Thursday, 12 June 2008

Find me "Hellena A. Hairy" please

Ini semua kerja si Bobby la ni..sabotaj principal starring betul..ha.ha..OK ba Bobby..copy-paste pun untuk niat baik dan mulia apa salahnya..wahaha..tapi sia cuba la kalu buli..

the missing BOBBY's sister
The story goes like this..Helena is said had been missing since a year ago...and was last seen leaving her aunt's house..where she used to stay when she was in Form 4..and never returned home since then..her parents Hairy Lojimin, 53 and Rosnie Majamin, 49 were wondered where could she been and explained they have never had any argument with their beloved daughter..they'd like to say sorry if they did though..who knows kan tempias mau tanya si Bobby ni..police report has been made on her disappearance..this story has recently been published on the New Sabah Times newspaper

Name: Helena A. Hairy
Age: 17 year-old
Height: Appx. 5-feet
Last Seen: July 2007 (1 year)
Eye: Black
Skin: Mild-dark

Please anybody and whoever have ever come across seeing her..anybody that looks like her ka...somewhere or elsewhere...please contact Hairy (013-8720697) or Rosnie (012-8306510) or her elder sister Rozita (016-5853566)

Note: No rewards been offered..more details please contact Bobby


Joanna Lye said...

missing quite a long time. despite of that the search must go on!

Wel^Beiolman said...

yeah..i was shocked actually why on earth after a year then the story comes out..or i missed something..anyway..we're sabahan and we should help each other..find her for me please..