Saturday, 31 May 2008

Million hits a month!

Last night, I was celebrating my pre-kaamatan alone at home, I bought 4 bottles of uncle Carls from Dusun Club (one chinese coffee shop), drank and played with "Biggy" (a virgin-male dog). I was a little bit sadden actually because at this time around I'd usually be in Sabah, celebrating with her. The fact that I missed her so much can't be denied especially during this period and her birthday is coming in just a few days. Once, I've said she would be the one am going to marry but things not always as you've planned. Well...we were not meant to be la ba that..he..he..

A'ight, earlier today, when I woke up from my hang over (masih paning ni tau...), I read today's newspaper and saw the news of Mr Mahathir hits the 1 million hits in his blog. WOW! That was my first reaction to his achievement. Well, how many people do you know that have a blog then achieved million hits within a single month? I wish I were him... he.he..that could be a world record! Now people were saying that his blog might hit another million in the coming does it feel to have a million hits in a single month? Does anyone ever know?

I'm happy for him, I've actually posted one comment on one of his post when it was first published. I don't know how he manages to read all his comments..a single post in his blog could..roughly get about 200-300 approved many comments were disbanded..the most dangerous and feared by most bloggers when blogging is (i also careful ba) seditious remarks... so, although you have so many things to say in you head about that, this and can't actually express them in a way that you'd wish for...I might someday..he.he..well..I can't tell actually if one's post is seditious or depends how people valuate and in near time soon..I might try blog more freely....

Friday, 30 May 2008

Is he really a Batman? The son of Superman?

Well, I think some of you out there have received this email years ago but I still find it funny and it really true that his father was named after the handsome and nerdy Clark seems that it is their family tradition where Clark Kent then named his son after the dark force hero of Batman from Brooklyn City.. it does make sense to me..after all, these two heroes have something in common..they've never existed actually..what?Do you guys think that they were real? is real that the world has someone named after these heroes...Isn't it uniques and amazing..I have a relative named as Suparman actually..when I first heard of his name..I was like..really but probably it brings more luck (Feng Shui) to these people..which I admire..especially when people make fun of their name and still be proud of their name...

Batman: "Hello, thank you for calling, this is Batman"
Caller: "Who am I speaking to? Batman?"
Caller: "May I have your name again please?"
Batman: "My Name is Batman"
Caller: "Trying to be funny uh? What is your surname?"
Batman: "Suparman"
Caller: "I want to speak to your Manager"

*Sorry if this post has offended some individual...please let me know and I will remove it.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

2000 Hits!

Officially, Designated Hermitage has now been visited 2000 times in less than 2 years. My first post was as follow

Welcome (dated back to 25th Nov 2006)

As the name says "Designated Hermitage", this is going to be d' Amazing blog in future to come. Would it be? Well, you may say "nah..." or "...mmm....", time will tell and those who believe "live your dream and it will come to you" would probably agree with me though. It doesn't matter what other people going to say because it is not my business to listen and live up to their expectations or needs. I'm doing this for my own satisfaction and most importantly living my dream.

Once before, a man called Beiolman said "You may call me beiolman but I'm not the only one, I hope someday you will join me and let the world be beiol-ed"

Less than 5 months to my first post's anniversary, DH managed to survive the kind of tsunami, earth quake, riots, political melt down etc..when I first signed up for I was just a kid in virtual world of blogging..well I was actully an active IRC user, way back 1999 - 2000..hehe..and those days..internet was still new to Malaysian..including me..I don't know if I can label myself or qualified as an amateur in computer (Software, Hardware, networking etc) sure that am not an expert/advance either though..and I do know that I like (enjoy) what I haves and haves not..

Early 2007, DH was actually kept in a save box for quite a period. He was in the mids of concentrating other stuff in his life..after a crucial incident that almost took his soul..seh..with a natural and strong driven character..he fought back to get his grasp in life..he stood tall to co-exist his heir as the last Beiolman (C) and walked through the road to heaven passing the gate of hell without hesitation..for about 6 months later he made it to the end of the road where he found a fountain of Freedom in his heart! (not quite right..) Ever since then..he lives his life to the fullest..*if ada duit lagi to the maximum..hehe..

