Saturday, 5 April 2008

Hollywood remakes "My Sassy Girl"

Can you believe this? Few years back there were the "The Ring" of Japanese sorrow movie and the "Internal" of Hong Kong triad movie, then now the "My Sassy Girl" of Korean comedy+romantic movie. I think Hollywood has lost its touch in producing love able movies these days due to the fact that they're going head-on into CGI, etc technology on fiction movies. Not to mention the American crappy-teen movies which I admit they were actually fun/interesting but that's that. By far, I can't really find any Hollywood movies that I'd watched over several times and willing to spend my money buying their original copies..Ops :P

It is rather interesting that American is looking at this side of the world. Even the current Reality TV show, Contender is held in Singapore. What would you say of Formula 1 race at night in Singapore city's road? Have the idea had never ever been proposed by other F1 country before?

So.. enough with that American-Asian theory, still the fact that Song Hye Kyo is pretty and cute is undeniable! ha..ha.. "My Sassy Girl" is said to be released in this year. To make my own review based on the trailer (Hollywood) below seems too early but it does look interesting and comparable - the heroin is outclassed by Jeon Ji Hyun in cuteness

My Sassy Girl Trailer (Korean)

My Sassy Girl Trailer (Hollywood)

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