Sunday, 31 August 2008

My PC & My Merdeka

First of all...HAPPY 51st INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL MALAYSIAN wherever you are...

Yesterday, I mentioned that I'd reformat my pc in the chat box and yes that was what I did the whole evening yesterday...Usually it would not cause me an amount of time to format the particular partition then reinstall the Operating System..However, I totally forgotten that Microsoft is currently doing its anti-piracy ops and campaign worldwide...thanks to Andrik who blog about this as well...I couldn't think of anything why was the booting process being halted upon loading the Login page...when OS was loaded on Safe Mode, the whole screen went black but I was able to use the system viewing all the installed packages that came the Win XP Pro SP3 via Start menu..

After several reformat-reinstall attempts (4 times to be exact) I then remembered..what a fool! So what I did was..reformat-reinstall the Win XP Pro SP3 for the 5th attempt without internet connection at all..I plug-off the RJ45 cable and done all the installation without internet connection at live nothing...changed all the settings to its optium as I would usually do..installed all my other softwares for Multimeda/Entertainment ..System Utilities...Office 2007...System Security (Norton Internet Security 2008)..Developer Tools (Crystal Report, Visual Studio, SQL Server and SQL Management Studio)..once all was completed I then re-run each of them to ensure they're loadable and accessable..yes they're...I then run all the maintenance needed and created a restore point...plug-in the RJ45..I was worried at first..then re-run each of the installed applications...checking if needing updates or hot fixes....all was OK...switch off and on..all worked as I would hope...yeah! I then left the pc on the whole night..I went out with Mr. Jew for a movie..Don't mess with the Zohan...

The movie was so entertaining and fucking damn funny...still very unsuitable for Kids....the 1st quarter of the movie was tears-funny..I couldn't stop laughing I tell you..ahaha....then the 2nd quarter when he (Zohan) already in the state, the story just so-so funny..then came to the 3rd quarter section...this was when all the obscene scenes began..haha...pity the malay family who was sitting at the front row to mine..they brought their daughter to watch the movie but when the 3rd quarter began..they must have thought that they made a wrong decision bringing their daughter to watch the movie..sorry for the parents and lucky the daughter..good that she blocked her view using her hand bag....

After the movie..we went straight to Cafe Dusun and bought 2 bottles of Guiness Stout..We already had 2 bottles of Carls at home...arrived at home..I went to check my pc...yeah! still OK up to now...everything is working alright!!! then me and Mr. Jew spent our Q time watching astro, drank mixed brew (Carls + Stout), ate siu bak (BBQ pork - betul ka ni ah nama dia BBQ pork..macam tu sasau but not the red one ah...)..chatted and I then realised that yesterday was 30th Aug and we were actually drinking to celebrate our Hari Merdeka...I thought yesterday was 29th Aug, I did ask Mr. Jew why does at the Queensbay, they have already setup the canopies , stage and chairs then closed one of the road..I thought they were a little too early but I was the only who was living on UK time..ha.ha.. then couple of minutes after....we went out again to fetch Ms Claire and Ms Stel at Queensbay..went to Cafe Dusun again, bought some more drinks then headed home...drank and chatted..

I was not feeling really well yesterday and thankfully it didn't affect my health today..I cleaned my room yesterday and inevitably dust was everywhere..I began sneezing then started to have running nose..yeah right!As usual lah continued till I went to sleep..woke up my nose was a little bit too dry..aha..dehydrated la ba tu..thanks beer and cheers to that!

So, hope you guys had a good Merdeka celebration and a great weekend! There only me and Mr. Jew living in the house..I'm sure Mr. Jab is enjoying his 1st weekend in Sabah (KK) this time around..


Saturday, 30 August 2008

Food & Beer Festival

I'm not sure if most Penangites are aware of this 'must go' event that will be held in of my favourite eatery spot in Penang.. Yes! as the title says it...there will be a food & BEER fest going on in near time soon!