He started the 2008 with bigger hopes and new targets. He was heard saying some live free from his be elsewhere in SEA area (lagi jauh lg bagus) before he can enjoy his 30th birthday party...and of course be financially stable..(kesian ba ni..jual diri untuk sesuap nasi..hehe)...Up until now DH is still going strong..banging his head to the wall.. to bring out the best of him for Sabah and his surrounding...hoping to wake up in an early morning, from his sweet dream to see his lovely and pretty wife next to him greeting him with a kiss...walawei..

Hopping for the greater good in life? Sure we does, don't we... How can life be great if you don't believe that dream can come true... and living your dream will eventually helping you making your dream to come true..he.he.. *The Law of Attraction*

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

MAFU - Malaysian Artist For Unity

Have you guys watched the new music video collaborated by Pete Teo with friends either on TV or the internet? It was the first kind of collaboration made in Malaysia for the sole purpose of racism conflict which was master minded by Pete Teo. The story goes like this..(taken from the MAFU site..) He was actually boring la kunun..then he telephoned few of his friends which are also get together to make an anti-racism national unity song and music video..wasn't that cool and thoughtful...Well if you have celebs (singers)..I guess that won't count..who does not want to sing and contribute in such a wonderful and meaningful song..don't you?..If only Pete had dialed a wrong number (to my mobile number)...I'll be grateful enough to speak to him..he.he...or perhaps.. co-star in that video clip..anything can happen bah..he.he.. an anti-racism and hate people who judges people by their race..I've met several people who dislike and does not prefer to mix around with Indian..then some to Chinese..Malay and so on.. probably they were trying to make a statement out of the blue that they were good and does not need other race to be in their life..what a jerk!! I watch this one movie titled "Into The Wild" (based on true story of Alexander Supertramp) and there was this nice quote he wrote about happiness..I can't remember it exactly..*I will add the quote once I have figured it out..please remind me k..hehe.

So back to MAFU... telephone calls made by Pete had then dwelled 52 people a few days later..they're from all sort of people..singers, producers, sportsman, actors, activists etc.. came joining the contingent because they love Malaysia.....yeah the country that was bombed numerous times by baby atomic bombs..he..he.. They recorded a song entitled "Here In My Home" (free download) then more people joined...from 52 people.the number grew to 120 people..amazingly..the BUDGET=ZERO..then a video clip of these bunch of cool people was also recorded..They've made a great approach and contribution..I love what you guys did! Hopefully this small but brilliant independent group can help generate and create better living in Malaysian..especially to Malaysian politicians to open their eyes *besar-besar

While I was gone...

Yesterday I was on holiday and today I went to work hoping that everything would be fine. Well, all were fine but I was a little disappointed when I found out 2 days were spent to figure out how to make a simple amendment *sigh*...that can be done within an hour or two including QA...Then when I was informed (by my Manager..because all development works need to get through to me).....they have not finished anything actually became worst than first respond to my Manager was something like this..."oh..isn't that only involves the script.." then my Manager explained what had happened earlier...(I think he didn't really believe what I was saying)..we received a request from one of our customer in Australia to amend their report...(customised report..) The plan was...if the development work itself is not over than 2/3 hours..we're not going to charge them..which I think my Manager also believed our team can do it within a reasonable time scale...unfortunately..with their kind of approach and thought..they failed..not 1 day..2 days and came up with nothing.. Manager wondered then asked me how..I then explained to him (and the team..)..what and where should the amendment took has nothing to do with the report file (Crystal Report) .... because it was delayed for 2 days..I offered him a hand to do it myself including QA and at the same time (diam-diam) asking our team to continue.. my first 30 minutes in the office today was spent on this stuff then passed over to my Manager..he will do another QA prior to release tomorrow... Frankly speaking, this kind of stuff should have not be a problem for my army to figure out then provide a just that they have this typical kind of Malay habits..lackadaisical..with their is unacceptable to not be able to do this simple task..because of the habits of being discourages and un-committed..their willingness to learn, their effort to master in-out about the company's product have created a huge gap between people with skills and people with experience... I hope they would not be reprimanded by the Manager tomorrow regards to this avoidable weakness...usually people with experience wouldn't have a sophisticated solution compared to skillful people of whom have a brilliant imagination also mind then make something out of the extra-ordinary...*difficult made easy*...If you were a Manager who is given the power to hire a new staff..would it be somebody with experience or skills?

