Thursday, 29 May 2008

2000 Hits!

Officially, Designated Hermitage has now been visited 2000 times in less than 2 years. My first post was as follow

Welcome (dated back to 25th Nov 2006)

As the name says "Designated Hermitage", this is going to be d' Amazing blog in future to come. Would it be? Well, you may say "nah..." or "...mmm....", time will tell and those who believe "live your dream and it will come to you" would probably agree with me though. It doesn't matter what other people going to say because it is not my business to listen and live up to their expectations or needs. I'm doing this for my own satisfaction and most importantly living my dream.

Once before, a man called Beiolman said "You may call me beiolman but I'm not the only one, I hope someday you will join me and let the world be beiol-ed"

Less than 5 months to my first post's anniversary, DH managed to survive the kind of tsunami, earth quake, riots, political melt down etc..when I first signed up for I was just a kid in virtual world of blogging..well I was actully an active IRC user, way back 1999 - 2000..hehe..and those days..internet was still new to Malaysian..including me..I don't know if I can label myself or qualified as an amateur in computer (Software, Hardware, networking etc) sure that am not an expert/advance either though..and I do know that I like (enjoy) what I haves and haves not..

Early 2007, DH was actually kept in a save box for quite a period. He was in the mids of concentrating other stuff in his life..after a crucial incident that almost took his soul..seh..with a natural and strong driven character..he fought back to get his grasp in life..he stood tall to co-exist his heir as the last Beiolman (C) and walked through the road to heaven passing the gate of hell without hesitation..for about 6 months later he made it to the end of the road where he found a fountain of Freedom in his heart! (not quite right..) Ever since then..he lives his life to the fullest..*if ada duit lagi to the maximum..hehe..

He started the 2008 with bigger hopes and new targets. He was heard saying some live free from his be elsewhere in SEA area (lagi jauh lg bagus) before he can enjoy his 30th birthday party...and of course be financially stable..(kesian ba ni..jual diri untuk sesuap nasi..hehe)...Up until now DH is still going strong..banging his head to the wall.. to bring out the best of him for Sabah and his surrounding...hoping to wake up in an early morning, from his sweet dream to see his lovely and pretty wife next to him greeting him with a kiss...walawei..

Hopping for the greater good in life? Sure we does, don't we... How can life be great if you don't believe that dream can come true... and living your dream will eventually helping you making your dream to come true..he.he.. *The Law of Attraction*


sweetie~ said...

uina indah skali impian mu itu...haha

Wel^Beiolman said...

indah ka lady..hehe..jan jeles..ehehe..

Kadus_Mama said...

:) It's our dream keep us strong for our future. Kalau teda dream, hmmm..not sure what going to happend..kan???

Wel^Beiolman said...

kadus_mama..once again..welcome! yeah..if you don't have dream..then what's the purpose of working hard..trying hard and strive for success..hehe..