Saturday, 11 October 2008

DH - Nominated for Coolest Blog?

Well well well well....let's see what we have here...I never thought someone would nominate or consider that my blog is cool...moreover the coolest ever known?wahaha....I have tried since the early time when I first created this Designated Hermitage but I seem to fail that particular task...DH has gone through so many phases in its development and I'm grateful enough for it to survive up to this date....Beck tagged me for "the coolest blog she ever known" kinda thing....I have to thank her for her kind heart to categorized DH as one of the coolest blog to her....She own a cool as well as creative blog herself...Rark On \m/ eh...

I may have a clear understanding of the main criteria for this tag or award has to be the coolest not cool..I have plenty of coolest blog in my list but being the coolest blog does not mean attractive so I will need to combine these 2 criteria of coolest and attractive when listing down my nomination..let's see who are the lucky blogs in random order...

1. TDM
2. Beck
3. Kuai
4. Fie the Elf
5. Simplicity
6. Mie
7. XigorX
8. Impedius
9. BudakHutan
10. Film Asia

As I have mentioned earlier..I wish I have more don't have to have the coolest blog to be in the list above..I would consider all my visitors and blog fellows are the coolest..yes! you're the coolest not because the looks nor the comment and chat messages...but because you willingly to spend your time to be part of the "beiol" community in the Designated Hermitage..I salute you!!....let the world be beioled huh..haha...

Have a great weekends!!


†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...

LOL.. haha! wel! ^_^"

kapanpun said...

godd posting and award

Wel^Beiolman said...

Beck..LOL again beck..hahaha..thanks 4 d award..

kapanpun..wahahaha..tangkiu and welcome..