Starting on 1st Sept onwars for 15 days! Red Garden Food Paradise would be organising a food & beer fest..I would not care about the food though..I'm more interested of the BEER drinking? I wouldn't know..I'll have to come and check it out myself..what if it's free?well...I would not let it slip just like that...where else can you get free beer if not at any wedding ceremony..birthday party etc..he.he...for those who are planning to come..the price of a big bottle of Carlsberg at Red Garden is RM13.50...I used to go here and have a couple of drinks last year with my so called policewomen-friends..after several times joining them in-out pub/night clubs around town..I decided to was so tiring and I was feeling a bit unsettling....every time I went out with them to any pub/night clubs..drinks were always free and they were the ones that spending money..sometimes actually..they're not an ordinary policewomen as you thought..they're actually ranked as CID for entertainment outlets from karaoke outlets to disco clubs.....most of the time, drinks were free (Treat from the house...mengampu punya pasal la supaya license or anything can settle bawah meja..) I was just a companion making their night more fun and merrier I guess..ha.ha..there was once when I first joined them..whenever I wanted to go to the toilet, there was always someone (bodyguard) escorting me to the toilet and back to my seat with his torchlight..I even got the chance to have a chat with couple of Operation Managers and lucky enough to sit and chatted with the pubs owner at some point.....interesting but sometimes scary (many that I can't reveal here...LoL), I was the only man with sometimes 2 to 4 women who are 4 - 7 years older than me...I wouldn't really mind as I'm used to have elderly people as my drinking buddy apart from my best friends who are mostly at the same age as me...sometime ago, I used to have a drink with one of the Alleycats family...Mr. Shun, the younger brother of Mr David Arrumugam and the late Mr. Loga....he was once the lead guitarist of the famous band Alleycats in the 80's when they were based in Hong Kong...through Mr. Shun..I met Mr. Antonio who was the vocalist of the famous band Sweet September in the 80's....

Just a short and simple description of Red Garden Food has more than 15 food stalls...around 30 or more tables...a medium size stage for a karaoke and stage performance as well as several night market/retail shops selling attractive and affordable items like cloths...decoration etc...

Click on the pictures to enlarge and check out the'll see there have "Beer Drinking Competition" which is going to be held in daily basis!!.."Beer Games".."Special Show Girl Performance".."Belly Dance Performance" and many more..come, see and enjoy!!!
Jadi macam ni Mr. Jew..kita mau menghadirkan diri kah ni..berapa tahun suda kita terlepas tu October Fest (German Fest for Beer Drinking Competition)

Monday, 25 August 2008

20 favourable survey questions

I received this so called "Top 20" tag last week from Joan?..I wasn't really in the mood of blogging last week..why? schedule was fully occupied with loads of work at office..maintaining and supervising other colleagues..server problem and etc...and most of half brother was in Penang the whole week....using my machine..doing his homeworks as well as being the typical community-networking fan (surfing and chatting in Friendster and NetLog almost the whole day..)..I know it's not good to say something about your family or relative but I was not really happy seeing my stuff being placed where it shouldn't be..the keyboard which was rotated almost 90 degrees anti-clock-wise.....the bed sheet that needing re-organizing once he woke up...although the mess he made was not that terrible but he should have realised that once he entered my room on the first day he was here....all stuffs were in place and organized......he's already 19 (I think la..) and he kinda knew that already..I was his baby-sitter when he was as small as 4 years to 8 years back in tell you all, I used to be a baby-sitter to my young cousins years ago...I bath them..prepare food for them...teach and play with them...making sure they have enough sleep during the day etc...those were the days when I was still a cute-teen-boy...muka inda budak pun suka la...I used to be called as a baby face..I'm now a man..ha.ha...macam ada gaya mau menyimpang pula ni tau..

Alright, let's get back to the tag thingy...sorry for the delay in responding and thanks for the tag Joan..

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
I wonder if marriage is the most ultimate achievement in life or in a relationship?ha..ha..let it works on its own naturally...I don't have to worry about this when there are things that more important than this...

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
Buy-watch DVD...drink beer with friends and traveling/vacation which is quite limited (bukan banyak duit ba..he.he..)

3. What would you give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat?
Huh?apa punya soalan ini?correction ah..its not the food that causing fatness la...its the individual habits that causing doesn't count if you eat what so ever and still maintaining your excercise and not being lazy to do house chores etc...again stop blaming the causes other health issue but not entirely fatness alone...Food is our source of aspiration as well for the beauty of a mind.....anda setuju?Katakan yes kepada sigup untuk diet yang bermutu, bergaya dan keemasan..ha.ha..Dunhill since 1998

4. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
Money in the bank that will never finish. Unlimited funds for a lifetime. Money = Power..hahaha (I have to agree with you la Joan...but not for the power ah...I love to have lots of money and wish I could use it to help others...especially my own people in Sabah..this is supposed to be done by all the local rich people in Sabah but they're just too selfish to think about their own life style...)

