Wednesday, 6 December 2006

TV Series Lovers

Maybe some of you have heard about the series titled HEROES. This is another big thing for TV series lovers all over the world currently excluding my number one fav PRISON BREAK. The "something" about PB that makes it very popular are; unpredictable and brilliant story line. If you have never watched PB, please watch it either donwloading using any downloader you had or buy the original DVD because it worth to spend some money on it. Trust me on this!

Well.. the interesting part is the tatoo Michael Schofield has on his body. Not partly but almost all over his body and it is actually a hidden map including some embed plans he had planned before the mission. It won't be a great series if it hasn't won any awards but eventually it had won some awards around this year since it was released. The main actor had won himself best TV series actor as well as some of the casts too. Go get it! Watch it then post your comment, share with others....

HEROES? Its kinda superman thing or SMALLVILLE but this series is a lot different from those two. Why? There are more than 6 people had genetic evolution in their genes and that made them a superhuman differ to each others. They are not friends or relatives but they will become a group of superhumans to save the world. Some of them of course affected by the superhuman power and have mistakenly used the power for personal purpose. When there are good persons must have bad persons as well. More likely, there this guy named Syllo who keep on killing his kind in order to..not yet revealed anyway..ha ha..but as far as I'm concern, he did it because he has this kind of power to hear and trace any damages either in your life or body. Therefore, by cutting the skull will make the damage disappears but.... See it then you will know..

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