Friday, 30 January 2009

It's the end of January..can I me'rambling'?

In theory..having someone (a buddy) to work along with you would actually lessen the number of responsibility…instead, this contributes to further extra responsibility….

Perhaps having someone new….who’s learning and coping would not count…well, I’ve said it (to my manager whilst they were on training) month ago that I was a little disappointed by their performance…frankly speaking, good on papers but not in real life…that’s the bottom line here….years of experience working in customer service field and what does that makes you? Ain’t you supposed to be someone of, a better customer support? Within over 5 years experience..what have you learned?

I’m just so tired and tired and busy and busy….with the present issue we’re having with one of our customer in Oz…it’s not going to be easy to baby-sit new colleagues….still, it’s my responsibility to ensure new colleagues able to work independently…or else, I would not be able to apply leave carelessly…The manager will be on leave for 2 weeks….my other successor is on leave next week…then I will be on leave the next after (Kinabalu Trip)..within this 2 weeks period….I’m hoping things will be alright…I’ve been given 2 days next week to train my buddy colleague of all the customization work for Oz’s customers….Invoice Claim Module (consist of 7 sub-modules), Pay Award Module, Customized Reports (7 reports), Export Module (2 sub-modules) and few more of work procedure practice..i.e.Software supervisor’s user name is admin in Oz but root in UK and etc….I took even almost half a year to really get to know all these customization and now I need to do a brief presentation on all these within 2 days? How’s that going to happen? I can briefly say that, this and that…. The objective is to ensure they get the information and understand them well up until they are able to guide and support the Oz's customers....I would not know how am I going to do this..I will think of something…and hopefully I would not be tied up with development work as well….

People tend to change their career from one company to another company with lots of excuses….from a smaller company to a bigger company or vice-versa….hoping to get some kind of a career boost…there have some people would blame the company for not taking care of their employees’ welfare…its management either at a department level or overall…some due to family commitment…but the most interesting excuse of all time would always be the money….yes! I would agree with this one but still…how can someone feel happy of getting better job offer when he/she’s not even near to that particular quality of performance….I would be happy for having a better job scheme; better pay..better welfare..better in every aspect you would dream of in your career..but I would not be happy if I knew that I would not be able to perform up to that standard yet..especially when I’m not even in a comfort zone with present company…a comfort zone where I confidently think that I have achieved the higher level of respect with vast knowledge in current work of line.... it is not a good move to jump from present company to another just because a better career enhancement….perhaps, your present company is not meant for you?Do you really believe this shit? And you really believe you were meant for something greater like becoming heroes? Well, perhaps your luck and your effort are not well received at your present company but that does not mean a STOP for your career there…I love to think that whenever I’ve made a mistake, I will apology and promise to myself that I’m not going to repeat the same mistake twice or more…I motivated myself to take it as a challenge that I can be someone who knows to deal the pressure, responsibility and work it out for my career improvement….and that’s one of a reason I’m sticking to this present company…I’m getting more pressure and responsibility, which made me to think that I’m gaining more benefits of enhancing my own skills within this small company…there’s plenty more I need to learn…

Career or Sex change?
I spoke to the Tech Director last night..he phoned in from his house just to catch up with the current progress of new colleagues and wanted to ask my view point of this particular Oz’s customer that causing pain in the ass earlier this year…he gave me several managerial advices before we ended the conversation…thanks and cheers!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Have mercy on them...

I was browsing through several blogs in my list today as I have nothing to do...and I was mad whilst watching this educational video clip on Tata's blog.....well, everyone is enjoying their Chinese New Year holidays and celebration right I wouldn't complaint when there's not much of activity going on within the blogosphere in these couple of days (time to relax)...I had my CNY celebration though last weekend (2 consecutive days) with my dear friends and we had a good time, drink, K-OK and berjudi (I was just an observer..hehe)..

A'ight...I've said this several times to some of my close friends that if I were given an option either to kill a human or an animal...I would not hesitate to kill a human (as long as there's MOU...supaya inda kana masuk penjara..) I'm not saying that I willingly to kill any human if I were asked to...let's just say, a robber and a stray dog...I would kill the robber instead of the stray dog of which we (human with brain) are well aware of that a dog does not have a brain to think brilliantly and nor logically of right and wrong...instead the robber should have a better and clear thought about his/her action....

Watching the educational video clip on Tata's blog really pissed me off...we're in the midst of 21st Century, yet inhuman+uncivilized action occurs widely!!! Looking at how these bunch of merciless people treated these God's creations...I really wish I were given a M-16 and shoot them to death...what were they thinking?!! if they're going to take the benefit out of the pricey fur+skin, please do it properly!!! Couldn't they just kill 'em properly and have some mercy???

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


This is why women should not take men shopping against their not force them especially if your husband is a 'rare' breed in the history of humanity..haha...better take precaution...

After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunately, my wife is like most women - she loved to browse. Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from the local Wal-Mart.

Dear Mrs. Sewel (not a real name)
Over the past six months in 2008, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have been forced to ban both of you from coming to the store. Our complaints against Mr. Sewel are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras.

1. June 15, 2008:
Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they
weren't looking.

2. July 2, 2008:
Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals.

3. July 7, 2008:
Made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the women's restroom.

4. July 19 2008:
Walked up to an employee and told her in an official voice, 'Code 3 in Housewares. Get on it right away.'

5. August 4, 2008:
Went to the Service Desk and tried to put a bag of M&M's on layaway.

6. August 14, 2008:
Moved a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

7. August 15, 2008:
Set up a tent in the camping department and told other shoppers he'd invite them in if they would bring pillows and blankets from the bedding department.