5. Do you believe you can survive without money?
It's not possible but it's not going to be easy in theory....I'd recommend to watch to "Into The Wild" movie then make you own assumption or judgment..I may and may not survive...its His will...

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?
I really don't know..even if I lost my ID card..I can still create a new ID Card kan..but I think I would not want to lose my mind..losing the memories in my whole life would not be fun or easy for everyone as well as to the people around you..macam baby..otak blank saja.

7. What do you feel like doing right now?
Lots of money first! then traveling and holidaying..kehaaaa..

8. If there's someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Being a true gentleman sometimes needs braveness and courage and being a thoughtful/brilliant gentleman sometimes needs brilliant-decision-making as well as brilliant-observation-skills to know when is the right time and moment to perform his art of acts without causing disturbance or inconvenience causes either past, present and future life/relationship....I'd confess myself to her if it's the right time and moment for her to know the truth....she to decide...

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
This is going to be hard la Joan..I didn't get the chance to really get to know you back per observation..she's charming..lovely smile..she's short but cute...she's intelligent as per her entries in her blog so far...

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
I don't have any idea at all on how to response to this question la...IGNORED/REMOVED

11. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
She wants to see me naked all the time..ha..ha..(she is so baaaad huh) OK..betul punya la..lying then cheating

12. What is your ambition?
I think this is the most famous survey question during the secondary school...each year, entering a new class then doing the ice-breaking..often, the teacher would ask..stand and tell us your name and still remember..I told them I wanted to be a doctor..a lawyer engineer la..a pilot la...a terrorist la..but at the end of the day..none of that been what? I just want to live happy and enjoy my life..would it make a different if you're a lawyer with loads of money but still can't be happy with your of course we always want the best for the living...

13. Is anyone really perfect?
Define "perfect" and find me anyone that you find perfect exists in that person...

14. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick ?
Joan: Does rich means got money...If yes, then I will be happy. :) (Again..I'd go for the same lame response macam you also ah Joan..ha.ha...)

15. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
Character as in attitude or behaviour....tell me what you do and don't like about me...I'll see what I can do for the better me BUT am not going to be someone that I'm's not that easy to please everyone but its easy to annoy

16. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
God..I don't have to ask Him to listen to me or feel sad for me when I'm down...

17. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Theoretically..this question is wrong.....come on la..5 years is acceptable but not 10 years..why not 20 years working life, this would bring up your personal goal but in real life...this could means..a happy marriage..with beautiful, loving, caring and loyal wife/husband..cute and adorable in a nice and comfy house...driving a nice and decent car of your dream...traveling and vacationing with family...stop dreaming and get back to your real life at present..why need to worry the future 10 years from now if you're not worry about the present?

18. If someone had found a path to immortality to be bestowed upon you in exchange for one of your abilities, would you take it, and what would you sacrifice for it?
Highlander la ni..walawei..anyone can offer me the ability to fly? I'd love to have that and willing to offer you anything that I could...

19. What is the best thing that had happened in your life?
My life is already the best thing and I'm living the best thing....should I ask for more best thing?

20. If you could compete in the Olympics, what event would you participate in? Why?
Swimming looks fun to me...shooting looks fun..I could possibly select these two...why? they're fun and enjoyable...

21. What does happiness means to you and are you satisfied with what you've got?Would you select satisfaction over happiness?
Happiness is a state of mind being excited, relax, ease and free BUT happiness only real when I satisfied with my present life/living? I haven't achieved that much in my life so I'll have to say No, I'm not yet satisfy..Satisfaction over Happiness huh...If I want to get satisfaction I may have to sacrifice some of my happiness or sometimes not at all...the theory is almost similar when you're studying for'll have to ignore the temptation or invitation from your friends to go out for a drink missed the happiness but you'll be satisfied with your hard work when the result comes out...then there comes the happiness when it's time to celebrate your achievement...I'd go for satisfaction...but I wouldn't say that I'm totally on for satisfaction as my first choice..depending on every situation I'm in....

