Saturday, 19 April 2008

"Black" for Downey Jr .

Firstly, am not a fan of Robert Downey Jr, 42 nor his movies. In the past, he had been applauded by his edgy roles in his movies as well as his troublesome life when he was an addict.

But his latest or perhaps a step too far, the actor dons make-up to play rather convincing and of course funny looking black man in a movie along side starring comic actor Ben Stiller and a blonde Jack Black. He is virtually unrecognisable with his afro and brown skin

Originally, the role was written for a black actor and rather than re-write the part/act, he brilliantly goes method. The movie entitled "Tropic Thunder" is said to be the most expensive Vietnam war movie ever made due to a group of pompous actors (Ben, Jr and Jack)

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