Saturday, 24 May 2008

22 Days 22 Nights

Is that my lucky number? Is that a 4D number? What does it means? Well... I am actually entitled to 25 days of holiday leave in 2008 (it was 22 days last year..) Until this moment, I have never applied for leave, not even a single day..since the 1st January! My Manager has been asking me several times these past few weeks.." you want to apply leave next month...?" Those 3 days were missing because the company has a policy of a non-declared holiday for Malaysian staffs and if in case, the HQ (UK) is on holiday, Malaysian staffs are asked to take holiday but it will be deducted from our remaining balance. There's an option really, either you want to work or not. So, it depends on your work loads you're having at that moment. Having said that, I'll be on leave next Monday (UK Bank Holiday) and currently I managed to finish all my outstanding works..(atleast am happy to leave my "anak-anak buah" to do their own thing..). I understood and got what my Manager fears the most. It happened last year when the management asked me to finish my balance of holiday (15 days) before the end of 2007 which I did within a month (December 2007)..December 2007 was a month of honey moon (trip to Pattaya & Bangkok..sleep and eat)..I only worked for a week then holiday till early 2008! Wasn't that awesome!, this time around I think the management is trying to avoid the same incident..(I'm the only senior staff left..)

I have not had any plan yet but I think, most probably I'll end up in Singapore at the end of September (Kalu ada duit la) during the F1 Night Race. That's that and nothing more. I have this target actually to travel all over SEA before I hit the age of 30 ...... if God's will and financially stable I might again travel to one of the SEA country...(Borneo masuk ka dalam SEA country..:P)

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