I've done mine and added one personal question at 21st..As per rule, I have to tag another 8 bloggers to revive the tag with a new question at each, these bloggers below..if only you're convenience to blog (anytime)..that would be much appreciated..cheers!

1. Vera
2. Claire
3. Fab
4. Kuai
5. Andrik
6. Reno
7. XigorX
8. San

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Be responsible for the best...

Yesterday, when I came in to work early in the morning..I checked my email..there was one email coming from my Tech Director with "Works Order 2216" as the Subject...This WO was allocated to the recently married-man a.k.a developer ("Akad-nikah" was on Monday)...I thought he was asking me the details of the report that had been developed by Malaysian developer, instead he was asking if I can continue or try fixing the fault on the report...the idea was proposed by my manager as I've told him weeks ago that the report is quite straight forward and should have been developed and ready for shipping a week ago..unfortunately, the man who was supposed to provide the end result wasn't able to do so....main problem was...he wasn't focus (due to wedding preparation)..he wasn't aware of all the requirements given...and he wasn't responsible enough to make sure all his works are completed prior to his 2 weeks leave....

I had already developed the report earlier myself (2 weeks ago when the WO had just been allocated to me for Malaysian developers to look at) to determine how difficult it could be to work around its requirements..I came up with the expectation that the report should be ready for QA within 2 days at max for him with his skills...I wanted the report to be ready for shipping in 5 days..means that he had a week..but he wasn't able to achieve the decent target of 5 days..he spent 2 weeks until last Friday..still left in progress and he's already in his 2 weeks leave... My manager called me on Monday saying his worries that the developer would not be able to get any appraisal this year around due to his own attitude and performance...Sorry but it's a reality he has to accept!

Receiving the email from my TD was an opportunity for me...well when the HQ planned to hire Malaysian based developers (early 2007)..I was offered to be one of them and was interviewed (informal) by the TD himself during my appraisal....but due to lack of experience in development itself (For the record..I don't have a proper computing/programming skills as other who've graduated from Comp. Science School etc...)...furthermore, I've just started learning Crystal Report at that time...I was just a mere beginner who begins by exploring each tools..each icons by the help of the "Help" menu and some e-books downloaded via internet...further story and journey, I'm sure most of you knew already.....the TD advised me to improve my Crystal Report skills within the next 6 months....which I really did and on the 4th month of that period..I was appointed as the Team Leader of Malaysian Development team...I see what he was trying to do..

So, back to the email..the TD gave me a day to try have a look at the current state of the report...since I'm the Team Leader, I should and already knew about its current first impression looking at the present report was a mess!!!..formulas fields all over the report and lots of formula fields were created but never been used..naming formula field is another issue...lets take a shot on this...requirement is to show the "total hours duration of confirmed visits" which it would help if we rename it as "TotalConfirmedHours"..instead he renamed it as "HoursDuration" then there was another one named as "VisitDuration"......I started by tackling the fault directly...get familiar with his formulas and after about an hour, it came out correctly but another fault appeared..darned it! I spent another an hour tracing what was causing the problem but failed...I ignored the report and continued QA'ing another custom report and testing the latest candidate release version...before lunch time..I managed to clear out my mind from 2 of my tasks for the day...then continued looking at the report....Yeah!! I found it!!!I was happy but is never easy huh..ha.ha..another glitch appeared, inaccurate output for one of the hours for certain scenario..I really can't stand it anymore and decided to re-develop the report which I did in 2 hours...when trying to load the report...Authentication Login window was displayed (due to Windows and SQL login permission)..I really can't continue I updated the WO with my progress and replied to the email of my attempt and went home..I developed a new report using my own machine..and managed to get it all worked as required within 3.5 hours...see!!! It was that easy but that guy took 2 weeks and the TD wasn't really happy about that..I spent another couple of minutes performing unit/smoke tests and done..sent an email to the TD updating the out-of-hours progress..(we can check email from home) he was happy and delighted to hear the good news then suggested me to perform as much as QA at my end prior sending over to UK for another final QA as this would avoid bounce back and waste more time...Today, done all I can...tested all possible scenarios that customer could come up with when using this report...found several glitch and fixed them straight away (I'm the developer and the tester)...I was so happy that it has passed a QA at the UK an hour ago..I was monitoring the progress via email for more than 2 hours since my return from work to ensure my colleague performs a good QA at her end and she really did well...Thanks..