Before my Manager left..he asked me if we should charge them or not..well..obviously we shouldn't..mistake was at our end...wasn't it.....He also said that he would probably go to UK earlier than expected (16th June) which indicates it's not going to be easy anymore for me to apply leave...the Management had planned earlier this year that he would be there for about a year to contribute in the User Acceptance Test process...

Monday, 26 May 2008

Food Satisfaction

9:3+ am, I woke up from my sweet dream and slowly checking my phones if there were any text message received. There were 2 messages: Digi - a message from a stupid bastard (+6281519028592) "Congratulations! Sim-card anda berjaya menangi Hadiah Utama Wang Tunai (RM15,000.00) Dari PETRONAS MAS MLYS Sila/call/tel:006281318387817 Terima Kasih" (this was the original message I copied from my mobile) then my other mobile phone (Maxis) was a message from my friend residing in KL. I replied my friend's message then switched on the PC. As usual, I checked my email and at the same time opened several tabs from my bookmark list of download sites to look for any new TV Series or anime available - none. Read my emails and replied some.

I'm on holiday today as mentioned in my previous post of 22 days 22 nights. I have already planned that am going to settle several things today i.e call Insurance Company to ask further details on why they double-charge my card of something I have never agreed and go to EPF office to change my mailing address. Both were settled within 1 hour (think so..) Regards to the EPF thing, I called one of the nearby branch and asked details then the person I talked to said not necessarily but can be settled in a very short time as I would only have to fill up a form..I guess I can do this tomorrow before I go to office then. It was already noon and I was still chatting with my old ex-class mate (Elopura Sandakan) on YM...time goes by but I stay still...(cuba teka..lirik lagu ni.hehe..) suddenly I heard "honk..honk..!!" I saw a van from Pos Laju in front the gate. So I went down and signed off the parcel (for me from Reader's Digest) was RD special gift..a book and lapik mug..apa nama tu ah..hehe.... So by now, you guys must be thinking apa ba cerita ni...haha..tajuk lain cerita lain..hehe..lex ba..biar la kalau sia mau kasi cut the story around 3:++ pm I felt hungary..of course la I have not had my lunch yet..hehe..I was thinking what am I going to have for my lunch a.k.a tea break..thought of so many kind of foods...roti canai..mee goreng mamak..nasi campur..wantan mee..pau..nasi ayam..curry mee...cintan mee..and so on.. then I saw this nickname "Ikan" in the SabahanBlog chat box..I was chatting with some fellow sabahans there..the idea to have ikan stim came to my mind..I have not had that dish for almost 2 I decided then to have ikan stim now not tea break anymore...for my dinner because the time was almost 4:00pm. At the same time I need to go to Post Office for that RD things...what a perfect plan..hehe..I headed straight to Tesco from post office and bought some ingredients needed then I went back home. Once arrived..the time was already quarter past lagi..banyak mau buat ..hehe..mau stim ikan...mau masak sayur and buat sambal lada..hehe..sambal lada is a must..hehe... by 5:4+ pm I finished my cooking then cleaned up all the mess I made..then apa lagi makan roughly by 6:00pm I was sitting and enjoying my dinner..hehe..(see below: Before and After)..Lastly I enjoyed my Steam Siakap Fish (with asam jawa), Oyster Sauce Vegy (Vegy was soaked into hot water and the chicken was cooked with oyster sauce separately) and Sambal Lada (with belacan). This is one kind of a problem I'm having when I have nothing to do..I don't know what to eat..I can easily remember their taste in my mouth and imagine if I were having them that mcm cepat boring worries as I rarely found myself getting bored of traditional that is why sambal lada (belacan) is a must..

"Parlimentary Select Committee" OR "Royal Commission of Inquiry"??

Firstly, am not a politic expert nor Phd holder to criticize the current politic crisis and our own Sabah MPs. I actually interested on the issue of PTI or "pendatang tanpa izin" in Malay, "alien" as its scientific term and "illegal immigrant" for standard English. Illegal immigrant problem in Sabah is not a new issue nor can be solved overnight. Earlier, DAP Advisor and Ipoh Timur AP Lim Kit Siang had suggested the motion to be amended and to be established to tackle the issue of illegal immigrant in Sabah, but rejected by Dewan Rakyat Datuk Ronald Kiandee. Regards to the rejection made, Sabah MPs have explained their stand. When we think about it, what was said by Datuk Anifah Aman is true and reasonable..(am not agreeing on anything but he has a point...) As far as I understood, involvement (Sabah MPs) is part of the reason behind the motion being rejected. Datuk Anifah himself said that, if RCI were established there's no guaranty that Sabah MPs would be in its process or worst Sabah MPs would be excluded of any panel involvement within the RCI..

