Thursday, 25 September 2008

Shattered Dream..

Sick of this life
And not what you'd care
You're not the only one
Whom this feeling I share

Nobody understands,
quite why we're here
We're searchin' for answers
That never appear

But maybe if I looked real hard I'd
I'd see your tryin' too
To understand this life,
That we're all goin' through
(Then when she said she was
gonna like wreck my car...
I didn't know what to do)

Life is beautiful huh..yeah I bet but so sad, it's not that always beautiful as we would have dream of...I'm off today and tomorrow...for the record, I applied these 2 days off since months ago..well to be precise, applied for a purpose of my "shattered dream" to the F1 Night Race in Singapore..I had planned this since last year and made it very clear almost to all my dear friends that I really want to per planned, everything went alright until the last couple of months..budget was totally disrupted..I'm not working as a Manager with a high salary bah...just enough to feed my hungry stomach and fill up my tummy with beers as well as enjoying my hobbies buying couple of DVDs during weekends..but that's that..I have been saving for this trip but due to some complication and unseen event..I had no choice..

See, how important money is to our life...perhaps, it's not that important or affecting 20 years ago when with your 20 penny, you could probably have a delicious amount of fried mee....but not this time around..saying money is not important is nor entirely correct..perhaps saying not affecting? Could that be the correct statement?

Most of my close friends knew that I'm quite a fan of Formula 1 race..I've always watched each races on TV ( delay programme please) perhaps due to my current work responsibility these days..I hardly forget when were the next races..what were the times etc...compared to last year and years has always been a must programme for me to watch..I'd be willingly to wake up early morning or stay-up just to get a glimpse of the race especially the first 10 laps..I've been watching F1 races since 8 years ago..

Well..I can take a risk by going there and enjoy my trip to the Lion Country but I don't know what would happen once I come know la if we go to a new place...we would not want to have the feeling of.."wah siok oh tu na kan...cantik o tu na kan..then thinking...inda mau la..nanti habis duit saya...(ignore and walk away)"..having said that, I'm now letting my happiness takes over my satisfaction...I'm happy that I don't have to help spoiling my financial budget but I'm not satisfy that I'm unable to fulfill my dreams...talking to myself..there's always next time...probably next year then..I'll pass this time...

So! what am I going to do with these 2 days off? I still have 9 (+1 is reserved) holidays left...give me money or sponsor me..I'll certainly enjoy them without hesitation! Since I'm so free, these will do then...update my hopping...clean the house..(Mr is yours ah..)..clean my room...wash my ride...wait! hold on..If I do them all today..what am I going to do tomorrow and weekend pula..I'm going to be alone at home (come with beers if you dare..) this weekend kan Mr Jew..PAKU is going to the Gossip event in Key Hell to perform..send my regards to Jason Lo and Hannah Tan ah Mr Jew..haha...So, I think I'll need to re-organize the plan for today..I've utilized 5 hours of my day off today by getting a nice rest/ I still have around 12-18 hours to la mau rest kalu ada tu perasaan mau fully use 24 hours..alright guys..enjoy your day in office..and happy working!

*Anybody recognize the above song..its my old time the lyrics


sweetie~ said...

makanya wel sila la cari gf....ada jgk terisi tu masa terluang.....klu ada gf d sebelah mana lg rasa tu masa berlalu....sejam bagaikan seminit....wakakaka

Wel^Beiolman said...

sweetie I have to agree with u on that..haha..sepa la mau sia ni sweetie....i'll be alright..I might spend that money for DVDs.balas dendam!!!!!!!!!!

JerryInc said...


Wel^Beiolman said...

jerry..ko sponsor sia la.hahaha.inda la sia sanggup p sana enjoy..balik mau recover balik tu lost bukan senang tu..haha..suda la mau hujung bulan..haha..

LxndreaSB said...

tapi wel this is a chance of a lifetime. the first ever F1 night race. everything is new and never been tested. think of all the drama and maybe accidents. sia mau pgi tapi hubby outstation besok. lagipun perut berisi, takut la mau naik bas 8 jam.
sigh... what to do? what to do?

Wel^Beiolman said...

lxndreasb that was what I told myself..I want to exp the first ever F1 night race..chance and alasan mo p sana jg..haha..I can but I'm going to be lot more trouble once returned..haha..pokai la ba maksud dia tu..naik bus 8jam?where ru?Already got plan for everyhting..flight to JB then bus to Singapore..i've not been to JB for over 4 years already jg..haha..and I can meet my bro there in JB.ahaha..wat to do lo..wat to do..Sepang maybe next year of couple of years later..kita tinguk live sja la ni..huhu..

