Friday, 30 January 2009

It's the end of January..can I me'rambling'?

In theory..having someone (a buddy) to work along with you would actually lessen the number of responsibility…instead, this contributes to further extra responsibility….

Perhaps having someone new….who’s learning and coping would not count…well, I’ve said it (to my manager whilst they were on training) month ago that I was a little disappointed by their performance…frankly speaking, good on papers but not in real life…that’s the bottom line here….years of experience working in customer service field and what does that makes you? Ain’t you supposed to be someone of, a better customer support? Within over 5 years experience..what have you learned?

I’m just so tired and tired and busy and busy….with the present issue we’re having with one of our customer in Oz…it’s not going to be easy to baby-sit new colleagues….still, it’s my responsibility to ensure new colleagues able to work independently…or else, I would not be able to apply leave carelessly…The manager will be on leave for 2 weeks….my other successor is on leave next week…then I will be on leave the next after (Kinabalu Trip)..within this 2 weeks period….I’m hoping things will be alright…I’ve been given 2 days next week to train my buddy colleague of all the customization work for Oz’s customers….Invoice Claim Module (consist of 7 sub-modules), Pay Award Module, Customized Reports (7 reports), Export Module (2 sub-modules) and few more of work procedure practice..i.e.Software supervisor’s user name is admin in Oz but root in UK and etc….I took even almost half a year to really get to know all these customization and now I need to do a brief presentation on all these within 2 days? How’s that going to happen? I can briefly say that, this and that…. The objective is to ensure they get the information and understand them well up until they are able to guide and support the Oz's customers....I would not know how am I going to do this..I will think of something…and hopefully I would not be tied up with development work as well….

People tend to change their career from one company to another company with lots of excuses….from a smaller company to a bigger company or vice-versa….hoping to get some kind of a career boost…there have some people would blame the company for not taking care of their employees’ welfare…its management either at a department level or overall…some due to family commitment…but the most interesting excuse of all time would always be the money….yes! I would agree with this one but still…how can someone feel happy of getting better job offer when he/she’s not even near to that particular quality of performance….I would be happy for having a better job scheme; better pay..better welfare..better in every aspect you would dream of in your career..but I would not be happy if I knew that I would not be able to perform up to that standard yet..especially when I’m not even in a comfort zone with present company…a comfort zone where I confidently think that I have achieved the higher level of respect with vast knowledge in current work of line.... it is not a good move to jump from present company to another just because a better career enhancement….perhaps, your present company is not meant for you?Do you really believe this shit? And you really believe you were meant for something greater like becoming heroes? Well, perhaps your luck and your effort are not well received at your present company but that does not mean a STOP for your career there…I love to think that whenever I’ve made a mistake, I will apology and promise to myself that I’m not going to repeat the same mistake twice or more…I motivated myself to take it as a challenge that I can be someone who knows to deal the pressure, responsibility and work it out for my career improvement….and that’s one of a reason I’m sticking to this present company…I’m getting more pressure and responsibility, which made me to think that I’m gaining more benefits of enhancing my own skills within this small company…there’s plenty more I need to learn…

Career or Sex change?
I spoke to the Tech Director last night..he phoned in from his house just to catch up with the current progress of new colleagues and wanted to ask my view point of this particular Oz’s customer that causing pain in the ass earlier this year…he gave me several managerial advices before we ended the conversation…thanks and cheers!


Gallivanter said...

What was the advice? :-)How to get to the pinnacle?


Wel^Beiolman said...

Dan....hahahaha..well, that's something for me to work comes with a package stuff huh..