Wednesday, 28 May 2008

MAFU - Malaysian Artist For Unity

Have you guys watched the new music video collaborated by Pete Teo with friends either on TV or the internet? It was the first kind of collaboration made in Malaysia for the sole purpose of racism conflict which was master minded by Pete Teo. The story goes like this..(taken from the MAFU site..) He was actually boring la kunun..then he telephoned few of his friends which are also get together to make an anti-racism national unity song and music video..wasn't that cool and thoughtful...Well if you have celebs (singers)..I guess that won't count..who does not want to sing and contribute in such a wonderful and meaningful song..don't you?..If only Pete had dialed a wrong number (to my mobile number)...I'll be grateful enough to speak to him..he.he...or perhaps.. co-star in that video clip..anything can happen bah..he.he.. an anti-racism and hate people who judges people by their race..I've met several people who dislike and does not prefer to mix around with Indian..then some to Chinese..Malay and so on.. probably they were trying to make a statement out of the blue that they were good and does not need other race to be in their life..what a jerk!! I watch this one movie titled "Into The Wild" (based on true story of Alexander Supertramp) and there was this nice quote he wrote about happiness..I can't remember it exactly..*I will add the quote once I have figured it out..please remind me k..hehe.

So back to MAFU... telephone calls made by Pete had then dwelled 52 people a few days later..they're from all sort of people..singers, producers, sportsman, actors, activists etc.. came joining the contingent because they love Malaysia.....yeah the country that was bombed numerous times by baby atomic bombs..he..he.. They recorded a song entitled "Here In My Home" (free download) then more people joined...from 52 people.the number grew to 120 people..amazingly..the BUDGET=ZERO..then a video clip of these bunch of cool people was also recorded..They've made a great approach and contribution..I love what you guys did! Hopefully this small but brilliant independent group can help generate and create better living in Malaysian..especially to Malaysian politicians to open their eyes *besar-besar

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