He has also pointed out another good point which I thought would give more benefit to Sabah in a long run. Any kind of decision would be made from and by the Federal Government, therefore if RCI were to be established I think it is not going to be organised, processed and tabled in Sabah. It will be executed in Sabah though. By agreeing to the motion, Sabah MPs would have lesser involvement and could only listen to an outsider (Peninsular MPs). At the end, Sabah MPs will only receive orders from Federal as if Sabah MPs (Sabahan) are incompetent. Are we (Sabahan) going to sit down and listen to an outsider again after 50 years?

Those are several good points why I think the rejection is reasonable. However, things can be sorted out if both side agreed to work things around ( I think la...)
  • - RCI to be established and MUST be based in Sabah.
  • - Not less than 60% of the panels are Sabah MPs.
  • - Federal as an advisor and would not interfere in any decision making
  • - Final decision can only be made by the majority
Datuk Ronald Kiandee rejection has caused several parties to judge him as a traitor. As for me, I think he was trying (probably advised by Datuk Anifah and others) to fight for our (Sabahan) right. Or perhaps he doesn't know anything at all at that time then they came up with these good points to cover their mistake etc.. At this moment, RCI or Parlimentary Select Committee is the only immunity that Sabah can hope for. Either it is RCI or PSC, I can only hope that their decision can resolve the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah ASAP..(inda mau balik Sabah..last2 jatuh cinta sama pilak..hehe..). I fear their number maybe bigger than us (Sabah's population) sooner than we expected...

It is my honour to share this amazing poster that I've recently received via email today. Although it looks offensive but perhaps it can revive the Sabahan spirit in us..then fight for the right thing!

UPDATES on 28th May.
I've read many blogs and online-news relating to this issue and I am really amazed by the response made by several individuals or groups. Well..we're Sabahan..if not us who else would stand for Sabah..earlier prior to the above post, I had thought about "di sebalik tabir" stories of all remarks or excuses made by those incumbent MPs..but have to play save and always chose the right path to confess your view..(tambah lagi la sekarang blog/web kena monitor..)...I agreed to some that there's something fishy (ikan karuk) going on here..I was wondering when I was looking on this issue why these fellas didn't say anything yet..he knows better than others how hard and mind blogging it was that time on dealing head-on to this problem..he was once the ray of hope for Sabah.. then he step down becoming a more low-profile person..the likes of Datuk Pairin and Datuk Bernard..they both were once...fought to their best (entah la kalu to the best...hehe..) to defend and bring back what we had lost decades ago...they were once the anchor behind the failure of UMNO/BN in Sabah...then they surrendered....honestly, most of our current MPs etc in politics are fighting for their own sake..their own benefit....(duit kopi banyak betul habis)..there are many pros and cons..and again am not an expert to elaborate more...several blogs were opened intentionally in order to voice out the "people's request" i.e Voice of Sabah ....we need to wake up and fight back for the better of our next all veteran politicians who once fought and walked the hard all Sabahan especially those who are educated, successful also those courages mind to unite to fight for your loved ones..your families and our generation....Freedom! (Seh..macam movie freedom pula..)

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Stacy - Born to be a singer?

At last, after 5 previous attempts, a Sabahan made it to the top spot! Ogy (Datuk Fauziah Ahmad Daud), one of the permanent jury for AF6 was quoted saying "Stacy! You was born to be a singer!" I can't deny the talent she has and of course she delivered a very very impressive vocal control as well as performance. I am really proud of her and Sabah. All this while, many Sabahans were trying to get to the top spot of any singing competition in Malaysia but failed (always 2nd place and so on..). I think 2008 is the year for Malaysian especially in Peninsular to establish how unique and talented Sabahan people is. First, it was Ayu that won the One In A Million who defeated the kind of already popular singer, Siti Sarah and...what is her name ah...the daughter of veteran singer Andy Lala.

I was a little disappointed by the fact that Nadia won the 5th spot instead of Toi! Astro made a really big mistake when AC Mizal (Astro) showed the up-to-date position right after the 1st round finished (I still remember when Aznil was the host, he actually asked students to go inside/backstage). Nadia was placed at 5th, and it was obvious that she was affected by that (moral down...) Her 2nd song was so-so although she delivered a good vocal and performance then her face expression was there..sadness..*Nadia..kalu ko 5th tetap cute juga..ehe..

