becoming very blunt my friend. So you are not making any progress on cutting that tree down. Why don’t you take a quick break, get your breath back and sharpen your blade. Then you will have that thing down in no time!” 

The man responds;

 “I don’t have enough time to stop and sharpen my blade. Can’t you see I’m too busy cutting this tree down!?

Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in our work, our career, our current project, that we forget to sharpen our own saw. We continue to plug away with everything we’ve got every single day, and we become ‘too busy’ for all the things vital to ensure our very productivity.

Whist you are busy changing the world, remember; it is ok sometimes to take a break. Take a week away to refresh your mind, body and enthusiasm. Take a long weekend to clear your brain and come back fresh and present. Even take a step back from your work for 5 minutes, glance at it from another perspective and give your thoughts a chance to align.

You’ll never ‘find’ the time to sharpen your saw. You must make the time. Once you do your productivity and success will increase exponentially.

 NB: The article isn't mine...thanks to I kind of like the article and most of the blogs' articles

Saturday, 19 May 2012


When it comes to can’t blame the other half..we could only hope he/she would find the one she/he thinks  is best for him/her….

Friday, 16 December 2011

Time Goes By But We Stay Still...

We finally come to the end of 2011...few more weeks come the year 2012..the final circle of the earth as what the Mayans' Calender predicted..

Friday, 16th Dec 2011 is my last day in office for the year 2011 and resume work 9th Jan 2012...3 weeks of holiday and the longest ever (so far) in my career... It's about time!!

What did I do in 2011???

1. Sick Leave - None
2. Emergency Leave - None
3. Promotion - no comment
4. Salary Increment - no comment

Travel & Living
1. Marathon Runs - Energizer Night Race (11 Km), Malakof Run (8 Km), Unity Run (6 Km), Penang Hill Climb, Beach Run (6 Km) and the highlight was Penang Bridge International Marathon (21 Km)
2. Fishing Trips - Kerachut Beach (Penang), Teluk Nipah Beach (Pangkor) and Under The Penang Bridge
3. Travel - Langkawi and Pangkor Islands
4. Lifestyle - Beer Fest (weekend after weekend)
5. Accident - 3cm diameter mark on forehead

I'm now thinking of a little twist to the Travel & Living for the year 2012...I'm going for fishing! Running has been fun yet fishing is much more relaxing...I get to drink beer whilst fishing but not running!! I may as well join local fishing one knows where your luck is until you try..kan..kan...moreover fishing prizes are known as pricy! kalau dapat pancing ikan karuk di laut mungkin buli menang 1st prize juga :-O

Right, don't ask how I got the 3cm diameter mark on was shit that happened

I can't remember when was the last time I felt excited about going back to Sabah...I never did but this time I think there's something to look forward... it'll be a little different because I've got a task of being my Bro's best man...I guess I'd be his bodyguard?? saves for drinking?? Let's hope everyone enjoy...

Lastly, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sign Battle

Wednesday, 12 October 2011