Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Breaking the code - Part 2

Yesterday, I posted a combination of numbers which contains a hidden message asking viewers to crack and share their answer..I don't know and am not sure how many of you tried and got the hidden message cracked... I found one though..

"Blogger Adora said...


June 17, 2008 10:10:00 AM MYT"

Adora or mostly known as Madpie in the blogging world has successfully cracked the message as above.. during the Winner's Prize Presentation Ceremony..I tried to get few comments from her but she went on greeting her fans then disappeared with her VVIP voucher presented by our main sponsor....Thanks to Reno ..on the VVIP voucher, Madpie has been allowed to borrow one of Reno's most amazing toilet seat of his collection..duration has been kept as secret..

Congratulation Madpie!!!!

*1 is universal so in the context given...obviously it is an 'i'

For others who might still trying to understand as well as finding the logic behind the combinations..I kindly present to you the theory that was applied and managed to get this relevant info..

Why is the alphabet on the telephone key-pad/dial?

The alphabet was introduced after a study in the 1920s concluded that “no human being should be asked to remember more than a four digit number” says Charles Galley, a founding member of the New England Museum of Telephony. But large cities required six digits to serve their thousands of clients. To accommodate this apparent dichotomy, phone companies devised phone numbers consisting of a combination of two letters and four digits. So, instead of having to remember a number like 52-6978, for example, customers asked for “Lancaster 6978”. In the phone book, the letters to be dialed were capitalized: LAncaster 6978.

The numbers 1 and 0 have no letters associated with them because dialing 0 connected the caller to the operator and 1 proved problematic for early equipment and made universal

*More easier application is mobile phone...texting..

Updated on 18th June
I managed to get a hold of Madpie later at the end of the ceremony..below were her comments to my questions.

Wel: Where did you get the idea cracking the message?
Madpie: I first saw origami with code, I bet that guy must be a huge fan of PB too...(mcm dia inda jawab soalan sja ni..hehe..)

Wel: Did you receive any help from others? If you do, who and what has she/he contributed?
Madpie: I did it my own..

Wel: Have you ever received the same message in your life? If you have,when?
Madpie: em... so far blum pernah dpt lg..

Wel: What would be your reaction if you were to receive the origami?
Madpie: Kalu sa dpt tu origami, first thing comes across in my mind is, wahhhh kiuttt... that sender must be vry creative.

Wel: Would you share the prize you've won today? With whom?
Madpie: I wont share... haha karit bah...(kana kasi pinjam sja tau tu madpie..haha..)

Wel: Any message for couples or bride-groom to be?
Madpie: different pipol different tot kan.. so i leave it blank...

Thanks to Madpie for being such openminded and willing to spend her few minutes answering my questions...see her own Forbidden Love


Nayden79 said...

wahh suda tukar pun sempat lg kasi koporong ahhh... nanti ko...

Wel^Beiolman said...

aha..ok ba madpie...koporong bukan ayam yg begagar lepas kana putung kepala ka..

Nayden79 said...

PB stands for Prison Break. Kalu ko ada tingu, then u kno about the bird origami and code...

Kasi pnjam ka pula..pnya la.. tukar p cash x ble ka?

Wel^Beiolman said...

aha...inda buli..sponsorman si reno..mau kasi pinjam sja..hehe..yup.i know whats PB is..i never missed one ep pun tat..hehe..

seh si madpie mimang bijak mcm si sokofil ba ni..hehe..