Stacy, who sung a song made popular by Indonesian artist Rossa and a new song composed by non-popular composer (new composer), has her vocal prowess to make the night belongs to her and she really pulled it. Adlin was heard saying people voted her because of her talent (voice) not because of her personality, popularity or others. It was a good statement Adlin! In her 2nd song (Aku Stacy), Stacy sung it very well especially when she hits the climax with her husky voice. Wow! Awesome! Congratulation Stacy!

I have this gutsy felling about her talent though. She won the AF6 because she competes with not very talented fellow students (Well compared to her...most of them are below par). If she were in Malaysian Idol..I think she couldn't make it..(based on my own personal observation of contestants in Malaysian Idol 1st and 2nd season). Having said that, next mission would be Malaysian Idol. Come on Sabahan! We need someone who is above Ayu and Stacy!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

22 Days 22 Nights

Is that my lucky number? Is that a 4D number? What does it means? Well... I am actually entitled to 25 days of holiday leave in 2008 (it was 22 days last year..) Until this moment, I have never applied for leave, not even a single day..since the 1st January! My Manager has been asking me several times these past few weeks.." you want to apply leave next month...?" Those 3 days were missing because the company has a policy of a non-declared holiday for Malaysian staffs and if in case, the HQ (UK) is on holiday, Malaysian staffs are asked to take holiday but it will be deducted from our remaining balance. There's an option really, either you want to work or not. So, it depends on your work loads you're having at that moment. Having said that, I'll be on leave next Monday (UK Bank Holiday) and currently I managed to finish all my outstanding works..(atleast am happy to leave my "anak-anak buah" to do their own thing..). I understood and got what my Manager fears the most. It happened last year when the management asked me to finish my balance of holiday (15 days) before the end of 2007 which I did within a month (December 2007)..December 2007 was a month of honey moon (trip to Pattaya & Bangkok..sleep and eat)..I only worked for a week then holiday till early 2008! Wasn't that awesome!, this time around I think the management is trying to avoid the same incident..(I'm the only senior staff left..)

I have not had any plan yet but I think, most probably I'll end up in Singapore at the end of September (Kalu ada duit la) during the F1 Night Race. That's that and nothing more. I have this target actually to travel all over SEA before I hit the age of 30 ...... if God's will and financially stable I might again travel to one of the SEA country...(Borneo masuk ka dalam SEA country..:P)

AF6 Finale

For the first time (Sh*t!), am posting about AF! I can't help it..LoL.. Am sure every Malaysian knows that tonight is the Finale of Academy Fantasia Season 6. The major question is "Who will win AF6?". As for me, I'd prefer the question of "Who deserved to win the AF6?" instead. Most of us had seen and followed AF since it was aired back in 2003 and thought...some of the winners were actually won the No.1 singing competition in Malaysia based on luck. Was it really luck and popularity rather than talent itself...I'll leave it to you to valuate.

I thought, singing competition is supposed to be won by the best singer and performer but instead I found it quite amusing when some winners were not really that talented. Take a good example of American Idol in its 7th season of good quality and equally talented. The duel between Davids was mesmerizing and unbelievable. It hits a new record of a total votes more than 90 million votes compared to the previous season which was 20 million votes lesser. What would happen to AF6 tonight? Will it hits another high votes record?

I watched and followed most of this season AF concerts as well as its diaries..(inda la melakat dapan tv mau tinguk I found, there are only 3 students who really deserve to be in the Finale..My valuation is based on talent alone and I think one of them will be the winner or most probably, these 3 would conquer the top 3 spot.

Stacie Angie Anam (Stacy)
She has always delivered a good performance throughout the competition from week 1 onwards and most critics were good towards her. She's versatile enough to sing numerous genre but tend to shout when she hits a high pitch note. Frankly speaking, she has a very nice tone (smokey and husky I think if you call it) and able to compete with our current artists in the Music Industry as long as she picks suitable and right songs. * Stacy la manang ni..hehe..

