Thursday, 25 March 2010

Jew has a new baby!

I was supposed to have an appointment at 10am but was postponed at was my day off today thus extending the hours to watch Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 1 - Episode 11 (downloaded) up until 6am wasn't a big deal yet I had to wake up before 10am to get ready for an appointment...which I really did but a single phone call at about the time of appointment changed it all...huhu..

I helped Jew to configure his new 'baby' (kaya o ko Jew ada 2 babies suda..haha..)He got his new baby on Monday but due to hardware malfunction a guest had to come and look at it...Jew bought a new baby named Dell (without OS) which was cheaper by hundreds of ringgit..thing wasn't as planned...I figured out it wasn't delivered in a condition it should have been (perhaps it was when it left the factory) I had to call the 'mother' to send one of their specialist to come and check what was going on...I had earlier suspected, most likely there was a defect in its hardware (cooling system) as it shuts off by itself every time when I was working on it, stopping me from doing what I needed to do didn't prompt any error at all!! ...I had performed lots of troubleshooting method as per experience and finally gave up the day after the package was delivered :(

As suspected; a tech specialist came and replaced its Mobo but it didn't solve the problem..he then decided to replace its fan which then resolved!!! It sounded like the package wasn't being properly tested prior delivery??? I have no idea but it does sound like it...spent almost 2 hours to configure its OS, drivers & utilities and installed couple of programs as requested by the owner (looking forward to the weekend kaini Jew...hahaha...3 set saja ba...)

Glad that it worked out well and am sure Jew would be sleeping and hugging his new baby at the same time tonight..haha...I wish a rain would come visit Penang today but it turned out to be just another HOT DAY!!!!! I'm freaking fed up with the weather!!...with my hair getting longer and longer, it's no joke the heat is making me uncomfortable.....thinking of cutting my hair soon? Let's see who's going to give weather or me..haha...the only time I could enjoy cold shower is during morning shower (before going to sleep) what have we done to the world!!! Anyway, the tree I mentioned before is looking way better than others in the got healthy green leaves...masih lagi menyiram pokok jalanan setiap malam..hahaha..mesti pokok-pokok lain jelous..haha...

May you have a great day!


sHeiLa said... ah..


say congrats to JEW..

cLaiRe Bennet said...

ckp sm si jew sy minta belanja. ekeke funny oh kan kau p siram pokok jalanan. bgs oh dia. :-D

Wel^Beiolman said...

Sheila...haha...nanti sia kestau dia...inda tau dia mau buat majlis keramaian ka inda ni...haha...

Claire..haha..kesian ba pokok claire..durang pun mau hidup...bagus kan sia..haha..ko la ba belanja kami..haha..