I always mention to people..whoever you're..what ever work you're your work and enjoy doing your job...if you can't then look for another job...most of all be the best as you can with what's been given as a responsibility to your job as well as to yourself...A good day at work...I'm a little concern what would the TD thinks about the developer but it was his own fault that he has to endure and get over with..grow up!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Whoring with Chores

This amusing tag came from my dear fellow blogger Mell who's always writing 50% in jest....thanks to Reno for informing me..I wasn't aware of this...

1. List down the household chores you HATE and WHY. Do you think you can survive without helpers and nannies?
2. Copy the image above
3. Tag as many you want - wifes, hubbies, mommies, daddies and even grannies can also join..
4. Add your blog's link in the domesticated divas linky love.
5.) Leave a comment at Stripe and Yellow to be added into the master list as seen below...

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Straight from the heart and straight to the point of this tag..I can't find any chores that I really hate but I do have an element that I must avoid (still I couldn't hate it..) when doing chores

Anything to do with dust either changing curtains, changing cushion covers, wiping windows and etc..

You tell me any chores or acts that involve dust, I SHALL NOT DO IT but I have to though...I have a very sensitive nose..a very picky nose but still a very cute nose..ha.ha..I just don't want to put all the blame on him alone and putting him down bah..(are we cool nose?he.he..) I really am and I really enjoy cleaning the place I live/stay in...making the place always looks clean and organized is a success as a human..why dust? I would start sneezing then it'll keep on the end of the day I may get a flu...that's how terrible it is..most of my health problem coming right through due to my sensitive nose....a reason that I can't find any chores that I hate is...I'm quite a fuzzy-guy but I can still tolerate with situation..I can get mad seeing messy place and have a bad mood because of people who doesn't care about cleanliness or organizing their place would mostly receive a bad impression from not saying people of this category is stupid or just that they are no different than animal if they can't manage their own place...uncivilized? that could be the right word...

I would rather make sure all my stuff at the right place and order..although there might be dust but still..we need to see things in orderly organized which indirectly would helps us later...Let's have a think of this scenario...what happen if 1 out of 10 books in your shelf is taken and placed onto a table...repeat the same step, daily for 10 days...then leave them on your table for another 10 days...then at the 20th day, try cleaning your would that affect your time as well as amount of work you'll need to endure to get your place in shape again?

Mell, sorry that I can't be much of help to this tag..he.he...I'd be more than happy if Vera, Claire, Kuai and Jerry could write down their stand on this...

Are we different?

Most people wouldn't mind about the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and several would only watch or follow their favourite sport/games...I've been watching and trying to catch up with several 'hot' games like....the swimming for the likes of Michael Phelps who's gunning for the most won gold medal in a single Olympic Games to over throne the mighty Mark Spitz of 7 gold medals....the athletics category like 100 meter for the most anticipated fastest man on earth ,110 meter hurdle for the former world record holder, Liu of China as well as 400 meter relays for the mighty USA relay team.....

Whilst watching several games on Astro....I'm wondering why and how come we don't have any world re-known athletes that able to provide a real nerve breaking fight in any games..exception for Badminton in many Koreans, Chinese and Japanese have won their respective medals? Not to mention some by Thailanese as well as Vietnamese..What is so different between Malaysian and "them"? All these countries including us, Malaysia are part of the Asian continent but how/why would they be able to provide such world class result? Although some might not be able to win a gold medal but reaching to the top 5 spot is good enough to mark their threat and growing pace..when I asked Mr. Jab, he replied...they have made an early preparation as well as a scheme in their society to train their child into becoming world class for China, children is fed with oat, wheat or cereal to help their growth (Yao Ming could be one of the product and I've heard of this a while ago that China has its own special experiment factory that's producing this breed into their society) In relation to this theory, I really believe the Chinese has resolved the major physical issue (pendek-pendek tagap..) I'm not sure if we have this implemented in our country but I knew that we had started making early preparation or scheme in accordance to future major sport events like Commonwealth and SEA Games..still I haven't seen any of its result up to this moment!!! How about shaping the pace or performance? Do they have any kind of special training that we, Malaysia don't have? Do they have better facilities compared to us?Do they have a special diets scheme that we are unable to implement here?

