Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ultimate Sprinter

What in hell is he???

Is he even a human or humanoid???

His own coach predicted he could have lowered the 9.69s to 9.52s in Beijing if he didn’t slow down at the last 20m to the finish line - Legacy of world's fastest man - ESPN

It was exactly a year ago in Beijing; 16 August 2008, he ran a world record time of 9.69s and now he did it again; 16 August 2009 with another jaw-dropping time of 9.58s!!!!

Bolt is currently about 0.7 shy of 9.51s; the fastest time human could possibly run according to scientificblogging

Quotes from the Berlin's 100m race

I would definitely say I gave it most of what I had because Tyson Gay was right there, so I had to push. I'm not in the best of shape, but I'm in great shape” – Bolt

I've been telling you someone could run 9.5. I'm happy he did it. It showed humans can take it to another level” – Gay

Well, I'm not sure if he's human; maybe he's from space. But it shows that it is possible, and a lot more guys are going to work hard to run 9.5s because Bolt has taken the sport to another leve” - Powell

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JerryInc said...

he is both human and humanoid. i think humanoid refers to things or beings resembling the human form lol

Wel^Beiolman said...

Jerry.....haha..jan-jan dia ni betul2 humanoid mcm dalam tu dragon ball o..hehe..I think he will break the record in near time soon..he's not in his 100% form (just recovered from thigh injury due to accident)

BuDakHutaN said...

i think he is Wikus van der Merwe , te 'prawn'...ahaks , a new breed of human+alien... hahaha

he is fast! hopefully , he can get 8.os for 100m next time... woah..

Wel^Beiolman said...

BudakHutan..haha..mungkin jg la..kalu dia dapat buat 8s tuk 100m..mimang sah dia anak si christopher la..aha...