Monday, 26 May 2008

"Parlimentary Select Committee" OR "Royal Commission of Inquiry"??

Firstly, am not a politic expert nor Phd holder to criticize the current politic crisis and our own Sabah MPs. I actually interested on the issue of PTI or "pendatang tanpa izin" in Malay, "alien" as its scientific term and "illegal immigrant" for standard English. Illegal immigrant problem in Sabah is not a new issue nor can be solved overnight. Earlier, DAP Advisor and Ipoh Timur AP Lim Kit Siang had suggested the motion to be amended and to be established to tackle the issue of illegal immigrant in Sabah, but rejected by Dewan Rakyat Datuk Ronald Kiandee. Regards to the rejection made, Sabah MPs have explained their stand. When we think about it, what was said by Datuk Anifah Aman is true and reasonable..(am not agreeing on anything but he has a point...) As far as I understood, involvement (Sabah MPs) is part of the reason behind the motion being rejected. Datuk Anifah himself said that, if RCI were established there's no guaranty that Sabah MPs would be in its process or worst Sabah MPs would be excluded of any panel involvement within the RCI..

He has also pointed out another good point which I thought would give more benefit to Sabah in a long run. Any kind of decision would be made from and by the Federal Government, therefore if RCI were to be established I think it is not going to be organised, processed and tabled in Sabah. It will be executed in Sabah though. By agreeing to the motion, Sabah MPs would have lesser involvement and could only listen to an outsider (Peninsular MPs). At the end, Sabah MPs will only receive orders from Federal as if Sabah MPs (Sabahan) are incompetent. Are we (Sabahan) going to sit down and listen to an outsider again after 50 years?

Those are several good points why I think the rejection is reasonable. However, things can be sorted out if both side agreed to work things around ( I think la...)
  • - RCI to be established and MUST be based in Sabah.
  • - Not less than 60% of the panels are Sabah MPs.
  • - Federal as an advisor and would not interfere in any decision making
  • - Final decision can only be made by the majority
Datuk Ronald Kiandee rejection has caused several parties to judge him as a traitor. As for me, I think he was trying (probably advised by Datuk Anifah and others) to fight for our (Sabahan) right. Or perhaps he doesn't know anything at all at that time then they came up with these good points to cover their mistake etc.. At this moment, RCI or Parlimentary Select Committee is the only immunity that Sabah can hope for. Either it is RCI or PSC, I can only hope that their decision can resolve the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah ASAP..(inda mau balik Sabah..last2 jatuh cinta sama pilak..hehe..). I fear their number maybe bigger than us (Sabah's population) sooner than we expected...

It is my honour to share this amazing poster that I've recently received via email today. Although it looks offensive but perhaps it can revive the Sabahan spirit in us..then fight for the right thing!

UPDATES on 28th May.
I've read many blogs and online-news relating to this issue and I am really amazed by the response made by several individuals or groups. Well..we're Sabahan..if not us who else would stand for Sabah..earlier prior to the above post, I had thought about "di sebalik tabir" stories of all remarks or excuses made by those incumbent MPs..but have to play save and always chose the right path to confess your view..(tambah lagi la sekarang blog/web kena monitor..)...I agreed to some that there's something fishy (ikan karuk) going on here..I was wondering when I was looking on this issue why these fellas didn't say anything yet..he knows better than others how hard and mind blogging it was that time on dealing head-on to this problem..he was once the ray of hope for Sabah.. then he step down becoming a more low-profile person..the likes of Datuk Pairin and Datuk Bernard..they both were once...fought to their best (entah la kalu to the best...hehe..) to defend and bring back what we had lost decades ago...they were once the anchor behind the failure of UMNO/BN in Sabah...then they surrendered....honestly, most of our current MPs etc in politics are fighting for their own sake..their own benefit....(duit kopi banyak betul habis)..there are many pros and cons..and again am not an expert to elaborate more...several blogs were opened intentionally in order to voice out the "people's request" i.e Voice of Sabah ....we need to wake up and fight back for the better of our next all veteran politicians who once fought and walked the hard all Sabahan especially those who are educated, successful also those courages mind to unite to fight for your loved ones..your families and our generation....Freedom! (Seh..macam movie freedom pula..)


fie the elf said...

i'll actually write a post about this soon.

i don't agree with you (sorry! haha) because i think sabahan mps are just talking cock cause when push comes to shove they turn out to be sissies. the RCI is a great idea because it will be unbiased. the PTI problem is caused by Project M who wanted to curb in opposition in sabah thus giving out ICs to PTIs and asked them to vote for BN. most sabahan mps have won their seats because of this!

anyway more on my blog soon, wheni have the time to sit down and write =)

Wel^Beiolman said...

Thanks for dropping by..well..I'm sure what you've said are correct..and I also agree with the other have to think in a +ve side ..although they were not that +ve as heard..they're still good thing might happen if they were really true or planned as they were sounded..what a coincidence...I was writing my other side of mind..and you were there..haha..good point though..looking forward to urs..