Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Updates EM-PAY

IPC Discount Card
Every member will get one. Just present this card upon payment from our participating merchants to get discounts. Simple as that. Among our participating merchamts are Guardian, Air Asia, MAS Airline, GSC Cinemas just to name a few. And again if we are able to get cooperation from these 'giant' companies, this stand to prove that we are real and not scam if you are still worrying.

IPC Debit Card
This is a debit card in which you can use anywhere where it is accepted. The difference between a debit card and a credit card is that a debit card is sort of a prepaid card. You top up the value in your card and you can only spend up to that amount. But you don't have to carry too much cash around anymore.

Now this will revolutionise the way we pay our bills. Instead of queeing up at the payment centres or post offices, all you have to do is make sure you top up enough money in your i-Wallet and pay through your phone. No more queeing, no more traffic jams, no more fighting for parking. Expect services to be available for Astro, Tenaga, water bills, hand phones and more.All your earnings with IPC would initially be credited into your online account. You may manage your account by going to or by clicking on the link below this page. From there you may choose to withdraw your earnings in any of the following methods.

Maybank Account: You may transfer all your earnings into your Maybank Account. We currently only accept Maybank.

IPC VISA Debit Card: You may transfer all your earnings into your debit card and subsequently use it anywhere which accepts VISA Electron or withdraw money through any ATM which accepts VISA transactions.

You can use your earnings to pay your bills through our i-wallet service using your handphone.

Or... use your earnings to buy more units for yourself. You can also use the money in your account to buy activation pin from to register new members under you.

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