8. August 23, 2008:
When a clerk asked if they could help him he began crying and screamed, 'Why can't you people just leave me alone?'

9. September 4, 2008:
Looked right into the security camera and used it as a mirror while he picked his nose.

10. September 10, 2008:
While handling guns in the hunting department, he asked the clerk where the antidepressants were.

11. October 3, 2008:
Darted around the store, suspiciously, while loudly humming the "Mission Impossible' theme ..

12. October 6, 2008:
In the auto department, he practiced his 'Madonna look' by using different sizes of funnels.

13. October 18, 2008:
Hid in a clothing rack and when people browsed through, yelled 'PICK ME!

14. October 21, 2008:
When an announcement came over the loud speaker, he assumed a fetal position and screamed 'OH NO! IT'S THOSE VOICES AGAIN!'

And last, but not least...

15. October 23, 2008:
Went into a fitting room, shut the door, waited awhile, and then yelled very loudly, 'Hey! There's no toilet paper in here!'

P/S: I received this forwarded email days ago from a friend...I just couldn't resist to post it for viewers to enjoy the humor brought by non-other a 'rare' breed of men....I don't know who wrote it originally but it is extremely funny and it would be a loss not to share this awesome

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Do me a favour..suck my "censored" please...

During my holiday period in Tambunan last couple of weeks ago,I saw Blood Pressure tester devices on the dining table..there were 2 of and analog...I played with the digital one for a while (I tested twice and got the same reading)....I thanked god that I'm still in the range of a "NORMAL" blood pressure...well, perhaps I'm hitting the early stage of high blood pressure which is called HIGH NORMAL? I'm a little concern about the pulse count though....I had about 50-60 pulse count when I played football actively 10 years ago....with the current pulse count below I might get easily excited/mad I reckon....obviously, I'm lack of stamina already..huhu...macam mana mau naik Gunung Kinabalu ni..haha..

I have this attitude of not prefer to go neither hospital nor clinic to see a doctor whenever I fall sick etc...I don't really know why, perhaps in my previous life..I had some kind of bad experience with doctors? I was a guinea pig in a lab perhaps? berimaginasi betul...haha..I had an experience in 2007 when I was sick with high fever (it was all due to a mere sore throat then flu then fever) I was forced to take a sick leave by the manager...and I'm very proud that, it was the only time I took a sick leave in over 3 years working with the present company...from the office, I went to my panel clinic (nearby my house) and met the doctor there...I could barely remember what he tested/checked that day...body temperature, coughing, listened to my heart beat, checked my tonsil and asked me several questions you smoke-how many per day? do you drink-how often and amount? you do sport-what sport-how often? how long has this been going? are you feeling cold?....and are you a virgin??I then looked at the doctor wondered what's that got to be with the fever...hahaha...are you nuts? I would be surprised if a doctor ask me that virgin question when I'm having a fever......enough with that crap..hahaha...a'ight, the doctor was kind of surprised pula once he heard my answers to his questionaire...he told me that I have a "very" normal blood pressure..I was surprised myself (thanked God) to know that I have a normal blood pressure whereas my life style is a little off set...well, shouldn't I be saying I had instead of I have at this moment?.....I drank heavily every week(sometimes weekdays and several times I came to work with the aftermath of drinking...kogutan...what's the purpose of drinking if not getting drunk?) smoke lots of cigarette either at home or work (i had a colleague who whenever we were was always a good time for a cigarette) plus the appetite of destruction on foods...I eat almost everything except "taie"..haha..I eat what so ever as long as it tastes good and I ate a lot during those days...with that kind of life style I was into at that moment, I was still being categorized in a "very" normal blood pressure group?...the word "very", used by the doctor was perhaps just a sweet-talk (was he trying to hit on me??Hahaha....) he prescribed me some basic medicines for fever and coughing as well as a one day sick leave approval...the next day, because I was already lazy and it was I called the manager, telling him that I was not feeling very well to come to work...hahaha..

I'm grateful of what God has planned for me and his continues blessing towards me...I would not ask for more but if He could let me win a one time big Jackpot..I would be very much happy and will definitely contribute some of the winning money to help others...especially to welfare funding...and most importantly, I'll be me of what I am now...a simple decent man...amen...

What??...were you thinking about that "censored" thingy? It's just a blood...anyone willing to suck some of my blood out? any part time vampire? I wonder if taking out some of your blood out of your body would lessen the that a valid theory?????? Can anyone tell me??

* Sent my bike for an overhaul as well as exhaust service cost me RM145....I'm officially bertambah pokai....huhu.....Wel says "maggie mee, I'm coming to you...." and I had 2 not-very-good-weeks so far in 2009....thanked God though..

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Soul behind the faces...

These were several pictures taken during the recent visitation by our CEO on the 14th Jan 2009....I was going to post them yesterday but I've forgotten to copy them over to a memory stick yesterday night...

This was taken by me..gatal tangan nampak Tina's kamira di atas meja...I was speaking to him when I took this picture..wahaha...the clock was already 11:50am..presentation was about to start in 5 minutes...

This was also taken by me.......Bani was trying to help him setting up his laptop with the LCD Projector...

A small chat between me and the CEO...haha...kesian CEO inda kana layan..haha..I was busy looking at my to do list ba ni..sorry ah boss..he's a very nice CEO...the kind of person you would not hesitate to ask question although your question might sound stupid..haha...

Haha..then saya layan juga lawak jenaka dia..haha...the room on the right (behind me) is the Manager's room and the one on the left is the Server Room a.k.a my part-time room where I usually spend my time using both PCs inside to do my task...

