Friday, 11 July 2008

Me and my celebrities..

Aha..I've been tagged twice today! When I came back from a message in the chat box from KadusMama that says "hi wel..ada tag for u to do in my blog..hehe rajin2 lah tingu.." then when I was doing blog hopping through my Blog Rolls Recent Posts' list..I saw a new post on Charlenediane's blog.....viewed her blog and scroll down her pictures, I saw my name placed at number 10th in her tag list "10 favourite pictures"..WAHAHAHA!!!! I felt like a celebrity la...ha.ha... So to Charlenediane baby..and others ..these were several of my memorable pictures taken months ago...years ago.....I have lots of favs picture (no..correction..videos including triple X..he.he.) but most of them remind me of my experience not my happiness..The other tag will follow suit later today..or my next post..

This was the last picture taken with my classmate in Sandakan, Sabah on the final day of SPM exam 199*..I was cute la ni time.. ..(wahaha..perasan eh..)
And this was taken..duh..ada date ba tu..hehe..we just returned from Christmas Eve's Mass and straight to..Cafe, Uncle Carls and Mr. Jew (sorry I can't recognise whose hand is that....)This was during our night out in KL..Mr. Jew, me, Elsa and Brandon..why I love this picture? I can't really sure myself..I don't need reason to like something..perhaps it reminds me of my ownself back Ms.Flo would say..ladder of life..itu ka tu flo..hehe..putih pula saya kalau di gelap-gelapan kan..he..he..
On the same night and at the same venue...Mr.Brandon looks horny and frustrated in the picture..he must have seen something that turned him on ka atau something yang bikin gerigitan ni..ha..ha..This was taken by Mr. Jabian when we stopped at one of the resting place along the North South Highway..we were on the way to Mr. Brandon's house in Puchong KL...reason to was taken unintentionally...candid la..hint..I'm not really a fan of pictures..but I'd prefer candid..what a long journey that day..Mr. Jew drove from Penang to KL..and I drove back to was raining from KL to Penang when it came to my turn pula..cis!
We've just arrived at Mr.Brandon's house..was exhausted but actually can't wait to drink beer..menunggu beer sejuk dalam the and Mr.Jabian..behind..Ms.Flo..sorry flo..gelap ba..
This was at Mr.Brandon's house in Puchong, KL this because I was the only person who totally drunk that night..all because of a stupid game suruh mengira in a circle....who yang cannot continue she/he has to drink a glass full of Tuak..sponsored by Ms.Flo..the drinks were not even finished that night..starring tertewas awal ba..hehe..this was our reunion..Again..on the same night and at the same venue..Mr. Brandon's house..Love this because Mr. Brandon said..cute o ko wel..ha.ha..actually I can't even remember why he was looking at me..does he loves me? mesti la..he's my best buddy...
I just love this picture..again..this was a candid picture taken by Mr.Jabian..I was thinking of something..ya la..New Year's Eve ba ni..31/12/2007..I was looking back of what have I achieved and what have happened in my life in the year 2007..wonder what would 2008 be.. And last but not least la....this is kind of a closure to my 10 favs pictures....whose nipple is this?do you realise that there's a hole on that sexy nipple?ha.ha..according to's an own made nipple ring and the person who owns the nipple almost died doing such was back in 2000..
I think by now..most of you have realised and knew that I'm just a simple guy..loves to hang out with friends..who is not really into fashion and style....but still very sensitive with cleanliness..a quiet person who loves to observe...orang cakap pemalu la ba..he.he...but sometimes I can be really crazy (beiol)

Continuing the tag's chain...I decided to select these bloggers..
1. Kuai-Kuai (trick si KadusMama ajar sia mau mengurat..hehe..)
2. KadusMama
3. San
4. Jerry
5. Andrik
6. Reno
7. UrangRanau
8. Xigor
9. Vera
10. Delasagos


charlenediane said...

Niceeeee... but the last picture???

Hehe, anyway didnt know you're from Sdkn? I grew up there... well lived there for 5 years to be exact.

XiGorX said...

oww..the last pic..not that it turns me on, but I have tried piercing my own nipple, and it sure hurts like hell..never again will I commit such a crime to myself..hehehee..Thanks for tagging me.. I'll do it when I got back from my cuti2 kio..

kuai said...

WAHHH!.. yang 8th picture bah.. the one yang Mr. Brandon looking at you with horny face!! and u look like enjoying it! hahaha..

thanks for tagged me we.. nga I just wonder, nokuro tu yoho numbur 1?!~~~~

Kadus_Mama said...

ewwwww..geli sia tingu tu nipple! hahahaha!! bidah eh!! (geli sebab banyak bulu!! hahahahahaaa)

Wel^Beiolman said...

hi not really from sandakan..I grew up there for 10 years..and I used to their life style..really love that place.hehe..last picture..aha...that's a treat given by the sponsorship..hahahahahaha..

hi xigorx....turned u on..hehe.betul ka ni...yup..I dont knw what was I thinking..really really crazy...i faint the whole bro..looking forward to urs...

hi kuai...hw ru? menjadi ka trick mengurat sia..hahaha..jan la ba ko jeles si mr.brandon suka sia..hehe..dia terai goda sia pun sia tetap setia sama ko jg..hehe..why no 1..old schoolmarte tau y no 10 not really my fav..but it was sponsored by my sponsorship mr.jabian..I wonder why he took that picture..haha..

hi kadusmama..jadi ko mau yg halus la that what women want..halus tanpa bulu..haha...

kuai said...

Lolz.. am good but tired and almost loosing my original voice due talampau bersorak during our sukan's weekend ni.. how r u?

muka mabuk gia ko sama mr. brandon to.. hahaha..

10th picture ka u mean? is yours? lol.

ok.. i dont really get this.. this tag about the most picture of me yang i like ka?

Vera said...

i'm from sandakan!! my parents still staying there.

Wel^Beiolman said...

hi doesn't have to be long as u like it then u may post it with reason..nice kan..mana tau kalo ko kehabisan pic suda..ada pic sia tu..haha..kesian ko kan..napa la kuat teriak..adeh..hehe..minum air suam bebanyak dan minum air limur dan makan mangga byk2..hehe..

hi vera..aha..ko pure sandakan ka..not tambunan ka..hehe..

Vera said...

ala wel, sya salah jawad ko punya tag. tiapala. siok juga tu.

i will do the other one k.

my mum tambunan, my dad kudat, jumpa dekat sandakan. so sya ni pure sandakans la....

Wel^Beiolman said...

hi vera..aha..ya ka..kudat pula bapa ko..seh percintaan durang pun d sandakan la ni kan..hehe... ok ba vera..buat la kalo rajin k..hehe..

kuai said...

hahaha.. berkarung2 gambar sa sini wel.. susah mau kurik.. hehehehe.. :D

belum temasuk yang gitu2..:P~~ nda bah...

bah.. nanti sa suba ..:D