Sunday, 22 June 2008


Enough with health issue is a great news and also a sad news.. Am not sure if this is OK to him to be published but I feel it is something I'd love to share with..

Earlier this month,I've posted in No Problem at all that my house mate, Mr. Jabian went to KL for an interview which was his 1st interview..He went to KL again on Friday for his 2nd interview which ended up great for him...he is to be hired for the job he's applying in KK, Sabah..

Having said that, he will start commencing his new post as a Factory Engineer in that company on 1st September 2008 onwards..he looks so happy...well, he should be..he had been talking several times that he wanted to go back to Sabah for his family... as well as relationship commitment actually although he didn't really say it clearly....the fact that to get a good salary in Sabah is not really easy but he managed to get what he asked for..although he had actually reduced his actual demand...but the company offered him an extra allowance and of course another increment once he is confirmed...within 3 months..with his current seems likely..he is going to enjoy working there as well as ignore the financial issue we had worried about for quite long period if we to work in Sabah....he is going to be the pioneer in that he is to be the first engineer in that factory as well as the second influential man after his GM...I'm sure with his 3 years experience working in Penang..sometimes Malacca..leading the production and process departments..he is capable of handling such pressure...

We've been friend since together since 2004...bitter and sweet..sweet and sour..spicy and original..we've shared almost everything...we drink..we drank..and we fall...all we've been sad huh..I'm going to lose another friend..Mr Jabian..who's going to pay the room?Master bedroom tu tau..ha..ha..I will work something out with Mr. Jew...looking for a room in Penang?...please do not hesitate to contact me...

1. Preferable Sabahan/Sarawakian (male or female)
2. Drink any kind of alcohol type drinks
3. Active or Passive smoker
4. Able to clean the house/room without supervision
5. Civilize person

I know that we're going to have a big farewell party before his departure later in August..whether we (in Penang) will always be remembered is not my I always believe that a true friend does not need an excuse to ask how are send you a text meet up with ask any latest matter how far you are..and no matter if we have lost contact for over 10 years or 20 years...we'll always be friend...what ever happened between still my friend...that's my definition of a true friend...for some people they would prefer to think that a true friend will always be there for you.......listen to your whining and complaint..listen to your problem..entertain you when you sad...laugh when you're happy..and ignore your friend when you're busy....and if a friend cheat or betrays more friend la... it does not work like that actually but it happens all the friend become best enemy..and enemy become friend....I've seen a lot of these trends...for me, once a friend will always be a friend...simple as that...


fie the elf said...

hey cutie pie! lol

what are you dong in penang

Wel^Beiolman said...

hi fie..cutie pie?!! aha...what am doing in penang? working here cutie..