Sunday, 11 November 2007

New Blog Created

I've just created a new public blog meant for our group so called "Boring-Bwoing". We're not a group of boring person though..we just came up with this name because....sometimes you do feel boring inside your office of doing nothing for several hours or probably the whole day..sometimes not every times ..hehe...some other reason is, we are trying to unite all Sabahan & Sarawakian students (post+under) in "perantauan" work together to make sure our own states are able to compete with other especially when we know that we're 10 years behind them either development or knowledge itself..that is not the main objective actually kan..haha..we just love each others and still being a friend is the most important.

It is still under construction and am still working on several enhancements..hopefully to get some ideas from the group I've made sure they have the permission to post anything that useful and suitable ("U" discretion)..

At this point..there are several items I have re-used from Designated Hermitage blog itself... it is time consuming to start all over again..

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