Nadia Haswani Binti Hasnan (Nadia)
She's doing well and not bad at all. One thing that makes her stand among others would be her singing style, versatility and her figure. She's a small size girl but her voice is bigger than what would we expected from that form. Similar to Stacy, she also has delivered quite numbers of good performance. I think her voice suites for Modern rock/Alternative genre

Mohammed Idris Bin Mohd. Zaizizi (Riz)
Since the beginning, I thought he would be the only main contender of male participants/group and I was right. Well..he has lots of experience in singing competitions in his pocket. Not sure how many awards he had won but he has always able to deliver several good performance. The fact that many girls like him,
that could be his main weapon to win AF6. Good voice but not quite like able (character problem)

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Designated Hermitage In History

When I first started blogging, I surfed through the internet looking for cool and manageable chat box and found several links that I didn't even realised they were still stored in my bookmark list all this time..(they were mixed up with other nonsense links *sigh*)

Looking back at these chat boxes collection, made me thinking why I didn't pick this and that..well honestly I was looking for something simple but the same time it must have a nice look.. As far as I can recall, my current chat box is the 3rd chat first was then changed to Cbox which both were nice. I can't remember what was the reason I changed the but perhaps it was due to the layout changes I made to this blog..(resizing and apparently it affected the chat box..) I changed the Cbox because it was not functioning properly..not sure to others but I ended up with "page cannot displayed" in that specific area or chat messages didn't make it to the server..again *sigh*... So this 3rd one, am not sure if it will stay long but in near future there's always a better know la these days kan...macam2 pun ada..hehe.. I do know that if I want it to perform up to its status or popularity, I should have purchased or upgraded to a premium/VIP account and benefiting its unlimited features...miskin ba...I know there are plenty more out there but these 3 were pretty good to be listed in my bookmark list.

Get your own Chat Box!

Add a chat room to your site Click Here

Get your own Chat Box!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Memory Tricks

Are you having any problem to remember things in your life or in daily basis? I was reading my RD May 2008 mag when the idea to share this great and benefiting method came to my mind. At first I felt lazy to summarise then to type them onto my blog, but thankfuly because I finished my tasks earlier than I expected ( I was alone in the office today..Last week I was asked if I'd like to take a leave today to celebrate "Wesak Day" but I said, I have several tasks I need to get prepared and investigate before I can actually allocate them to my "anak-anak buah"'ll pass this time..) I took the chance to read and summarise them as short as possible and perhaps they'll be helpful to some people out there..

Dr. Zaldy S. Tan, Director of the Memory Disorders Clinic in Boston was saying "When we're not paying good attention, the memories we form aren't robust, and we have a problem retrieving the information later".

Harry Lorayne, author of Ageless Memory: Simple Secrets for Keeping Your Brain Young says the key is to get your brain in shape. Many people believed that by writting everything down, keep organised lists and leave electronic notes on their phone or PDA could help but when you don't have access to those'll know what would happened then...shit happens..

If you want to strengthen your brain, try these expert-recommended strategies:

Pay Attention when you're introduced to someone, really listen to the person's name. For better grasp, picture the spelling as in "Cathy" with C or K and use the name a few times during the conversation and when you say goodbye.

Visualise the name with something familiar or meaningful i.e Cathy who is short and laugh a lot. Train your brain to visualise your route to office, what can you see on the left and right hand side during the journey.

Give a play-by-play: Pay attention to what you're doing as you place your keys on the table. Remind youself "I'm putting my keys in my coat pocket" so you have a clear memory of doing it and when you're having problem allocating them, you could try to reverse/forward your memory.

Make it habit by training yourself to put your keys, glasses, mobile phone or any other object you frequently use (or misplace) in a designated area/place i.e in a small bucket every time.

Sing it or adapt it to a well-known song. Try with your grocery list "Peanut butter, milk and eggs" to the tune of "Twinkle, twinkle, Little Star" or "Happy Birthday".

Try mnemonic devices as in the "ROY G BIV" to remember the colours of the rainbow or "Every Good Boy Deserves Favours" to learn musical notes.

Go Roman. With the Roman room technique, you associate your grocery, to-do or party-invite list with the rooms of your house, the layout of your office or route to work. Try imagine spilled hot coffee all over your cosy couch - to remember somebody who is careless.