I was just about to start my 1st round..they were on their 2nd was nice and delicious but...Revolving Restaurant, Bayview City Hotel is a lot more better....plenty of choice plus the scenic view of Georgetown city...

What was I looking? well there's another restaurant on the 1st floor...I was checking up the atmosphere...surrounding la...

Me (Kadam), Bani (Developer), Azman (New Support) and Ian (New Support)

Team picture..Azman, CEO, Ian, Khatijah who is currently 3 months pregnant (Developer), Tina (Support), Bani and me...huhu..I couldn't hide the tiredness I had that day...

There you go...notice that we have a small office and team? That's why the Company is looking for another bigger office unit as there's a big budget plan for the company to expand further more...with the current office, I don't think it would fit 2 Senior Developers and another 2 Support Staffs in the coming future...

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Pity Me - Part II

....the rambling continues...

Came back home from the workshop...I then rest for a couple of minutes with a cigarette in my hand...smoke coming in and out from my lung....made a call to the office to inform that I will be a slightly late..perhaps 10-20 minutes...took a shower, berdandan and left at around was quite a riding my "old kapcai" to the max but safe was's normal to me though because it happened several other a "remp-it" wanna be...menyisip sana sini...corner baring..haha...with a standard speed of 80-120kph..I managed to arrive at the office building at 11:34....the distance between my house (Sg. Dua) and the office building (Georgetown) is about 14.7km...I notice this on my return home at night...I watch the meter on mileage of my dashboard...when I entered the was already 11:41 (menunggu lift lah ni yang lama..haha) I saw the CEO was chatting with the father of our Penang Branch Manager who is currently in UK...thanked least the CEO had something other than waiting for my arrival..haha.....waiting their conversation to finish, my colleague requested an assistance to her outstanding issue....I assisted her as requested but as per last week advice..I didn't give a complete answer..I guided her on how to get the answer...she listened and got what she was looking for...good girl...after 10 minutes in the office..the conversation between the CEO and the 'father' has not of the developer then took the chance to consult my opinion on his current task...I've reviewed his work and discussed the requirement on, I just listened and responded with several short questions before I decide what he should do with that.....around 11:48am...the conversation ended..a hand shake to the 'father' (I've met him several times at his house and in our office) then another hand shake to our CEO....apologized to him for me being late....the CEO seemed happy to meet me and we had a small chat before we proceed to the Team was about 11:55am when we started the Team Meeting and lasted for approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes...done with the meeting, we went down to the neighbour hotel for a lunch that was booked since a month ago...whereas I was notified and confirmed (earlier this morning when I was surfing the internet) by the Restaurant Manager that we were going to have an International Buffet instead of Semi Buffet due to several other reservations made by others....unfortunately..I had to stay back in the office whilst the other went down to the colleague told me that one of our Senior Trainer in Aus wanted to speak to me...urgent matter! So, I asked my colleagues to accompany the CEO for a lunch then I made a call to Aus's office to speak to the Senior Trainer....he was worried about the schedule tomorrow...he's flying to another part of Aus to visit our new customer for a brand new installation and setting up their 100 workstations...we discussed the matter and let him know that he only needs to worry about setting up the workstation which is pretty simple and I will do the installation at their server via Remote Desktop tonight....he was OK with that and we were kind of late...this should have been completed before my 2 weeks holiday but for some reason...a colleague in the UK was not actively giving a good response to this worries though...So, I had another task lining up in my to do list today...I spent about 10m minutes speaking on the phone then went down joining my colleagues....

Whilst taking my food..suddenly a guy came and greeted was Izwan a.k.a born (the PAKU's vocalist)....he's having a 1 week seminar in that hotel (he's working at Intel in R&D) we chatted and upon returning to our table...his group was just sitting next to my colleagues..hahaha..we adjourned right before 2:00pm because I had scheduled for another appointment for the CEO to meet up with the office unit's owner...we're requesting for a permission for a renovation to be made.... we're expanding and hiring when most companies are sacking their staff or minimizing the cost...that's one of the interesting point he presented in the Team Meeting...the owner was punctual (I've met him) where he came few minutes before 2:15pm...that's what we call attitude! Whilst they were in meeting..I then took the chance to chase several others that I had scheduled to meet our CEO...appointments: 3:00 with a Space Conceptualist for a renovation work, 3:30pm with a representative from a company dealing with Door System Security, 4:15pm with a Support Specialist Candidate which was interviewed in Nov 2008 (the CEO was keen on meeting her for future opportunity) 5:00pm with a Recruitment Company - Kelly's Services (where I met a pretty-beautiful woman...hehe...second time meeting her..I can't stop looking at her...huhu...she's Chinese but looks like Eurasian....her face is a version of Kristin Kreuk except that she's a little more shorter (petite) and whiter..hehe..)

Latest picture of Kristin Kreuk for her role in Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li
All the appointment went well except the appointment at 4:15pm due to 20 minutes late....I just don't know why some people "too-confident" they can reach one place within their predicted's always better to take several matters into consideration before hand....budget your time for the whole journey as well as your unexpected journey...i.e. normal duration from A to B as per experience is 20 minutes...then you should have began your journey 40 -50 minutes earlier instead of 30 minutes would have plenty of time to relax if you able to arrive in 20 minutes but in case you can't then you have an extra 20 minutes to cover up your ass....I honestly dislike to wait and queuing!!!!!

