Thursday, 14 December 2006

New Band In Town

This is a new band called PAKU that had just signed their contract/agreement with recording company and now working on their songs also video clips.. The band members actually my friends - my housemate and some my U-mate..

From left is Rizal as Lead Guitarist (long hair) - he had so much experience playing along side the KickStand band in US few years before he came back to Malaysia last year. Alex as Drummer (white t-shirt), Jewin my housemate as Bassist (Spectacle) - who I think has a natural gift/talent in music, Lina as second Gutarist - Rizal's sister and she too had been playing around in US and the front man/vocalist is Izwan or known as Born coz he acted as James Bond when we were in U - Engineer in Intel Penang (Master holder).

Without a doubt this band going to be a new bread of Malaysian band due to their musics genre. I've seen they play quite lots and the musics are awesome, catchy and energertic. Their music more to US standard that is not like current Malaysian bands doing. Probably early next year they will have this press conference with media and will be playing in some club around Kuala Lumpur. I heard that their album will be release by end of this month then published to UK, Aus and Malaysia of course. Rumours that the video clip will be recorded around my house is going to be a very cool scene among neighbours...ha thier album early this year!

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