Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Good News?

Last night, I reached home likely at 1:40 am. As usual I would spend around 1 hour checking any new mails and updating my online game DarkThrone. The game is about creating an army that you may need to attack or defend your base from others. The purpose for that is to steal some gold needed for your army to grow and become better in matters of defensive and offensive. Yeah! sound great right but I can assure you that if you don't have enough citizen to be trained as soldiers and gold as in to finance your armies...then it will not be an easy task especially to survive when you have attacked some other players. Try it then you will know.

Actually the real story here was, my internet connection was down and I can't surf to the internet either to veiw my mails or playing the above game I mentioned. Well... What I did? I took my HP's enhancement cable to plug-in my HP to the PC via USB connection, disable the default internet connection then surfed the internet using my HP. How? I had a software installed in my PC called Nokia PC Suite to support my 6680 Nokia. Using that software I can use the DiGi GPRS to dial-up an internet connection like a normal dial-up connection as well as surfing internet through mobile. Anyway, it was not free though. It does cost me a lot. Surfing the internet for about 1 hour cost me RM7.++ with the speed of 436.76 Kbyte for uploading/downloading data. Not too bad right! The worst part, I only realised the actuall cost this afternoon when I woke up and tried to send a message but failed. Ha..Ha.. Yes it does cost me that amount but it will only be deducted later. It was amazing that I can surf internet (duh..what a stupid person are you) using my HP and it was stupid because I don't have credits anymore in my prepaid account. I wouldn't know if I didn't try and now I know that I can get connected to internet easily anywhere anytime as long as I have "enough" credits, the cable and of course a PC.


Faizal said...

You have just increased crazyfinger's population to 41282.

Wel^Beiolman said...

Good! Brilliatn carefully...don't get attack and don't try to attact if not strong enough..hehe

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