Sunday, 21 October 2007

Tribute to Queen (Freddie Mercury)

Last night, I went to this tribute gig purposely for Queen..

Started from last night onwards for about 1 month, several bands will be playing at Church Street Pub on every Saturday night..according to my informant si jewin... to commemorate the rock band QUEEN especially the best vocalist on the planet, Freddie Mercury as it was started way back in 2000 as a Tribute Concert to Freddie to fight the No. 1 deadly disease AIDS.

Two of my friends' band; PAKU and Sober In Dicember were playing last night. PAKU played some numbers from their coming 2nd album alternated with Queen's songs. They were awesome! Although, wan (Paku's front man) couldn't sing as high as Freddie but he has the showmanship of an entertainer. I was very skeptical at first when they told me they were gonna play Stone Cold Crazy as the song is fast, energetic, and has a high pitch vocal also they had been practicing for only 2 times for the gig..also according to my informant...Well,I would say, the best performance that night was the Stone Cold Crazy!!!!It was ROCK! Riz their lead guitarist was cool. He showed me...what he's got for playing more than 10 years in the States with the band KickStand in which had produced 5 albums with them.

Sober In December (pic on left)....I was a little bit disappointed on their performance last night. I don't know why but probably it was due to lack of stage experience. They played good music, their own and numbers of Queen. Most of us ..if not all probably me sitting down there watching them, wondered why can't they just 'relax' and 'be cool' especially once they're into the next song. I'm not saying they're not good though but this is where people can really see or judge a band or an entertainer either they're a good entertainer or just wasting time and money. I knew that SiD had been playing at Church Street Pub for quite several times. They had been practicing more than a month for this gig (for the record). Having said that, I really hope they can improve they stage performance on their next gig. Their song? It was ROCK and they do rock...word of advise...Please avoid tuning a guitar in between songs..especially when it takes more than 5 mins! Moreover, the vocalist was the one who tuned the guitar - sounded like the guitarist himself doesn't know how to tune a guitar isn't it?

Overall, the night was quite OK. Not sure yet who is going to play next week. Last night also, I have the chance to drive a Toyota City...Izwan's new car. Damn! the car is really well designed and engineered. I love the car..but it would not be my 1st choice. Wan's brother came last night and in fact he is a die hard fan of Queen..he had been to Queen's concert in UK twice when he was there during 80's.

Most of our topics that night were about Queen, bands that had been influenced by Queen and of course we did chat about how amazing was Freddie Mercury! He was a great vocalist and for me, he is still considered the best vocalist for a rock band to exist...*sighs*..mati baru famous mau mati..haha..sama juga my idol uncle Cobain..

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