There you go....the CEO stayed in the office for a couple more hours...earlier when he was in a meeting with the Kelly's Recruitment company...I had to setup the phone for the next event for him ; a tele-conference between the Tech Director-Penang Manager-Aus Business Dev Manager-CEO......That's pretty easy, I just need to ensure the phone is properly working and run several tele-conferences call...when the CEO was on the phone, me and the new staff were already working in our shift....I knew he's going to monitor the conversation between support and customers, so I advised the new staff to take this chances to show his good performance...well I had to do the same thing la...except that my other task is to monitor the new staff's conversation as well...I'll be his guidance either whilst he's on the phone or off the phone.....the most important thing is I need to ensure he provides correct information...Items on my list: Installation for Aus..Dialing In (UK) for Data Investigation...Dialing In (UK) for Data Migration...Dialing In (Aus) for Data Migration...Test on 2 New Versions...QA on 3 Custom Reports....Supporting Customers...Monitoring and Helping (New Staff) and reply emails...That's pretty pack to me....I couldn't just ignore incoming calls and nor my list....I juggle up between each of them...I've been using 2 or sometimes 3 machines (desktop pcs and laptop) for almost a last night I used 2 machines to do all these Dialing In stuff still with the slow connection takes about 2 minutes at least to fully view each page screen...

About 30 minutes before 1:00am..I still have 3 custom reports and Installation for Aus in my 1:00am, my call list has already reached 18 calls.....So it was time for me to wrap up and right after 1:15am, I then spent over an hours doing these items....still I couldn't finish the QA on the 3rd custom report...I decided to blog (my previous post) and went home I found my mind already tired and I was not able to think properly....My Manager called me around 1:30am to inquire the updates in the office with the CEO....noticing my voice and words were getting weaker he apologized for my situation and shared his experience when he was dealing a lot of stuffs years ago where he had to deal almost everything in Penang which I'm currently doing....he then advised me to go home and rest...I said, I will stay a little while until 2:00am but I ended up leaving the office at about 2:45am then reach home at about 3:10am....surfing the internet then sleep....zzZzzZzzZzzZzzZ....

The day before I was planning on coming to office at 9:30am to ensure all the things that had been planned/scheduled going as per planned.....unfortunately, the plan was ruined by the problem I had with my bike....I don't know what would happen if I were to come to the office at 9:30am then stayed there until 1:00am....I might have to sleep in the office due to tiredness...I thought about this though last night..because I really dislike to postpone my work...if there's work to be finished I will try to do it rather than postponing and the next time you realise..there's pile of work lining up to be completed...I've been complaining pula kan since my return...I guess I am...there's another thing that made me smile during the Team Meeting, it was...when the CEO told us that I've been scheduled to come to UK somewhere in March/April long? Not pretty sure but in the recent budget meeting, it could be a week or more..according to him la...that sounded pretty good huh but I've heard this kind of talk before...except that this came from the CEO and the word "scheduled" sounds promising..I would be more than happy to come although I already knew the pressure I will be facing working at the HQ during the whole period of my is always interesting though to face a new challenge...

Pity Me....

Wel…you really need to improve your time management skill!!

Well to be honest, I’m doing good so just that since my return….my work load has increased tremendously…..I would say double than I had the year before….I know what may seems the reason…that’s part of the company’s plan for my future in Penang Office…Branch Manager perhaps…haha..that’s not possible with the work load I’ve been assigned to at the moment…at this vary moment...I’m still in the office although after 14 hours…typing this royal ramble...huhu..

Today..I woke up at 7:58am due to the company's mobile phone..looking at the name on the display was our CEO…to my surprise, he called to ask the office building...hahaha...he was at the wrong building for some silly reason..haha..he had forgotten the building….the lmost recent time he came down to Penang to visit us was in Dec 2007, when he was looking for an office unit to be rented and he found this office unit that is suitable for the future of Penang Office…no wonder he was at the wrong building….I then continued my “tidur-tidur ayam” until 9:15am....I picked up my mobile phone (masih baring baring) then made a call to my colleague to check up things in the office…

I had rented a LCD Projector and requested the item to be sent into our office for a Team Meeting Presentation later that noon…It was requested by our CEO. yesterday evening actually when all the offices were already closed...thankfully I managed to get a hold to a guy from our main office appliances colleague told me that it had not been delivered worries because we will only use the LCD Projector later around 11:30am….I then woke up and spent some of my time surfing the internet visiting several blogs for update posts as well as emails….

Around 10:05am I went to a nearby workshop…the night bike had a major problem….it loses power whenever I rev up to increase its speed…worst, there seemed to have a leakage in the engine based on the smoke coming out of the exhaust….perhaps the oil seal has broken but when I arrived at the workshop…the mechanic told me that it was due to my was full of dried-burnt-carbon…well, the last time the exhaust was sent for service was a year ago….the mechanic was nice enough to clean it as a temporarily resolution for actually need to be sent to an oven..they need to cut the exhaust then burn it in an oven to get rid of the pile of carbon inside....also because of the pile of carbon in the then affected the carburetor…I had no choice so I asked the mechanic to service the carburetor as took about 30 minutes for all this to happen…by the time I reach was almost 11:00am..we were going to have a Team Meeting later at 11:30am with the CEO doing the presentation….whilst waiting for the bike..I made several calls to ensure the LCD Projector and appointment are going as planned…to my surprise, the Accountant Director that was supposed to meet up with our CEO didn’t turn up and no news neither from her nor her company…..I called and spoke to her assistant and I was told that she was no where available for contact….I was a little mad as I had scheduled the meeting at 10:00am yet after 15 minutes there was no news from her….and according to my colleague our CEO was not very happy with this…I warned her assistance to reach her Director and give me a reason why after 15 minutes we had not heard anything from her….after about 10 minutes, he called me and apology that the Director had an emergency meeting that she had to attend…what?!!! She’s the director of a Management Company but how could she treat our CEO to wait (now already past 20 minutes) without any news!!! That was utterly stupid! I then asked him to call to the office and speak to our CEO for an apology..he did and tried to re-arrange another appointment at 11:30am at their office……I had made the appointment 2 weeks ago and reconfirmed the appointment again last Friday…I’ve also notified to let me know of in case of inevitable time reschedule…..what an attitude! Our CEO rejected the time reschedule proposal...

