Thursday, 21 December 2006

PAKU Rocks

Yes!..The previous band I mentioned now has finished recording they debut songs. Last night they just started doing their Video Clips..if any of you have ever visited Penang, you may recognise the location..ha ha..yeah! it's actually the Komtar Building..I've heard their recorded songs (there are only 2 songs) and it's I said before. Last week they gave the CD to this DJ in one of the Night Club in town called Shamerock to be played and it all went well..not sure what others said but it sure making the house a bit harder to have a chat (Music Distortions)..he he..their main song is called Imsomnia and that was why they did the shooting at midnight last night. Thankfully it was not raining though.. ;-) I've never mentioned that they play every Saturday night at this House Pub named Odees...last time we had 3 barrels of beer there to celebrate Izwan's (the singer) birthday...of 'coz it was all on him..we were about 14 people and most of us went down..haha..including me la..not too bad though... I puked most of the foods I ate that night..the party was well planned..we had a designated driver so all the "stupid and stupidest" can get drunk and yes we did..haha..what a crazy party..the House Pub became like our house that night. Moreover we are kinda 'friend' with the staffs there...may consider regular customer for some..for it's not it was one of the greatest party of 2006...minum free!!

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