Monday, 16 June 2008

Breaking the code

Happy Monday!!! Thank God and thanks to all for your "kesian..kesian.." tapi indada juga mee sup atau bubur sampai p bilik sia...hehe.. I am feeling better and going 100% well.. How's your Monday? I was so free today in the office..all tasks were done except don't know what and why..did she trying to take an advantage when the Manager is away? I am trying to be positive but she has to know that by the end of this month she will be tested and evaluated by colleagues in's not going to be easy.. she called my new mobile (my Manager's mobile's sub so he left it for me to use as well as dealing with people looking for I have to carry 3 mobile phones!!) earlier today and said she can't come to work today..she has a gastric pain..last Friday she actually told us she's going"balik kampung"...Taiping.. I replied just make sure she has the MC form signed by her panel Doctor when she comes to the office tomorrow..

Alright...last week on Tuesday..I was given a set of numbers combination by my colleague..she said it was given by her ex which she wasn't allowed to get married with..I didn't actually had time to fully concentrate on cracking the combination so I just left it in my I have nothing to do...I figured out why not doing apa lagi....after 30 minutes..Yeah! I successfully cracked the hidden message..too sad colleague..newly married lady (earlier last year) with newly born daughter (Oct last year) said..they were in love whilst in U but her parents didn't like the guy also against their plan to get she had to end the relationship then married with his current husband..boyfriend when she has started last..she finally got the message after over a year when she received the bird's message trying to figure it out..sorry the pics are not very clear..well they were taken using a mobile cam..what would you expect??

If any of you would like to try..why you go..good luck guys!


It's quite sad when you've figured the hidden message..'s in Malay..

What would you do if you love someone but your parent does not allow you to be with that person? Will you move on and look for another cupid luck? Would you run and get married out of your parents approval?

Since I'm so kind..please find below is another clue to the hidden treasure..LoL

". ... .. . - . .. . .. . ... .. . .. - .. .. .. . .. - .. .. . . .. .. . .. - . . . .. -
.... . ... . -
... .. . .. . - . . . 1 - . ... .. . - .... .. .. . ... ... .. .. ... ."


LxndreaSB said...

there is a feeling that comes with that. if u really feel that this person is the one, then why not? i am sure with explanation and a little bit of prayers, sooner or later they will understand. i mean this is our life we are talking about.
but i do hope that it is not religion wise. that is one thing that i hope will not come into anyone's ways.

Wel^Beiolman said...

Well said LxndreaSB..I would not know about that kinda feeling though..he.he..I'd agree with much explanation and guts..they gonna give up and go with what's best for her..but again..why do we need to make sure our parents approval if we were the one who getting married..and we were the one who will live the path..I haven't found any parents actually that willing to cause their child a hard time and bear the decision of not being allowed to get married to your beloved mate..either soul or life mate..she/he who to get married would know you think it because the feeling of insecure? ya la..if I were a father and can I allow such guy to marry my daugther kan...especially when you can feel the insecurity within that guy..

jd macam mana ni..kawin lari la ni..haha..although it sound stupid..but marriage is not something you'd dare to mess with....but marriage itself is a trump card where you place your bet for a winning score...isn't it..if you're meant to be ni..if you work hard your A enough..I think it can work out pretty well..well..wasn't i just declined the theory of gamble..aha..and its obvious marriage is not entirely a gamble..

but she ended up well today..although her love was denied ..who knows what would happened if she married that guy kan..susa susa..bgs jan kawin..tunggu jadi jutawan dulu..haha..

life is a learning stage...and Albert Einstein himself once said..the world is your stage...perform well and your world will evolve with your progress....hehe..mcm uncle gene simmons pula yg inda pecaya marriage tau..haha..

-f-l-o- said...

I will continue try to convince my parents that I love that person. As simple as that.

Wel^Beiolman said...

Yeah..Mrs. prob that long as your parents punya 1st impression pasti buli..malaysia buleh!..heehe..

ReNo said...

Gila la ni hidden message....

Wel^Beiolman said...

jan ko berputus asa reno..ko p beli tangga lagi kasi tambah tangga ko yg ada sekarang..pasti makin panjang makin tinggi tu tangga makin bejaya tu..hehe..

