Sunday, 25 May 2008

Stacy - Born to be a singer?

At last, after 5 previous attempts, a Sabahan made it to the top spot! Ogy (Datuk Fauziah Ahmad Daud), one of the permanent jury for AF6 was quoted saying "Stacy! You was born to be a singer!" I can't deny the talent she has and of course she delivered a very very impressive vocal control as well as performance. I am really proud of her and Sabah. All this while, many Sabahans were trying to get to the top spot of any singing competition in Malaysia but failed (always 2nd place and so on..). I think 2008 is the year for Malaysian especially in Peninsular to establish how unique and talented Sabahan people is. First, it was Ayu that won the One In A Million who defeated the kind of already popular singer, Siti Sarah and...what is her name ah...the daughter of veteran singer Andy Lala.

I was a little disappointed by the fact that Nadia won the 5th spot instead of Toi! Astro made a really big mistake when AC Mizal (Astro) showed the up-to-date position right after the 1st round finished (I still remember when Aznil was the host, he actually asked students to go inside/backstage). Nadia was placed at 5th, and it was obvious that she was affected by that (moral down...) Her 2nd song was so-so although she delivered a good vocal and performance then her face expression was there..sadness..*Nadia..kalu ko 5th tetap cute juga..ehe..

Stacy, who sung a song made popular by Indonesian artist Rossa and a new song composed by non-popular composer (new composer), has her vocal prowess to make the night belongs to her and she really pulled it. Adlin was heard saying people voted her because of her talent (voice) not because of her personality, popularity or others. It was a good statement Adlin! In her 2nd song (Aku Stacy), Stacy sung it very well especially when she hits the climax with her husky voice. Wow! Awesome! Congratulation Stacy!

I have this gutsy felling about her talent though. She won the AF6 because she competes with not very talented fellow students (Well compared to her...most of them are below par). If she were in Malaysian Idol..I think she couldn't make it..(based on my own personal observation of contestants in Malaysian Idol 1st and 2nd season). Having said that, next mission would be Malaysian Idol. Come on Sabahan! We need someone who is above Ayu and Stacy!

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