Thursday, 22 May 2008

Designated Hermitage In History

When I first started blogging, I surfed through the internet looking for cool and manageable chat box and found several links that I didn't even realised they were still stored in my bookmark list all this time..(they were mixed up with other nonsense links *sigh*)

Looking back at these chat boxes collection, made me thinking why I didn't pick this and that..well honestly I was looking for something simple but the same time it must have a nice look.. As far as I can recall, my current chat box is the 3rd chat first was then changed to Cbox which both were nice. I can't remember what was the reason I changed the but perhaps it was due to the layout changes I made to this blog..(resizing and apparently it affected the chat box..) I changed the Cbox because it was not functioning properly..not sure to others but I ended up with "page cannot displayed" in that specific area or chat messages didn't make it to the server..again *sigh*... So this 3rd one, am not sure if it will stay long but in near future there's always a better know la these days kan...macam2 pun ada..hehe.. I do know that if I want it to perform up to its status or popularity, I should have purchased or upgraded to a premium/VIP account and benefiting its unlimited features...miskin ba...I know there are plenty more out there but these 3 were pretty good to be listed in my bookmark list.

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