To be continued…..

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Not a smooth week..

Officially, it has been a week after my long holiday trip back to Sabah….

I’ve been very weak this past few days….I just don’t know why and I’ve never really felt this way…Monday to Friday..I woke up early in the morning to go to work…I ended up sleepy and my eyes were like ‘bengkak’ (not enough sleep or perhaps overslept) although I had at least 4-6 hours sleep every night...with the moody feeling and tiredness returning from Sabah…I have to ignore all these to perform to my best the whole week...

Monday Morning…I knew there were plenty of emails to read and follow up but I didn’t expect I would be really busy to catch up so many things….I came in and gone through all the emails…list down what I need to do, follow up and work on….I was shocked to know that there were several issues reported 2 weeks ago had not been resolved yet….what had happened this past 2 weeks whilst I was away? This was affecting my time to catch up things up….this shouldn’t be my responsibility to follow up issue when they should had been resolved before my return!!! My manager called and I took the chance to seek his explanation to why some of these issues were not quickly resolved! Yeah I was kind of pissed…I have the rights to ask why my colleague didn’t resolve them within 2 weeks! Upon hearing my manager then expressed his dissatisfaction towards my colleagues' performance…..Support as well as the Development Team….what the hell they were doing? He then told me that there seems to have lack of responsibility going on whilst I was away…several easy tasks given to Developers gone way beyond delay…issues in Support Department left outstanding due to lack of efforts in problem-solving process…..the Manager then requested if I could follow up and resolve them ASAP….well I couldn’t say NO to that, right? I just gave him a simple “I will certainly do…” So there you go….my first day of my returns…gone through emails understanding their issues…progress been made and etc…there were 3 issues left outstanding for 2 weeks to be exact…..I managed to get 1 of the issue resolved on Monday…then the other one on Wednesday and the last one on Thursday….

I had a bad experience with the last one…the one was resolved on Thursday….what would you do if….A says the output should show A…but B says, it (custom module) is not showing output A…then C says it needs to output A but it doesn’t……B and C are customers....I purposely created 2 systems in order to rectify this doubted theory….my finding were; system A supports the theory given by B and system B supports the theory given by A….current issue was as what C had escalated to us….I had to save A, agreed with B and resolve the issue raised by C…I wrote a simple test plan for C and asked a favour to run a quick test on it…C was correct…so I gave C the resolution to the issue and it was resolved…happy? Yes I was but...suddenly, I received another email from the Project Manager (she was included in the email loop) requesting to halt any communication with Support until further notice…the Project Manager then requested my explanation to why it does not output as what C was hoping…why A says it should show A as what C was hoping but it doesn’t (incorrect information from A)…why I need to have 2 systems to rectify this…and lastly what is my next step to this issue…..reading at the email…I quickly felt bad about it…I couldn’t say A was wrong and the custom module was faulty neither…furthermore, the Project Manager was complaining on why I need C to run a quick test for me….I had this kind of experience 3 years ago when I recently joined the company….So, without further a due..I responded with an apology for A as well as myself for all the trouble caused in solving this issue…I could be pissed off when I responded to the email by saying...I would not hesitate to stop my support towards you/your team if I’ve made your confidence and satisfaction at risk....frankly speaking, I was the one putting myself at risk taking over this issue from A (my manager) and whatever A had responded to them earlier was then used by the Project Manager against my finding….the Project Manager then replied by telling me, they’re always happy towards my commitment and support, also wish to continue but the process I’ve took to solve this problem seemed to raise an alarm….huhu...solving a problem would require co-operation between 2 or more sides…if they didn’t work nor co-operate…there could be no end to this matter unless I escalate the issue to our Project Manager who was dealing with this custom module back in early 2008….which would then cause me a trouble for not able to work independently and solve this quite ‘simple but pain in the ass’ issue…with the promise I gave to the Project Manager, I then seek help from our Senior Developer in UK to re-check the coding for this custom module and forwarded the feedback to the Project Manager….and that was it…. The custom module was built not to show A...B was correct!!!! My resolution had saved their ass for submitting their claim report of funding (Government)

That was almost some of the issues I had been dealing with this 1st week of 2009… about the Development Team? I spoke and discussed several matters with them and reconfirmed with them that all the time they were ‘missing in action’ was due to the networking problem the Penang office was having….according to them, they were unable to access to the shared network to transfer files…unable to access outlook email and unable to access the CRM/WO database either….worse, the phones connecting UK-MY-OZ were also down several times a day…shared couple of experience I had dealing with this kind of down time and advice to work hard in 2009 as there have plenty of big plan in line for the Penang Office…confidential so I can’t tell..hehe….whilst speaking with them..I was reviewing their Developer Time Sheet report to ensure they were telling the truth...I then discussed the matter with my manager the next morning..he agreed that there have issue with the connection...and wanted me to help my other colleague who should have dealt those support issues....what kind of help he was requesting? I've been kind enough to my colleague...she can call me anytime in any reasonable time to consult my help in any issue she's having..and I've always gave her answers or guidance to her manager was asking me to stop doing that...he advised me to start changing the way I help her by telling her how she can get the information and answer instead of getting it directly from me without any effort via testing or rectification in our software...