Use colour. Key-chain is a good example if you want to avoid or stop forgetting your keys. Colourful items can be memorised easily.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sabah For Sabahan

I knew about these 2 sites few months ago but I didn't really care much of it. Perhaps it was because I found none interesting at that time. Am not really sure when did they start and when they were published. These few days, I become an avid visitor to these 2 sites and I honestly found it quite interesting. Nothing that interesting but when lots of people were online, its shout box becomes a perfect platform for Sabahans (I can't really guaranty you that they're entirely Sabahan...)to interact with each others and get to know new friends (online? perhaps and who knows in future time..)

I think, its because they're still new and loads of improvement need to be done. Anyway, whoever involved to the growth/success of these 2 site..Great Job!. I will support SabahanBlog and SabahanTV and Aramai Tee!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Service by the cunt..

Another disturbing morning...the cunt was still trying to reach me twice today..first call attempted at 9:38 am and followed by another call at 10:42 am. Few minutes after that, I received a text message with a message "Thanks for the registration fees RM548.00. U will received the summerset card within 2 weeks. For further information do not hesitate to call back this no.Thank you" - +60163324575

I called the CitiBank customer support to check if any recent transaction being made and found none at this moment. She said if the transaction is made today, atleast its record would only be available by tomorrow. I told her the incident and she offered to let me know if there were any unexpected transaction made but she believed there's nothing they could do if they have a wrong CCV number.

I thanked her, ended the conversation then here I go..blogging..

What? Service What?

Earlier today I received a F***king annoying call from an Indian Lady (Telemarketer) saying about a service provided by..ntah apa punya company..but it sounded like some May/MalayanBanking...It was still 9:xx in the morning when I was still enjoying my sleep..At first it was OK because I was not really paying an attention to whatever she said then came out some very disturbing story of being blacklisted la...CTOS la..I started paying more attention..F**k...what is blacklisted or CTOS have to do with buying a membership privilege..then she said, with this membership card..I can get as high as 60% discount at any selected restaurants, boutiques, 4 star hotels etc..I was like..what the f**k!!!! I told her that am not interested at all..or what so ever and wanted to end the conversation..but again..she mentioned about the blacklisted/CTOS things..she started to raise her voice..telling me she needs to confirm my credit card numbers etc..she actually has my credit cards number as well as my address and IC No and asked me to confirm if they were correct..I started to lose my patient...she then asked the CCV number of my CitiBank card but she didn't really said it as in "CCV Number"..instead she called it "Issued Number"..I felt like..I just woke up from my wet dream and...believed that there's something wrong with this F**king lady!!!!

I told her I don't have issued number on my card..she then guided me on how to check...I just followed what she instructed me to do..."behind of the card can sign the card dekat you punya signature ada number......" this step..I said.."No issued number la....CCV number ada la..." again..she instructed me to check the sure she knows what that number stands for..but she doesn't want to mention it...I kept on saying with a higher tone..atleast tidak mengambur la pitching.."My card no issued CCV want CCV number or issued number?..."..again..and again..I think we went that process for about 5 times..then I gave her a 3 digits number... she then passed the phone to her manager which was also an Indian lady..she explained and thanked me for accepting the membership......"Ah..accepting..I tak setuju lagi la..." she explained with a loud voice (stressing out) that I don't have the right to decide..they will check with my bank (CitiBank) if they would allow the transaction..I then asked how much...F**k you lady! she didn't mention the price but just a one time transaction to cover all the admin fees..I said OK then she thanked me again and passed the phone to the previous lady...Now is the real thing..the Indian lady told me that they will check with my bank and will charge RM548 from my credit card..quickly I said..I don't want and have not agreed on anything..she said..this is good for avoid me being blacklisted or CTOS by Bank Negara....angrily I said to her that I don't have any problem with my credit card and asked if they have approval from Bank Negara to do this and gave me this kind of excuse..she replied none..and explaining all credit card users now should have had this then continued with the memberships' benefits...she then said..they will check with bank..if bank didn't agree, my application status will be considered as "On hold" I said.."What? On hold?..I am the credit card owner and I don't want your membership service.."she again explained the same the end..I agreed and asked her to check with my bank...I was so angry that I couldn't sleep anymore.....the CCV number I gave earlier was a wrong number that I just picked up randomly....after about 40 minutes..she called again..I didn't answer and from that onwards..she kept on calling my..I think on every hour for several times then the last call was at 8pm...

Hopefully she would not call me again tomorrow..if not I have to ask more details and make a complaint to any relevant organisation. So..guys beware with this's not a land line...the number is DiGi 016-3364-581.