Tuesday, 3 June 2008

New Colleague

Today was her 2nd day training..she joined yesterday (2nd June) as a support specialist..well..what can you expect on the 2nd day..of course it will be tough to digest everything especially when you're not into software or computer at all..I totally understood but nothing I can do about it...today I saw a disappointment kinda face again..it was my Manager..nuh..I understood but sometimes he demands too much at an early stage..he questioned her but she can't answer him although she had wrote a note about it yesterday...

Who is she? She's an Indian lady..skin colour? you decide...age..I think I heard 22 or somewhere below 25..height? perhaps around 5-foot-7.. almost taller than me..or perhaps it's her shoes..we had our first lunch together yesterday...we were 4..together with 2 developers...as usual..we chatted about her past job..where she from..that kind of typical questions la ba....actually I was expecting one Chinese lady who came for the interview when I was there...I just like her style..you know..rugged kinda person..she came as if it was a friendly meeting..wearing jeans and a t-shirt..of course it was not a good example..sorry..this may sound a little offensive to other...her hair was not properly combed....and presumably she had not took a bath/shower..my Manager told me that she was doing great and thought about hiring her..unfortunately, she left a bad remarks at her previous job..(my manager spoke to her ex-manager and that was one of the reason she ended up being interviewed..)

Having a new colleague is great and of course I am looking forward to work with her.. I was supposed to train her but with my extra responsibility to guide and work with my anak-anak buah in the development team...it would not be a good decision to carry another burden while you have other (Manager) that can handle it..how long she will last? who knows kan..I had lost 3 of my buddies since I first joined.. of course you'll get scold and stressed out after being scolded..that is inevitable..the best you could do is be more bold, assertive and work it out..prove that you're worthy not just working your ass out to earn a salary at the end of each month... Good luck to you..

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