ReNo said...

s7! kawin la wel..tiada istilah masa terluang nnt..pecaya la cakap sy yg nda betul ni...hehe

Wel^Beiolman said...

reno..ko suru sia kawin? ko tanggung ka ni reno..ok jg tu tau..brapa budjet ni reno..lain tu tau kalu yg teda masa terluang..kesian isteri tersinta sja mau..haha..

jew said...

i have my kitchen n my kebun...sia tingu tu babi hutan di blakang ruma pun gumuk2 suda balik t..telampau makan sardin kali kan..haha...

Wel^Beiolman said...

jew..haha..jan ko lupa tu kitchen sama tu kebun babi..haha.sardin mengemukkan pula..patut la ko pun jadi gemuk suda jew..haha..ko share sama dia ka tu..haha..

jew said...

sharing is caring ba wel..kami besuap2 lagi..hahaha

urang ranau said...

wel, kesian oh ko kan..inda apa la sia try la ambil gambar klu dpt tu F1 hehehe, kami ada terlibat juga ni, tp kami punya part cuma tuh lighting sj..hmm ada juga sia ternampak tu kereta tp teda urg mau tulung ambil gambar..lg pun sia inda follow betul ni F1 hehehee tp this event will be held this weekend and on 26th klu inda silap tu test drive dia..hmm i wonder do I have to do OT again on that date??? dush2 panat..

Wel^Beiolman said... race is on 27th just after sunset..8pm to be exact...I've been planning for this..huhu...everything goes up...hotel, flight etc..all fairs up due to this..believe me for a 5 star hotel normal rm1000 pun buli jadi rm18k...all due to this..well the first street night race in the F1 doubt about it....even if Sepang tris to compete..we're way behing singapore..unless they make it day race from Penang to KL..that could be something weird but fun..haha..tinguk sepa stop p makan p berak...mcm tu iklan mclaren la kunun..haha.sayang o u kan...if i were u..I would not want to miss this...

sweetie~ said...

waakakkaka funny tu komen c jew....babi pandai makan sardin ka?

tp babi cute plak klu kasi jd pet nampak d tv ba baru2....denise richards dlm reality show dia "it's complicated" dia tunjuk 2 ikur babi pets dia....ada nama lagi....gemuk lagi babi dia...pindik kaki...wakaakkaa

Wel^Beiolman said...

sweetis..kalu babi baby ok la..haha..kalu suda besar..ko mau putung jg tu tuk bbq masa new year..haha..yah.sia pun ada tinguk jg tu..tu babi d sofa sja kan..hehe..babi mimang la pendek kaki ba..mcm mana rupa dia kalu panjang kaki ah sweetie..haha..

cLaiRe Bennet said...

hehe...sian..nda pa la tu nda dpt pigi..ka apa2 juga ni? p sana la kali nti gni hujung minggu bawa bir/..mau? hehe cuti raya jg nda tau apa mau bt

Wel^Beiolman said...

claire ko datang mau kasi hibur sia ka ni..hahaha....buli ba kalo ko claire...sia ok jg ba..suda sia menangis kemarin..haha..

LxndreaSB said...

ee.. 8 jam ka sia cakap. adui dari kl 5 to 6 hours saja kan? anyway cannot go la. grounded grounded.. wahhhh!!

Wel^Beiolman said...

lxndreasb...1stly..ur nick is so hard to spell..haha..kl to jb..i think it is around that la...naik kapal la..cepat..p tinguk and balik.haha..

jew said...

macam babi kami la ba tu sweetie...gumuk kiut ni...nanti kalau suda basar mau kasi jadi bbq blang si wel..tapi sia tidak mau...panat2 kita piara ko mau kasi jadi pusas wel?sori la not gonna let u...haha

Wel^Beiolman said...

jew..kindets la ko jew..apa guna babi kalu inda kana makan..haha...tu pasal mau kasi gemuk..haa.

†bandaged-knee† †Broken-Medusa† said...


Not much to comment in here.. Since u have about 21 responds.. (it might sounds same so…~)…n yup.. this post might be a lil older for me.. but i was planning to read this post at my very 1st visit..

Anyway~ short comment: agree~ agree~ agree~


Wel^Beiolman said...

beck..better late than nvr right..haha..agree with what ni?haha.agree me kawin also..haha..u guys collect money for that la..haha..

JerryInc said...

I met an old cowboy
I saw the look in his eyes
Somethin' tells me he's been here before
'Cause experience makes you wise
I was only a small child
When the thought first came to me
That I'm a son of a gun and the gun of a son
That brought back the devil in me

Sometimes I feel like I'm beatin' a dead horse
An I don't know why you'd be bringin' me down
I'd like to think that our love's worth a tad more
It may sound funny but you'd think by now
I'd be smilin'
I guess some things never change
Never change

I ain't quite what you'd call an old soul
Still wet behind the ears
I been around this track a couple o' times
But now the dust is startin' to clear
Oh yeah!!!

-Dead Horse, Guns & Roses-

Wel^Beiolman said...

Jerry..akhirnya ko tau jg tu lagu of my earliest fav song from GNR..hahaha...the lyric is so so so funcking meaningful..haha