Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sabah For Sabahan

I knew about these 2 sites few months ago but I didn't really care much of it. Perhaps it was because I found none interesting at that time. Am not really sure when did they start and when they were published. These few days, I become an avid visitor to these 2 sites and I honestly found it quite interesting. Nothing that interesting but when lots of people were online, its shout box becomes a perfect platform for Sabahans (I can't really guaranty you that they're entirely Sabahan...)to interact with each others and get to know new friends (online? perhaps and who knows in future time..)

I think, its because they're still new and loads of improvement need to be done. Anyway, whoever involved to the growth/success of these 2 site..Great Job!. I will support SabahanBlog and SabahanTV and Aramai Tee!

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