Overall, my first week was so full of work load…full of shit from customers…full of shit from colleagues...full of disappointment from the new colleague (the other new colleague is performing well though but not the other guy) Sounded bad for a new year huh….apart from dealing with the Support and Development Team..I was also busy making several appointments for our CEO who’s coming on 14th Jan 2009….we’re going to have a simple but pleasant luncheon that day at our neighbor hotel, Northam Hotel…earlier, I was planning to make a reservation at the Revolving Restaurant, Bayview City Hotel but due to time constraint….I had to cancel that plan and opted for Northam Hotel (we shared the same building) I don’t know what to expect but I’m sure there will be some issues I will need to discuss personally with the CEO…especially about our office, colleague performances and my personal review of current communication between UK-MY……

Friday, 9 January 2009

My Handwriting ..

I've been tagged by Kuai, Madpie and KadusMama...

So, this is going to be the 1st tag of the year 2009? Hehe...not too bad untuk opening kan..

Write :-
1. Your name/ identification name / username etc.
2. Write anything using either your left/ right hands
3. Most favorite alphabets
4. Less favorite alphabets.
5. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
6. Tag 6 more persons/ bloggers

(click to enlarge)
So..this la my handwriting..sorry if some of you unable to read the "cakar ayam" punya handwriting k...It's been quite some time sudah bah menjadi student yang hari-hari menulis....menjadi malas and karas sudah tu tangan mau menulis kenen...hahaha...

I decided not to tag case you're interested to do this..feel free itu tangan k..hehe..

Sorry ah..Kuai sama KadusMama inda sempat kasi masuk dalam tu tulisan...baru ini hari tahu kana double tag lagi bah...hehe

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sepertemuan dengan tuan-tuan kantor....


Yeah..macam tu tajuk sudah kestau apa cerita dia ba ni....the day before I fly-fly back to Penang, 3rd Jan...I went out meeting dengan saudari "tagalog", saudari A lil Bit Of Everything (atau juga pilak sebab dia bilang dia hitam..haha..) dan tagalog's friend di Secret Recipe, Warisan Square..I really don't know what were so great about the foods in Secret Recipe...last-last si "pilak" komplen juga itu, ini dan nina...paling dia mahu komplen itu anu la...bayangkan magi asam laksa kana randam air panas yang agak banyak di dalam mangkuk then bila minum sup dia ko masi was-was...benarkah aku meng'order' magi asam laksa bermain dalam fikiran..begitu sekali resepi rahsia durang kah..hahaha..nasib teda kotak cadangan..kalau ada....entah berapa banyak cadangan saudari "pilak" mau was around 4pm...then berpisah mencari arah sendiri lebih kurang selepas 5pm la...terus dengan blurnya memandu kereta tanpa hala tuju dan tiba-tiba berhenti di salah sebuah kedai cina yang ada jual dan masak sayur baby kailan seafood beserta sebotol dua minuman bergas jenama tiger...huuhuu..entah macam mana..sedar punya sedar udang ada 6 tinggal 2 untuk saya..haha....punya godoot ko "pilak"....

Lepas beberapa teguk minuman bergas aku kemudiannya menghantar si godoot tadi balik...kana bawa inda mahu..sampai rumah mama mu cakap muka mu yang hitam pun jadi mirah kan..haha....aku meneruskan perjalanan menuju ke Beverly Hills, Bundusan (perkampungan artis hollywood ka ni..haha..) seperti yang telah di rancang untuk bersekutu dengan adik perempuan aku dan teman lelaki nya di TNGC kenen....tapi sebelum sempat aku menaiki bukit tinggi menuju ke TNGC...adik perempuan aku memberi tahu "macam kana cancel saja tu.." Usaha aku untuk bersemuka dengan durang macam terkandas..haha...lalu aku keluar membeli sekotak sigup Dunhill sebagai bekalan pernafasan dan teman sepermainan...haha..entah secara kebetulan la kali...aku melayari halaman kantor Designated Hermitage lalu terus saja ke kantor Random Thoughts.....punya lah aku terharu melihat ketelusan hati saudara Random Thoughts..apabila aku terbaca pesanan ringkas di kotak bicaranya...

2 Jan 09, 11:11
xigorx: happy New Year to all...Wel, kalau ko di KK ko kol sa..012BEE1L4L....hehehehe

Aku dengan pantas menghafal numbur berteka teki tersebut...pasti bukan senang di pikiran aku untuk melepasi ujian ini..dengan mudah aku berjaya menyelongkar masuk rahsia teka teki numbur ini..haha...aku kemudiannya terbangkan pesanan ringkas ke numbur yang diselongkari tadi...balasan di terima selang beberapa saat...pasti saja aku tersenyum lalu...berputik lah kasi pertemuan kami di Pusakag Cafe pada malam itu...melalui pesanan ringkas saudara Random Thoughts..aku bersua muka dengan hampir keseluruhan O2C members...melalui beliau juga aku bersua muka dan bertetawaan bersama Ludicrous Rambling...walaupun agak samar-samar permandangan malam itu..aku berkenalan dengan ramai tuan punya kantor-kantor pada malam itu....sebilangan darinya termasuk la..Bobby, Lumis, Junior, Mr Gee (2nd time meeting him), Gurangak, Gidong, Tompok, Tata (Have met her before in Penang..Jew's cousin) dan Kupi (punya bising ko..haha)...ramai lagi tu tapi saya teda pen mau tulis nama kamu satu-satu ba...I can barely remember muka-maku ayu kamu...tetawaan manja dan manis...gelas-gelas dari Bobby dan Gidong...walau begitu aku sempat berkongsi nombor perkontekan di masa hapadan untuk aku bersua muka dengan kamu lagi....I had a great time guys even mula-mula...mimang aku akui..kepemaluan aku sangat la malu...nasib baik jejaka ceria Ludicrous Rambling dengan kelogopan stout beliau mampu meneutralkan kesipu-maluan aku..haha...itu la ko saudari "pilak" inda mahu ikut...haha...menakutkan juga la...macam artis betul kalau join kamurang ni..sakit mata kana gambar paparaji..haha...