I can only come up with one huge excuse for all.."Malaysia Boleh"

Malaysia Boleh have all kind of modern and world class facilities that one developed country could ask for...
Malaysia Boleh send out our athletes to other countries around the world to get their world class training (plus world class allowances)...
Malaysia Boleh reward our athletes with huge sum of money once they have won a medal..
Malaysia Boleh pay world class coaches from other countries to train our athletes...
Malaysia Boleh spend lot of MONEY to achieve the above..

Contrary..Malaysia Boleh has failed to rectify whom should and worth to be sent to represent the Malaysia Boleh in order to save some MONEY of sporty-holiday-trip...

Our athletes need exposure as well as experience..a saying "if you want to be a successful person you'll need to be surrounded by successful people" Mysteriously, how can our athletes work this out if they can only manage to get into the qualification mark by a shear of seconds..Do we really need to send athletes that could not even make into the second round heat or semifinal? We're so so so proud of our athletes when they qualified to big sport events (Olympic and Commonwealth) Suprisingly, this news does not indicates good news when it comes to reality... it is quite saddening that we have spent lot of MONEY to improve our sports but due to some unseen fact, our athletes disappoint us...I'm not saying that I'm no fan to them or not being supportive..I'm trying to be supportive that I have to tell how I feel about our current sports situation..I really am but it just that watching them to finish last during their first round heat made me thinking what we haves and what we don't haves that causing this result...internally, we can see the differences between present and previous...we were once the mighty and the one to beat in the Asian continent....we're now even lower than other small countries among Asian continent...nothing could be more perfect when sports have become a political resort in Malaysia....Malaysia Boleh make sports as political benefits in Malaysia...

Friday, 15 August 2008

Take me out...

Yay! I'm off today!! ha.ha..after 2 weeks of being a dark night..sorry, not that I become a Batman huh..I were actually teamed-up with my Manager in UK covering the UK shift for 2 consecutive weeks..and great thing happened when lots of compliment were received from other colleagues in UK especially the high post ranking officer...our Business Development Manager in UK were complaining that we (Malaysian) does not contribute that much in supporting/consulting our UK customers..Hell he's wrong! we both (me and my manager) knew that there's a gap between us to them..language barrier is common and we're trying to overcome this as would you react when you can't even understand what they were saying to you..especially Scottish!! We are also lacking in knowledge to some plug-in applications of our product..the likes of Sage Line 50 or Sage Payroll, Postcode and Routing or most known as AFD software, e-monitoring system via telephone call that includes SMS Alert services...we have seen the e-monitoring services but never for the other 2...still, we have to consult our customers to the best that we could although we were not trained or familiar with these plug-in applications...working my as* up-side-down was hell of a ride...monitoring and guiding our Malaysian developers, call in-out consulting customers and QA'ing works order were the things I did..the first 2-3 hours in the office mostly spent with our developers...requirements gathering and resolution to existing issues on their reports...mind was so tired..surfing internet was not an option during these period but thankfully I managed to monitor my own blog as well as do some sort of "makan angin" viewing my fellow bloggers....and glad that at night I was able to rest my mind watching the Olympic events especially swimming...Still, earlier today, I have to check my email from home and discovered they were having problem with their works, asked them to give me a call and spoke to both developers regards to their current task....then after about 2 hours the other lady called again to reconfirm the correct expected output..thankfully she made it correctly..

Wednesday, 13th Aug..I'm the first Malaysian staff to hit the 1000 calls being entered into our Customer Database..I still remember when I first joined this deal and consult as well as entering hundreds of calls was hard enough but not manager will follow suit later as he is now over 200 calls behind me..then followed by 400-600 calls behind is my successors...ha..ha..I didn't even realize it at first, but when I was doing my daily calls in-out report, which I need to report to our Customer Relationship Manager and checking all the company and customers that I had dealt on earlier then I saw the total of 1007 calls entered under my's a boost for me! Well, I may have more calls dealt with compared to others due to the fact that I need to speak to customers regards to development works as well as consulting them with their arising issue...

