Thursday, 15 May 2008

Service by the cunt..

Another disturbing morning...the cunt was still trying to reach me twice today..first call attempted at 9:38 am and followed by another call at 10:42 am. Few minutes after that, I received a text message with a message "Thanks for the registration fees RM548.00. U will received the summerset card within 2 weeks. For further information do not hesitate to call back this no.Thank you" - +60163324575

I called the CitiBank customer support to check if any recent transaction being made and found none at this moment. She said if the transaction is made today, atleast its record would only be available by tomorrow. I told her the incident and she offered to let me know if there were any unexpected transaction made but she believed there's nothing they could do if they have a wrong CCV number.

I thanked her, ended the conversation then here I go..blogging..

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