Monday, 4 February 2008

I just don't have the feeling YET...

Lately, many of my friends..close or not been asking..when are you going to get married or at least tie the knot..every time the question came out..I was like..??? wondering..?? what is it all about actually.. i don't get it..some people thought that marriage is everything in a relationship..more likely as a closure?why we need to get married as a closure anyway..can't I just be happy the way I am..the way I chose to be....and for the record I am not thinking of looking for anybody nor getting laid...

Few years ago..I had a debate with my parents of whom I may get married and why I never care of whom that person would be...I gave them a simple but quite cruel answer at the's my life and it is me who is getting married and live with my sounded like I am a selfish person but that's that..I am the one who getting married..whoever that person person would be is my own decision..I know they're getting old and they wish they can be there at that special moment.i do understand that though..but at the end it is always about my life..I understood their kind intention..

Last month I was shocked to hear that my younger sis is getting engaged probably middle of this year..I spoke with her on the phone for about 40 was early morning on 1 January 2008 when I was still little bit drunk..celebrating new year..I advised her not to rush things is her life but I as a brother needs to do something out here..not persuade her to cancel the plan but give her as much as I could possibly give as a real brother..I've been always..we actually..have been practicing the concept of "mind your own business" long as it does not affect our parents and family...if it does somebody may have to stand up...she had just known this guy for like few months but who knows what His plan least I can do for her was...I asked her to think it over and over..don't trust your emotion at this moment but trust what you desire or your own satisfaction..there is no regret and there is no turning point after all these..I hope she gets the message clear and loud..

So..back to my main point..marriage? Does each human being needs to get married...what are the criterias that made you think that you are ready to get married..what kinda person would made you to make that kinda decision in your it what you really want in your life? These are some of the questions I asked myself..and I came up with several answers which brought me back to my true desire in life...I'd go for satisfaction and happiness..I can get these two without getting married..perhaps 70-90% but the main point here is..marriage is not everything in life...there is a bigger life out there that He want us to discover..

Live your life to the fullest

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