Next time friends...hingga kita ketemu lagi di pertemuan akan datang....thanks and god bless you all.....Cheers!

Monday, 5 January 2009

A wedding that brought a wonderful memory back...

After almost 15 days in I'm back in Penang....back to work..back to the reality..wake up 5 days a week to go to work to earn money to survive into the wild world....leaving Sabah after meeting and get to know several new friends never be an easy thing to do...although the moment we had was just a day or less than an hour..this sweet memory will always be commemorated in my life to come..good thing I managed to get some of these friends' numbers and thanked God for the simple but pleasant memory I had in start the working life today in the year 2009 was not easy and I was kind of moody..masih mood cuti yang mau relax...
Bride and groom's closest family
Spending the last couple of days in Sabah was a great fun and memorable to me...even better to make me remember of my childhood was 2nd Jan 2009..I went to Sutera Harbour to attend my relative's wedding...there I met few of my relatives that I had never met before...of course, I had met some of them.....actually, I was not supposed to be in the list of guest for that ceremony but for some reason God has shown me his miracle by swapping someone's place with someone sis's BF should have been the one to attend the wedding but due to some last minute trip he had to do..the seat that was meant for him was left empty...thus my Sis, also my Bro were asking me to come with them....I rejected the offer as I didn't bring any formal nor suitable clothes for that kind of ceremony...meanwhile, my mum sent a text to me asking if I'm going...I replied "inda tau lagi..teda baju jg..." sort of la...she suggested to borrow from my Bro and coincidentally, he himself offered his shirt for me (cara dia mau pujuk kasi kawan dia pigi la ni..haha...)

Datuk Pairin menyanyikan 2-3 buah lagu malam of the last person leaving that night
I was at a workshop in Inanam, chatting with a mechanic at the moment this 4 ways communication occurred...I sent my bro's car for a "medical checkup" and been given a couple of medicines to make amend of the current state of the car....changed the water pump, a hose and the timing belt (most probably the timing belt has never been replaced since the car was was already in a nyawa nyawa the other hand, the previous water pump had been replaced with one of Thailand's production..haha..inda heran la rosak..) spent more than 3 hours at the workshop chatting about cars with the mechanic as well as fixing the damaged the time it was fixed, it was already past 4pm..went home and resting.....get prepared for the wedding..berdandan la...

My lis Sis..yang semakin gendut kuat makan..haha.
My bro came later that evening from work then we left the house after 30 minutes time giving him time to berdandan juga..haha...reached Sutera Harbour earlier than my Sis...we had to wait as we're not sure if I have a reserved seat or not...malu starring kalau masuk pigi sign tu guess book tapi tiada nama dalam sis arrived quite late (I think it was over 20 minutes later) Yeah..we 3 siblings went in and checked in for a table number....we were arranged to be seated at table no 6..but entah la...kana kasi rearranged to seat at table no 5...with people that I'd never met except my bro and sis is quite fond with 2 of our cousins we were kind of 'save' juga la..inda juga macam stranger in a strange crowd...minum and makan macam biasa bila buat wedding di Sutera Habour la...sedap tapi belum lagi sampai nasi suda kanyang..kanyang beer sama liquor pun lain lagi..hehe..
Gadis-gadis di meja no 5
Then suddenly..a cute girl was standing a meter away from me unloading small-small boxes of souvenirs out of the big box...I looked at her and coincidentally, she looked at a complete stranger, I smiled at her...she responded with a smile as well...then few minutes after..she came and sat next to my bro...I was at the middle between my bro and sis ba...and there was one empty seat available next to my bro..entah la siapa yang inda datang tu...she sat there and chatted with my bro...she must be my relative as per observation..duh..mimang la..haha...after a while she became a permanent guest at that table...she ate and chatted with my bro and my sis..then began teasing a pemalu, I thought of several ways to melarikan diri dari kana bawa menari..haha..yeah..I did well at first...pretending to not to stop enjoying the sweet and sour fish on a small white plate...I knew she was just joking teasing me but it went even wild..haha...the second time, I lost my virginity as pemalu when my sis helped her tarik me, forcing me to stand up and walked heading to the wooden dance floor menari sumazau..I was a virgin pemalu ba and I was not even drunk to dance yet...haha.and that was the first time for me to dance at Sutera Harbour..I'm not a wedding crasher di mana ada kawin di sana la muka saya ada..haha....from that onwards we danced continuously for couple of rounds...alternately, I took a chance to rest and melarikan diri lagi...for the first time, I was feeling a little nervous when she took my hand invited me to have a slow dance with her...wahaha....I just met and knew her for a couple of minutes ba...she's an aunt to me....that's her status to me...jadi balik-balik lah tu "mesti dingar cakap aunty tau.." plus the support she received from my Bro and Sis..apa la daya ku..aku terpaksa merelakan and apparently, it was a good moment to know my aunt juga whilst we were dancing and dancing...I took the chance to ask few questions about her....jejak kasih la ba kenen...she's short with a nice cute eyes which also 4 years younger than me....looking at her whilst chatting reminded me of something...I'd seen these 2 big eyes before...the look at her face suddenly become so familiar to me.....still I couldn't come up with anything....I ignored my curiosity and continued chatting and dancing with her 'till the night was over...before we left...she held my hand and hugged me couple of times...well because she's my aunt then I guess people would not mind, I was wrong..few of my first encountered relatives thought that I were her BF..I laughed and teased her for being a naughty aunt..haha...after all, I think more than 70% of the guests there were relatives from one root to another...even uncle Pairin was present that day to attend her nephew's wedding...

