Thursday, 30 November 2006


I'm currently inside office and the time now is 6:09 am. It is dark and very quiet. So how is the Blog so far? Anyway..I was pissed yesterday and probably today as well if things not yet fixed. My internet connection was down again! I don't know what have happened with the service now but this thing had happened before. I called the service provide but they said there was nothing wrong then asked me to call the telephone line provider. This what they said..."Nothing wrong but we can send a tech. to check......." Late that evening, it fixed before the tech comes. Actually the guy came but I was, no body was there at the moment so the guy left piece of paper saying that he actually came. This stuff really pissed me. Currently there this another service provider offering better speed by using fibre optic with lower prize and it is local - Penang State only. I'm thinking about swapping the internet connection in short time - maybe of thing goes well. This is one of the known problem involving services in Malaysia. They would always monopolise the market when there are no competitors around. They would offer services with unreasonable prize and most of it are below par. Eventhough the government kept on pushing them but nothing effective have been done yet except giving excuses saying their service is one of the best in the region. When compared to neighbours with the speed 2MByte at min and going for 10MByte later this year, we are totaly outclassed.....

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