Friday, 28 March 2008

I'm Falling

Few months ago, I was like..will I..again? Never I expected that I will. This time, it's a bit weird and surely different due to fact that I eventually fell in love with Song Hye Kyo. I watched a Korean Series Drama - Full House last week (3rd time) and suddenly it hits my mind and stumped my heart. She's so adorable, cute and sweet. Well, that's an act then when I went through the internet surfing looking for more info about this little and sweet girl.. I found out that most people including westerners were saying she's a perfect/goddess beauty which I'd agree, China Media - She's the most beautiful Korean Actress and Korea Media - The most successful actress year 2005. Then I went on to YouTube looking for any clips of her..I'm not disappointed at all. She's all that! Who had watched Full House series drama would know and adore how she acts and how beauty she is.

I don't know and mind if other would say she's just another pretty and cute Korean actress but I do care who is going to be the luckiest man to win her heart and be her husband. Will it be me..:P Below are some interesting clips which I like and never get bored to watch over and over again..

Full House (3 Bear Song)

Rain & Song Hye Kyo Sing 3 Bears Song

KBS Ent Relay - Song Hye Kyo Interview (Eng subs)

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