Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The 21 Quest

Its new! Its still fresh! Just started on 12 March 2007!
Believe it or not I made over RM300 within5 days. See attached picture below.

See Proof! (3 days)
See Proof! (5 days)

How to start?
Just register yourself through my link below and follow all the steps needed i.e make payment to the Organiser's Maybank account then promote your link as well as the web to your relatives, friends and maybe your colleagues.

Register here My Quest Team

I managed to earn the above just simply asking my friends to register then made a payment as follow. There are actually two types of what they call it team. The 1st one is Quest 21 that you have to pay RM21 only then the other one is Quest 84 , RM84 to join.

Quest 84 has lot more benefits because it actually has the World Pool where you may earn without downline in your network but it will be quite slow. The bonuses given by organiser are small but once your network growth bigger then it will shows how power is this things. What would you expect with that amount of membership fees.

Anyway, the main purpose of it is to sell their e-book. Currently there are 3 e-books available and once you become a member its all yours free! The e-books are hell of a book. Why? It teaches you to understand the Internet Market where lots of people have earn so much money through it. So..why waiting? Eventhough you're not going to earn but you will have some knowledge what does people say about internet. Yoy may understand why some people become rich because of internet.

I just took the opportunity and hoping with the knowledge I get from these e-books will help me to understand better than never.

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