Today is my day off..what am I planning to do? I'm expecting my half-brother from KL later...he might arrive at around 3am the next day as he's to depart from KL with my old-time friend (ex-school mate) at around 10pm today...I was supposed to go there to fetch him but I just couldn't...coincidently, my friend is coming to Penang and I asked his favour to bring him along...I'll need to pay the expenses though!!!! about weekend? We were said to have a farewell party of my dear house mate Mr. Jab tomorrow...I'm not sure how it will go but I do hope it will be a nice event to be remembered......
Thanks to my fellow bloggers who have been spamming my chat box..ha.ha..who have been missing me as well who have been demanding to post about my ghostly experience..ha.ha...I may have something good for you..what would that be huh...?? all your time and love..very much appreciated..Cheers!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Interpret your dream..

First of all…this whole week was so darn tired...loads of works order coming in-out, QA’ing and the most headache was implementing a 'new' method of monitoring developers works hours…we had this before but we never really use it until this week (Gantt Chart)…I believe the TD was unable to monitor 6 developers we have in the whole general it would helps each development works to meet their dead line and delivery time..

Few days ago, I received the book that I had ordered 3 weeks ago from RD. Again, the previous book of “Laughter is the best Medicine”, I have not finished or have time to read it yet…still I want to have this one as well...I don’t have that much money but that’s just me…the feeling to own the book was so strong that I wasn’t able to ignore it (it attracts you and you have the curiosity to know more..)…thankfully it is not the same feeling I have when buying DVDs...I am not sure if the book will be any good to me but I wanted to know what the experts say about dreams...symbols, events, tragedy and etc…Have you ever experienced déjà vu?. I had several times…as if you were actually looking into your own future…sometimes I didn’t realize them but they became so clear when I went to some new places and seeing at the surrounding…made me thinking that I've already been to that place..they looked too familiar to me...they clashed with memories I had in my dreams archive…Usually I would keep quiet for couple of minutes, sending over my Personal Assistance to review the dreams archive of such occurrence…although sometimes I failed to remember at the exact location, but they came back to me once I was free enough and my mind was not that tired…sometime ago, I was trying to memorize all the new faces I had in my dreams…especially all the beautiful ladies I saw in my dream….I wish I could and would be able to meet them in reality (ni mimpi apa ni..he.he..)…I could become the next Leonardo Da Vinci…who could portrays “Mona Lisa” without seeing the real woman himself…

I have gone through the book and selected these 2 common dreams of all that we would usually have… I would not believe anyone who says he/she never had a dream of his/her boy/girl-friend…or in some cases his/her ex-lover...I can see that this book actually could help me to understand and improve my analytical thinking in sort of way…

This symbol can reflect concerns, feeling, or issues promoted by your relationship. An ex-girlfriend in your dream suggests the feelings, difficulties or hopes you are left with from the relationship. Alternatively, it can be the positive things gained

This symbol shows what feelings or fears you are facing about your boyfriend. In dreams you explore not only your anxious feelings but all your longings too. So, difficult dream about your boyfriend are usually about what you fear, not what the boyfriend will do. Dreaming about an ex-lover often shows that you have carried feelings with you from the relationship, and your dreams about him or her are trying to work out some way of feeling at ease within yourself about the breakup. This is especially true if the breakup was painful. Unless these emotions are freed from your past, they are not available for the present

*Favour to JerryInc - Dream Blab

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Moving forward..

2 weeks ago there was a company board of directors meeting held in Italy and they were planning to expand the office in Malaysia in near time soon..Therefore, last week the manager had asked me to talk to the Building Manager of the place we are currently renting (Menara Northam)...asking if the company next to us were planning to move..reason was, we have not seen anyone coming into the office since early July...according the Building Manager, the company's staffs are currently in KL for seminar/project and will be back soon...he suggested to have a look at the 19th floor unit that's being left vacant or the 15th floor unit which had just finished being renovated last week....our current office is at the top floor...23rd floor

views from current office
19th Floor..what's so great about this's located at the corner side of Menara Northam and the size is almost triple the current unit we are has 1 huge room with cubicles for main office purposes, 3 medium size rooms suitable for managers, 1 meeting room, 1 guest room, 2 mini rooms and 1 open-air room suitable for smoking...