Nayden79 said...


kuai said...

napa ayat dia inda pandai habis?

sweetie~ said...

apa ba guna mau hidden2 msg ni.....bkin sakit kepala.....klu ex sy bg tu sy buang d tong sampah trus....ckp sama dia "sry dude i hv better things to do"...kakaka

terus terang ja ba....eventhough the truth hurts but as an rasa shud b able to face it professionally...kekeke

Kadus_Mama said...

wah!! i just posted my story about fighting for my right last time..hahaha Last week was my 10th anniversary being together with hubby, and i can tell you, it wasn't easy for us to get married. But we did anyway..p lah baca my story..hehehe

Wel^Beiolman said...

sweetie..aha..jan la ba ko inda sabar..mcm mana ni kalau inda sabar..teda la warm up ni..haha..

ya la..depends ba tu sweetie..dia mau menerai la ba tu kunun..besa la..inda romantik ka kalau macam tu..hehe..

Wel^Beiolman said... mana jawab mu..hehe..kalu ko bejaya ada juduh la kita ni..biar sia kasi explain sama mama ko la..hehe..

kadusmama..aha..yup..susa ba mau cari yg org bilang cinta pandang pertama..parents pun mcm tu jg tu...kalu durg jumpa terus suka..mimang kana suka la tu..kalu inda..mcm mana pun tepaksa tahan hati... my last mum suka..not my dad org bilang cinta mula mengenal dunia..haha..inda kesampaian cuma tersempat..hehe..

Wel^Beiolman said...

wahaha..napa la ko bijak betul ni madpie..haha..kalu torch light ko inda kenal..yg ni pula ko tau..adeh..hehe..

buli ko kasi share detik2 kejayaan ko ini..ahaha..

Wel^Beiolman said...

Kuai..ayat inda tegantung la..ok pun..persoalan yg penuh kemarahan ba tu..sedih tp tepaksa terima jg..

"ko sinta sia lagi inda ni..ko bilang ko inda suka dia..tapi..."

kuai said...

hahaha.. santik tu perumpamaan ko oo wel..

tu jawapan terpaksa sa pinjam kawan sa punya HP yang ada T9 malay bah..
Hp sa ada T9 English ja.. :P

sweetie~ said...

"ko sinta sia lagi inda ni..ko bilang ko inda suka dia..tapi..."

June 17, 2008 5:05:00 PM MYT

klu sy pny jwpn...."sia sinta ko ba tp dia lg byk duit..." hahaha

Wel^Beiolman said...

kuai..napa mau pinjam pula..susa-susa sja bilang si felix..ahaha..

sweetie..."apa duit itu kebahagiaan..sinta itu tidak bermaruah jika dijual beli..."

kuai said...

mau tau tu jawapan bah.. wakakaka

sweetie~ said...

money can't buy luv but without it staying in luv can be tough....hehe...apa lagi zaman skarang ni minyak sda naik....haha

i'm just being practical ba.....bukan bermaksud mata duitan.....keke

sweetie~ said...

mula2 till death do us part la mangkali....skali nda cukup beras d rumah terus berubah jd "marrying u is a big mistake"...kakaka....ini realiti kehidupan zaman skarang ba....memilih yg mampu vs kurang mampu sda menjadi kebiasaan....very fortunate la klu ko jumpa sinta sejati d zaman ini....hehe..

internet bilang konflik kewangan menjd punca perceraian utama d malaysia....

Wel^Beiolman said...

sweetie..kalu gitu sia kasi undur diri la..aha...reality!!!! betul tu sweetie...sebab tu sia inda mau inda mampu ba..sedang terai memampukan diri..huhu..

nowadays its very hard to find true love..but its very easy to fall in love..still..its very hard to be in love when harga minyak suda naik..haha..

kuai said...

jadi patut salah kan PM?

Wel^Beiolman said...

kuai..sia inda sinta tu PM..sia sinta dia kalu dia kasi sia lg byk duit.hehe...teda duit teda la sinta..hehe..begitu ka tu sekarang..?

kuai said...

wah.. punya main susah ni soalan ni..

well.. secara praktikal mungkin juga logik la..

Nga, sa rasa Kasih duluan la.. kalo teda tu kasih banyak duit pun teda guna-guna.. dan kebanyakan yang kaya raya tu orang tua or yang sudah berkahwin bah.. kalo ada urang muda pun anak urang kaya la.. sepa juga sanggup mau kawin org tua keriput walaupun dia kaya? (kecuali la 2 pempuan talampau mata duitan).Dan risiko kawin sama urang kaya ni.. takut dia tak tau apa mau buat tu duit kan, sampai pandai cari pempuan lain.. walaupun inda lupa c bini n anak2 nga, SAKIT baitu.. tu kawin sampai apatai kama..

numbur 2 penting.. yang ada commitment la.. bila ada kasih misti la ada commitment kan? commitment mau kasi sinang bini, stand by mau ada anak, rumah, dan jaga seisi rumah bilang..
*jadi bagi yang suka duduk walai inda mau karaja 2, teda commitment la. at least nampak usaha mau kerja bogia.