I don't know how, we ended up as the last person to shake people's hands before leaving the building that night..bediri di entrance door say good night and bye kenen...overall that night was great and it went all the chance chatting with some of my grandmothers and aunt/uncles...before we headed to our own separated ways..we exchanged mobile number and took several more pictures together...a hug and a red rose from her before she left..then few minutes after..I received a text message from her..something that I would have never expected...I could only smile and told my bro that our naughty aunt just sent me a text of she's missing me...aunty muda (sumandak) dan naughty pandai mesej macam tu juga..then once I was at my bro's home....we were still chatting via text messages...It must be an angle who came and helped me remembered 'her'....I remember that 'eyes' must be her and it was so coincident that after almost 15 years..we met once again in a way that I would not have expected...refer weird fact no.6 of the Shocking Truth post..I asked her via text if she were the girl I was thinking about....she was.........still, we're relative and although I only knew her for couple of hours...I felt that there will be a chance for us to know more about each other in future to least something good came out of the wedding that was meant not to be fun for a total stranger or a reserved seat taker like me....haha...thanked god for the miracle moment I had to start with the year 2009...cheers!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Holiday life in Sabah - Part II

I've been drinking a lot these couple of days..I reckon, that's the only activity I've been doing whenever I return home to Sabah for a holiday..huhu...

I went to Ranau (mentioned in previous post)..purposely to attend a family gathering (dad's side)..some of my cousins, I have not met them for almost 10 years, and some over 15 years..."besar-besar sudah kamu o kan...suda kahwin lagi..ada anak lagi..." that was some of the conversation I had with most of was kind of a culture shock to me to see them with kids....haha..looking at them "mengendong" anak and taking care of their child was a great memory.....I spent couple of days in Ranau then went to Tambunan to reunite with mom's side...I've not visited them for almost 4 years...again "tinggi juga kamu ni.." yeah..that's how I reacted when I met my cousins...with a height of 6 foot tall..that's tall compared to me..haha....the main objective to visit tambunan this time was to attend my cousin's wedding ceremony..(I met Delasagos at the church's entrance but we didn't have a chance to chat; he's the bride's relative) there will be another 2nd celebration at the Sutera Harbour on the 2nd Jan..also to pay a visit to my untie/uncles after almost 4 years not coming to Tambunan...apparently, I missed a family gathering (mum's side) in Tambunan...well, my mum was kind of forgotten to inform me...if I were informed I will certainly attend that gathering as well because this is a problem we had been having..not knowing your own relatives..nanti silap sikit terjatuh sinta sama sumandak/tanakvagu...risik punya risik...saudara pula kan..putih mata cinta terhalang..haha...

The scenic view from my cousin's house in Kg Kituntul Ranau..the house is built on their land, located at the middle of a could almost see the whole pekan Ranau..
House in Tambunan..the kolam I used to pancing ikan dulu-dulu...years ago, the fishes were fed with baja not anymore...the padi field where saya mengatam padi (linggaman atau sabit) also mencari katak di musim hujan selepas mengatam...decades ago, there was only a big bamboo house..
The new house next to the above house..4 years ago, I had the chance to see its foundation and I was quite surprised to see the outcome; a very big house for a family of uncle (tauke) punya rumah..huhu..

I'm so attracted to one of my niece...I can't really remember her name but she's so cute..adorable...well, it is not too much to say that my sis's daughters are all cute..a mixed marriage between [Sungai(+Suluk)]+[Dusun(+Cina)] were taken using my mobile phone..

New year..celebrated with friends..stayed at Fab's house, BBQ'ing and drinking...he was born on 1st Jan and it is timely to have a great but decent party at the right moment..hehe...a year ago, we celebrated his birthday in Penang and now we had it in Sabah...there were plenty of things happened on my way to his house..earlier I went to HSBC bank to withdraw some money and pay my debts (credit card la apa lagi..haha)...they were now settled although there was one left; CitiBank (i just realized there is no CitiBank in KK..walawei) returned to the car (my bro's previous car before he bought a new one) and darned it! The car won't start! Battery was weak and after several attempts, the bat run out of charge....I called my bro and he came and helped me to re-charge the bat using a jumper...yeah! we made it.haha..left the car idle for couple of minutes and drove heading to Fab's house in Putatan....then suddenly...I saw smoke coming from the front bonnet...I knew there was something wrong....I then stop and managed to park the car on the road side..coincidentally at a dark area somewhere in to a signboard of "Amaran..dilarang membuang sampah.." and next to a hutan bakau....the whole place was street light at all...I called Fab and asked him to come with lots of water...guess what..haha..the radiator was already dry...empty!(I had refilled the radiator with lots of water a week ago) Fab came couple of minutes later (with his bro in-law) with a bottle of water and a big jug of water....we then re-fill the radiator with all the water we had....then again, the car won't start! Using a jumper we managed to start the car (no wonder there's a jumper being kept inside the rear bonnet)...arrived at Fab's house, I left the car idle for over half an ensure the battery is being re-charged...the next day, refilled the radiator as I saw water dripping at the bottom of the car then ignited the engine without problem....yeah! we certainly had a great new year and birthday celebration last night although I was kind of tired...that was a very rare experience I had (New Year's Eve)..haha...I'm grateful it all went well...Thanked god!

Happy New Year 2009!