The entranceThe guest room (behind me is a mini bar)

15th Floor..this is too huge for SME type company like us...5 units as a whole big is that? More than triple the 19th floor unit for sure...If the HQ already allocated RM50K to RM100K for office relocation, we might move in to this unit but still it is too big for us...moreover, many things need to be done as this unit had just been renovated, it is currently empty like a parking space..L shape unit

Left wing from the main entranceRight wing from the main entrance
I was accompanied by the Building Manager meeting each of these units' owners (yesterday afternoon)....the 19th floor unit's owner was quite a nice person..he talked and guided me through into each rooms we entered whilst I was taking pictures using my mobile and he even suggested several items that needing to be improved...he was quite generous with his offer that he could arrange some contractor for us and would negotiate the amount...the office had been left vacant for couple of months and he is more than happy to have someone who can rent the place and make use of the unit rather than leaving it empty for the Menara Northam's ghosts making it their Designated Hermitage during night time...compared to the 15th floor unit's owner....he didn't bother to offer anything..ya la..mesti dalam hati dia..ada hati mau sewa office sia yg besar and mahal I didn't bother as well to ask further question in relation to his unit..he..he...

Looking forward to move into another new office....

Saturday, 2 August 2008

In memory of...

Roberto playing cute and lazy
A message from Ah Tee Lei (my sarawakian friend who is now residing in Kuching…he just moved from Penang to Kuching in May 2008)...”Bad news, Roberto mati”….I received this at 10:20 am…couple of minutes ago..and these were some of the text messages flying from Kuching-Penang..

Wel: Mati?mesti pasal minum red bull ni kan? (Last week he texted me saying he was drunk until the next day after he drank beer mixed with red-bull energy drinker...)
Ah Tee Lei: Nda la ba. Tiba2 jak mati dalam kuarantin
Wel: Ya kan.masih dalam kuarantin pula.Ada insurance kan.Claim
Ah Tee Lei: Odoh.tgh sedih ni.Nda tpikir mo claim.

Why was he (Roberto) left in a quarantine room? It’s a procedure to for any animal being transported from one destination to another destination...I’m not really sure myself though, I have never tried transporting any animal…so when Ah Tee Lei was moving all his belongings in May from Penang to Kuching…apparently, Roberto had just received his vaccination…as far as I can remember, Ah Tee Lei told me that it was a month earlier…I’m not sure either how long was Roberto needs to be quarantined but it has just ended recently..I feel sorry for you Ah Tee Lei..I know you've take care of him and I'm sure you love him as if he was your own should be sad...

Who is Roberto? He’s a cat and was a very shy seen in the pictures, his colour is almost similar to the Garfield huh…well, I don’t really know what type of cat he was...I took this pictures from Ah Tee Lei’s friendster account….and I realized these pictures were taken earlier before he got fat…and lazy...ha.ha...hari hari makan ikan kembung... I feel sorry for Ah Tee Lei…it’s quite saddening when he had to leave his beloved pet in a quarantine room hoping he would be alright and safe….I don’t know how bad he would take this sad event but I hope Roberto’s soul may rest in a peaceful place for cats…and Ah Tee Lei would not make any stupid action…who knows, he might get angry with the quarantine officers and burn the whole building – hope not…the whole time I knew Roberto, I never got the chance to touch him tau…penakut and pemalu ba ni kucing…but I do like him..

Another pet’s event…we had a dog called Biggy...I posted about him months ago when he was raped as well as raping another male dog…Thursday evening, I came home from work and went up to my room…I didn’t realize at first but when I went down to the kitchen….there was no sign of him…I called his name but he was no where to be seen…the gate was not opened and if he wanted to go out, he could have done it earlier… I then decided to give it a time...he might wandering around and for sure he will come home once he’s tired…to my surprise, at night Mr. Jew told me that Biggy was not there…as usual, he was to feed the dog but he couldn’t find where the dog was…since he hasn’t come back…I thought he might be abducted…I’ve never had a dog who would runaway and would never return home…he must be abducted!!…the next day, it was the same…he is no where to be seen until this moment…we lost another resident of our house…I haven’t had a word with the neighbour behind us...they would sometimes fed the dog. They might have an idea where is he whereabouts or have seen something…it is really weird when the dog is no where to be seen within the housing area as well…kalau di sabah…possibility kana tangkap Om untuk makan buli terima la...but who would abduct him here?