Saturday, 24 May 2008

AF6 Finale

For the first time (Sh*t!), am posting about AF! I can't help it..LoL.. Am sure every Malaysian knows that tonight is the Finale of Academy Fantasia Season 6. The major question is "Who will win AF6?". As for me, I'd prefer the question of "Who deserved to win the AF6?" instead. Most of us had seen and followed AF since it was aired back in 2003 and thought...some of the winners were actually won the No.1 singing competition in Malaysia based on luck. Was it really luck and popularity rather than talent itself...I'll leave it to you to valuate.

I thought, singing competition is supposed to be won by the best singer and performer but instead I found it quite amusing when some winners were not really that talented. Take a good example of American Idol in its 7th season of good quality and equally talented. The duel between Davids was mesmerizing and unbelievable. It hits a new record of a total votes more than 90 million votes compared to the previous season which was 20 million votes lesser. What would happen to AF6 tonight? Will it hits another high votes record?

I watched and followed most of this season AF concerts as well as its diaries..(inda la melakat dapan tv mau tinguk I found, there are only 3 students who really deserve to be in the Finale..My valuation is based on talent alone and I think one of them will be the winner or most probably, these 3 would conquer the top 3 spot.

Stacie Angie Anam (Stacy)
She has always delivered a good performance throughout the competition from week 1 onwards and most critics were good towards her. She's versatile enough to sing numerous genre but tend to shout when she hits a high pitch note. Frankly speaking, she has a very nice tone (smokey and husky I think if you call it) and able to compete with our current artists in the Music Industry as long as she picks suitable and right songs. * Stacy la manang ni..hehe..

Nadia Haswani Binti Hasnan (Nadia)
She's doing well and not bad at all. One thing that makes her stand among others would be her singing style, versatility and her figure. She's a small size girl but her voice is bigger than what would we expected from that form. Similar to Stacy, she also has delivered quite numbers of good performance. I think her voice suites for Modern rock/Alternative genre

Mohammed Idris Bin Mohd. Zaizizi (Riz)
Since the beginning, I thought he would be the only main contender of male participants/group and I was right. Well..he has lots of experience in singing competitions in his pocket. Not sure how many awards he had won but he has always able to deliver several good performance. The fact that many girls like him,
that could be his main weapon to win AF6. Good voice but not quite like able (character problem)

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