Nah bila ada 2 commitment c lelaki mesti tau mcm mana mau laksanakan 2 commitment kan... mesti ada duit.. dan berusaha la untuk ada duit.. bukan untuk mau kaya, tapi untuk keperluan.. dari yang inda mampu kepada yang Kurang Mampu sampai la ke MAMPU.. mcm kalo bili kerita.. kalo inda mampu pakai motosikal, kurang mampu bili la kancil, bila mampu bili la Unser ka(suntu ja ah). kalo sampai bili Ferrari uda.. itu bukan lagi keperluan.. tapi kalo mimang sampai itu tahap.. itu kira BONOS la.. :)

bah sukup.. sa inda berpengalaman pasal ini barang.. nga, itu pikiran share2 bah kan.. kalo inda ngam sila betulkan.. :)


sweetie~ said...

biasanya begitu la pandangan org yg masih muda2 ba kuai......ala2 fantasi....bila makin menua dan pengalaman bertambah....nnt pandai berubah tu pandangan....kekeke

Wel^Beiolman said...

wah..kuai..mimang betul tu...kalu duit untuk keperluan tp bukan penentu kebahagian jg kan..sometimes mimang main peranan la..

kalu sia nga kuai..haha..ada suda nga sia..sia rasa kasih sayang sama duit selari ba tu..sama jg keserasian sama kesesuaian..buli pakai ka ni.. tp kalu sinta jg apa2 pun inda kesah ba..nga..kalu telampau sinta kadang membutakan mata dan hati jg..sama jg sebab telampau byk duit..membutakan mata dan hati minda makin meluas pula..pandai cari benda lain..haha...

sinta anugerah ba dulu susah tp bila suda sinta nga gumbira juga..susah pun tapi sinta dapat besatu gumbira dia lebih siuk dari ada duit banyak...duit senantiasa buli di sari dan di simpan..sinta mau sari pun susa..mau simpan lagi la susa..apa lagi mau jaga..

madah berhela ko betul mendelema kan diri sia oh..kalu sia ada duit nga..sia mau jg ada felali..kepuasan..dan kegumbiraan jg nga tapi bila ada semua sedih juga..lonely la kalu ada kawan..dan bersama bergumbira sama kawan..terubat jg..malangnya..setiap org ada hidup memasing...kawan semua bila semua suda kawin..inda la ko talipaun tgh malam bawa melepak..haha...felali mula-mula beli last2 jadi tempat mengadu..jadinya belumba la kunun d jalanan..haha..imaginasi betul eh..nga...mimang best bila 2 2 pun datang sekali dalam barisan dan sesama memenuhi sesama sendiri..wah...mana sia mau ni..sia mau jd jutawan dulu ka atau sia mau kawin dulu baru jadi jutawan..muskil dan delema ni..huhu..

kuai said...


Wel bilang kasih sayang and duit selari kepentingan dia. SA SETUJU.. :)

Sweet Lady bilang bila makin menua dan pengalaman bertambah, pandai berubah tu pandangan.. SA SETUJU JUGA!--- sebab elders di kampung selalu ulang2 bah yang ini.. jadi bila pikir2 mimang butul!.. cuma urang muda mcm HARD TO ADMIT IT, even we know the reality.. damm!

mungkin itu la pasal orang sekarang inda mau kawin awal pasal mau buat 'kajian' dan analisa kali kan..? hehehehehe...;P~

Wel^Beiolman said...

kuai..bukan la ba mau buat kajian...memang belum ready atau belum layak sja ba tu..kalu layak n ready..belum ada calon pula..ada sja ba tu..bukan ko kawin mcm ko p kedai p beli kucing/anjing mau beli ba..hari2 kasi makan n kasi mandi..hehe..duit jg kan..aha..mimang la..

apa pun..sia rasa..kawin bukan segala-galanya..inda kawin pun inda jg mati..haha..inda kawin inda semestinya inda happy....memasing ada pandangan dan philosophy hidup ba..