Thursday, 23 December 2010

11 years away vs 11 hours in Sandakan

I'm now officially about 11 hrs in sandakan..the town where i grew up..i did not have many expectation but upon arrival i notice the used to be famous 'mamak' restaurant has gone favourite was opposite the legendary Wisma is now Restaurant Zakaria?? Since when si Zakaria ada restaurant di Sandakan..although the name and concept has very much changed i was tempted to try their foods..Habeeb was my favourite due to its steam chicken rice and fried was an utter dissapointment when i tasted Zakaria's fried mee..where did they learn to cook fried mee with oyster sauce..sorry but i did not even finish the food..too much oyster!

Later the day..I went to an actual habeeb and tried their fried mee..I guess they've changed the recipi as well after all it has been 11 years..Habeeb is no longer a favourite..sorry pakcik habeeb...

1 hour before dinnerIi drove to SRK Sg Manila and SM Bestari Elopura formerly known SMK Elopura but i wasn't able to go inside due to school holiday and their gates were locked.Ii could see from a far both have completely transformed..there are few new roads being built but i could only use the old roads I used and familiar with..

Tomorrow is going to be a tiring day..going to drive around to my known places and hopefullyIi wouldn't be dissapointed..hehe..

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